June 13th, 2011 | 645 Entries

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645 Entries for “embraced”

  1. Well I don’t really know what to write about for embraced? We embraced in a hug. Haha that’s about all I got for this. So I don’t really know what to do for this. So um yeah

    By megan kild on 06.13.2011

  2. embraced in a circle of laughter and heart
    she doesn’t think before she moves
    because her bones are too old to have any new stories to tell
    so she just holds on
    to you, to anyone who will hold her back
    and she waits to go back to where she’s never been

    By Rowan Hébert on 06.13.2011

  3. We embraced, looking into each others eyes. We’d made it. No one could hurt us anymore. The shouts of men echoed behind us, but we didn’t care. Their shouts meant nothing to us anymore. We were free. We sunk low against the wall, laughing. Laughing as loudly as we could.

    By Kayla URL on 06.13.2011

  4. I was embraced with the sweet smell of freshly mowed grass on that Sunday morning. I’ll never forget the feeling as the new dawn stretched out before me thinkig that I’d make jam that day.

    By Carol on 06.13.2011

  5. She’s lying, alone, in the bed. The sheets drape over her breasts like a gossamer canopy. I’d hide next to her if I could, curved around the small of her back. I want to put my arms around her and hide her, protect her from the cold outside. I want her to be my world.

    By Allison Walker-Elders URL on 06.13.2011

  6. He took her in his arms, pulling her close to him and whispered in her ear. I love you, he said.
    Love? she thought. What is love? A contradictory set of vowels and letters thrown together in a mish-mosh of never comprehending beautiful sentences? I never comprehend the concept of love. It simply is. Just as life simply is. I won’t know and the Lord won’t know.

    By Zack URL on 06.13.2011

  7. there are many reasons why i can still feel the arms losing tension and the nicotine laced taste i dont notice anymore. it’ll take another year to see if it was worth the time.

    By baothy on 06.13.2011

  8. once
    then nothing ever felt like fire again
    i motioned and i lept and fell

    By val on 06.13.2011

  9. He embraced me and everything about it was warm. My head on his chest, I felt his heart beating for me, I felt his chin on the top of my head bringing me in closer. For a moment everything lined up. I was in his arms and he wanted me there. He engulfed me and it was beautiful.

    By Lauren G URL on 06.13.2011

  10. embraced in a circle of warmth and heart
    because her bones too old too have any stories left to tell
    so she just holds on to you, to anyone who will hold her back

    By Rowan URL on 06.13.2011

  11. Sometimes I think that’s what I will miss the most. Being desired, wanted. Dreamed about. Sought after. Someone wanting you simply because they can’t seem to go a day without you. I’ll miss the caressing touches. and the kisses that made me melt. I’ll miss the warmth.

    By Rachel URL on 06.13.2011

  12. i don’t get it
    this sucks
    i think i don’t embrace the whole concept of this website, it really sucks. I don’t think it can rate how good my writing is.
    I’m getting bored now. There’s only ten seconds left, the end.

    By J on 06.13.2011

  13. Long ago
    you embraced me
    on the doorstep of leaving
    how I wished you would never let go
    my lips dreamed of you
    for hours
    after your parting
    yet you never kissed me
    even when
    I wished for nothing else
    I’d take those nights back
    to live again
    if I could.

    By LF on 06.13.2011

  14. The two long time friends longed for the familiar embrace that meant things were like they used to be.

    By Casey Bushee on 06.13.2011

  15. i love being held, warm, in somebody’s arms, though i’m constantly telling people not to touch me the greatest moments of my life have been when somebody was hugging me tight. Whether it was from a boyfriend, my mother, my dad, my biological sperm donor and his manipulative wife, these moments were all sealed in my memory with something as small as a hug. Only to be reopened at the slightest scent of their skin.

    By Forrestt Zimmermann on 06.13.2011

  16. Today i was embraced by the fact that i am loved enough to breathe in the air of a new day. I found that a friend’s embrace will never match that of a lover, or of a fling. True love is found in the heart of those who find love as interesting as you do.

    By Izzy Gorden URL on 06.13.2011

  17. The laughter. It stung my ears as I fled the crowded hall. Clinging my books to my chest, I rushed into the restroom. The cold water soothed my hot cheeks when I splashed my face at the sink. I hated high school.

    By Lauren URL on 06.13.2011

  18. I embraced love when I saw it and when I felt it and I was burned. I’m not sure if I regret it but I can’t imagine doing anything different. To embrace something is to have no options.

    By Don Giacomini on 06.13.2011

  19. Rinor took the grenade, and embraced the lever against the base of it.

    “That wasn’t hard.”

    Jalal threw another one. Rinor caught it.


    Jalal frantically threw another one, and Rinor had no hands left.

    “Stop, stop, stop!” Rinor said.

    By Carson on 06.13.2011

  20. I can’t remember the last time I was truly held; hugged; squeezed with that passion intent on never letting go. Blake? Right before we turned away from each other in the airport….I walked away with tears rolling over my cheeks. It was just too much to handle; being so far away from each other. Even Skype couldn’t replace the sensation of his hand in mine; his lips on my skin; his arms around me and his chin resting on my hair…and now it won’t ever be the same again. I cheated. There’s no going back without telling him. And I couldn’t tear him apart like that.

    By Forrestt URL on 06.13.2011

  21. that was the day i jumped.
    I was taller than I’d ever been before.
    I held my breath
    took a leap
    and felt every nerve in my body screaming for new life.
    That was the day I took hold of my fear and loved it for all it could give me.

    By Hanna on 06.13.2011

  22. I don’t really know what this word means to be honest so I’m just gunna wing it. Embraced in my head mean to follow what your mind says…or to not be shy and throw out your mind as much as you can. Embrace your self.

    By Ariana on 06.13.2011

  23. i embraced my mom today. i saw here standing in our family room alone. And she just looked tired.

    By lou URL on 06.13.2011

  24. The howl shook the clearing and sent leaves scattering to the ground. The beast pulled itself up, body screaming in pain. Another howl, anguished, tore free. But then the pack was there, a dozen warm furred bodies on all sides and the beast knew it was home at last.

    By Lunarflight URL on 06.13.2011

  25. He raced down the corridors memories flashing through his mind, none of it mattering except finding the exit. As he reached the door– he took a breath– and went in. Not looking back. All around him were people crying through their smiles and he became one of them as he embraced his wife for the first time in a year.

    By Alexis on 06.13.2011

  26. I want to feel embraced. The embrace of her arms around me. She is a beautiful person. Manipulative, aggressive, selfish, strong-willed, hard- headed, but beautiful just the same. Maybe it’s because she is so unlike me that I find her so entrancing.

    By Andrew Pierce on 06.13.2011

  27. Tony embraced me; all of me, the physical, intellectual, and spiritual. He didn’t know he was embracing death.

    By Kristyccatt URL on 06.13.2011

  28. It’s a struggle from one meeting to the next.
    A constant hope
    that maybe this time the days will pass
    quicker than the last.
    After yet another grueling wait,
    The time has come.
    I always forget how much i miss your embrace.

    By Mac on 06.13.2011

  29. he embraced her. it’s what he always does to make her feel better. his arms are her protection. they warm her. they comfort her. they are the one thing that she can count on. him. his arms. his hug. his love. no matter what, him, always. forever. that’s what they plan.

    By Bayley Perry on 06.13.2011

  30. (…) Just when she was standing in front of his husband grave, she finally embraced death, and ultimately embraced life when she moved on into her lover apartment

    By Felipe URL on 06.13.2011

  31. I want to embrace my grandfather one more time. Just one more minute would be wonderful. To be embraced by him, to hear his guiding voice, and feel his unshaven face when I embrace him.

    By Andrew Pierce on 06.13.2011

  32. loved and cherished nested cozily warm and safe. willing to try, supported and protected, uplifted and cared for. humanity, needed by all, cocooned, nurtured

    By carol on 06.13.2011

  33. a past-tense verb meaning the act that something was meant to be ready for
    to hold on for, for something that is to come

    By Ryan Guthrie on 06.13.2011

  34. Embracing yourself in things unknown is one of the most incredible and exhilarating things anyone can experience. Digging two hands into the dirt of life can make you aware of so much that the world has to offer. An Embrace can only be completed with passion, passion from your heart.

    By Caroline on 06.13.2011

  35. i wish i could be embraced. not by him, or her. but that one. the one i cant get off my mind. the one that im supposed to see as just a friend. the one who gets drunk with me but is too much of a gentlemen to take advantage…or is he just that uninterested. embrace me.

    By Shannon URL on 06.13.2011

  36. I love to hug people. It bring me closer to that person on a whole different level. The act itself is sometimes meaningless or even just futile. But what it stands for is truly amazing.

    By Bela SIlver on 06.13.2011

  37. Embrace what you like, what you desire, what you’re passionate about – forget what people are going to think or if they are going to judge you. They might’ve already done it. Worry less, follow your instincts. Love to the max.

    By ely T on 06.13.2011

  38. I embraced today
    to make a social effort
    i have a sign by my door that reads
    “embrace the day”
    which may seem “cheesy” or cliché
    but in reality
    it is a good message to take away
    i embrace this very opportunity now to go to sleep.
    in a few minutes, it will have been embraced.

    By jill URL on 06.13.2011

  39. something i’ve never truly felt.

    By daisy on 06.13.2011

  40. It took her years, but she finally embraced the fact she was not perfect. She acknowledged her flaws and quirks, and, slowly but surely, let go of her quibbles. In doing so she found that she liked who she was.

    By Lydia URL on 06.13.2011