June 13th, 2011 | 645 Entries

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645 Entries for “embraced”

  1. we embraced in such a lovely hug. i knew i loved him from that moment. maybe we werent in love, like the movies, but I knew we loved each other. he was my best friend, and i was his. there was noothing better i could ask for. well maybe for him to sweep me off my feet, and kiss me, but we both knew this wouldnt happen. I don’t know how i could go on without him in my life. every time i saw him with any other girl i wanted to ruin over and there and point out every flaw about her, but i didn’t. i knew i wasn’t perfect, and neither was he, but we were perfect for each other, and he just couldn’t see that. i dont know why, but he couldn’t see that. but eventually we fell in love, and out of love, and back in one more time, and back out for the rest of our lives. now he’s dating some beautiful girl one year older than him named alysa. I know he likes her, well loves her as they proclaim, but i want him to love me. i don’t know why im still caught up on that, i just am.

    By Kelly on 06.13.2011

  2. He embraced her tightly refusing to let go and whispered in her ear as if it were the last time they were going to speak. Words that only she would know or even understand. “It’s not the last time”

    By Morgan Whitcomb on 06.13.2011

  3. They embraced for the last time, and with a single kiss he ended her life, his passion having overwhelmed reason. There was no hope now, for he had killed his only salvation.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 06.13.2011

  4. He ran across the threshold of the house and embraced her. She smelled like sunshine and sweet tea. It had been a long time since he had seen her; mom had died 3 years ago. He laughed out loud as her hair tickled his neck. “I’ve missed you,” was all he said.

    By Kathleen Talley on 06.13.2011

  5. She embraced him, it had been a whole year this time since she had seen him. He had been serving in the army for so long now, but each time she got a chance to see him, she would embrace him so very much.
    embrace- to hug, smile a good feeling comes and you want to embrace someone
    embrace= to hug someone

    By Jellybean on 06.13.2011

  6. Hugged. Loved. Felt another human. So close. Laying the in grass, letting the grass touch my skin. The summer. The sun’s warmth washing over me. Hugging me. Touching me. Loving me. I feel loved by the earth.

    By Alyssa on 06.13.2011

  7. Lately, I’ve been wondering what it’s like to be embraced, truly embraced, by the one you love. Is it the same as being embraced by someone you don’t? Is it the same as being embraced by someone who loves you? You see, I seem to love quite a lot, but I never seem to get said love in return.

    By Astrid URL on 06.13.2011

  8. She embraced him at the door, tears running down her face. “Don’t go,” she pleaded, holding onto his jacket as if it was all she had left. As if it was her last chance at making him stay here, with her, in this frozen-over city.

    By Shannon on 06.13.2011

  9. we embraced for what seemed like hours. His hand around my waist was just what I needed after the hectic day I had. Too many deadlines and not enough hours in the day. Tomorrow will be better I said and he said nothing but hugged me. It was a good day after all.

    By chris on 06.13.2011

  10. She was made of some kind of paper material, he was made of ice. But it was too cold for the ice to do anything. It was too cold for the ice to move. The paper could not fit around ice. The birds above were watching and there was nothing really that they could do about it. One of them fell off. He was a solid lump of bird. They tried calling after him but their songs froze in the air.

    By crabmuffins on 06.13.2011

  11. He embraced her on the stairway. As he stepped away, he could see that there were tears in her eyes. Letting her go was one of the hardest things that he had ever done, he knew that. But he also knew that a few more steps and he would be on the train, away from this dirty town, one step closer to the freedom he had been working towards for the past 2 years.

    By Shannon URL on 06.13.2011

  12. Embraced was one word she never thought she would ever think was important in a relationship. She felt relationships were all about the kissing. She had never been in a relationship where embracing was what made her feel loved.

    By carly on 06.13.2011

  13. I couldn’t explain why, but my first thought was of someone having their wrists shackled with heavy cuffs. Their arms being embraced in manacles, limbs hugged with chain, as they feel the tangible signs of freedom being squeezed out of their grasp and left with the security of imprisonment. I hope this doesn’t come from a subconscious desire for mandated routine.

    By Rob URL on 06.13.2011

  14. He embraced her warmly in the night. They had not been together long, but already he knew he was in love. She was lovely and kind and right. He had never come across anyone so perfect in his life, and now he had found her. Gently, as not to wake her, he kissed her neck.

    By Andrea URL on 06.13.2011

  15. The wind embraced me with a gentle grasp. It felt like the friends I used to know. Like the mother who used to tell me she loved me. Like the father who used to be proud. I am just a robot now, a skeleton who has forgotten the feel of human touch

    By Brianna URL on 06.13.2011

  16. the sky followed me home and embraced my parting shadow as i walked through the door and into the comforting light of my family. then the power arced and shot through me as i decided not to stay. i fell. i fell. the shadow gobbled me up and spit me out. and the sky embraced me once again.

    By HDsweetkitty on 06.13.2011

  17. He embraced me with great strength that my feet almost went from under me. It felt like he would never let me go even if I budged away. I wouldn’t, though. He was so warm. My body melted into his after a moment. I knew from then on that we could never be apart again. To miss this, I couldn’t survive without his touch.

    By Alyssa on 06.13.2011

  18. I don’t know I don’t know, what’s in an embrace? Do you need it? Do you want it?
    As quickly as you’re embraced is as quickly as you realise you’re alone.

    By Katrina on 06.13.2011

  19. You are coming home after a long night at work and when your crying wife enters the room with news of her dead mother she is embraced by you with promises of her going to a better place even though you are an atheist at heart. How sad.

    By Lukas Peterson on 06.13.2011

  20. all i want is him to embrace me with one of him amazing hugs and tell me he is sorry for hurting me and for pushing me to the side. i want to just be held in that embrace for hours… for the rest of my life… because in those arms all is right and all is safe and all i happy and all is content

    By lindsey URL on 06.13.2011

  21. I will always remember our first sweet embrace. a gentle pressing of your lips to mine. tasting the salt of your tears. i could feel you smile and little. you wrapped you arms around me and i knew then i loved you

    By Brianna URL on 06.13.2011

  22. I felt the embrace of his skin. I took a moment to breathe it all in; to take in the moment. That moment. That one moment and that one embrace I would never feel again.

    By Abbey on 06.13.2011

  23. hug, loved, cared for, appreciated, gentle, affection, respected, compassion, abrazo, emotional

    By cassie on 06.13.2011

  24. This is the feeling of new baby cuddly holding on for dear life snuggles and the the feeling of warm hot tea on cold nights when all is well and it is almost but not quite time for bed and you are not scared of tomorrow but happy with today

    By Tami White on 06.13.2011

  25. held on tight, without letting go, even though you were falling. figured we should fall together. didn’t know where the bottom was but wanted to get there with you, at least. wound tight, like ferrets in a cage, although why i chose to die thinking of ferrets i couldn’t tell.

    By Jez Owen on 06.13.2011

  26. Embraced. Hold in one’s arms. I wish my girlfriend was here to embrace me all evening long. I miss her, dearly. Let’s embrace the world.

    By Makayla Davis URL on 06.13.2011

  27. he looked at me. it was all i needed. he embraced me with his eyes.

    I thought about everything we had failed to do; all the things i should have said but did not. we embraced and walked away. we did not look back. I asked for her number a week later.

    By Joe Wi on 06.13.2011

  28. I embraced her in my arms. I knew that it wouldn’t last, so I squeezed tighter. She gave me a look as if I were crazy. She knew I was afraid. Afraid that if I let go, even for a moment in time, she would know to leave me, for I was not committed enough, and that I didn’t love her enough to just sit there and hold her.

    By Willow on 06.13.2011

  29. the reality that is life, life should be celebrated without a doubt. We must embrace what comes with to us at all times. Chances are that if we embrace those things more good things will come without asking for more. this is a lesson learn with time and experience.

    By jose on 06.13.2011

  30. i saw him from across the room. We run to each other and connect in that warm embrace. He takes in every ounce of me he can get. I never want to let go…
    Suddenly I wake from my slumber with a start.
    Why do I always have this dream? …

    By Melissa Marie URL on 06.13.2011

  31. it has been along time since i have been embraced. this is due to the lack of effort in falling in love and putting more effort into just getting laid. i miss my ex, i miss being embraced and i miss most of all making love, not just sex. i want to be embraced again.

    By Alice on 06.13.2011

  32. Like what your mother does to a new born child right when the doctor hands it to her for the first time. Or the warm embrace of a significant other that you can’t live without. This is one of the best things ever.

    By Christa on 06.13.2011

  33. When she ran up to him late that one night they embraced like there was no tomorrow. They were in love, and did what only those who were in love could do. All they thought about was each other and though sometimes they found themselves hard put to say how they really felt, though it could be put into just three words.

    By Tabitha on 06.13.2011

  34. When i embrace you its like release. Don’t talk to me. Don’t cry for me- embrace me. I’m scared- my tears like birds…flying freely. Don’t think i enjoy this but embracing you is the only choice i have because guess what.

    Im alone.

    By Willow URL on 06.13.2011

  35. I can’t remember the last time.
    The last time someone saw me and felt so much,
    To spontaneously embrace me.
    I wish someone would. Let me know you care,
    Let me know I mean something to you.

    By A.G. URL on 06.13.2011

  36. She embraced life; she told herself that there was so much to live for; laughter, love, happiness, bliss, travel, a family of her own someday, ambitions and dreams that she had yet to discover. She embraced her life, even as it was presently; with pressure from her parents, pressure from school, pressure from the uncertain future, and pressure from herself. She embraced hope; that things would get better and that the good in life that she was just overlooking would outweigh the bad, and all she had to do was hang in there and not give up. Although her wrists still held the faint whispery scars; for each failed grade, each hateful fight with her parents, each moment she was careless and could have done better, she hangs on, and clings to hope.

    By sonia URL on 06.13.2011

  37. stomach hugs intestines. heart hugs lungs. rubs hug everything. hugs keep us alive.

    also – i enjoy hugging michael and would never let him go if i didnt have to.

    By d. URL on 06.13.2011

  38. Divorcing push and pull; her shoulders embrace gentle warm blisses.

    By visage URL on 06.13.2011

  39. stomach hugs intestines. heart hugs lungs. ribs hug everything. hugs keep us alive.

    also – i enjoy hugging michael and would never let him go if i didnt have to.

    By d. URL on 06.13.2011

  40. Reyu pulled Shane against him, trying to put all his emotion into the embrace. Shane stayed still… too shocked by Reyu’s move to do anything.

    By Lily on 06.13.2011