December 16th, 2012 | 270 Entries

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270 Entries for “due”

  1. Arrgh… my reports due today Arrrgh again I left it at home uggh I hate my life

    By Bev URL on 12.16.2012

  2. The grace was past due. Her fingers clutched her purse, she pulled her hair back one more, and walked into the church. It had been far too long.

    By Erin URL on 12.16.2012

  3. Oh man I can’t believe I just started this paper. Ten pages, ten hours. How talented am I? We will only know within the next 10 hours. Napolean and his conquest. Now thats a title

    By Noah on 12.16.2012

  4. When the time is due, someone just has to die. It won’t be pretty, it’s never pretty, but it’s what happens and it’s something everyone has to accept. That’s how it works. How life works. How we all work and how nothing will ever stop working. Or if such a thing made sense, how we will all forever continue to work. Nothing will change us, the time is always coming and when it comes, we’ll just have to deal with it.

    By Hanna on 12.16.2012

  5. No one knows their dues. Are you due for an appointment? Do you have to pay your dues? Are the bills due this week or next? What are dues anyway?

    By sammi on 12.16.2012

  6. Long over due. One becomes two. What will he say? What wont he say? Will he still be here?
    What will we name it?

    By Layla on 12.16.2012

  7. the paper is due tomorrow I can’t do it all in one day can I what am I capable of?

    By Bev URL on 12.16.2012

  8. Reminds me of school. obligations. Its so hard to write something when it is due. It is also so hard to write it when its not. and by write, i mean any obligation – choreograph, draw… whatever. Pressure.

    By Dee on 12.16.2012

  9. the date hangs
    in the air
    and the piece of work hangs before it
    the chalkboard said tuesday
    the letters stitched together by purple waves
    and monday night
    holds only hours
    when really
    days are necessary

    By Ellen on 12.16.2012

  10. “Due to a clear lack of motiviation, your application has been declined”

    She smiled as she read his note. She loved his unnecessary formal register.

    He had just refused to go for some coffee. Minutes later, he asked her to go for some ice-cream instead.

    “How long will we keep playing this game: pretending not to be interested in each other?” – she though as she tried her hardest to look effortlessly casual.

    By Edna Paulet URL on 12.16.2012

  11. Life throw you curve balls. It throws you pain and heartache and lessons you don’t think you want to learn.

    Because someday life will hand you something sweet. And when it does, everything you have been through, suffered, cried over, will be worth it. Smile big. Because you’re due for some happiness.

    By dianegirl URL on 12.16.2012

  12. It was her due date, she didn’t think she would ever see the day. Finally getting to meet the love of her life. Love is pure in the eyes of a part of your life.

    By Jade on 12.16.2012

  13. the ending
    is whenever you have
    exhausted the contents
    of your lungs
    not your heart

    By Lunas on 12.16.2012

  14. due. the deadline. no time for procrastination. due, the cause. due to this so and so event. due. this is due after sixty seconds. everything is due someday. i keep repeating due….

    By zach on 12.16.2012

  15. When I think of the word “due”, an overwhelming sense of panic fills me. What is due? Did I forget to pay a bill? When was my period due? Did I turn that assignment in? “Due” equals “panic” in my world.

    By Kim on 12.16.2012

  16. i don’t believe in karma
    only because i feel as if mine is past due
    i try and i try
    i give and i give
    i care when no body else will
    the short end of the stick never ceases to find me
    so i i no longer believe in karma
    i know mine is past due

    By dshanai URL on 12.16.2012

  17. Due to my lack of understanding French I am afraid that I will lack communication with my girlfriend. But its OK because certain activities do not need to obtain words just movement.

    By Jade on 12.16.2012

  18. When I think about the word “due”, panic ensues. What is due? Did I forget to pay a bill? When is my period due? When was that assignment due? “Due” equals a panic attack in my world.

    By Kim URL on 12.16.2012

  19. I’m due for a shot of self care. I’m due for compassion. I’m due for a haircut and a tall glass of ice water. Thank you for due! Rhymes with you, too, schmoo, que. due dat!!!
    Due due due lolloololloloolo! Diddle bug, duddle bug. Dum de doodle due.

    By Donna on 12.16.2012

  20. When it’s due, there is no deadline, but fairly a time to do. Therefor it be due. Now weather you do to make due is your own sequence of life, but it

    By HLM on 12.16.2012

  21. Plumes of flames shot all ablaze in explosive columns from the earth’s rocky surface. Tidal waves roared as they mercilessly charged the shore’s lines. For the first time in ages, linguistic barriers disintegrated like multitudes of dying pixels as every living creature, whether human or not, understood judgement day had arrived; their time of inhabiting the earth had reached its due date.

    By Deborah Lin URL on 12.16.2012

  22. “Why now?” she sobbed. “I was so close! Just one more day!”
    Death smiled. “It seems that you’ve got dues to pay.”

    By Zevvers URL on 12.16.2012

  23. It was long overdue, really. Why she hadn’t done it before no one but her will ever really know. But one day she looked out her large, palatial windows, and decided that today was the day. She put on her blue shawl and green overcoat, and trudged out into the snow, towards the direction of the castle.

    By Savanna URL on 12.16.2012

  24. There is no point is there. I will never be finished in time, and if I am I will only be ashamed of what I have produced. I am the mother of whatever I write, but I wish for their to be a father, I’m not sure my single parent life style is healthy.

    By Rose on 12.16.2012

  25. Due date, something is due. You are due for your period. In due time. Say your dues.

    By Ashley on 12.16.2012

  26. My paper was due in class today, it was a hard task for me to complete, but I knew I could do it. If the paper was due on tuesday and I turned it in on thursday it would be late. So, I told my teacher that I wasn’t going to be able to turn it in on the due-date. I hate writing papers but I knew just what to write. Come to find out, I got it done when it was supposed to be due, and I got an A, how great.

    By DeJaye Spence on 12.16.2012

  27. When I awoke in the morning, I realized I was over due for my period. I become worrisome and decided to go to the store to buy a pregnancy test. When I got home I took the test. As I waited for the answer, my heart rate soared. I couldn’t wait to see if I was finally expecting. The alarm on my phone went off. I leaped at the test, it was positive.

    By Ashley on 12.16.2012

  28. Due to the nature of your tone of voice, I regretfully will have to tell you to stick it where the sun don’t shine.

    By Jackie URL on 12.16.2012

  29. Homework due. Ugh, it’s a bittersweet moment to see that word. Either you turn something awful and are sad about that due date or you’re happy because at that time, you’re turning in something you’re truly proud of. That has your mind, your soul, your heart, all you.

    By Katie on 12.16.2012

  30. Overdue feelings
    Remembering how
    We used to spend
    Our happiness and sadness
    On things
    That wouldn’t exist in the near future

    We knew they would disappear
    Who were we fooling
    Besides ourselves

    By Dan on 12.16.2012

  31. I have had many assignments due in the past week of school. The stress has been killing me, but at least the break is almost here. One more week, c’mon winter break!

    By anon URL on 12.16.2012

  32. In due time the world will spin penultimate. The flames will flare through the nostrils of an unfinished painting made of ash.

    By Caleb Alexander on 12.16.2012

  33. due to the losses in my life
    due to the depth that i will never reach
    due to death, i dread
    due to each and every second that passes me by

    i realize
    i am past due

    By anon URL on 12.16.2012

  34. t paper went unnoticed and the man stepped out int hos dismal lair with his prograstinic wife . the children were there they were already there. There couldnt be a clock to takt the time back

    By angelo on 12.16.2012

  35. there is a bunch of things that are due for my english class. i havent done them at all because i have spent all of my time finding out who i was. i do not think i regret spending that time, because i feel like i belong somewhere now.

    By stephanie on 12.16.2012

  36. It was due. My life, it was due, but who would collect? Would it be someone of great good or one that would haunt me for all of eternity? I will soon find out.

    By Tess on 12.16.2012

  37. dates reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally suck.

    -reminds me of papers and babies.
    -it is simple TRBL TURRABLE.

    That’s all I have to say….about that.

    By upgrayedd on 12.16.2012

  38. Due dates hover over you
    It’s always in the back of your mind
    Even if you push it away for a bit
    That assignment isn’t gonna do itself
    So much stress
    Stress stress stress

    By rokstarbabe URL on 12.16.2012

  39. a due date. a late assignment. rushing to do everything you need to get done. It sounds like the story of my life. dreading the due date because you know you wont be able to finish it in time. and if you don’ finish it, you’re screwed.

    By Ariel Payne on 12.16.2012

  40. we imagine our life to be a certain way. despite knowing that controlling the outcome of things is impossible, we construct a blue print of how things are supposed to be. and then we anticipate the next moment. of how happiness is now due. of how, love is supposed to be right round the corner. how life has to move on. NOW.this very moment. why? because it’s due. BUT, it doesnt. you cant stop feeling hat you feel. you cant move on, you cant find the love that you want to find and life refuses to take the course that you want it to. Then, the same ‘due’ that brought hope and joy, excitement and longing gradually becomes the ‘due’ that will render you hopeless, lost, confused, angry, hurt and drowning in your own imagined dreams.

    By Gargi. URL on 12.16.2012