April 16th, 2012 | 346 Entries

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346 Entries for “earring”

  1. I hear a bell like chime dancing.
    Seeking its source I see you
    Waiting tables for nicles and dimes.
    I’m draw to the curve of your ear
    And the Wind chime earring
    Hanging there ringing in the breeze
    Of you laughter, and oh
    I feel such a desire to immortalize you
    In my memory, So here I am
    Placing words on paper.

    By Ladywolfrider URL on 04.16.2012

  2. silver earrings from an aunt and uncle who slandered my sister’s name through mass email sit next to my laptop on my rolltop desk.


    the email read,


    my sister has never had an abortion. we’re still trying to convince family that she hasn’t.

    By MJ on 04.16.2012

  3. something you wear in/on your ears. Nice sparkles, bling. costly or cheap. Pretty. Sassy. Ladies and gentlemen. children of all ages can wear them.

    By Peggi URL on 04.16.2012

  4. Yesterday I put on some gold earrings that I haven’t worn since I took them off that time three or four years ago, when I had just gotten them pierced. I had to get one of my ears pierced again once, because the hole had closed up, but I wore other earrings; not these. I wonder of the memories I made when I wore them, though those are times I’d rather not remember.

    By Well on 04.16.2012

  5. Her earring was the first thing that caught his eye, or so he said. The way it sparkled against her earlobe made him want to nuzzle and kiss just beneath.

    By Sheila URL on 04.16.2012

  6. Every single time my mother bought me earrings as a child, I wound up with only an earring. Time after time she’d spend money on a nice real gold pair due to my allergies and I’d come up, holed up on only one side, oh what a sad sight.

    By Allison S on 04.16.2012

  7. I hate earrings.

    Annoying, girly, sometimes the cause of infection. Ugh.

    A “symbol of feminitity,” they tell me. “Wear them, they’re pretty.”

    Beauty is pain, apparently…though I don’t understand why ears need to be pretty.

    By Soleil URL on 04.16.2012

  8. My earring glowed in the light of the candles. It reflective surface showed everything. I could hear them twinkling on my neck when I moved my head from side to side.

    By umbazachika URL on 04.16.2012

  9. i wear earrings all the time. it’s the one thing i can barely resist buying when i see them at the store. i always notice my friends’ earrings. but if you think about it earrings are kind of weird. they’re decorations attached to hooks that go through small holes in your ears. who thought up that idea?

    By Emma URL on 04.16.2012

  10. “It’s all about hard earning” you said after a long, long conversation in the bar. “You know, the reason I got to stay with April is that all that I did was directed at that goal. You, my friend, just let her pass”. I looked at him and thought that may be he was right this time

    By Felipe URL on 04.16.2012

  11. She picked up her peal earring off the floor and smiled to herself . What a crazy night .

    By colette on 04.16.2012

  12. She wore them like earrings, the tokens from her lovers, the multitudes of compliments she collected from slews of suitors in strict upright suits, clutching whiskey in one hand and sneaking desires in the next. Her ass clutched with thick fingers of the opposite sex. She enjoyed the attention, bathing in it while she drowned herself in champagne. It was better than going home to Mother, drunk on the chaise lounge. It was better than seeing her trust fund slip out from beneath her fingers. It was better than drinking herself into oblivion. They were her earrings. She wore the boys like diamonds.

    By Blayne on 04.16.2012

  13. i have been considering getting my ears pierced again so that i can wear more earrings at a time. i have not decided yet. decisions decisions.

    By Kate on 04.16.2012

  14. Earring

    I have pierced ears. Always had them. My parents felt the need to put a couple of extra holes in my head when I was about four years old.

    I remember getting some really cute Snoopy earrings once from Charles Shultze’s skating rink. They infected my ears like nobody’s business! Red, scaley…

    In retrospect, it think I was allergic to them, and then my ears got infected. My earlobes hurt, the….

    I was going to say the alcohol hurt but it wasn’t alcohol that was used to clean it… not peroxide either… Darn! I can remember the smell of the stuff but what was it? I know this smell! Drat! Now this is going to bug me. What other liquid stuff did we put on infections back then? Over the counter…

    Just did a quick search… Maybe Ethyl alcohol…

    Whatever the heck it was, it HURT!

    By Noisy Quiet URL on 04.16.2012

  15. something that you wear on your ears. I love diamond earrings, i love everything bling about earrings. I do not like them fake.

    By Amrita on 04.16.2012

  16. Earring, the purple pair of things i love that hang from my ear and get snagged in my hair when i put it in a ponytail. if i didnt like the way they look in my ears i would be HIGHLY Upset because like a said above, they snag in hair, and my acrylics when i get them done!

    By Jazzy James URL on 04.16.2012

  17. all she could remember was the searing pain
    of her cartilage piercing hitting his shoulder

    it left a scar to remember him by
    you can see it if you look close enoug

    By lynn URL on 04.16.2012

  18. he loves me
    i know by the way he looks at me
    the way he holds me
    the way his voice coos when we cuddle
    his compliments
    his words
    but most of all,
    the little nip on my ear
    right where my earring is
    shows me how much he loves me
    and i couldn’t ask for anything better.

    By Hannah URL on 04.16.2012

  19. An earing is a peice of jewelrey that can enhance the beauty. However, in the norms of today, they diminish the beauty. sad, but true.

    By Alli on 04.16.2012

  20. An adornment, meant to enhance beauty. However, in today’s society, it is almost a bragging right as to how much pain someone can handle for the most painful piercings.

    By Alli URL on 04.16.2012

  21. The first thing I notice is her earring. She only has one in, but it dangles from her ear to her shoulder. A beautiful feather, pure white with a black spot up near the top, the only thing I can think about is her. White for her innocent facade, and the black for the demon she hides inside.

    By Nichole URL on 04.16.2012

  22. this is a dumb word for one word to use. how can i write anything deep and meaningful about a stupid earring? i once ripped a guy’s earring out in a fight. it bled everywhere. that was pretty cool. he was a jerk. i hope he can’t hear now.

    By Mike O on 04.16.2012

  23. Who knew an earring could cause so much trouble? You’d think a monarchy would chose a larger symbol, like a crown or a scepter or a robe, but nooooo. They chose the one thing that everyone is constantly loosing.

    Bloody hell. This is the last time I pick something up from a ditch.

    By Bookwyrm URL on 04.16.2012

  24. I swear by the air I breathe that you shall have stars dangling from your ears. My darlin’ bares a place for us, a face for us. I see her earrings and find myself eased. Rings of gold that hold an axis.

    By Adesola URL on 04.16.2012

  25. Loosely tied to the fleshy knot. Circle strafe and crevice locked. It took it tore with it my sound. Of blood so fresh it would not confound. The loop de loop was once again undone. And I rode around all day in the warm, bright, sun.

    By Cleril URL on 04.16.2012

  26. The earring fell off her left ear, into her soup. The splash stained her white blouse with the tomato fluid and created a pattern unknown to most eyes.
    Will it shout out? will it stay in. How quiet will the stain remain.

    The earring fell off her left ear, and into her soup.

    By Chuck on 04.16.2012

  27. They hung like electric loops from her ears. The dazzling blue shooting out in all directions as she waved her golden hair. The whole room stood still in dumbstruck awe. The brazeness of it all shocked even the most bold in the room. Blue earrings? Amazing.

    By Samuel Cook on 04.16.2012

  28. The three earrings tinkled gently as they swayed into each other with each step. It was a slight distraction to the drifting chef, the warm gold tones contrasting brightly with the other man’s tanned skin and bright green hair. It was singularly hard to look away.

    By just URL on 04.16.2012

  29. EArrings are for girls not boys. Everytime I see a guy wear them i get turned off. I believe it makes men more feminine if they wear them. My gay friends Nathan and Brian both wear earrings. I should probably go buy some i don’t own a pair and i could use some to accezzorize with my dresses for the summer. Pearl earrings would look great with my brown dress that’s for sure

    By Andrea Guerrero URL on 04.16.2012

  30. She had been in a hurry and walked out with only one earring dangling helplessly. And he noticed when she greeted him that something was wrong. But he just couldn’t place it, so they just went to lunch.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 04.16.2012

  31. Okay so it was a fake, no big deal. Tim could deal with that. In fact, if anything, he’d suspected the stupid thing wasn’t real in the first place. Kon laughed and shrugged it off, sure it gave him every possibility of seeming the most rebellious on the team, but Tim’s discontent was hardly the moving force he thought it to be. They had an image to uphold, Tim said, the least they could do was uphold a decent reputation. Of course Bart had the least to say about the matter, because if anything he was the most unaware of the obvious urgency their argument had come to.

    By Kit URL on 04.16.2012

  32. They parted ways uncleanly. A ripping sensation that left quite a profound hole in her, followed by a red, raw pain, pain, pain…

    “Now will you talk?” the man demanded. She watched as one of her pearl earrings, a beautiful gift from her late husband, cracked to pieces as it clattered to the dirty floor.
    If her hands had been untied, she would have wildly clutched at the source of the pain, felt the trickle of blood, and realized the precious earring had taken a piece of earlobe with it in its departure.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.16.2012

  33. She only found one, tarnished and slightly bent under the weight of an old encyclopedia. She had forgotten all about it until cleaning up the basement when the flood of old memories came rushing back.

    By inna on 04.16.2012

  34. It wasn’t behind the sofa cushion, not in the brush drawer or buried the carpet next to the mirror. “I can’t go out like this,” she wailed, “I look like a pirate!”

    “You’re just going to have to make do and wear some studs instead.”

    By Alison URL on 04.16.2012

  35. The ear that drooped with the weight of a dozen earrings hung almost to her shoulder. The lobes were cluttered with hoops, studs, sparkling in the erratic sunshine’s blinking through the trees, shining in the faces of those who walked past. For a brief moment, the world was bright, and glittering, and as beautiful as it once was, when childhood reigned supreme, and twinkies didn’t make any difference. And then the glow is gone, replaced by a subtle darkness, so discreet you would think it wasn’t there. But it always is. And it makes cupcakes fattening.

    By Heather URL on 04.16.2012

  36. It fell on the floor and you can’t pick it up
    because the floor is ten feet under you.
    Too far to reach, you struggle to grasp
    why you’re up so high. And then you know:
    it is because someone else put you there
    in the first place, but you know
    that you don’t belong.

    By Shineapple URL on 04.16.2012

  37. She wore one gold earring, which glimmer in the soft sunlight. It was the first warm day of the season and the earring was as golden as the light that illuminated the world around them. The earring was a microcosm of the golden universe in which they lived, in which all living things breathe together.

    By chilimango URL on 04.16.2012

  38. i have many pairs of earrings… but i always get infections. i can only wear gold or silver earrings. my mom says that determines that i’m very valuable because i can’t wear cheap stuff, only the expensive things.

    By Roooonnniie URL on 04.16.2012

  39. Crawling across the dingy carpet, Rachel swore, stabbing herself for the umpteenth time on a mystery object beneath the couch. The search for her earring was proving both fruitless and dangerous. If David didn’t clean the apartment soon she was seriously going to lose it.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 04.16.2012

  40. It was golden, clearly a fake imitation, though. I couldn’t honestly see any reason why this girl would want me to have this earring in the shape of a star. It was pointless and it was confusing. Why would I want to spend my time on something like that?
    It was then, with the trembling of panic and elation, that I understood.

    By Emily URL on 04.16.2012