April 1st, 2013 | 168 Entries

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168 Entries for “fabricated”

  1. I one fabricated my whole life. I lied to the people around me. I made them believe that I was something that I wasn’t. I was a fake to even myself. I even began believing the lies I was making. I didn’t know who I was, but God changed that.

    By David Sears on 04.01.2013

  2. Made by, created, designed, developed, made up, faked, man made

    By Amber King URL on 04.01.2013

  3. Interesting how we spend our lives trying to perfect a world made my flaw. Why do we die trying to control concepts far from our reach? Death is a funny thing… I like to believe in reincarnation just out of spite and irony. Gods way of saying, ” you’re not getting away that easy.” I don’t think you can fabricate life, or cheat death, or find happiness in living lies. The truth hurts but holding your breath can kill you. No religion can save us from the hell we have “fabricated” on earth. No silence can ignore all the ignorance we have craved in generations to come. I choose to live outside of social norms, why? I don’t know… Lord knows it isn’t easier. Maybe I’m paying my dues, I could have been a follower in my past life. My stubbornness is a genetic curse. I like to think that I cover my body with tattoos because the scariest thing about death is the thought of never being able to tell my story… let my skin be a true surface. Proof I didn’t let society fabricate me.

    By Shamike URL on 04.01.2013

  4. people fabricate everything to make themselves the better person

    By briana URL on 04.01.2013

  5. It wasn’t that I wanted to lie, but you just don’t tell any random person something so personal. She had asked if I was alright. I had said that I was fine. She frowned and said, “No you’re not.”

    I stood there, not knowing what else to say.

    You don’t say anything, because you don’t want anyone to know anything about you.

    So I lied. Again.

    “No, really. I’m fine.”

    I smiled. She did too. And in that moment, a little part of me died inside.

    By Stephanie Jennifer on 04.01.2013

  6. fabricated stories never end well. sooner or later the truth will come out, and many people get hurt in the process. stop lying, stop lying. my mind tells me, but my gut says no and here we are. the truth will always come out. why is is so hard to stop fabricating twisting turning lies and tales and stories and memories.

    By kq URL on 04.01.2013

  7. Fabricated lies are evil things, but fabricated beauty is wonderful. I often think of fabricated as an evil words, because of the context it is usually wrapped in. But come to think of it, all it means is to manufacture or create something. Put it together. Which is actually quite a lovely thing, depending on how it’s used…

    By Bobbi B URL on 04.01.2013

  8. This feeling is fabricated, and we both know it. Together we lie, two golden-haired sisters, as the tranquilizer crawls through our bloodstream. The hunter has shot well. He knows that both of us have grown weary of fighting, that our bullet wounds pain us constantly, and that we would like nothing better than to fall asleep in the grass. I stare at her sleepy blue eyes as she gazes into mine; the wall and the sponge. I feel too much, and she not enough, and after too many months of hard matches with death we cannot help but succumb to the warm numbness that floods our systems. “He will kill us, sister,” I whisper “and those we are meant to protect…” “I know.” Her words are dismissive. She has surrendered. I groan and turn my head, seeking desperately for our lion as my vision blurs. He must come. Or there will be two fewer lionesses by sunrise.

    By aura.rayne URL on 04.01.2013

  9. clothing. girls love clothes. shopping. happy. sad or maybe even both at the same time. boys. girls love boys who dress good
    good sense of style.
    designs. vintage.

    By jacky on 04.01.2013

  10. Fabricated

    Machines. Lies. Stories. Child Labor. It is all of these things. It is hard to describe a word without using a thousand more. I try to be succinct but it becomes impossible. Then I start to think about what I had for dinner. How well was it made? Did it come from a far or was it made with a thousand and one ingredients. Was it merely fabricated?

    By WriterGirl94 on 04.01.2013

  11. The lie is fabricated. That means that the lie he is telling is actually the truth. This is a paradox, for a lie that also is a truth is a contradiction, and the contradiction was somehow truth. Therefore, a lie that is fabricated is the truth AND it is a paradox. It is also a true contradiction.

    By acooper1000 on 04.01.2013

  12. A web of fabricated lies and backstory and personality. Nobody knew who she was anymore, least of all herself. Things had gone on for too long. Too many different identities, until her real self was just another mask among the many littered across the floor of her soul. She would pick each one up and try it on, trying to find the one that fit the best, but she had faked her way so many times, changed so often that none of them fit.
    Not anymore.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 04.01.2013

  13. she fabricated the story. it was not real. entirely fiction. she stole the events from anothers life, changing names and details, embellishing to make it exciting.

    By Kate URL on 04.01.2013

  14. Machines. Lies. Stories. Child Labor. It is all of these things. It is hard to describe a word without using a thousand more. I try to be succinct but it becomes impossible. Then I start to think about what I had for dinner. How well was it made? Did it come from a far or was it made with a thousand and one ingredients. Was it merely fabricated?

    By WriterGirl94 URL on 04.01.2013

  15. An egg created in a lab. Dark, speckled, immaculate shell. All through the lens of a precise working researcher. Trying to change the work of another.

    By Simone URL on 04.01.2013

  16. We’ve mastered the skill of fabrication, learned to hide behind deceptions
    We build more walls instead of bridges, trying to imprison our affections
    But you’ve crept beyond my barriers; a stealthy Trojan horse
    Infiltrating my every dream, striking my heart at the source.

    By Carly URL on 04.01.2013

  17. The lies are incorrigible god DAMN
    Stop throwing your sheets over my eyes
    the fabric is see through so obvious!
    I wish you would at least paint it black
    but its white and pure and fucking obvious
    leave me be and pretend with some other actor

    By jonathon URL on 04.01.2013

  18. “You’ve fabricated these lies to give yourself some sense of fulfilment!” Accolon said, the raw derision plain in his tone.
    “That is rich to come from you,” Moordred said with a sneer, “You who thinks the sorceress to be your true-hearted lover. Morgann le Fey, Accolon, and that is what she is: /fey/, fickle, selfish. Do you truly thinks she shares in your naive visions of revolution? Her visions are of power, and you her dull witted tool to those ends!”
    “She is your mother, and you would say such vicious things about her?”
    “She is my mother, and so I know them truth.”

    By scribblingface URL on 04.01.2013

  19. fabricated sounds like fabric. Right now i’m in bed with sheets of egyptian cotton. They are very nice, actually extremely nice. Although how often is it that crap is thrown in front of words to make it sound better. Like, you should buy this new delectable blue waffle. Also as i just realised, if you don’t fill out the information below you can just continue to keep on typing when you click back. What idiots! But back to fabricated. It doesn’t actually sound like a proper word.

    By Bennay on 04.01.2013

  20. There is nothing fabricated in life. We fabricate our thoughts and conceptions around reality. Maybe the universe was never fabricated by a God. What fabricated God anyway? I love how this word sounds anyways “fa-bri-ca-ted.” Dayuuum.

    By Thierry on 04.01.2013

  21. fabricated evidence of cares and hopes for you.
    fabricated proof that what you had was truth.
    fabricated ends of days used up with the wind.
    fabricated sunny days who wished would never end.

    By Audrey Clark URL on 04.01.2013

  22. Lies, it was nothing but lies.

    I’d believed that I was one of them, that I was family. And, as much as I’d hated them, I believed it.

    Now I learned that I’d been lied to. That every indignity I’d suffered at their hands, was for nothing, it could all have been prevented. If not for the lies.

    Now, it was time to turn the tables. They’d taken me from my family, forced me into the hellish life, and abused me for the better part of fifteen years. I was going to show them what it was like.

    By Sara Sheppard URL on 04.01.2013

  23. fabricated evidence that what you had was true.
    proof that what happened was probably all you
    fabricated sunny days you wished would never end.
    shattered broken memories used up with the wind.

    By Audrey Clark URL on 04.01.2013

  24. fake not real hurt disappointed lost confused unbelievable too good to be true lying liar your a stupid liar playing people feelings hurt love disguise walls put up

    By Monica on 04.01.2013

  25. Living a fabricated identity was a miserable rush of beige. At least now, I am true.

    By asavas URL on 04.01.2013

  26. Auburn dust trembles along the horizon.
    The sky bursts! Into
    a mesmerising display. They,
    who were invisible,
    are glazed with gold.

    By Helianthus URL on 04.01.2013

  27. I think that everything on tv is fabricated. Nothing is real any more. Even people seem to be fabricated! It’s crazy when you think about it. You can only trust yourself these days!

    By Stephanie on 04.01.2013

  28. He fabricated a lie so beautiful it made doves cry. The amount of hope it brought to the stupid, simple fools who believe in lovely words so easily was astounding.

    By Charlie on 04.01.2013

  29. The day i realised what had happened i was shocked beyond words. To discover that the love of my life had fabricated her entire life story! and to discover that in truth she was a killer!

    By Leroy Mthulisi Ndlovu URL on 04.01.2013

  30. The news was fabricated – that was all Simon could think about when he was going down to the cells. Again. How many people have died because of this? Because they were forced to do something they didn’t want to? Because someone thought of the greater good? Thought, he corrected. Not exactly wanted

    By Estela Paiso URL on 04.01.2013

  31. Inebriated
    called again to see if you loved me yet
    You said yes
    though I knew
    the answer from your lips
    Was fabricated

    By Terrence URL on 04.02.2013

  32. What does it mean? covered in fabric? a lie fabricated, the worst information covered up with but a sheet of truth-less silk? it could mean many things, it’s all in the eye of the beholder.

    By Leony on 04.02.2013

  33. CAJA

    By FLOR on 04.02.2013

  34. She felt sad but it was almost like her sadness was fabricated by all that had happened that morning. It wasn’t real sadness, it was a make-believe feeling, a construction.

    By Mari on 04.02.2013

  35. The teacher said I had fabricated what happened. I may of lied to him, but it was nothing to do with fabric.

    By kirstybooth on 04.02.2013

  36. fabricated lies
    make up things
    like quilts

    By smorris URL on 04.02.2013

  37. People talk a lot of crap, they fabricate out their sentences and stories. You should do a lot of listening. In fact, listen more than you speak but be aware of fabrication and lies. Be critical.

    By Stephanie O'Quigley on 04.02.2013

  38. The child fabricated the story about missing the bus after school. The child did not want his parents to know that he had detention after school for getting caught skipping. The parents believed the story, but the father was a bit untrusting since he knew the bus did not leave school right away and the driver made an effort to make sure all the students were on the bus before she pulled off.

    By thegrandincrediblet URL on 04.02.2013

  39. I sat on the bed, with my laptop on my knee, as I fabricated a story. I had to say something to her, or she would keep bothering me with her troublesome questions. She does care, but that does not really mean I like being bothered with questions. Fabrication it is! I need to figure out exactly what I have to tell her to make her believe me! What a tangled web of lies we weave!

    By Akshaya on 04.02.2013

  40. goes with you in your journey

    By madhumita on 04.02.2013