June 13th, 2011 | 645 Entries

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645 Entries for “embraced”

  1. To feel embraced is to feel loved. A felling that im not lacking, just temoraily missing. I know one day it’ll be back. Just not in th form that it left in.As much as I may hope. Hope can only go so far. and I have reached an impasse. But I want to love again. Not to fill a void but to….Im not sure actully. But maybe that’s the point.

    By Alicia Iverson on 06.14.2011

  2. fdfgdfg

    By green on 06.14.2011

  3. You arrived in my arms with an impatient rush. I feel a kindred spirit in your warmth. We speak with nods and silent whispers. I had missed you these long months, I thought to myself. Now we shall never be parted. You are home again.

    By AudioPicasso URL on 06.14.2011

  4. Why couldn’t she embrace him? She could never accept him as a man who would love her daughter unconditionally. She hated the colour of his skin. She hated his accent. She hated the way he put his arms around her daughter.

    By Weiwen URL on 06.14.2011

  5. something i rarely am. something i rarely enjoy. something people often don’t mean.

    another of socities pleasantarys

    By Chris on 06.14.2011

  6. He laughed as he embraced her on top of that mountain. The smooth breeze rustled the tall grass and the trees that surrounded them and the city lights glimmered around them but he didn’t notice, all he could do is feel her, hold her, love her.

    By Dom URL on 06.14.2011

  7. “It would be nice if you would just embrace this idea a little more.”

    “Embrace the idea? Why on earth would I embrace the idea of my doing the writing, and you getting the credit?”

    By Bonnie Cehovet URL on 06.14.2011

  8. That word gives me a lot of images. Embraced. As in a hug. I can imagine myself at a beach, running on the sand for that significant other, embracing them with my arms. Embraced. I think of braces. Okay this is so weird haahhaahahha. Embraced. i see a white bir

    By tiffany on 06.14.2011

  9. Following slowly behind her, completely enveloped and preoccupied, I found the answer I was seeking. Induced into a near-drunk stupor by her intangible miasma, a concept of a kind of sense-based muscle memory bore fruit and I ate of it. It had seeds, and those seeds grew as I realized that my body knew exactly what to do when confronted with her aroma. I jogged up to her and spun her to me, throwing my arms around her comparatively small frame and took her into my chest, sending my own warmth as penance for my unexpected deed.

    By zachmichelini URL on 06.14.2011

  10. They embraced at the train station. It had been two years– two long sufferable years and there she is again looking like the angel he remembered. If the weather wasn’t so overcast and dark, and the train wasn’t emitting eerie howls, the moment would have been quite a romantic one. Instead, it filled the both with a sense of foreboding. Both knew that this was illegal. Both could really cared less.

    By Hunter URL on 06.14.2011

  11. lovingly tender. to be embraced. like a warm wind carrying across a child’s face. like ocean waves hugging the earths shape. like a smile from a stranger, a call from a long lost love. embraced.

    By Ernie Halter URL on 06.14.2011

  12. I embraced her. Her flesh was warm against mine, and I knew I was in heaven. “love me”, I whispered. “Love me”. She responded with a butterfly-soft kiss that left me weak and aching for more.

    By Linda on 06.14.2011

  13. In a tight grip,
    hot like a fire,
    I was embraced.
    She had my mother’s arms,
    exotic stranger’s eyes,
    and a figure like an hourglass
    pouring through her lingerie.
    We embraced,
    passion came,
    but soon the fire died.

    By Nick on 06.14.2011

  14. I embraced the pain. The cool tingle contaminated my mind. I hate my life sometimes. But i try my best. I try to be happy and calm. nothing seems to work. So I just to accept it. I just had to.

    By Andy URL on 06.14.2011

  15. She embraced the moment. Took a deep breath in.
    Let go of the hate, the pain, the tears.
    Let go of the love, the want, the need.
    And she just was.
    She was everything she could be.
    And was happy and content. Nothing could bring her down.
    Being sad over people is useless, they will all die anyways.

    By Rachel URL on 06.14.2011

  16. Embraced – can my nothing more than a fancy word for cuddle. But on a wider scale maybe we are all embraced, by the worlds we live in – our houses, our towns and villages. They encompass us, frame the lens through which we see the rest of the world.

    By Joey on 06.14.2011

  17. In the arms of loves first kiss , entangled with the mood of the nights first dawn, falling in love with the goddess of faith below the moons bright lantern beam. Within a moment between the dawns the growing trends of life bemoan you to take passion and bind it around your delicate shoulders embrace is a captivating sound . Moving inside your souk telling you to hold on to the ride.

    By Planetbass URL on 06.14.2011

  18. i embraced my beautiful girlfriend when i finally saw her for the first time in three weeks. We never had a moment together like that. It was so magical. it was like Disney and the fireworks over our heads.

    By eddie on 06.14.2011

  19. as she ran across the field she and saw him in the distance time seemed to stand still as the embraced on another

    By Mel on 06.14.2011

  20. A hug. Not just any hug, but one from someone you love, loved, or a friend who you haven’t seen in a long time. Someone who needs one.

    By BStods on 06.14.2011

  21. I embrace all
    I embrace life
    I embrace the ones I love
    I embrace the ones that need love
    I embrace nature as a higher power
    I embrace the lower animals no matter how small

    By Bstods URL on 06.14.2011

  22. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him. That was like, what? About a year ago? And I’m finally going to see him again. To see his shaggy dark brown hair and his steel-gray eyes, and his smile that always makes me melt.
    I’m seeing him at the airport today. I can’t believe it.

    By Tee URL on 06.14.2011

  23. loving sex together holding two people OR MORE! awesome hug

    By jessgood on 06.14.2011

  24. Love for my girlfriend jessica who takes photos. I need to pursue other hobbies. She is everything to me but I don’t feel ready to give everything up for her, but I’m defiantly considering it. I miss her terribly.

    By Jack on 06.14.2011

  25. The feeling of being embraced is indescribable. A warmth like no other. Feelings transferred without words, two bodies both comforting and letting their problems disappear at the same time.

    By Leanne on 06.14.2011

  26. Jacob and I loved each other more than anything else and we only hugged once. My aunt hugged me very few times,but I remember each time. I used to be known for my hugs.

    By Brittany on 06.14.2011

  27. Suicide at the Cess Pool
    The slick shit and piss strained for a grim embrace

    By gsk URL on 06.14.2011

  28. there was a warm feeling all around me. i smiled a bit, it felt nice to be in someones arms. just to have the company, the warmth, feeling. its different then what i ever thought it would be like, to truly be with someone you love.

    By Codi Chun on 06.14.2011

  29. he embraced fear like it was cotton candy. he embraced guilt like it was burning passion. the sun shone upon his clandestine sorrowful spirit. teething away at the slightest hint of courage.

    By Jessel Daniel URL on 06.14.2011

  30. Chrissy embraced the one and only photo she had of Rick after the fire. Her tears eventually caused the image to fade. He was now gone forever.

    By vanhaydu URL on 06.14.2011

  31. It was being embraced that felt like chains, like being squeezed to death in a bears hug or a vipers grip. Things needed to change. Soon.

    By elizabeth on 06.14.2011

  32. i have no idea what to say about this.
    other than i hate the word embrace. it’s a hug. you embrace life.
    /saying stupid stuff

    By rachel URL on 06.14.2011

  33. I embraced my parents when they walked out of the airport. I didnt think i would miss them so much while they were away on their month long vacation. guess everybody needs smeone to come home to.

    By anushka gole on 06.14.2011

  34. cède le pas, assez n’oublie nos
    rats… l’attente vérifie en ce cours
    insolation de nos afflictions

    bulle au net, mon interland…
    suffoque de tes danses, tu
    vois mon mal car Ida en délusions
    fuit le monde notre. Magnolia –

    Je te cimerai en nos veand, chance
    nous saisissons l’épée, «comme une
    tracnge de vos rêves envolées !

    Puisse-tu recouvrer l’horloge des mdal
    Nuits en mai, aime le fraie de ma rue…
    Et bise la chèvre de nos cataplasmes.

    Maudit, tu me rases ! Que ma lueur te
    Aimé xélo, fureur de vasques emportées

    Petit pied saigne la lèvre, petit lièvre
    récupère le filet de ma langue alors que
    grisou lauraine le ligaments des mes fac.

    À la bise des brèves fascination je dédie la prée
    rilleuse béatitude vos nourricie, mère tuerie !

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 06.14.2011

  35. is the way I felt when I arrived. Nothing else seemed to matter. Everything else was secondary. It was during that embrace, that embrace which lasted for hours, that I knew that all my problems, all the things that had troubled me until then, were absolutely nothing.

    By MCDonManue on 06.14.2011

  36. ANd indeed it was so. Nothing mattered from that moment on. Everything that I thought weere problems suddendly seemed mundane, almost meaningless. There could possibly be no evil in the world because I was being embraced by the sweetest smelling, softest feeling and most beautiful woman I had ever met.

    By MCDonManue on 06.14.2011

  37. once upon a time we were held in an endless embrace. i stood and marveled at the space i found myself in. the grass was greener where i stood and all eyes were on us. we made even the heavens jealous.

    By bella elaine on 06.14.2011

  38. The seconds slowed as the colors on the ground blurred into one. He panted and ran and lost complete hold of his breath. It had been seven months since he’d seen her.
    She looked up, and though his surprise gave her little time to show a reaction before he embraced her with everything he had, she managed to unearth her largest smile in recent memory.

    By Aaron M. URL on 06.14.2011

  39. She embraced him with eager arms. The space had been filled in a way no one else could. How could something so simple as a hug change everything?

    By Alexx on 06.14.2011

  40. hug love kiss happy loving realationship like grasp

    By Emily Saponar on 06.14.2011