June 13th, 2011 | 645 Entries

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645 Entries for “embraced”

  1. “Sorry… for that.”
    “Uh. Yeah.”
    I was being way too awkward. I mean, it wasn’t anything more than a simple embrace, right? Not anything more. Or less.
    “I guess I’ll just…”
    And she hugged me back.

    By koni URL on 06.13.2011

  2. I love when we embrace. It’s like your chest was meant for my head. Like someone molded your body to fit mine. It is magic. It is unexplainable. An embrace from a lover is like biting into the best chocolate cake you’ve ever tasted, or drinking the best lemonade on a hot summer day. There’s nothing like it, and it’s meant to be that way. Cherish embraces.

    By Abby on 06.13.2011

  3. i am embraced by everything in the whole intire univervse

    By hjgfdfuvbkf on 06.13.2011

  4. He was freed the moment he abandoned his delusions of hope and embraced his ultimate fate. His worries, doubts, fears, and crippling inhibitions disappeared, giving way to new ambitions

    By forfrannyglass URL on 06.13.2011

  5. “It’s been so long, man!”
    “Really! When was the last time?”
    “It was that day right before the earthquake.”
    “Huh. Guess we weren’t really expecting that to happen.”
    “No, but it makes everything else pretty surreal in hindsight.”

    By torin URL on 06.13.2011

  6. I embraced the fact that my mother is gone today. I’m really starting to take that feeling in that she’s gone and I will never ever see her again. But it’s more than the fact that I will never see her again. I miss her. But it just wasn’t fair that she was taken from me, from all of us before it was her time. It just wasn’t fair.

    By AFragileSmile URL on 06.13.2011

  7. It seems a distant thing. Like touch is not getting close. He turned his face away from hers on her shoulder. They were together, but he needn’t meet her eyes. He doesn’t know what that means.

    By Edith URL on 06.13.2011

  8. I think of being accepted and being loved. A feeling that provides commonality as well as a sense of security. something we should all feel.

    By AS Medearis on 06.13.2011

  9. arms completely encircling. safe. joy and love. carefully cradled. grin so big.

    By delaney URL on 06.13.2011

  10. feel loved feel happy everything you need everything you want is to be embraced. You need it you want it ask for it, everyone deserves it. The world circles arround love and embrace someone is the most genuine expression of it.
    DO IT embrace!

    By Male on 06.13.2011

  11. The lord God embraces me with his hands. He scoops me up when i am weak and takes care of all my needs. I worship him and try to be like him and soon i will be able to embrace him back, in my wonderful heavenly kingdom. I’m the embracee, i want to be the embracer.

    By Lauren on 06.13.2011

  12. In November, those bittersweet crunch of leaves under our feet you swept me up your arms. Never once had I thought I could feel so happy to be on someone’s arm. And I miss that immensely

    By Karen URL on 06.13.2011

  13. Cold I was now warm I am
    Embraced by you and in your hands
    My body thaws, my mind sets fire.
    No place else could ever be so fine
    In your embrace, I’m lost in time.

    By Alex Erring URL on 06.13.2011

  14. hug to hold like that one time I embraced my mom and that was nice lol I’m not supposed to think what I’m typing so………………..

    By Jonas on 06.13.2011

  15. I was with her, on the dance floor. It’s prom. Sweet Child O Mine comes on, and we’re dancing slowly. I embraced her, and finally she said “Are you going to ask me?”. I said “Do you wanna be my girl?”. We kiss, and the best years of my life start.

    By Peter on 06.13.2011

  16. He embraced me then and there.
    and it was like a spark was lit.
    something i had never felt before, from him.
    like the missing piece was just found and put in place.
    but it may all come tumbling down.
    i don’t think he can forget her.
    she still has him wrapped around her finger.
    i saw what i shouldn’t have seen
    i was where i shouldn’t have been
    i shouldn’t have snooped
    because now i feel betrayed
    i want to fix it all
    i want her to go away
    maybe we should just go back
    but no i can’t
    everyone says this was meant to be?
    why can’t i see it?
    why can’t i feel it?
    i just want to live in that moment.
    that embrace

    By korrina URL on 06.13.2011

  17. i embraced my best friend right after we won the state championship game. he embracd me back. then i went over and embraced my girlfriend and with that hug she gave me a kiss on the cheek and we are now even closer cause of that hug. i also embraced my mom and dad.

    By matt sykes on 06.13.2011

  18. love and bravery and passion. warm feelings and comfort in both yourself and others. feeling of peace with life and with your instincts.

    By Haley on 06.13.2011

  19. I turned away from your embrace; it wasn’t warm or inviting or familiar. It was cold and strange. I don’t know you anymore. The rain poured, I soldiered on. Your arms fell and I never looked back.

    By Chloe on 06.13.2011

  20. He embraced her in his strong arms, providing much less comfort than what he thought she needed right now. But for her it was enough. They were together. She would leave having him by her side. What else could she ask for?

    By Alexa on 06.13.2011

  21. I wish that you weren’t the first person to embrace me. I am embarrassed to say that you were my first (and so far only) kiss. I wish I wasn’t attracted to you because you embarrass me.

    By Samie on 06.13.2011

  22. As I fell into the bed of flowers I was embraced by their sweet smells and the way they brushed gently on my bare skin.

    By McKenzie Hobbs on 06.13.2011

  23. He can feel her arms wrapped tightly around his torso. “don’t ever scare me like that agin.” She breaths into his neck. “I don’t want to cuddle with a corpse.”

    By Lucy URL on 06.13.2011

  24. i always remember the time that donnavan and i had our first kiss. he embraced me and it was snowing outside. it was by vicki’s car. then, he kissed me. it felt right. i miss him so much. he’s all i think about. two years later.

    By sarah. on 06.13.2011

  25. Embraced. Embrace. Embrace your beauty. Smile. Love life. Embrace love. Embrace those who make you Happy. Embrace you mind. Embrace hope. Embrace you.

    By Kaitlyn Capps on 06.13.2011

  26. We embraced as the sun set. The rain washed away any doubts that we had. I knew I loved you. I also knew you had to leave. One final kiss before your plane took off. I was alone, but I was happy. Knowing you was all it took.

    By Brittany on 06.13.2011

  27. We embraced and said our goodnights just like any other night, pretending nothing was different. Neither of us wanted to face the fact that we would never see each other again, neither of us wants to face the fact that I was moving half way across the country the next morning.

    By Emily T. on 06.13.2011

  28. I embraced her, looking up at the sky, the night air blowing slowly through our hair. The flowers in the field surrounded us with the most beautiful smell. I can’t remember ever being this happy. My life was perfect, in that moment.

    By Kayla on 06.13.2011

  29. i remember the day that donnavan kissed me for the first time. it was the first night i met him, him and i were standing outside of vicki’s house by her car. i had to go home, because it was snowing and getting dark. he embraced me, and kissed me for the first time. i miss him more than anything. i’d take that moment back. any day.

    By sarah. URL on 06.13.2011

  30. a hug that’s so comforting that you feel surrounded by warmth and nothing can touch you. nothing can bring you down when you’re being embraced by someone you love. it’s a rare, but beautiful feeling. -embraced.

    By mary on 06.13.2011

  31. I felt embraced by nature as my surroundings spoke to me. The grasses whispered and the birds sang, the wind whistled and the river rushed. I was surrounded in a big hug as the familiar flooded my ears. The flowers had changed, providing some fresh scenery, but path still took the same turns and the wind still tussled my hair.

    By Haley URL on 06.13.2011

  32. I embraced my culture far better than my cousins. They think that they were born here, white, rich, for some reason. They weren’t. I am Mexican. I’m not rich and I crossed the border 16 years ago.

    By Grisel URL on 06.13.2011

  33. em, brasse le maire de mon flegme
    homme de basse négritude
    je vais chanter le cale de notre
    manu tendre génome fatidique

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 06.13.2011

  34. People tell me that I hug weird. At least I hug, I think. I really want to hug the guy with the thing I want. Thing. Of all the words in the world. I really want a chance.

    By l URL on 06.13.2011

  35. braces for the teeth and pieces for the mouth. braces for the back of the back and supports supporting the arch of my foot. cold and sore is the metal, with cold sores on my lips. the metal aches and teases, it aint pretty but it is good. Down deep it is a great good. and your embrace, it is the most warm and tender of fine metals.

    By Jeff URL on 06.13.2011

  36. He ran across the field of pink poppies and they embraced. Her golden hair tumbling over his black tee-shirt covered shoulder.

    By Paige Buschman on 06.13.2011

  37. a formal way of saying “hugged.”

    By justine URL on 06.13.2011

  38. i embraced my new life and started a journey toward new and fullfilling dreams. i found that as i embrace the truth i have less reason to lie or wanto be dishonest. .embrace today , it may be your last

    By mike lippert URL on 06.13.2011

  39. Oh to be embraced in your arms and your love, there is nothing that compares. It is the moment that I feel like me, and only me. I don’t have to be anything for anyone because being myself is exactly what you need. I feel the true and pure love you have for me just in a simple embrace.

    By Brianne Ramsay URL on 06.13.2011

  40. her naked face embraced
    the wind
    no regret
    but a smile laced
    interwoven between time and space
    her teeth showing like stars

    By Andrew Walker URL on 06.13.2011