October 2nd, 2011 | 530 Entries

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530 Entries for “edge”

  1. Always looking for an edge. Got stand out. Why? Isn’t that what they tell us success is.

    By David URL on 10.03.2011

  2. I’m livin on the edge… aerosmith. all i can think of. Am I now? At the edge of something different, that’s for sure. It’s fucking terrifying too and there’s no way to know whether or not beyond the edge will be any better than where I am, but fuck, you gotta keep moving forward right?

    By Lolo on 10.03.2011

  3. Given one edge of a blade, I’d gladly have another.

    By carl URL on 10.03.2011

  4. I stand at the edge of life looking out at all the innumerable decisions that will need to be made. Will I sink or swim?

    By Mary Katherine URL on 10.03.2011

  5. take yourself there. jump. spread your arms and float down through the drops of sunlight sickness disruptive bliss. Its called life. Wake up.

    By haily on 10.03.2011

  6. Edge: the edgy of ones life is often viewed as a metaphorical cliff face, it is only when one gives up on holding on to the rememence of life left that they will fall into the ABIOSes.

    By Casey Jackson on 10.03.2011

  7. The edge is the end of the line, where everything stops, and where everything ends.

    The edge is where you know that you cannot go any further, you can only go back. Something that most people will not like, something that most people will obey, something that only few people will dare to challenge.

    It is something that we all fear.

    By Randomnized on 10.03.2011

  8. i was running over the edge into an endless screameaming until my screams were heard no more. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately i fell into the arms of big foot nd he kept me prsoner i didnnow what was worse falling and dying or this.

    By cuterthancute on 10.03.2011

  9. it’s a new week but I’m on the edge already. Weekend doesn’t give me the refresh feeling. Something wrong or just another PMS?

    By gifta URL on 10.03.2011

  10. i was standing on the edge of the earth. it was weird. it was honestly the strangest place i have ever seen. and no one was there, but me. no one had every been here. it was clean, quiet, beautiful. and i am the first person in humanity to see it. and probably the last.

    By yoyo on 10.03.2011

  11. at the edge of a thing only u r d person who hv to decide.it may sound tough but this is the thiong which will make u self dependent and confident.smtime u may fall from the edge(taking wrong decision)sm time u’ll provide urself with a parachute…but that doesnt matter …does it?

    By vivek on 10.03.2011

  12. I was standing there. The edge of nothingness. Darkness taking over. Something like a magnet pulling me closer. As I took that final step I went falling into oblivion. I fell faster and faster till the darkness turned to light.

    By Megan URL on 10.03.2011

  13. She sat on the edge of the wall, her toes warm with the summer spray. The boy called her from the island. She shaded herself under the ash tree and watched as he swam toward her, golden and thin streaking through the silver ripples of the lake. He strode toward her and smiled. Inside everything had changed.

    By Anthony Cowin URL on 10.03.2011

  14. I stood at the edge of the cliff looking down at the swirling waves. Should I jump? Part of me wanted to, wanted to be sucked down into the swirling maelstrom below.

    By Liz on 10.03.2011

  15. the edge of the rooftop was in plain sight. I slowly stepped towards it and realized that I could be gone in a millisecond. I could jump off and no longer exist on this place we call earth. Is that what i wanted? I couldn’t decide.

    By Jade Vega on 10.03.2011

  16. She was hanging on the edge, a fact that no even she acknowledged. The edge between sanity and absolute, in layman’s terms, craziness. The balance between her mind and her desires. But she had been pushed so close the the edge, she was beginning to wonder if it mattered, mattered at all. After all, push herself off her edge, she would lose everything, but gain herself.

    By Daniella Chung URL on 10.03.2011

  17. when you’re on the edge you can feel a little scared. It’s not easy when you’re unsure of yourself but if you work hard and listen to the advice of those around you it’s never as bad as you may ha

    By Y on 10.03.2011

  18. I was standing on the edge of the pool talking on the phone when I heard my friend say the words to me: “I have cancer”. I didn’t know what to do, the phone dropped into the water and I fell in, in the middle of January.

    By Lauren on 10.03.2011

  19. Die Steine waren grau und glatt. Befeuchtet vom Nebel, der über der Ebene waberte. Christoph hatte die Orientierung verloren. Er war in Gedanken an das, was ihm bevorstand, vom Weg abgekommen und konnte ihn nicht wiederfinden. Als er sich setzen wollte, bemerkte er, dass der Stein ganz warm war.

    By Eli URL on 10.03.2011

  20. You took a drag from your cigarette (You wonder why you even bothered picking it up, you hated it when your dad blew smoke into your face when you were younger) The view from your fire escape was stunning, all city lights. All city people. Just bustling about. It always a Friday when you decide to bring out your dusty bottle of Whiskey to consume; To harness that little courage you had to sit on the fire escape. (You never did it sober)

    Liquid courage made you forget you were sitting on a potentially dangerous object that would plunge right through if the old screws decided it had enough. You never looked directly down, a little pass the edge, but never down. You were never afraid of heights but no liquor in the world could convince you that you weren’t afraid of falling.

    By Jules Looke URL on 10.03.2011

  21. I wish I could push things harder, reach higher. How do you know if you will fly or fall unless you are at the edge?

    By Geejay URL on 10.03.2011

  22. On the edge. Abrupt. Straightforward. Looking down, getting dizzy. Look up, feel lost. So far, so high. Sharp, straight. Never

    By Kayla on 10.03.2011

  23. The edge is where I belong, where I’ve always been. Home. The thin line between sane and insane. I’ve been straddling it for too long. I think about jumping, what a relief. But just then someone pulls me over.

    By Kayla URL on 10.03.2011

  24. What. EDGE WAS YESTERDAY’S WORD. ;______________________; THIS IS CRAZINESS YO.

    By Tyler URL on 10.03.2011

  25. Life for some is like living on the edge. Edge of existence. life have got so difficult these days, that it is no wonder that many people commit suicide. only a relationship with god can maintain one soundness and stability with this eroding world.

    By victor walkes URL on 10.03.2011

  26. The edge.
    I held tight onto the jagged cliff, gripped with fear.
    How much longer could I hold? My fingers began slipping from their overused muscles.

    By Morgan on 10.03.2011

  27. The edge of darkness is haunting. Sleeplessly daunting.

    By Janique URL on 10.03.2011

  28. At the edge of the cliff. At the edge of the world.

    By Anwaar on 10.03.2011

  29. fuck it i am so tired. why did i fall in love with you? the more important question is, why can’t i stop? bring me to the edge of a cliff, i swear, i will jump. so depressed

    By pesky on 10.03.2011

  30. Sometimes I feel lost. Like there’s an edge approaching me. Or like the walls are closing in on me with no absolute means of escape. I feel like I’m on the edge. Just about to jump off. But, at the very last second, I step away. I decide to do what I know is right instead of what I feel is.

    By Jordan URL on 10.03.2011

  31. cliff, precipice, boundary, extreme, where i want to be, nearer to a feeling, something dangerous, something exciting, something close to emotion or maybe humanity, edge of the world, edge of my experience, boundary

    By alinta on 10.03.2011

  32. There was only one way to get out of this situation. “That’s right, to the base.” Even though he had a 14 inch penis, even though the side of it had a seraded steel knife built into it, even though I knew it would hurt, I had no choice. I stuffed the whole thing down my throat like a big meaty corndog filled with whip cream. Except it was hot from cutting my esophagus and cheek. Blood spewed out and i

    By Steve URL on 10.03.2011

  33. She was so straight-edge. She never did anything wrong like her best friend, Sarah. She stayed on on the sidelines as she watched her best friend party her life away, drinking and smoking pot and flirting with all the guys. As her friend went through this transformation, Amy felt more alone than ever, unable to follow her best friend down a path that could lead to her destruction.

    ‘Maybe I’m just too scared.’

    By Lindsey URL on 10.03.2011

  34. She’s on the edge again, staring down into the depths of God-knows-what. She doesn’t know what is at the bottom, yet she can’t wait to get there. She misses him, and she’s more scared than she has been in her life. She looks down and wraps her arms around her stomach, closing her eyes and taking a deep breath. She takes a step back. She can’t do it, not even with everything going on. He abandoned her during the time she needed him most, she can’t tell her family what’s going on, her friends wouldn’t understand her. She is alone. But she can’t do it.

    She has to protect the baby.

    By Lindsey URL on 10.03.2011

  35. I don’t want to write right now. It’s too early in the morning. ugh, can i go back to sleeeep/ Schools only five minutes away, but i have 2 be up early so my precious little sister can get to her school like forty minutes early.

    By __________ on 10.03.2011

  36. Edge. Edge is a beautiful word, . It is symbolic, majestatic, its the theme of a lots of poems, books and songs. The edge is a point of decision.

    By Bety on 10.03.2011

  37. We’re close to the edge, was what he had told her so many times before. But she now could see that he always had been lying. They hadn’t been close to the edge – they were now.

    By Sarehil on 10.03.2011

  38. I was about to fall off the edge when all of a sudden, I realised I was a base jumper and this was perfectly normal. The edge isn’t so bad, except for when you’re about to commit suicide, then you need help. Silly edges.

    By Bret on 10.03.2011

  39. On the edge of insanity, on the verge of letting go..

    By bluerose23 URL on 10.03.2011

  40. I’m living on the edge of sanity. I feel like the slightest touch will push me over that edge. But the world of insanity–perhaps it is beautiful, since it is constructed within the mind–perhaps it is the outer world which is ugly and the interior, insane world, the over-the-edge world is the beautiful one. Which is real?

    By elizabeth b URL on 10.03.2011