January 5th, 2013 | 233 Entries

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233 Entries for “experience”

  1. Experience should force me to acknowledge that what you say and what you do aren’t ever all that similar. And what I want and what I get are miles apart on parallel tracks.

    By darseyrsm URL on 01.05.2013

  2. Hmmmm. I don’t know how I found myself on this website. It is quite an “experience” to say the least. I don’t even know what will happen once the 60 seconds are over. What will I experience? Will others experience this experience of writing about experience?

    By Ben on 01.05.2013

  3. Who dares to say what is to love and what is to hate? What guaratess a fruit flavor other than experience? Dislikes, likes, loves and hates can only be know when they touch our flesh.

    By Jade on 01.05.2013

  4. With the little experience I have, I blundered around the kitchen. I went around ingredients filling my arms. After about three hours I found I had an acceptable meal… for my mother in law.

    By Nicole Grillo URL on 01.05.2013

  5. Every experience is special. Every experience is important.. not just the good ones. Failing teaches you that things don’t just work themselves out. You need to make it work. Losing shows to that you need learn to get back up and hope again, because things will knock you down and you can’t let them keep you there. Pain is important, because it helps you appreciate happiness when it finally comes your way.

    By Emerald URL on 01.05.2013

  6. Age ten was a horrible experience. Loss of innocence; I was in pain.

    By Courtney Mae URL on 01.05.2013

  7. Who u are, what u do, and who u do it with r all because of oooour different experiences.

    By Sergent BuzzkiLL URL on 01.05.2013

  8. What experience is better gained than by working side by side with a friend? A person you can trust with just about anything. Someone whom you can share the experience with and look back and laugh at it.

    By Laurel B URL on 01.05.2013

  9. It’s the magic of the possible. The chance of the unknown. The dream of what might be.

    By Claire URL on 01.05.2013

  10. I want to experience you
    I want to watch your eyelids bloom around your pupils like petals on roses
    I want to feel the spaces we make in the fullness of our synchronised breathing
    I want to draw lines between the movements you make which bear more clarity to me than my own thoughts
    I want to run my hands through the vividness of your words which taste softer than sea air on the back of my throat
    I want you to be time itself and me to be the clock that only functions to live through you
    And I want you to be the strings that tie me together and keep me from becoming dust

    Because when I think of you every breath explodes like a blooming flower
    And every step I take becomes one closer to you

    And you propel me like the current of a river
    And I don’t mind that you’re pulling me under because I want to drown in your love and revel in my plight as your warmth fills the insides of my lungs
    I need you
    I need you immensely

    By Perri URL on 01.05.2013

  11. “The problem with your resume, Sally,” said the employer sadly, “is that it doesn’t really match up with our dragon hunting approach.” “You appear to have mostly caught unicorn instead.”

    By Mdhamiri URL on 01.05.2013

  12. in my experience, love at first sight is bullshit. Sure, when I met Adam I liked him enough, but I only really learned to love him after an entire night being stuck in an elevator together, not just the two of us but also an old chatty smelly lady and an asian girl. The whole experience was nerve-wrecking, but despite my claustrophobia I made it through, thanks to him.

    By herfst URL on 01.05.2013

  13. Mark screamed like a bitch and threw his arms around in the air.

    Dan, frozen by the female screeching of his very male friend, stared with wide eyes as Mark flailed around and finally fell on the floor.

    “Mark?” Dan finally managed to say. “Are you alright?”

    “Fucking SPIDER!” Mark yelled with his face in the rug.

    “Well,” Dan said, resuming his lunch, “that was an experience.”

    By Eileen Maki URL on 01.05.2013

  14. There are times that we get to experience happiness. There are times that we get to experience loneliness and despair. And the list goes on and on. But amongst all those times, it is important to remember who you are and that you are just on a journey of discovery, a journey of growth, and a journey of fulfillment. Embrace the teachings that each of these moments in your life have to offer.

    By Jackie URL on 01.05.2013

  15. i don’t have a lot of sexual experience but i think that’s okay because in some cases innocence is wanted–ignorance is bliss, right? you can’t miss what you never had. physical intimacy is great and all but i’m okay with being alone right now. the few interactions i’ve had were fleeting and i was just kind of logical through them like “okay, i am kissing you. this is a thing that’s happening.” there wasn’t any of that swept-off-your-feet emotions they describe in the books. maybe there’s something wrong with me. i don’t know.

    By beth on 01.05.2013

  16. my first kiss was really random. I’ve been obsessed about telling people about it ever since. I mean, I’m proud of the story, really. It was something I’m unlikely to forget.

    By Maddie VanZwieten on 01.05.2013

  17. you have it or you don’t. it’s very important for your futur. but it doesn’t make you who you are. you are a lot more because there is a lot more to be. you will never loose the experience you are having and you will grow. why do I always wanna grow?

    By grandma on 01.05.2013

  18. She’s experienced alright. All those other men were for practice, and she—no. This is just me trying to make sense of all this. I love her. I’d hate to see her beauty and talent go to waste on these pigs. When I finally come home, she’ll be mine again.

    By karen URL on 01.05.2013

  19. What an experience to come home and find the door to the bedroom locked- Need to get ready to go out- no access to the shower or my clothes. tried a screw driver to no avail. next step is to take the door off

    By Kobi URL on 01.05.2013

  20. I don’t have much of it. It takes time, you have to learn and grow, before you can say you have experience. Unless, of course, it is experience in one of those seemingly meaningless moments in life. It could be a fleeting smile that turns into something much more, an event that gives you an…experience.

    By Idalia on 01.05.2013

  21. Experience is not expertise. Experience is just a willingness to go through something to a duration, and with that potentially have some knowledge regarding that thing – whatever has permeated your consciousness for remembrance. Doing something repeatedly often becomes described as “expertise” when really it is just a system one has developed to not fail horribly in that task.

    By C. URL on 01.05.2013

  22. What were the roaring twenties, anyway? They were well into the dirty thirties, yet Marion kept thinking that this crowd wanted to hold on to their past experiences.

    It was… a little bit pathetic, to be honest.

    By GloriousClio URL on 01.05.2013

  23. It was one big slippery slope from here on out.

    She sat at the table, her elbows resting on either side of her plate as she stared across the room at the ticking clock. Behind her, she could hear the clink of cutlery from the kitchen and the rumbling of her father’s voice.

    How would she even begin to say goodbye?

    By sonneillon URL on 01.05.2013

  24. Experience life
    Experience love
    Experience hate
    Experience death
    Experience happiness
    Experience sorrow
    Experience it all
    And show them that you’ve grown.

    By Cat URL on 01.05.2013

  25. Looking back on my collective experience, I’m not sure whether to laugh, cry or have some feeling of resignation. Collectively, it has not been a smooth road. In four small years, so many people have come and gone — so as to be fading marks on a page. I can recall, just four years ago, feeling so pathetically small and sad and insignificant, like an ant with a vitamin deficiency. And, just six months ago, feeling triumphant and sterling in the face of the giant “what if’s” of the future. I know now that happiness is a journey, not a destination. I may not feel as triumphant, or internally joyous at the thought of every day life, but I am able to find solace within myself, which is the greatest experience of all.

    By C. URL on 01.05.2013

  26. inexperience plagues my every thought and anction. I cannot move for it. I cannot decide or act or be. I am simply, inexorably inexperienced.

    By Ainslie on 01.05.2013

  27. Something you gain when they throw you down and grind your face into the dirt.

    By Solanaceae URL on 01.05.2013

  28. Bangin’ around in a cigarette… She isn’t in love… I thought the new experience would set the mood for something else… But our future was clear enough when I was looking at the stars and she kept complaining about how cold it was outside…
    I should have learned new sensations wouldn’t make me feel the pleasures of another man…

    By renato on 01.05.2013

  29. Grind that EXP. Make the green bars go up. HoTs. DoTs. DPS. HPS. Farm the raid. Level up. Ding!

    By Chris Clow URL on 01.05.2013

  30. What an experience the past few months have been. All of the pain was worth it in the end, I guess. Maybe I’m just numb from it all being over. I generally don’t like New Year’s, as it is a pointless celebration, but this is ending up like a pretty good time to restart things in a new light.

    By Archori URL on 01.05.2013

  31. Experience. I had none. I was a tadpole in a big, big bowl with a bright white mind with smooth bone walls. There was nothing nothing nothing there. Empty. Innate emptiness that followed me evermore. There has always been a memory, a memory of knowing nothing and I know in my heart I shall return to it once more.

    By F on 01.05.2013

  32. “Are you experienced with a bow?” She asks, holding out the bow made of the finest material I’ve seen in my days.
    I think of all of the times I’ve been in the woods with Him. Shooting birds and deer, and sometimes just plastic bottles when all the animals seem to have disappeared. We would take turns shooting an arrow to the top of the highest tree and race to see who could recover the others arrow first.
    I think of the time I went out alone. When He was gone for the weekend, and I would shoot animal after animal, mercilessly. I thought of the times when He was gone. On a weekend trip with his father. I thought the surprise He gave to me. Coming home early. He wanted to greet me from behind. But I was hunting. Mercilessly. And He was there. A surprise.
    “A bit.”

    By Kelsi URL on 01.05.2013

  33. When I look back on these days,
    What will I remember?

    By Emily URL on 01.05.2013

  34. Something that’s acquired over time.
    A bit of a paradox in the job-world. You need experience to get a job, but how can you have experience if you’ve never had a job because you need experience.
    Something I hope to get a lot of.
    Something I h

    By karian URL on 01.05.2013

  35. “Phoebe, you’re so much more… experienced than I am…” Eve blushed, both of their shirts off, done in a fit of passionate snogging. “More experienced? Evey, I know nothing about… real sex. Sex that isn’t forced and painful and horrible… We’re both learning this for the first time, not to mention that I’ve never been with a girl before…” Phoebe blushed an even deeper shade of red than Eve, nuzzling into the crook of her neck. “Well if we’re both learning together, we might as well start now…”

    By Spencer URL on 01.05.2013

  36. I have no experience in love. I would really like to, however, I feel like it’s not going happen any time soon. I wait and I wait, I sleep and I wake, and still nothing happens. Will my experience remain forever below zero?

    By Charlie URL on 01.05.2013

  37. to experience something is to know something. nobody but yourself can have the same experience as you. someone with luittle experience isnt necessarily unwise, just lacking solid fact

    By burntybrenty URL on 01.05.2013

  38. I’ve had the awesome experience of learning who you are. I want to see more in you- express yourself, lean in, learn. The mirror said nothing but agreed with every word.

    By Ericka Renee URL on 01.05.2013

  39. Experience is like falling through space and feeling your whole life flash by you. Experience makes you feel alive and shows you the person you want to be. Shows you the person you have become. Experience is good and natural and everyone deserves it.

    By Briana Griffin URL on 01.05.2013

  40. As she went through her resume she kept looking at the experience section. Although that she’s 36 years old and supposedly has a lot of experience, she was never even near the proposed experience level she claimed to have. Seconds later she felt her stomach twist.

    By Ahmed on 01.05.2013