October 2nd, 2011 | 530 Entries

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530 Entries for “edge”

  1. it never occured to matt to jump, he sumply wanted to stand. stand on the edge, watch the waves crashing down so far beneath his feet. he wondered briefly if he should step just a pace or so back, just in case, but why would he want to? then he wouldn’t be able to see the waves. the white horses dancing along the cliff face. the rocks moving aside to make way for the water. he’d miss it all.

    By elizabeth on 10.02.2011

  2. breaking point. uncertainty. sometimes i fell that i’m always on the edge, almost to the threshold, but never fully. life is a series of being on the edge. or maybe we breakthrough. who breaks through? when? we should ask them how. that’s wisdom.

    By megan on 10.02.2011

  3. I think of a cliff. I am on the edge right now just bc i don’t really know what to do with my life but kind of in a good way because I can have anything i want and I know that now. although if feel guilty about waiting so long to do this to myself. i don’t know. i love my parents but how could i have let them suffer for so long. I think one day i will be happy

    By slothman on 10.02.2011

  4. An edge is somthing that has a boundary but it also does not. People and things are pushed to the edge every day of their lives. It makes us who we are to see how close we can get to it. its also the guitarist from U2.

    By mike on 10.02.2011

  5. We are on the edge of this world. They say it will end in 2012. Do i really want to do all the stuff that I have to at this edge? Or do i do what my heart wishes to. Thats the lingering question at the edge of my heart! Do i wait or I do fall?

    By Steve_Vai URL on 10.02.2011

  6. falling, a razor, .. a hair cut, a risky kinda dresser,or maby some one about to lose their mind… but mostly falling…..some where i do not wanna be

    By jesse on 10.02.2011

  7. That stupid Lady Gaga song popped into my head. Damn it. Funny how that happens, eh? How you hear something enough and eventually it just sticks?

    By Ashleigh on 10.02.2011

  8. Keep on walking. Don’t turn your back. Close your eyes. Let go. Just glide. Lift yourself off the edge as you begin to fly. You’re numbness ends the moment your body hits the icy water. Not a splash, but a sound of a million needles hitting marble floor at once. That wonderful moment of excitement as your first gasp of air flows into your lungs.

    By Malden on 10.02.2011

  9. Everytime people think about U2 they think of Bono prancing around like a little queer and singing about the plight of African children or something. No one thinks of The Edge, or maybe some people do, and then I think of that video where he just had women’s feet all over his face. That’s the only U2 song or video that I can think of where I don’t remember being fed Bono’s little ballet cheerleading schtick for poor Irish children or whatever it is that he does.

    By Swilltastic URL on 10.02.2011

  10. Sometimes I feel a little over the edge. A little off the coast. Sometimes I feel like my life is flashing before my eyes, and that the edge is near. Some people feel like that constantly. And then, on the other hand, some people don’t. There are people so different, so unique, that they never feel this way. You know what I mean? Sometimes you feel so interesting and so intriguing that you’re not sure which way to go. Sometimes the edges are sharp and sometimes they’re crisp and clean. Sometimes you never know what to say, and other times you know the exact words to fit how you’re feeling.

    By Jordan URL on 10.02.2011

  11. She was living on the edge. Her dark, glossy hair pulled back into a high messy bun, paint splattered all over her clothing, she gave off that….distinct aura of sexiness. He wanted to reach out and snag her, and whisper things in her ear that would curl her toes. He wanted to kiss her gently, passionately, and love her.

    By Sarah on 10.02.2011

  12. She was living on the edge. Her dark, glossy hair was pulled up in a high and messy bun, her clothes were spattered with paint as she held a paint brush. He wanted to grab her up and whisper things in her ear that would curl her toes. He wanted to kiss her, passion bursting, and show her what love could be like; the edge.

    By Sarah URL on 10.02.2011

  13. He looked down at the ground far below him. The wind whistled by his ear, making the hair on his arms stand up. Shakily he took a breath in and let it out, closing his eyes. “I shall never become anything more. Never.” Then, he fell.

    By Rain URL on 10.02.2011

  14. she stared down over the edge of the precipice not knowing what she had to loose if she jumped down, plummeting into the depths of the ice cold ocean beneath her. she closed her eyes and inched forward a few feet. feeling the grass beneath her toes becoming more and more scarce.

    By Summer Novak URL on 10.02.2011

  15. im on the edge…..of gloryy. i dont know that song. lalallalalalla. i’m bluuuee. mermermermemremremrmemrememmreemrmem. i get to see ryyyaann today. i’m happy. and distracted. poooopp. i’m blue by eiffel 65. look it up. it’s sexy. (; and suppperr annoying after teh first chorus….goodbye<3

    By catyeah URL on 10.02.2011

  16. Edge
    I have a friend who collects people that live on the edge of society. No … more like on the fringes, hanging off the edge. He says these folks are worth listening to, hearing their stories, having over for Christmas dinner. I wish I could be more like him, but people on the edge make me nervous. I feel like *I’m* the fringe-y one when I can’t get into their rhythm and understand their point of view.

    By CameoRoze URL on 10.02.2011

  17. i say live life on the edge, if you want something just go ans get it dont be afraid cause people who are afraid dont really live. so live on the edge always try something new and be happy.

    By Natalia Olarte on 10.02.2011

  18. The edge never scared me. It always seemed like more of a challenge, an invitation, than a place worthy of fear. That said, I never thought that I’d find myself on the brink of jumping off, eager to test the limits of my health and sanity.

    By dan URL on 10.02.2011

  19. Don’t push me cause I’m close to the edge, I’m trying not to lose my head. You know sometimes that little phrase from Happy Feet hits you harder than you imagine. Sometimes you just feel like all the weight of the world is going to make your head explode!

    By Cee Turtle URL on 10.02.2011

  20. living on the edge :) wish i could do it more & not have to worry about it…maybe one day

    By corinne on 10.02.2011

  21. im on the edge of glory thats a lady gaga song, that i really like, but my dad hates since he hates my music. my friends love ladygaga because she is very popular among this generation of self-conscious teenagers.

    By olivia on 10.02.2011

  22. the edges of paper! edges of sharp things like this desk. sometimes they will hit you. i used to always run into edges of tables when i was younger but i guess as i am older now i have stopped running into them and began looking at more edges of papers. oh how i love papers…..sacrasm. i have to write on on al qaeda for history. not excited.

    By lily on 10.02.2011

  23. I was on the edge of a cliff, I looked at the sea crashing into the rocks, down below, a beach sat not to far away. If I jumped it would only be a short swim versus a long walk, that is if I lived. I wanted to jump, it looked fun, but instead I sat and sketched the veiw before me. As hard as it is to live, I prefered not to risk dying. Today.

    By Solanaceae URL on 10.02.2011

  24. I’m on the edge, teetering over my self. I’m about to fall and I don’t know if I want to stop it. I think I want to just jump. I want that breakdown, the tears, the screaming, the blood, the fear, the anger, the helplessness, I want to get it all out. It’s building inside of me. It needs to be released, and I’m right on the edge of doing so.

    By Kate on 10.02.2011

  25. The edge of the map, the unknown. Travel to the end, travel to the beginning. It is the answer for those without any faith in your feet.

    By MsAnnihilation URL on 10.02.2011

  26. im on the edge cliff shell silversteen desperation suicide love last chance gray skies clouds leather jackets beautiful red hair hospita bed las chance last chance

    By bella on 10.02.2011

  27. I’m on the edge, and I think I might jump. I’m only a little scared to hit the bottom. I just want it for the fall. The moment of vulnerability. The moment where I don’t care that I’ve let my guard down.

    By Kate URL on 10.02.2011

  28. Teetering on the edge, she waited. Waited for some kind of sign to proceed, some kind of feeling, or urge, or cloud in the sky that made her want to do something besides just stand there on the edge. It had been a long time, a long time standing on that edge, waiting without a sign, an urge.

    By lilmb URL on 10.02.2011

  29. I am on the edge of being responsible. It seems like I am always walking an edge of rationality. Am I suppose to write about what I think the word means to me or just use the word? My life is on the edge always. The edge of me and who they want me to be. I am on the edge of Woman and child even though I am in my thirties. I am on the edge of girlfriend and just friend because I can’t make that decision for myself.

    By Jaimi on 10.02.2011

  30. She was truly at her learning edge. Facing her fears and learning to see again. It was true that she had been holding onto pain for years. Now with love, she looked into the crevasses she formerly winced at and turned away from. Breathing and intending to heal every nook and cranny she opened her eyes with compassion.

    By Valerahaha URL on 10.02.2011

  31. I sat where the forest gathers at the shores with its branches bowing over the cliffs in prayer to the wind that carries my unheard echos of i’m sorry and forgive me over the waves were i drop my letters to you that no one will ever read, watching them slowly sink and drown as i did.

    By drew URL on 10.02.2011

  32. We were on the edge. I couldn’t stand not being with him, but I knew something was going to have to change if we were going to stay together. I loved him like I’d never loved anyone or anything else. He was my everything, but I wasn’t his. I wanted him to stay, but I didn’t know how to make it work.

    By Becky on 10.02.2011

  33. The edge of the blade was sharp and smooth. It grazed along the surface of the ice, carving minute slices and leaving swirls and curls behind. Ice turned powdered snow was left in clumps around the edge of the rink.

    By CrossoverGenius on 10.02.2011

  34. edge…yesss..there is an edge to everything..a maxim point…an end point..after that it is unpredictable….u cannot be prepared nor expect anything…its a world of unexpected…njoy…

    By chaacha on 10.02.2011

  35. my son. so edgy. always ready to fall off the precipice. tottering, tumbling, stumbling. i long for him to come inland a bit, away from the fall.

    By lily on 10.02.2011

  36. The Edge… there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over…
    Of course I can’t claim any credit for this because it’s the words of my hero – Hunter S Thompson. No way could I have written anything as real.

    By Jeni on 10.02.2011

  37. I’m not close to the edge.
    I am no where near it.
    I am to cautious
    to boring to care about the edge.
    I like the middle,
    that’s where I belong.
    So you can tip toe there,
    you can dare each other,
    you can have your finger tips holding the edge.
    And I’ll stay here.

    By Hanna URL on 10.02.2011

  38. Everyone’s on edge right now. There’s no calm at the table. Not even when the empty pint glasses are cleared and brimming ones replace them. Cider tastes too dry. Beer tastes too better. And I swear, my hands are shaking from nerves.

    “Is this ever going to work out,” I hear Lily say, “or are we all just going to keep being awkward about it?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 10.02.2011

  39. dancing dangerously close to the edge, it is the deadliest of sins.

    By caitlin URL on 10.02.2011

  40. i was shaking in fear. i had been tetering on the edge for weeks but this was it. it was building, climbing just growing waiting for this point i was too weak to withstand. i thought of what i had to do, but had a small voice yelling at, “it dosen’t matter! it dosen’t matter! you’re done, you’re done!” but i didn’t care. i grabbed everything my hands could reach and old and ran out.

    By Dylan URL on 10.02.2011