November 4th, 2013 | 87 Entries

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87 Entries for “eastern”

  1. Far in the distance, the sun rose slowly above the horizon. Christina skipped lightly over the small pebbles that lined the river and threaded bravely upon the tall grasses. Tim followed close behind her. Both of them finally stopped to gaze at the sunrise… It was beautiful.

    By Christina on 11.04.2013

  2. Eastern was an airline company, back in the day, when my husband flew coast-to-coast to attend numerous company meetings. Their mileage program melded into another, yielding opportunities to travel free to visit our families for many a year. From California we flew…Eastern.

    By P J Colando URL on 11.04.2013

  3. It’s a hard thing to get out of your mind when you watch other people go about their lives. They revel in their dreams, they talk about their goals, they tell you all about their lives and everything they hold inside. There’s so much to them, they have so much left to do, they seem so real.

    But I never saw it that way. I never had that inside of myself. No dreams or talents to spin, no goals or hopes – just a vision of a strong drink and the sun barely touching the eastern sky, a cool morning, quiet, with my thoughts.

    By chii URL on 11.04.2013

  4. Captain Redfield used hus daggers edge to outline the route before my eyes. “His lordship will cover the eastern flank while I take the west. We’ll box the bastards in; between us and the sea, there’ll be nowhere left to run.”
    “And what of myself, captain?” I asked.
    “You, my lady, will strike with the Elite; straight to their heart.” he dug the knifes point into the map. “The final blow will be yours and yours alone.”
    I couldn’t hekp but smile. “Excellent work, Cyrus.”

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 11.04.2013

  5. She had never been to the Great Wall before and it was not what she had anticipated. Clarice was suppose to be with her, they had planned this trip for the both of them. Cherry blossoms, prayers and wishes in the form of tied paper promises in trees, bound feet, and the finest silk kimonos.

    By Thistle on 11.04.2013

  6. Dawn broke over the eastern horizon, striking our dirty faces with shafts of bright, pinkish light.

    By WearyWater URL on 11.04.2013

  7. my brothers and I always regarded my mom’s interest in eastern medicine with suspicion/dismissiveness. middle-aged white woman gets into acupuncture. recommending “dragon’s blood” tinctures, etc. not an uncommon story. it’s odd seeing a human you know turning into a stereotype. dad had been a stereotype for as long as i could remember.

    By AC on 11.04.2013

  8. eggs, rabbit, red, colors,

    By Nadya on 11.04.2013

  9. Comparative Eastern Religions. I am in that class. It makes me angry, but it is supoosed to make me calm. What is wrong with me? All the belief in meditation and a supreme being. Just anger at the incompetence of others. The real thing about it though? I wish I believed.

    By Isabella on 11.04.2013

  10. Eastern bound I was. Not thinking of where I would stay. But I knew she would be there, waiting while I took the time to walk the streets. Eating my way up to Midtown, stopping at all the places we used to go. She would send me a text asking where I was, not knowing I happened to be at the coffee shop on the corner, waiting outside sucking on a cig.

    By anella on 11.04.2013

  11. the eastern shore is filled with white sand because the sun always rises in the east and the light given off by the sun at the crack of dawn is unique something–some perfect combination of salt and water and sand and light and all these chemicals and bondings and things of that nature combine to create the softest, whitest sand you ever did see. People from all across the world come to experience this beach and namely the white sand.

    I was fortunate enough to live within a 10 minute walk of this beach growing up as a child. One day when I was visiting home I decided to take a walk down to the beach. It was winter and surely no one would be there. The sand is still gorgeous in the winter but it still is a beach and doesn’t receive too many visitors in the colder months. I walked there to clear my head, gather my thoughts, be alone. To my surprise I saw a beautiful girl sitting on the miniature white sand dunes kissed by the wind crouched in a ball of blankets and sweatshirts. She turned and smiled at me. I was blown away–her beauty was unmatched, so pure and vivid. Her face was brighter and more serene than the famous sand itself.

    Who was this girl, I’ll never know…

    By mr marshall on 11.05.2013

  12. “Head east” he said, with the faintest hint of a smile. “Perhaps, if you’re lucky, you’ll seek what you’ve set out to find.” His green eyes twinkled in the moonlight, two more stars among the endless skies.

    By Kai URL on 11.05.2013

  13. The Sun rise in the eastern sky once more and we were assured that life was granted to us one more day. Our car had struck an embankment and turn over. We were still strapped inside with no way of getting out, unless someone pass by to rescue us.

    By victor URL on 11.05.2013

  14. I drove. I had no thoughts, nothing to think about. All i knew was that I was heading east, by my own damn volition.
    The screaming began to echo in my head. His words had been fierce, torches to my sensitive morale. I remember the fear falling from invisible heights and crashing down on me, suffocating me like the deadliest of serpents.
    but fuck him. I was on my way to the eastern sun.

    By Anastasia on 11.05.2013

  15. I love to travel. Many places we have visited like Thailand and Bali have been our favourites. Eastern countries are always fascinating.

    By Alexandra URL on 11.05.2013

  16. We didn’t know how many bombs had dropped by now, we didn’t care.
    The sound of our footfalls became lost, the surrounding gunfire and brilliant explosions muted every sound of life this city once had.
    I could only hear my breathing as we ran towards the Eastern sun.
    It was all we knew, all that remained familar in the midst of the tatters and wreckage.
    The tatters and wreckage that had once been our home.
    All we had now was the East.

    By Bella URL on 11.05.2013

  17. Always they talked in terms of north and south, ignoring us in the east. Politics and business might divided on a north/south line but brewing was clearly east/west!

    By Francis Mitchell on 11.05.2013

  18. Opposite of western, evokes the eastern part of our Earth. Makes me associate the word with Asian cultures and and Asian philosophies. Has a connotation of something exotic and foreign, adventurous and exciting.

    By Michael on 11.05.2013

  19. A flavour of adventure. A painting in an exotic cave. Clothes that are loose and colorful. Peace at heart yet warring landscapes. Sweet and hot at the same time. Humid in its excellence. Forbidden.

    By Michael URL on 11.05.2013

  20. There is the eastern hemisphere of the world. That would include Asia. It would be often compared to the West which would include America. These two countries have opposed each other for years and continue to today. They are rivals in technology, industry, andf inance

    By Tara on 11.05.2013

  21. eastern, waht a word and what a world, its perceived so bad in the western area of earth, and vice versa
    let us forget this word and sides and live peace.

    By a URL on 11.05.2013

  22. Eastern time, Eastern standard time, well, what is the standard? How high is the bar? What bar in that beautiful eastern sky do I have to raise my eyes, my arms, my intentions and my works to meet and grasp?

    By Jennifer Lemming on 11.05.2013

  23. the eastern lights look down at us, and I smile back at him
    his hand is in mine and I can feel his pulse

    the same beat as mine, and we’re intertwined
    the eastern lights look down at us
    and we’re happy

    By cheyne URL on 11.05.2013

  24. She looked west. It was dark and gloomy. East was much brighter. Still she wanted to go west, even with the bleak outlook, the limited hope, the disgusting gray brown color, that is exactly where she wanted to be.

    By Abigail W on 11.05.2013

  25. The residents had shut thier windows. All stores were closed. Not a single light was on. There was not a single soul outside. For all was hiding . hiding from the Unknown. The unknown. Had ahautned the town for years, generations after generariton.

    By zxcvbnm on 11.05.2013

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    By zxcvbnm on 11.05.2013

  27. when you left for the US
    i thought the sun would start
    rising from the west

    By h. b. URL on 11.05.2013

  28. we kept driving, determined to see the sunrise over the lake, D- kept the peddle to the floor, hunched over the wheel like a madman, slugging coffee from the thermos clenched between his legs. i tried to

    By Lee URL on 11.05.2013

  29. When I was 21 I decided to go and study my final semester of undergrad abroad, in China. Lets look at what happened as an immediate chain of events connected to my eastern promise… A volcano erupted (this is by no mean a consequence of me going to China) and I missed my flight home, I was stranded for 17 days in Beijing one of the biggest busiest cities on the planet; I didn’t make it back to University on time to take my final exams, consequently I failed my degree – not so attractive to the afore mentioned employers.
    I loved it.
    I caught the travelling bug, I now am working my way around the world to see as much as possible – 1 particular experience taught me to grab the full bucket, with both hands, by the horns (I may be mixing metaphors here) and that is exactly what I am doing.
    I no longer have any desire for the career I wanted before, and ultimately the one thing I did to further my life, has done just that; but in a way I least expected it too.

    By insanity rambles URL on 11.05.2013

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    By La Bête becomes Man URL on 11.05.2013

  31. Eastern can have many definitions and connotations. It is, of course, the direction from which the sun rises, opposite western. However, the connotation of eastern is quite romantic.

    By brenda breen on 11.05.2013

  32. Eastern skylines and by lines
    Of past experiences where the sun rises
    Yet my soul has not set
    That eastern flow of rivers and trees
    Of snowfall on birch wood and
    Fires in the fall
    Head west they told me
    When the east is what holds me
    Time though for the east to become west

    By Lauren on 11.05.2013

  33. It was important that we looked to the East whenever we prayed. In the mornings I would peel myself out of bed and anxiously postpone my routine to do the readings with my mother and my siblings. I suppose it never meant much to me, but I’m glad it did for Mom.

    By asavas URL on 11.05.2013

  34. It’s all they talked about. Just how it was back then, back there. Why they had even wandered this way was unknown except for the vague notion of “opportunity.” We hated them as much as they condescended to us. This land put hair on the chest, chilled the blood a bit. Occasionally inspired awe in the most faithful of us.

    By Bryan URL on 11.05.2013

  35. eastern washington university
    reminds me of home and all that came with it.
    dust, ruins, tranquility and beauty
    the spectrum is large and quite frankly this isn’t even about
    eastern washington university

    By brett on 11.05.2013

  36. Holy cow. I have to write about Eastern? How about me living on the Eastern side of the state? Or how the sun rises in the East, which is important. We know that if the sun doesn’t rise, we’ll all be in a lot of trouble. I could see this being a good writing prompt.

    By Jeff Rerick on 11.05.2013

  37. She was eastern, or, should I say, from the east. So different from my family, my culture, my appearance, my anything. Her very bearing said she was elegant, cultured, better somehow. But I was not to know how much better for many years.

    By cgreg URL on 11.05.2013

  38. I raised my hand up, and blocked out the sun with one hand. The sunrise was beautiful, but awfully bright, especially just waking up on the clean, dewy grass. She was laying next to me, still tossing in her sleep, and making little happy noises. I hope her dreams were good. Mine were. The sun couldn’t quite wake her up, so I gave her a little nudge, and she opened her eyes slowly, squinting up at me and smiling at the recollection of her dream.

    By Samantha URL on 11.05.2013

  39. There was no light like eastern light, no haze like the sun through the thin air over the Tibetan Plateau as it shone over the endless brown ridges stretching out below them. She stood next to the motorcycle and set her helmet on the front of the sidecar.

    “You look like you could live here,” he said.

    “If I ever could stay in one place,” she replied, “This is what I wish I could call my home.”

    By Anthony StClair URL on 11.05.2013

  40. Eastern province in the sand is all we need to survive this land. Its the place to be to see all the friends who rest because they are there, far from the west but remember, if you go straight long enough you always end in the eastern province.

    By Jimbob Jones on 11.05.2013