April 26th, 2013 | 143 Entries

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143 Entries for “electrocute”

  1. being electrocuted is a horrible thing and I imagine it would hurt quite bad. Could you even imagine have such an obscure amount of electricity being shot through you, OUCH! Let’s try to not ever have let that happen to either of us, okay? I’d rather keep my life. Actually one time, when I was unplugging something, I accidently shocked myself. IT HURT.

    By sriggs on 04.26.2013

  2. something like furby, its electronic but still cute, though furby is actually not cute to me that word seems to fit to it

    By funkymaxi on 04.26.2013

  3. zap me you fool, you the one who puts me in charge of myself cuz im the boss of me. you can follow mea round to see how i do it but i think you might get lost in the woods. there are pixies in the woods who like to prey on elecricity.

    By Laura on 04.26.2013

  4. “How long have I been in here?” Three days, she says. Three days until I finally woke up. I don’t remember being electrocuted, but they tell me that I was. The security cameras watch over me. They point straight at my face. I must control it. I did not get electrocuted. I know that. If I could, I would escape…

    By Isis on 04.26.2013

  5. She felt the entire forest shudder as the lightning surged to electrocute them all….only the
    granite boulders could stop the August firestorm.

    By skylarkin on 04.26.2013

  6. When I was in 7th grade, I went to see One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. For anyone who has read this or seen the play, you’ll know how much it hurts to watch. After the show I found out that my own grandmother had undergone shock treatments. After that I became kindof obsessed, it hurt.

    By Morello on 04.26.2013

  7. So that was that. They would electrocute him. That poor old electric chair hadn’t been used for years. Last time it was utilized, it was Larry the Beast, the fat bastard who killed sixteen people with a hatchet and a hammer. Six of them had been young boys. Probably because they hadn’t wanted to pork his greasy, fatty loins. But now, it would be a runt known as Gerald.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.26.2013

  8. A triangle ringed with electricity. It has no right or obtuse angles. it’s an electrocute triangle….

    By Evan URL on 04.26.2013

  9. He pulled away from her hand. He never experience anything like it before, like a small spark flew between them as if he were electrocuted, an feeling that until that point only seemed really in those cheesy tv movies. However, because Elise didn’t seem to notice the electricity he did he quickly brushed the thought off. It must be the static in the air or something…

    By anonymous URL on 04.26.2013

  10. the shocking feeling of waking up a second time. It hurts. and pain is the first thing you know. Which sucks, because you continue to feel pain your whole life. Being in a war brings one pain. A whole lot of it.

    By JaneDoe on 04.26.2013

  11. I have already written this word and it still stings to think about. I want to die by electrocution, being struck by lighting, go out with a bang, shine white, make it a warning to my fellow hypocrites not to get too close to me because I am poisonous.

    By Morello URL on 04.26.2013

  12. When one is electrocuted he/she feels pain, shock, tingly, and awesome (if he or she is alive). Why awesome? Well because.

    By sally on 04.26.2013

  13. Ugh, not again! I wrote about this the last time! I really don’t wanna sign up to keep writing. Too lazy

    By sally on 04.26.2013

  14. This electroculture of today is a big deal. It is very nice and suitable if you want to be electrocuted, you might get an electrocut, though, but you also get the chance to pick up some electrocuties. That’s all.

    By jirafa on 04.26.2013

  15. He sat in the electric chair. These were his last moments. He thought about the trial, the “innocent until proven guilty,” about his legitimate alibi. He was innocent. But he was losing his life. Someone was going free.

    By Stef URL on 04.26.2013

  16. electrocute. sounds like elocution. to the best of my knowledge, elocution is related to pronunciation and annunciation. I am unsure as to how it differs.

    electrocution sounds like a terrible way to die, though it is quick.

    By Lizz on 04.26.2013

  17. electrocute my mind with the waves of weblike intelligence you cast across the universe. I wonder if rays like radio waves and wireless internet magic go out into space, or if they need the atmosphere to transmit. but where would they go? they can’t just disintegrate- they aren’t matter. I wish I had more of a mind for physics, cause’ it really is interesting stuff with endless possibilities and room to wonder.

    By Laurel on 04.26.2013

  18. Six years on trial he waited for his electrocution. Thinking back on his life and the monstrous things he has done. Does he regret killing all those women? Absolutely not. He only regrets not killing more.

    By Anna on 04.26.2013

  19. Electrocute me with your language; excite me with your words. Make my brain dance with electric eroticism as we travel down the primrose path of pleasure.

    By Ellie on 04.26.2013

  20. Electrocute. Well it starts with an E. E is a nice letter and the word actually ends with the same letter as it begins with! electrocute isn’t a very nice word. from what I’ve heard electrocution is painful! it’s used in spongebob a lot and is portrayed as kind of funny… for some people though I bet electrocution is not funny at all! but all in all no one should stop these cartoons from doing what they want and if electrocution is funny! who’s to say we shouldn’t laugh a little bit more?

    By persilla URL on 04.26.2013

  21. To be electrocuted would be painful. I was once told of an electrician who was electrocuted on the job; it left blue marks in the palm of his hands and at the soles of his feet.

    By charlie on 04.26.2013

  22. He stands silently
    trying not to think,
    trying not to breath
    the musty smell of the jail.

    He thinks of cocaine,
    the soft white powder
    that he had abused
    so many times before.

    And wonders if, perhaps,
    it’s anything like
    ‘riding the lightening.’
    Maybe, he’s already dead.

    By Megan URL on 04.26.2013

  23. Being electrocuted is not something you elect to do!

    By Kelly S URL on 04.26.2013

  24. As a kid we always hear the phrase from our parents
    “You’ll electrocute yourself, what are you doing?”
    But that should be the goal
    To fill yourself up with energy and be the best possible
    To have a surge of superior
    A jolt of justice
    Why not electrocute
    Send a shiver down your spine
    Give some motivation
    Because in the end, there really is no time.
    Electrocute, give it a try.

    By Schwab on 04.26.2013

  25. I reached out and grabbed for his his grasping fingers. When our hands connected and intertwined it was as if I had been electrocuted. I gasped out loud and pulled him up with the last effort I could manage.

    By umbazachika URL on 04.26.2013

  26. the air smells so much more alive after a lightning strike.
    the molecules are energized and race through my lungs.
    i look at the smoke in the distance and wonder if the tree
    shading my grandfather’s grave is still standing.

    By Kairn URL on 04.26.2013

  27. The volt struck Mason and he shook. He fell to the ground, with his body smoldering. His slim figure had been electrocuted.

    By Juliet URL on 04.26.2013

  28. There was a man that was trying to plug in his new microwave. He couldn’t see very well as the microwave was in a tight spot. He jabbed at the plug three times. On the third jab he was electrocuted.

    By Lindsey on 04.26.2013

  29. It stings. Not fun. something nobody wants to be surprised by, but something want for people who kill others. I sure hope I am writing about the word I think I am writing about. Hmmm … now I really wonder if I am. Shoot.

    By Josher URL on 04.26.2013

  30. Electricity
    It is most certainly not
    Cute, or anything

    By Frannie on 04.26.2013

  31. Electrocution, a cruel method of death, no avoided because of the cruelty.To have you life taken out of you by electrocution would be the most miserable way to die. i remeber on the kids in my former history teacher “said there is a good reason it was outlawed, only the worst criminals deserve tha tpain.

    By ravensmile on 04.26.2013

  32. Bam! I felt like I was hit from behind with a sledgehammer. I whirled around but no one was there. Puzzled, I kept looking. Bam! I was hit again. I looked down at the fence I was leaning on and then noticed the thin wire running along the bottom rail.

    By Heather on 04.26.2013

  33. there is way to be good again. one word is good. to be good is the only thing which is called need of the time

    By Anubhav on 04.26.2013

  34. The elephant stood on the cement block as men placed wires around its neck. Edison called for additional

    By David on 04.26.2013

  35. electrocuted is the worst way to die according to me!!! thats disgusting to look blood and brains all splattered!! aarrgghh

    By sumit saha on 04.26.2013

  36. i cant explain how it feels,
    transcendent and concrete,
    listening to your breath,
    in vacancy,

    By celia URL on 04.26.2013

  37. I know it was his job and that he’d done it hundreds of times before, but that didn’t stop me from being concerned. One mistake and he could be electrocuted. One mistake and he could die. I’d seen it happen on tv several times. He never listened though; he’d always pat me on the head and say ‘I got this, little brother.’

    By Rachel URL on 04.26.2013

  38. energy… going through me.. you electrocute me.. water. i fall.. everything lights up..
    its burning… i feel it..but i can’t do anything… i hear screams… save her, saver her.

    By sam URL on 04.26.2013

  39. There is a stab from the corner of my mind. A lightning bolt. Almost. Mostly all I can thing about is the trajectory of my thoughts and the way they produce sounds and colors that have nothing to do with boats. But I still feel like I’m sailing or sinking. Those are my modes. Sailing and sinking.


    By Ann on 04.26.2013

  40. Her morning hair was fluffed, erratic, strongly resembling the electrocuted remains of someone unwise enough to stick a fork in a socket.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.26.2013