December 16th, 2012 | 270 Entries

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270 Entries for “due”

  1. It was due last year but I’m not due until next year sometime…I wonder whether or not I’m due to succeed. It puzzles me when my doc gave me due dates. I wish I had less to due (heh).

    By Sparky on 12.16.2012

  2. dueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedueduedue

    By bob the fish on 12.16.2012

  3. It’s been months. 9 to be exact.

    By Hikaru Chord URL on 12.16.2012

  4. papers
    drive under eric
    dudes unmask entertainers
    did understand except

    By Greg on 12.16.2012

  5. When I think of the word “due,” what comes first to my mind is pregnancy. I tell everyone that I never want children, but sometimes when I’m walking down the street, I’ll see a mother picking up her child, or a father fulling a hat over his daughter’s ears and I think–what if I had that? A little piece of me to pass on to the future? What would that be like?

    By Jessica on 12.16.2012

  6. Due, things are often due. Especially in school. Lots of stuff is due, all the time. I don’t always get the due stuff in on time and I lose a lot of points that way. I should pay more attention to when things are due and I would get better grades. I means that you must turn things in.

    By Bridey on 12.16.2012

  7. I am due at the bus stop in ten minutes. If I miss it, I miss an opportunity of a lifetime, my chance to finally be at the top of the ladder.

    By Cory Davidson on 12.16.2012

  8. Now its imperative
    The life we lead
    Into the madness
    Of the days before
    Nights stolen in hell
    Love forbidden in two
    Making their way across
    Hearts entwined forever
    The love growing deeper
    Needing to see the other
    Due for the caresses
    The simple looks of want
    needing to see the other
    Reaching out fingers find
    Intertwined love of two
    Turned from the hell
    That the world can be
    Lips locked across hearts
    Stealing the moments
    This life gives two now
    Reaching farther into hearts
    Of pure lustful bliss
    Two turn into one soul
    Complete after all this time
    Life is complete as one

    By Olcsealgaire URL on 12.17.2012

  9. due, something can be due like a paper or take home test. a mother can be dude with a baby, the give of life… its the most beautiful thing in the world no? i think so.. i cant wait to be a mother someday and someday i will be a great one. me and my partner. so due due as

    By Brittany on 12.17.2012

  10. My paper is due
    what now
    do I get it done
    do I procrastinate
    or do I just sit here
    oh damn
    I’m procrastinating

    By Andy Cave on 12.17.2012

  11. Here I am.
    On that old familiar drive.
    With the raindrop stained
    And the bright red
    The taste.
    The words
    that pour
    In the cold
    Singing out with my [heart]
    broken voice.
    Guilty hopes.
    Sunrise fantasies.
    Here I am.

    By Jackie on 12.17.2012

  12. Shouldn’t be writing. Shouldn’t be playing on the internet. Too much work due.


    Want to write. Don’t want to work. And the internet, ahhh, what a distraction.

    OK, I’ll cut a deal with me: 30 minutes writing, 30 minutes work. Sound fair?

    By Snellopy URL on 12.17.2012

  13. I can’t believe that I only have a few hours before this assignment that I have is due. If only there was some way to travel back in time and stop my teacher from giving us this assignment in the first place…Better yet hand in my assignment on the day she assigns it.

    By Alex Griepentrog on 12.17.2012

  14. The baby was due any day now, and he could hardly believe he was going to be a father. It was all becoming too surreal for him to handle that he had taken up smoking once again – in the shadows of the garden, of course. If Emily say, he wouldn’t live to see his unborn son. But it was the only comfort he could take now the due date was so close by. Was he ready?

    By Prea Satrusayang on 12.17.2012

  15. Do you inderstand these thought of dew in the morning and the way I love the drip off of the leaf of grass. Walt Whitman would write of this dew I am writing of. The Due that is above is

    By D_Flem on 12.17.2012

  16. it is long overdue to tell someone you love them,
    today, your love is due to someone.

    It is each person’s duty to this world to live up to the due-dates of your life.

    Not just your “homework” is due tomorrow, but your human responsibilities.

    By Saige URL on 12.17.2012

  17. The baby was due any day now, and he could hardly believe he was going to be a father. It was all becoming too surreal for him to handle that he had taken up smoking once again – in the shadows of the garden, of course. If Emily say, he wouldn’t live to see his unborn son. But it was the only comfort he could take now the due date was so close by. Was he ready?

    By Prea Str. URL on 12.17.2012

  18. The paper is due on monday, I only have three houes left to write it. Three hours left. Dear lawd, how did I get myself into this mess? I used to be such a good student, now here I am. With a paper due in three hours. A month ago I would have finished the paper the day I got it.

    By Ceridwen on 12.17.2012

  19. I waited for him. At my window.
    He didn’t know I was waiting.
    For an hour, I did this.

    He was due 35 minutes ago.

    By AngelDuCiel on 12.17.2012

  20. I ws so glad to have a second chance. My decision was due anytime now, and both of their faces still swam before me. I didn’t know which to choose. Which to curse. Which to save. Which to caress with a hand ladden with magic. I didn’t know. To have another chance like this… it made me confident. And afterward, I couldn’t help but ponder… did I choose correctly?

    By Jo on 12.17.2012

  21. The payment due has passed already, now i’m dead Franks patience has already ended.

    By Lucy URL on 12.17.2012

  22. She sat there staring. Blankly. There was nothing to think about, there was no point. She stood up, carefully, she sat back down. She stalled. She stewed. She thought. All is lost, except she forgot she wrote it last week.

    By Rowie URL on 12.17.2012

  23. It was time to return the books that I had borrowed from the library. To time was due to return them, but I had not finish reading all of them. I felt sorry that I did not get the chance to complete my research on time.

    By victor URL on 12.17.2012

  24. This is the past, not the future. Don’t think about it to much, just learn from it. Present actions are based on it. What I’m writing now is due….to you!

    By rob on 12.17.2012

  25. I haven’t written a oneword for a while, I think it’s about due.
    I like language, I think it’s fun. Homophones are my favourites. Especially how they’re not always homophones depending on your accent.
    Due know what I’m talking about?
    I hope you due.

    By Barber URL on 12.17.2012

  26. The words slipping from her mind, embedded within memory but lost to the sands of time, she struggle to manifest her deepest thoughts into that single paper. With only hours left, she searched her mind for any phrase, any word, any idea that would complete her unfinished, pathetic excuse for a paper.

    By Ayesha Agarwal on 12.17.2012

  27. Due to the circumstance, we are not allowed to discuss such information with you. Please feel free to contact, my lawyer with any other questions.

    By Priya on 12.17.2012

  28. all of the articles i need to submit are due today. it’s getting tiring to write about something i am not even interested in. right now, i don’t know any other topic but sadness, and it’s becoming difficult to cope with it.

    By lilyberry URL on 12.17.2012

  29. Due the graphic nature of the following para graph, I’d like to warn you now that if you are distubed by absolute truth, please look away now.

    By Ian on 12.17.2012

  30. I worked every overtime my jobs offered. I sweated day and night from job to job to job. We need our shelter and warmth. The rent was due the next morning.

    By Ian on 12.17.2012

  31. to be done soon. To be finished and completed.

    By rebmahcleb on 12.17.2012

  32. Oh look at this another hefty assignment due I mumbled to myself. I was on home acces checking my grades and right now they were not looking so great. There were twentys low thirtys and even worst of all a twelve.

    By troi URL on 12.17.2012

  33. “Everyone has to pay their dues,” said the diminutive waitress behind the counter, a bandana in her hair, coffee pot seemingly welded to her hand. “So you can start by mopping out the bathroom,” with a sly wink and a nod at me, “hon.”

    By Ara URL on 12.17.2012

  34. due to the reasons we come to the world and we leave the places we have been before. due to the reasons, which destiny gives us, we do one things and we try to avoid to do others. Due to you I’m writing now and due to you I will stop in a minute.

    By Lina on 12.17.2012

  35. Due tomorrow means do tomorrow. My philosophy for stats.

    By Deeceboy URL on 12.17.2012

  36. Due is the reasoning behind things. In a sense. Something happens “due” to something. Conor sits in front of me due to his poor eyesight. The earth warms up due to the change in seasons. Everything happens due to something.

    By Megan on 12.17.2012

  37. Due tomorrow, means do tomorrow. I live my life according to this and suggest everyone does the same <3

    By krustykrad URL on 12.17.2012

  38. Life works in a funny way. There’s always something “due”. We have happy days,which makes us due to sad days and intrestingly sad days makes happy days due,It all really works that way. You know you take a loan kinds of from god for happy days and u pay them off by sad days. Also, there’s no right of us to behave badly to someone and when we do that,we take another loan which makes us “due” for being treated the same way OR worse. You know,so just be careful,always,what you are taking as “due” for the very action you are doing RIGHT NOW.

    By Jenis URL on 12.17.2012

  39. all of my bills are due and i have no money. It is always the same thing every month. How I wish things could change, and when i get bac to wor i suppose they will. I never want to see the words past due again. they are depressing and frightening. Its like someone else is controlling your world instead of you. It makes you feel scared and jump and guilty at the same time you feel like a loser and a fake. I know that I have worked too hard in my lifetime to end up as I am today. With bills over due.

    By pat moore URL on 12.17.2012

  40. Due? Why not do? Don’t we do things before they are due? Especially in school where we may also do our duties.

    By NotYouAllDayLong URL on 12.17.2012