October 2nd, 2011 | 530 Entries

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530 Entries for “edge”

  1. she was standing on the edge of the rock. she was sitting on the edge of the cliff. he was standing on the egde of the base. she was on the edge of the tree.

    By tum tum URL on 10.03.2011

  2. You push me off the edge of the cliff and I can feel myself falling faster and faster into you.

    Into your darkest hour and yet you refuse to lift me back up.

    You wanted me there. On the edge of your heart. Within your reach. But far enough to be close to you.

    By Eliysha Saputra URL on 10.03.2011

  3. Edges can be big or small sharp or dull knives have edges THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!! Why do people write so much about edges.I like cheese!!!! .You can fall off of edges.

    By awesomeninja333 URL on 10.03.2011

  4. Once, I fell off the edge.

    Now, I’m not sure what really happened, because I remember it differently than the people I was with. It sounds like I was laughing when the other ones were yelling. I wonder if that says something about me. The forest and me, maybe.

    By Jennifer URL on 10.03.2011

  5. I stood on the edge of the cliff and saw the sea gulls over the bay. She was on the edge of the field watching me. The edge of the table cut me on the side of my hip. I saw a bird on the edge of a rooftop.

    By bean! URL on 10.03.2011

  6. she looked over the edge of the cliff. my foot was hanging over the edge of the poarch. the edge of the table was sharp. im on the edge of glory. im close to the edge.

    By brooke Gaylord URL on 10.03.2011

  7. There is a music video called, on the edge. The little boy was on the edge of a cliff. The pencil is on the edge of the table. I’m on the edge on death.

    By Twerewolf URL on 10.03.2011

  8. I’m on the edge of reality – teetering off something, barely perceptible, some faint ethereal whim touching upon my lips, meaningless and bare, lost from reality.

    By Alex on 10.03.2011

  9. i was at the edge, when my friends calmed and i retreated, but i warned that this was last time i was tolerating their insolence and from now on they did better mind their business and keep off my ledges.

    By filza URL on 10.03.2011

  10. the edge is good. it brings us to our knees, the best place where we can submit to God and what He wants to do in our hearts. The edge is a jumping off place, a place for change, a place of the end of me. The place where He can work the best, because i’m out of the way. Be thankful for the edge. He sends it to you out of love.

    By HLB URL on 10.03.2011

  11. The edge of a crevasse; yawning blackness. The edge of life, dancing with possibilities. The edge of a sharp blade; oblivion. The Edge from U2, awesomeness. The edge of existence; what lies beyond?

    By story URL on 10.03.2011

  12. I think im falling over the edge,
    i’m really close.
    I think i falling too fast.
    I’m landing on edge.
    I think im moving too fast to lose.

    By Elly Penalver on 10.03.2011

  13. He and I were so close! Have been so close for a while, now. I really want to know if he’s going to kiss me or if I’m going to have to initiate a go-round. I can’t believe he hasn’t yet, there have been plenty of opportunities. I guess it’s time for me to step up, throw it out there. There is a first time for everything

    By Rosie on 10.03.2011

  14. I already wrote about edges so I will not do it again!!!!!!!!CHEESE

    By awesomeninja333 URL on 10.03.2011

  15. i was on the edge i almost fell off of the edge i got pused off the edge

    By pinkeydinkeydoodlesticks URL on 10.03.2011

  16. The edge is the side of a side walk, the cliff is the edge of a hill, cans have edges.

    By Stefanie on 10.03.2011

  17. edge of the triangle
    i sat at the edge of my bed
    it is the edge of some sort of thing

    By hi pie URL on 10.03.2011

  18. As I sit on the edge of the precipice I can look down over the countryside and see the town where I live, and see the farms out in the distance. I just wish I could sit up here forever.

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 10.03.2011

  19. I’m on the edge of glory!!!!!!!!

    by: lady gaga

    By SuSii URL on 10.03.2011

  20. an edge is sharp it can hurt you. im thingking a table’s sharp edge. that might hurt my head. and im four years old. but its alright cause my mama will hug me and in just a few minutes i will be back to playing again.

    By Claire on 10.03.2011

  21. i fell off the edge

    By Colin URL on 10.03.2011

  22. I was standing on the cliff at the edge, ready to jump. I wondered if anyone would come. I kicked myself for hoping they would. I guess I really am a coward

    By mauren on 10.03.2011

  23. I think I’m a little too stressed out. I mean, every time I look down, all I see is more space… where’s the ground? It’s one thing to be stressed all the time, but it’s another to be both suicidal and on the edge.

    I’d be dead if I wasn’t so afraid of heights. Climbing to the top was no problem, but how am I supposed to get home?

    By Dovikles URL on 10.03.2011

  24. The break between one space and the next. Defining our world – where two spaces collide. The edge is the space of change – go ahead- JUMP!!

    By krazyk URL on 10.03.2011

  25. An edge, a precipice. Is it an end or a beginning? I like to look but don’t always go there. It is a chance I do not take nearly often enough.

    By kateg on 10.03.2011

  26. Don’t push me because I am close to the edge.
    a brash end
    and steep

    By Courtney on 10.03.2011

  27. On the edge of my bed I saw the end of the world.

    By Lors URL on 10.03.2011

  28. poetry rested on the slopes
    of her collarbones edge, its
    pages flipping through the
    wind of her exhale.

    By drew URL on 10.03.2011

  29. Lupita gazed over the cliff’s edge. The water was rushing below as an unstoppable force. The wind whipped her hair and stung her eyes. The edge seemed sharp beneath her feet as she danced with danger. The world was concentrated on this one moment as she lept forward.

    By Ginny on 10.03.2011

  30. Edge is the place you get when you’re frustrated beyond belief. When you are afraid to jump. When the grass ends and a slippery place begins. Edge. Is the place where the cows are chewing on the grass and they do it simply by instinct. They don’t know the results of what they are doing. They just know it will taste good. Edge is good. Edge can be bad. when you jump of

    By Laura URL on 10.03.2011

  31. live on the edge. the edge of the counter top you are a crumb being brushed of by the tidying mother. you fall and you die bitch.

    By bob on 10.03.2011

  32. She was feeling edgy. She wasn’t the edge of a cliff, but rather more like the rough edge of torn paper. She wasn’t on the verge of falling, and she wouldn’t push you off either. However she wasn’t near perfection either. She wasn’t harsh and she wouldn’t give you paper cuts. She was that fuzzy paper, friendly and soft. Welcoming, homey.

    By Haley URL on 10.03.2011

  33. The edge of glory is dumb,it doesn’t exist. What does it mean. Im confused.

    By Frankenbob URL on 10.03.2011

  34. The edge of the screen glistened lightly as I pressed my sharpened pencil against it. “Why do you look at it that way?” She asked as she lifted the cup to here mouth. “This edge”, I said, “Is the most crisp edge I have ever seen?” I could feel the smoothness.

    By Taylor on 10.03.2011

  35. i am on a edge of a cliff! As i jump off i feel the breeze whipping through my hair! As i reach the water ,I feel the cooling feeling of my skin.

    By Sammy Doodle URL on 10.03.2011

  36. i am on the edge of glory and im hanging on the moment of truth.im on the edge the edge the edge theeee edge of glory.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! haha making fun of lady gaga

    By bosox15 on 10.03.2011

  37. edge of the mountain, edge of your mind. THINK BEYOND the edge. and you can do great things. beyond the edge is where dreams are made, and where they take off into reality. Live your dreams, to the corners of the universe. to the edge of everything, until you all off.

    By Michael Beneteau URL on 10.03.2011

  38. I stood petrified my heart was beating so fast and I thought it would burst the ledge was so narrow and near the edge I dare not look down.

    By peter bennett on 10.03.2011

  39. poetry rested on the slopes
    of her collarbones edge, its
    pages flipping through the
    wind of her exhale like my
    fingers through her hair.

    By drew URL on 10.03.2011

  40. im on the edge the edge of glory the edge the edge of glory im on the edge

    By bosox22 on 10.03.2011