November 19th, 2011 | 191 Entries

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191 Entries for “flare”

  1. The flame was so Hott an toasty for Christmas we all loved it. It kept us warm and we stayed under the blankets. The flame stayed on every night and never went out. It was great.

    By Emily URL on 11.19.2011

  2. he has it
    and the pen with which to write about it

    she has it
    on the bottom of her pants

    By Schligdog URL on 11.19.2011

  3. I wear flare legged jeans.
    That means they flare at the bottom.
    I like these jeans better than most.
    I have dry skin, called eczema.
    It flares up during season changes,
    and when i try to use harsh chemicals.
    I was born with eczema.
    It’s not contagious,
    actually it’s very common.
    I have a very bad temper sometimes.
    It flares up when i don’t get my way,
    or people make me angry.
    But for now, my calm and collectiveness is
    FLARED! :)

    By Marie Rook on 11.19.2011

  4. it was amazing, everything, the time went by very fast, but it didn’t matter. He had it all, it was just a moment, a moment that held a very important meaning, and that was all that mattered. It was light and darkness in one simple moment. That smile that made him see light.

    By olga priego on 11.19.2011

  5. Slut

    By kimberly URL on 11.19.2011

  6. bitch

    By kimberly URL on 11.19.2011

  7. flare.
    flaring sunlight,
    laughing in my eyes.
    bursts of fire,
    reflecting in
    cool blue water.
    red contrasting with deep blue.
    blue attacking the subtle red,
    hidden in the darkness.

    By rhianni on 11.19.2011

  8. this is my flare and dont you dare
    try to take my charm
    or you will be harmed

    By Ayana Brown on 11.19.2011

  9. not just a jean style, but a life style.
    she was just simply the one born with glitter in her blood.
    but some flare and five inch fresh kicks don’t hurt either.

    By Tabitha URL on 11.19.2011

  10. sparks flying high, like emergency flares desperate to catch the attention of passerby. this little corner on main st. is our little island, where we fight the clock and pray we can beat the evening. would God grant us passage through the night, without letting us grow tired as the sun comes up?

    By Jessica Bang URL on 11.19.2011

  11. It was a bright flash that could save my life. And it just went off. The one hope I had of someone finding me is gone. Great.

    By Roni on 11.19.2011

  12. He was really hoping they wouldn’t flare up again, but they did. It was inevitable. Every time he looked at her, smelled her spicy scent, heck let alone thought about her, those feelings returned. And he loved it everytime…

    By Ellie Lynne URL on 11.19.2011

  13. The rising flames gorged themselves on everything in their path; flesh, wicker, fauna, fabric. The village was decimated in a matter of minutes, and all because one little girl had sneezed. Lillo grasped the doll and sniffled, wiping her nose on her tattered sleeve.

    By Bethanish URL on 11.19.2011

  14. Their glasses were tinted black. Circular and small, just covering their eyes.
    Their hair was poofed up and out.. in every direction. Reminded me of the birds nest in my backyard.
    Their clothes.. well let’s just say if you took every colour of the rainbow and made it into different highlighters then let a 5 year old use those highlighters to draw designs all over their clothes and then dunked into a bucket full of sparkles you would have their clothes.
    Their shirt sleeves and pants started slimming, but then went off into a flare.. a flare almost as big as their hair.
    When I looked at that picture of my parents, I was apalled. Imagine wearing that now?! I’d be the laughing stock of the school. At first when I looked all I did was judge their do and scoff at their clothes.
    But the second time I looked, it wasn’t the flare in their pants I saw.. It was the flare in their eyes. Magical. And then all I wanted to do was bring that flare into my school.

    By Natashaa URL on 11.19.2011

  15. There is no flare bright enough to connect my eyes with yours without feeling like I am doing something wrong. I will always want to look away and pretend that my past does not exist.

    By Shineapple URL on 11.19.2011

  16. flare. its all over the place. its everywhere around you. the world is filled with flare. you might not recognize it at first, but looking deeper you see it: in a smile, in the clouds, in the randomness of life. embrace it. share the flare!

    By jes on 11.19.2011

  17. it’s the spark that warms the heart… or the passion that inflames the soul. But coaxing the flare into a continuous glow; aye, there’s the rub.

    By lil_nail URL on 11.19.2011

  18. Maybe because it was bright or maybe because it was shooting up into the air like a rocket. But regardless, it brought me hope.

    By Lisa Lee URL on 11.19.2011

  19. like a burst of flame. a combustion of energy. explosion of emotion. an augmentation. something very dynamic, significant, and impressionable. this word brings back those memories. the ones that left me sore not so long ago. memories that once brought me such joy. such peace. such hope. now they feel distant, fragments of the past. but i know that in ways we continue to look at each other the same as we always did. in others it is different. above all i dont know what it means, or what it ever did. i suppose it took such a shock for me to accept that. now i am happy for you. and, even if it seems crazy to admit, for me. life is unpredictable and uncomfortable. and thats okay. it is what it is. and what will come will come. ill always miss and wish and maybe even dream. but, who knows – perhaps those things will someday find solace, however and wherever that may be.

    By unbornsymphony URL on 11.19.2011

  20. Flare! Hah, I laughed and scoffed with cynicism…
    But with a face like that, who needs narcissism?
    It’s unfortunate age has come to take a toll,
    When you first sported the act, it was ‘hot’ you know.
    But alas, there’s more to it than pretty you! –
    When the fire was sparked, what a hilarious tune
    Early yet, when the copier was axed…
    oh did we laugh and laugh and laugh…
    Out of time, but there’s still a thought worth sayin’
    Even with all that silly flare, you were always beautiful Ms. Aniston!

    By artfulataraxia URL on 11.19.2011

  21. There was a light at the end of the tunnel. I crawled towards it, knees and hands sticking to the thick mud. When I had reached the light, it wasn’t the end. Oh no, it was a lightning bug. Where had this one come from? That means there had to have been a way out…

    By Sade' on 11.19.2011

  22. it was a cold winters night.
    tempers flared.
    the yelling,
    the fighting,
    it started so fast, she couldn’t stop it.
    she could only sit in the corner and cover her ears,
    tears streaming down her face as she watched it all end.
    glass shattered.
    there were screams.
    there was blood.
    she shivered, flinched, cowered.
    she felt her mothers pain.
    she felt her fathers pain.
    she felt her own pain.
    there was too much pain…
    the door slammed.
    the wind howled outside.
    a red pool, seeping from under her mother’s head.
    she watched as her mother gasped for breath.
    watched as the life faded from her mother’s eyes…
    she went to the window.
    watched her father drive away.
    watched him drive onto the bridge, and then straight off it into the water.
    she watched the car sink.
    she could do nothing but watch
    as her life crumbled around her.

    By Melanie on 11.19.2011

  23. it felt like the first time I saw you again. The first day of school with my flare jeans and yellow shirt i looked at you and all of a sudden i felt that same sudden flare of sparks in my gut, just the same as before when you held my hand.

    By Natalie Boss URL on 11.19.2011

  24. Free-spirited. Witty. Smart….no more like an intelligence that he showed off on several occasions. Flare that made him stand out. Flare that made him the main attraction. The center of attention, and everybody either wanted to be with him or they simply wanted to be him. He was different, and everyone could see that. Unique in a way that was sometimes undefined. No one could blame him for that, they only blamed themselves for not being on the same level.

    By Nique. URL on 11.19.2011

  25. A flare of a flame. Burns steady and slow at times and wild and angry at other times. I want to fly my fingers through the flame and watch it dance. Sometimes I feel like a fire held deep under the water.

    By Allures URL on 11.19.2011

  26. A flare is a warning, a signal, an S.O.S. A large shot of sparks like in The Goblet Of Fire. It is used to alert people that someone is hurt or is about to get hurt.

    By Jenevieve on 11.19.2011

  27. The solar flare pierced through my blinds. So, this was it. This was the day they had warned us about. Nothing would ever be the same. Thousands would die, I knew that, but as long as I could hold on, survive, it could possibly turn out all right.

    By Lizzy Sue URL on 11.19.2011

  28. for the dangerous
    bell bottoms
    go around please, careful
    thought it was out
    you’re really good at that

    By Bill G URL on 11.19.2011

  29. I’ve already done this word bruz!

    By Jenevieve on 11.19.2011

  30. Burning this passion,
    Trying to light it without any fire,
    Nothing to burn and so everything is in flames,
    Smoldering heat ash my heart,
    And crawling cinders settle in its corners,
    I don’t know what it’s trying to do,
    Heat me up,
    Or burn me alive.

    By Vareesha Khan URL on 11.19.2011

  31. Tempers flare up. But I can’t think. Blank. Empty. I’m screwed up. We are gonna lose the debate.

    By hello on 11.19.2011

  32. Something that reminds me of a fire. Fires remind me of anger, sadness, resentment. When there is a fire I think of things going away forever. Something that you’ll never get back. Guilt for what you’ve done. Trying to hide something

    By Tori on 11.19.2011

  33. A beautiful flare of light shun upon her pale, porcelain skin. Her eyes dazzled in the bright, shine of the sun. Children were laughing and birds were singing.

    By Tjana Kimberly Jones URL on 11.19.2011

  34. The fire would flare, orange and red when I’d throw on another bow of cedar. I cut down over 40 juniper trees to clear a small portion of land to build my house. I rescued wild permissions and mountain laurel from the cedars’ choking embrace.

    By Andie on 11.19.2011

  35. The man snapped his fingers and a flame appeared between them. He blew at his finger tips and the fire roared toward the audience.

    By Brianna on 11.19.2011

  36. To flare up, to just jump up and out and overwhelm it all and destroy it all, ‘Cause that was what he was there for. To destroy, hurt, injure, and why was this his destiny? Didn’t he deserve more? There was more to life than destruction, so why couldn’t he take a part in it? Why? Because, a voice whispered, because you are nothing more. A mere tool, something to be used and discarded. But no, that wasn’t true. It couldn’t be true. If it were true, why then did he have a soul?

    By Salaa'ut URL on 11.19.2011

  37. …………………………………………………………………………………………..flare………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………love………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….scared………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….be not afraid. I don’t know.

    By Joseph Dimanche URL on 11.19.2011

  38. A star flares as the rush of heat boils out with its unconstrained zeal.
    My heart flares as the heat flushes my face and rushes to the surface of my cheek.
    The flare of my indignation as you turn to face me and say you don’t feel
    The flare in your heart that I know is there, as across the sky you streak.

    By Brittany on 11.19.2011

  39. I can feel my nostrils flare
    My muscles all tense up
    I stop caring about the well being of others
    I just want to hurt this person
    It took me a long time to control this, but here I am again
    Ready to attack

    By Bryan Green URL on 11.19.2011

  40. flare is something that you have when you want to look cool like”ooh, I have flare” maybe not. or flared jeans, like bellbottoms that belong in the sixties. That needs to go. No one looks fashionable in flares nowadays.

    By Shelby on 11.19.2011