January 5th, 2013 | 233 Entries

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233 Entries for “experience”

  1. Experience love, experience happiness, dreams coming true, freedom from the past,

    By Nicole on 01.05.2013

  2. I knew from experience how much pain she must have been in. The arm that hung limp at her side couldn’t have been anything but broken, and blood was rushing down her body from endless cuts and scrapes. Bruises in black and blue adorned her body, and her knuckles, shiny and red, showed she hadn’t let the other guy off so easy.
    I let out a low whistle.
    “Dear God, what happened?” I exclaimed, walking over slowly, all the while inspecting her for any more injuries.
    She glared at me.
    “I ran into a saber tooth tiger on the way home. What do you think happened? I got into a fight.” Her voice was sullen, with a proud edge.
    “If this is what you look like, I’d hate to see the other guy,” I muttered. She smirked.
    “Trust me, they’re off much worse. They thought I couldn’t fight with a broken arm, those idiots,” she snorted.

    By Rose on 01.05.2013

  3. I have zero experience with things like this. I’ve usually been good in school, but I seriously haven’t been able to focus for my life the past few months; I’d just much rather be working on personal stuff than school stuff. I’d really like to be working on and finishing the different writing pieces I’m working on, but I’ve had to spend all of my time working on school stuff; and even when I do, I don’t finish all of it and I end up needing to lie to my parents to be able to do things I want to do.

    By Neta Shikoba URL on 01.05.2013

  4. THe experience of falling to his death was one to be remembered. Even if it was a memory he would have only auntil he hit the pavement. Once gone, so would his thoughts, and he regretted jumping after all.

    By Inkzone on 01.05.2013

  5. It is said that you should do different things in your life to keep your brain growing. Even something as simple as taking a different route home from work will change your brain a little. Shake you out of your normal routine. Why I decided to go camping for the first time is beyond me.

    By Brad Grusnick URL on 01.05.2013

  6. what has made us who we are and what will make us who we will be. It is every moment of every day and it makes us better without experience we would not be able to make mistakes and we would not learn from those mistakes we need experince in order to move forward in our lives.

    By amanda on 01.05.2013

  7. What experience do I value the most? My dad taught me what was right from wrong. My mum, about how to act. My sister taught me tolerance. And my girl taught me how to love. Love you.

    By Jack Dean URL on 01.05.2013

  8. He was experienced at many things. Traveling, sex, negotiating, lying and so much more, but more than anything else he had experience with killing. he was an experienced assassin, slaughterer and murderer.
    He constantly had calluses on his hands from digging anonymous graves in the middle of the night deep in the forest.
    And people knew. Oh, they didn’t go and say it to his face or anything like that, but he heard the suspicions whispers, he saw the hateful looks of anger, he could almost smell the fear. It just made him want to kill more. Well, not want. He didn’t want to kill. he’d never once in his life wanted to kill. He needed it.
    The voice in his head demanded it.

    By Mya URL on 01.05.2013

  9. “Do you have any experience swordfighting?”
    “You’re kidding. Why would you want a sword, then?”
    “I think it adds to the symbolism.”
    “It adds to the – you’re choosing a weapon, not a poem!”
    “You said I could choose anything I wanted!”

    By Juan URL on 01.05.2013

  10. I experience the fresh air of a cold winter night
    as it enters my lungs and
    almost painfully,
    I exhale.
    It is the mountains speaking,
    it is the wind at my back
    it is the act of living for today.

    By Zhenya URL on 01.05.2013

  11. I have had many experiences that have given me teaching experience. I feel I can go into an interview now and feel like a good teacher who can successfully make them want to hire me. I thank all the students I’ve ever had to allow me to gain this knowledge.

    By Marlene on 01.05.2013

  12. my sexual experience has really only reaped its benefits until i realized that experience has helped my over all experience.

    i’ll tell you what

    — experience is good!

    By Someone Else URL on 01.05.2013

  13. I don’t have any. I need experience to judge my faults. I lack some. Of course, you could say that I’ve been trying, or not at all, but I still need the experience to do my work, the way its supposed to be done.

    By Sridhar on 01.05.2013

  14. what has any of this done to prepare me
    “she said where”
    was that a question
    parents were all right about church
    songs and money

    By Someone Else URL on 01.05.2013

  15. Experience, something I have little of. I’m in my youth, a ripe apple ready for adventure. In one year I am going to embark on the greatest adventure of my life, and from then on, I will gain what we call experience. For what? I do not know.

    By Lily on 01.05.2013

  16. The Jimi Hendrix Experience, you know if you can just get your mind together.

    I’m not a child of the era, but how I do delight in all the distortion, when the music runs backwards and forwards. Crests like a wave and even rocks like a total bad ass in the troughs. I think this song is why I like The Waves song “Untitled” so much. It’s the experience of a sound sculpture, all while knowing that it wants you to challenge perceptions right along with it.

    By Intuition URL on 01.05.2013

  17. The experience was one he would prefer to forget. Coming form a long line of farmers, space travel was not something he had been brought up to expect. The experiments done on him, though were similar to those he had done on his own pets as a child.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 01.05.2013

  18. It’s one thing to hear about it, to see it. It’s a whole new experience to feel it. There’s nothing else like it. The salt water is much like blood in ionic composition, and the ocean pulses through our veins. Majestically it entrances the mind and enraptures the soul. No one knows whats so mystical about it. Perhaps it is the deep crystal blue color, or the powerful crunching waves. Or maybe it’s just when you’re all alone and the only thing you can hear is the ocean and the sound of your beating heart, and you are joined as one with the sea.

    By untamedimagination URL on 01.05.2013

  19. I have had many experiences in my life. Some of them have been good, and some of them have been bad. From each experience I have taken something with me. It may be something to form my values and beliefs. I am thankful for the many many experiences I have had. I don’t want to take any experience for granted ever, and I don’t want my kids to either.

    By Tiffany on 01.05.2013

  20. An experience can change you, modify your perceptions, and enlighten your senses. It can make you feel. Love. Passion. Desire. Sadness. Anything. Experiences are taken for granted. Every minute of every day is an experience.

    By Sarah on 01.05.2013

  21. Experience is what i lack, for my life is very short. But what i have learned i try to remember, breaking the barriers of ignorance and entering a state of consciousness. The best and the worst experience are, at the end of the day, life. I live and I shall learn from myself. Growth is personal.

    By Alonso on 01.05.2013

  22. The experience of my first sexual encounter was horrific, but an experience to say the least, I hadn’t even spoken to the boy before hand, (not out of sluttyness but out of shyness… the sluttyness came later).

    By Rachel on 01.05.2013

  23. Peers! I’ve seen you listening from the dulcet hills and not partaking, though you take too much from the ether, weightless and unsatisfying. Yet, strangely soothing. Like gluttons on cotton candy, you’ve eaten your weight–over a thousand years, it took–and are still hungry. After a time, that hunger makes you full. Ex peri ence. Latin for: “without the edges of suffering.” Or “suffering without edges.” Or “the very core of suffering.”

    By mattlock URL on 01.05.2013

  24. experience comes from the past. its ideal that we as humans learn form the both on a individual scale, but also as humans in genera. experienca are bread from mistakes.

    By Emil W. on 01.05.2013

  25. experience the exhiliration of life with doublemint gum. double your pleasure, double your fun , with double mint double mint, doublemint gum. the therapist was frustrated but also pleased. he had got the young man to talk. even if it was only in commericial rhymes.

    By Marie URL on 01.05.2013

  26. It was my first time looking into her eyes. The experience was overwhelming. I had entered a sea of emeralds, drowning in emotion and beauty. You could tell from her eyes that she had a lot on her mind. They glazed over when you tried to talk to her. She was so withdrawn these days.

    By Katnaps URL on 01.05.2013

  27. I convince myself it’s hidden; that he really does care
    But what if the emotions I want simply aren’t there?
    Or maybe I was right, about his ability to love
    And I’m just not the one that he can’t let go of.

    By Carly URL on 01.05.2013

  28. “I’ve never done this before you know.” He licks his lips and looks over at the other man. The man, who has his hands on the button of his jeans. The other man smirks; he thinks his name might have been Jim or Jimmy. It doesn’t matter what his name is. What matters is his cock pressing hard against his jeans and his need for the guy’s hands on it.

    By Kensington URL on 01.05.2013

  29. something you get with time and age. As you grow older you learn that things are not as important as relationships
    The more you try things the more you learn and you are never too old to learn new things.

    By Rina on 01.05.2013

  30. Experience life, our world, our Earth and our living things within it. There is no ‘existing.’ It’s for wimps. It’s all about the experience. See everything as something from from which to learn, all gain.

    By NomadChristineLaFrancaise URL on 01.05.2013

  31. Experience life, our world, our Earth and living things within it. There is no ‘existing.’ It’s for wimps. It’s all about the experience. See everything as something from which to learn: all gain.

    By NomadChristineLaFrancaise URL on 01.05.2013

  32. In my experience, I had never come across a werewolf. Tonight was no exception. No, instead I was confronting rapidly spawning legions of seemingly rabid llamas. Granted, this was post-apocalyptic Cusco, deep in the plague-ravaged valleys of what was once the beautiful country of Peru.

    The thing was, I was hoping to go to Machu Picchu to see if something could be re-established. I found llamas instead.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 01.05.2013

  33. I thought of each part of my life, every step, every withdrawal, every regret, every joy. I was here for a reason. It was hard to tell why yet, but it would show. My experiences weren’t any more or less than anyone else’s no matter what had been said. I was changed because of them, and even if only I knew that, I could keep living. I would always keep living.

    Why not?

    By Marissa URL on 01.05.2013

  34. Do you want some chocolate?
    Why not?
    I don’t like it
    How can you not like chocolate?are you crazy or something?
    Nope,I just don’t like it.

    By Larissa on 01.05.2013

  35. I have never had an experience that has made me truly forget about everything else. I can never seem to get lost in the moment. Nothing has truly been that extraordinary. The one thing that I hope will make me have that experience is falling in love. The love at first sight kind of love.

    By Lily Chao on 01.05.2013

  36. I have a lot of experience.
    Have you?In what?
    In lots of things

    By Larissa on 01.05.2013

  37. I sometimes don’t know if I have experienced enough in my life. I feel I will get older, and I will know none of the tricks of the trade, I will not know enough about life to live it to the fullest, etc., and it scares me a little.

    By Madeline on 01.05.2013

  38. whats to be said? others who cross our paths. places, things, smells, stories. memory. memory memory! all wobbled into one. that time. back then. those were the Days. something to be useful for future. the well of the mind. deep deeep deep. south north all star

    By william on 01.05.2013

  39. It has been my experience that once a jerk, always a jerk, unless they realize they have been a jerk:) In which case there is hope.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 01.05.2013

  40. My experiences have done nothing for me but cause me grief and pain and turn me insane. People say that the experience gave me a lot of good that I wouldn’t otherwise have. But I would give up those “perks” for a little bit of comfort.

    By Molly on 01.05.2013