January 5th, 2013 | 233 Entries

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233 Entries for “experience”

  1. Experience. Experience what? Everything. Nothing. We’ll never experience everything, they’ll always be someone else whose lived something about which we have no effing clue. I don’t have a lot to say about this word.

    By Haley URL on 01.05.2013

  2. One time I went to a party and got really drunk. I got into an arguement with one guy and I ended up getting beat up by 15 people and getting stabbed. On the way to the hospital in the ambulance, I said out loud, “I can be a rapper now!”

    By Malcolm on 01.05.2013

  3. What experience do you have peasant?

    ” well i have all honors and AP classes and clubs…”


    ” well i had some good internships at some office..”



    By BrianBrosidon URL on 01.05.2013

  4. Cherish the experiences you have. It’s how you learn. It’s how you love. It’s how you discover. It’s how you explore. Find things out by living them, not just reading about them or ignoring them. Experience everything. Forget nothing.

    By Kait URL on 01.05.2013

  5. an experience is something you have whether good or bad. It is a moment in your life where you take something, anything out of it. Maybe a lesson, maybe a story. What ever it is an experience is a time that you will reflect on for the rest of your life.

    By Annemarie on 01.05.2013

  6. I’ve never thought too much about how much I would miss it. Just the two of us, after a long day at work or first thing in the morning– it was an experience I never thought I would have to live without. It’s funny how things change, as you get older.

    By Laur URL on 01.05.2013

  7. New York’s Hottest Club is EXPERIENCE. Opened on the upper east side of an Abercrombie and Fitch, this place has everything: Rusty fans, half-naked football players, old hockey jockstraps, Leather couches, and Human Cologne bottles!

    By Remus Drake on 01.05.2013

  8. I have a lot of experience in dealing with both the bad stuff and the good stuff! Experience has made me who I am today, and the more I get, the better of a person I will be. I love this word! It has such good connotations, and I just want to experience the world and gain as much knowledge as possible. =]

    By Jason URL on 01.05.2013

  9. People tell me I’m young and have no experience.
    And when I think back to how I was a year ago, or even a month ago, I feel the same way.
    But for some reason, in the now, I always feel as though I’m right.
    Does this ever end?

    By tennismoker URL on 01.05.2013

  10. Everything that life has shown me so far has taught me so much. Im extremely grateful for everything that i have.

    By DeNaya Wilkerson on 01.05.2013

  11. I had the best experience today i stood on top of a mountain and looked upon the city. the lights shone in the night sky the buildings like towers gave cover to the ant like people scurrying this way and that. all i could think about was you.

    By kenzie on 01.05.2013

  12. It was fun. Everything changed that one weekend. We changed. It was a great memory. Too bad it didn’t last. Too bad I’m just your memory now,

    By Idalia on 01.05.2013

  13. When you acquire knowledge about something that you had not acquired prior. What else is there to say about it?

    Should I list my experience? This isn’t a fucking resumé.

    By wg4eg on 01.05.2013

  14. That’s a lot. Love. I’m thinking of love now as an experience. One of the only things worth experiencing really. And experiencing things with the ones you love, that’s life. That’s what makes life worth it.

    By Alice URL on 01.05.2013

  15. every experience we have teaches us in some way. even if we dont see it right away. the smallest experiences build on each other until they create who we are. constantly changing. we should treat all our experiences as precious and valuable because if we disregard what we learn in our lives we do not grow.

    By OnaFish URL on 01.05.2013

  16. Is about what people live that sets them apart then the rest of the world. Each are unique and form an individual character and ethics.

    By Mariana on 01.05.2013

  17. she was already a foot taller than him when he first met her. she loved marshmallow sandwiches and tilt a whirls, while he was more of a fireside reading, German play quoting, introvert.

    By SGM on 01.05.2013

  18. “You can find the word ‘expire’ in ‘experience’.”
    “You even listening?”
    “Just wanted to say something deep. Ish.”
    “Missed it by that much, Derp. Ish.”

    By mimosa eyes URL on 01.05.2013

  19. You have no experience, and you know nothing. Your arrogance makes me ill. I dig my nails in my palms as I imagine pounding that arrogance out of your stupid skull; but I keep quiet and laugh at you.

    By Senya20 URL on 01.05.2013

  20. i open my eyes
    to your body, feathered
    like a hawk

    we walk the shimmering beach
    i lay on fine sand
    and fall asleep

    i dream of an old man
    standing in azure water
    opening his chest

    releasing a female hawk
    she flies up to the sun
    you kiss me

    i feel your feathers
    brush my burnt skin
    you sing into my ear

    a song i knew as a child
    when my chest bloomed flowers
    and the sky grew dark with hawks

    By minimalist URL on 01.05.2013

  21. Do something that you wouldn’t. And do it today. Just for the experience for it.

    By Gargi. URL on 01.05.2013

  22. I am always curious or should I say always bored.
    Hoping that Stumble Upon would satiate my interests.

    By Cyberagnes on 01.05.2013

  23. Maybe it’s just my bad experiences that stop me from thinking straight sometimes. Maybe I’m just morose. Maybe, in the end, everybody cares and everybody understands. Maybe someday, all will be forgiven.

    By agloe on 01.05.2013

  24. Hush now I know more than you. I slid down an alleyway and heard the rattle of trashcans like a bing and bang in the night and the cacophony makes me smart . been there done that sorry bub

    By Aileen on 01.05.2013

  25. life
    things that change your life, make you feel good or worst
    life experience!!
    nice, or bad, hadone today
    daily, occurs and haves a great impact n your life

    By aly on 01.05.2013

  26. experience is something that you don’t really think of a lot. it’s somethig that happens

    By Ashley Beaken on 01.05.2013

  27. i’m a little sad that i won’t have the same experiences as other kids my age
    i don’t know if that’s because soemthing’s wrong with me or what
    i don’t think i’m unlovable? i’m awkward maybe but who isn’t a little awkward sometimes? but i haven’t been kissed and i’ve never been drunk and high school has just been a boring experience.

    By Savannah on 01.05.2013

  28. Going through various experiences in life is good or so I believe. You go through many things and through those, you learn or sometimes you don’t learn. If you make someone sad by doing something then you learn to not do whatever made them sad. Through experience we learn how to take care of each other.

    By Matty URL on 01.05.2013

  29. everything that didn’t happen, never was. return to everything you hated.

    By Olivia on 01.05.2013

  30. its the failure that wins which is much more precious that the victory itself, experience. its an invaluable asset you can gain over time. this explains the saying ‘nothing ever happens over night’.

    By sundar on 01.05.2013

  31. Experience all there is love, for moments like these will never come again. The time for love is gone, pet – but there is always the pretense of it being there. Perhaps, it was never there to begin with, but it’s rather more soothing to think it had once, long ago – at least, that’s how I see it, when I read books from the days of yore. The sound of your voice is like water dripping down in a silent forest. It is all I can hear from the moment I’ve heard it. Around it, there is a mysterious ambiance that I cannot fathom, no matter how hard I try. Please, tell me – what is it that has bestowed you with such a voice? God, no it can’t be God. There is no such thing. Your voice – It draws one in and once it does, there is no letting go. Like a demon’s bite, it leaves me yearning more.

    Murder me. I’d rather like my death if it was by your slender, beautiful hands… but before such a thing occurs, let us drown ourselves in this moment, as though we’re sipping the most ancient and richest of wines, my love.

    By Aisha Momand on 01.05.2013

  32. I have experienced far too much, and somehow, the things I most want to experience have only ever evaded my grasp. Experience, you are a glass of water in a magazine ad on a hot day in Africa.

    By Alanah Cervantes URL on 01.05.2013

  33. “you need experience to work here, if you don’t have it you need to get it”
    “but I’ve never had a job before, so how do I get the experience?”
    experience it’s what we’re all here for, so we can level up.

    By Sean Clements on 01.05.2013

  34. god ,human,me………………………………….

    By shilpa on 01.05.2013

  35. I loved him but he didn’t know, he wanted freedom and I wanted fingers together. I was alone. I was heart broken, he ran fre

    By Jenell on 01.05.2013

  36. the best teacher.

    experience changes us. our experiences alter the synaptic connections within our brains. they provide us with information upon which to apply in the future. what makes us unique.

    By tnv URL on 01.05.2013

  37. when you’re a teenager you experience everything. you can go through total happiness to complete heartbreak within a week. people seem to think that teenagers have a simple life. but it’s not really that easy. and little kids can’t wait to experience all the “cool” things that teenagers go through but in all honesty, being a teenager isn’t all that.

    By Jordan on 01.05.2013

  38. I once had a dog, and it was harder than I thought. It needed constant care and of course food. And I had to walk it several times a day. I thought having a dog would be easy and I just imagined myself cuddling with it all the time, but they are complex creatures these dogs. I love it though :)

    By Jesus Christ our saviour on 01.05.2013

  39. It was the greatest experience of my life knowing her. She was the wind in the trees to me and the image of her in that dress will be forever drilled into my head. The way it wrapped around her body and fell over her hips…. shes just a ghost now though…

    By Kari Irun URL on 01.05.2013

  40. experience is something which we gain as we get older and get to live more and more with people,friends and all.experience is very important with the studies. we all gain it pretty much as we live up

    By Anurag on 01.05.2013