December 16th, 2012 | 270 Entries

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270 Entries for “due”

  1. I will pay my dues
    I will do the things I have to do
    Even if it means not seeing you
    Or feeling you
    It’s what I have to do
    And that’s fine
    Because you know I love you
    More than this can say

    By Jazz on 12.16.2012

  2. He was due to come into some kind of luck. It had been a bad year and he could not afford to go on any longer.

    By Jerri URL on 12.16.2012

  3. I have to due him! He has being my worst rival since I was a child. All my family hate him and its time to make him pay all the pain that he made to my parents.

    By Cristina on 12.16.2012

  4. what what whaaaat, time is tickin away man

    By Ovlas on 12.16.2012

  5. The assignment is due tomorrow, but I hadn’t started a thing. So much for getting good grades this year. I sighed and fell down on my bed, trying to convince myself that it didn’t really matter.

    By Asma URL on 12.16.2012

  6. after a free ride on violence,
    The penalty has come due.
    we had better wake up and wise up.
    we had better save our children and ourselves.

    By Robin on 12.16.2012

  7. It’s due tomorrow. It’s gonna be better tomorrow, when it’s all over. And that deadline keeps hanging over my head, and I just can’t get forward. Gradual, slow breakdown.

    By Archori URL on 12.16.2012

  8. the rent is due and I haven’t payed it. I won’t. I’ve decided. and i’m not sure why I’ve decided, but it feels good. I’m going to take this opportunity for a change. A change of scenery — could change everything.

    By Samantha on 12.16.2012

  9. Your choice comes due. There is a point when the mulling over whose fault it is becomes useless, like shifting dirt, and one must simply take responsibility, make a choice and be happy with it.

    By Clarity URL on 12.16.2012

  10. and then you realize out of nowhere that it’s over all of a sudden it’s all gone and used up and finished but you’re not ready not prepared to give it all up did you do it all did you see everything did you live and love and feel everything you were supposed to? what now that everything’s due?

    By C. Ritchie URL on 12.16.2012

  11. All due to you
    my block persists
    I cannot forget
    I cannot resist
    I don’t wanna continue
    to sit in this pain
    I don’t want to forget
    I just want to remain

    By Tricia on 12.16.2012

  12. well, this is convenient. the essay of gift giving and reciprocity i am currently working on was due today at 5 pm, oh, excuse me, yesterday at 5pm. it is now 12:09am. and im still working on this. another essay due tomorow, and two exams tomorrow too. yay college.

    By Pigeon37 URL on 12.16.2012

  13. This is the festive time
    To be merry and bright
    Tis the jolly season
    To be happy and light
    I don’t miss you one bit
    My heart’s due for a check up
    You never knew me at all
    Time Sharpened me the heck up

    By recogirl URL on 12.16.2012

  14. Everyone has to pay their due’s eventually, but does it really have to be so soon?

    By Worm URL on 12.16.2012

  15. it was due to him
    the money that he so freely gave to the dealer
    i’m a shitty writer
    what happened to me?

    natasha nicole is so pretty.
    i wish i could write like her

    By whitefire on 12.16.2012

  16. It wasn’t ever all at once; small things reminded me of him all the time, even a year later. He was wrong all along; it was never going to work out. But I tried because I already trusted him; he was already mine. So I kept going until I couldn’t any longer. Until I was due to sleep off the bad memories and wake to the good ones without his presence. It was torture, but I survived. I lost him, but I also lost me. I know I never wanted to find him out there.

    But I wanted to find me.

    By Marissa URL on 12.16.2012

  17. “Oh shit! Oh shit!” He screamed into his iphone, “She’s not due ’till next month!!”
    I casually watched as the man who’s name may or may not be Daniel ran from Starbucks to his car. He was 23, with a wife named Sarah and an nice ordinary life. If he had lived passed today, he would have watched his son grow up, and the son’s name would have been Isaiah.

    Unfortunately, he won’t live pass today. Some truck driver (who’s name may or may not be Seth) will spill hot tea on his lap and crash into Daniel’s car. Daniel will die, and I will collect his soul.
    It is how it is. Being Death.

    By Gaia Serene URL on 12.16.2012

  18. I never have to pay my dues. I have others do it for me.

    By Madeline Cost on 12.16.2012

  19. “What time is it she said?” before darting towards the doorway. I stared at the swinging door as I watched her depart, could it be that I would never see her again?

    By Blankeyblank URL on 12.16.2012

  20. My mom has a due date? Absolute insanity…
    Doesn’t make much sense to me
    When 4 kids later, she hasn’t developed a maternal bone in her body.
    I call that overdue
    This is why people should have a freakin’ license to enter the world of maternity!
    Now I’m all blue
    But I’m still a minor so there aint much i can do

    By Inaya Adeye on 12.16.2012

  21. It was amazing how such a small phrase, a tiny arrangement of letters and vowels, could change her life in every possible way. She’d woken up on the floor of a basement with a gag in her mouth, and for an instant, she’d thought she was still dreaming. Until the firm bones of knuckles crashed into her cheek and the pain blinded her. Then, she knew she was awake and there was no going back.

    By nichole URL on 12.16.2012

  22. When you have homework and it’s due the next day, all you do is panic. Homework isn’t the only thing that can ever be due, though. Payments and bills, children. You can be due for a good date with your sweetie. Your library books can be due back. It’s a deadline, an expectation. It’s knowing you have a point of reference.

    By Olivia on 12.16.2012

  23. due to overthinking at times the mind stops working. one should find a balance between their different parts of life. life which has so many segment with each segment having a great effect on our life.

    By Shilpi on 12.16.2012

  24. I had three essays this semester, and I forgot them all. I’ve got a “D” in the class, so I’m not failing, but I need at least a “C” to transfer. A “C!” There’s no way I can possibly make up all those points. My final’s tomorrow. I guess I’ll have to take the class again. This is what happens when you forget due dates… Oh, well. It’s my own fault.

    By Olivia URL on 12.16.2012

  25. … (ce).

    Advantage wordplay.

    By Liam Johnson URL on 12.16.2012

  26. soon. late, very late, midnight. leaves swishing across the moon. erase.
    there’s nothing behind the white, very little, very late. moon will soon be due, sliver first, then quarter, half, full. final. it’s the end of the semester, and everything is due, i’m very late.

    By Karen on 12.16.2012

  27. The rent we owed was overdue, and stupidly, we’d given our lives as collateral, until the Landlord’s Son paid our debt and signed the check in blood. Now you and me are free.

    By Stephen Groner on 12.16.2012

  28. This overdose is long overdue. Old me? Comatose.

    By aura.rayne URL on 12.16.2012

  29. Swollen like the sea, fat, dumpling-shaped woman. I waddle everywhere and people do not know what to do. I am an oyster. I am the bubbles in the tough hide of seaweed. I am the case for this most precious of currency. She is due, any day now. I am waiting. I will be limp when she is gone. Cracked egg lady, wasted. Where will I go?

    By F on 12.16.2012

  30. The stack of papers thumped to the ground. The ugly duck ceramic lamp cracked against the desk shedding shavings as it fell onto the carpet. Lights flickered like in the hallway of a haunted house. And then: the building crumbled, it dissolved, a cookie in the mouth of a tremendous earthquake.

    By A.Taylor URL on 12.16.2012

  31. The baby was due in March. He was excited to see the world. He came in January. She lost him in the red sea of dreams and life. She shrieked. He was happy nonetheless.

    By Farida on 12.16.2012

  32. Due. The initial thing I think of is ‘due date’. Due date being most recognized with pregnancy. So I’m guessing this is the part where I write about pregnancy and the miracle of life and all that crap, oh wait nope, time is running out, it’s too late! SAVE YOURSELF!

    By Kathryn on 12.16.2012

  33. It was finally time.
    Everything was due.
    Everything good I’d ever done, and everything bad I’d ever done would finally come back to haunt me.
    Twist me.
    Contort me more than a shadow in the setting sun.
    It really pays to do the right thing.

    By Em URL on 12.16.2012

  34. “Oh we’ll get our due alright,” Dickie said. “So do ever’body,” Bog said. “I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout Karma, fool.” “Ever’thang’s Karma, Dickie.” “You wanna eat, Bog?” “ Sure, Dickie.” “How you gonna, Bog?” “Well I dunno, Dickie, them berries yonder look mighty fine—“ “Listen Bog, we gonna git in, git out, no one’ll give a rat’s ass ‘bout a hun’ert bucks.” “I give an ass, Dickie.” Dickie grabbed Bog, “I’ll take it, fool,” and he set Bog’s ass over the campfire. “Cause I’m hongry!”

    By Miss Alister URL on 12.16.2012

  35. My birthday was way over-due.
    So was the party and the pie
    yay me.

    By AngelDuCiel on 12.16.2012

  36. I had a paper that was due yesterday. I didn’t do it though. You might think that its all my fault but it is really not. I did not know that the paper was due and when I found out I was too busy skydiving to worry about anything else. Skydiving? You might say? Yes!

    By Bob on 12.16.2012

  37. I have work due on Monday and Tuesday, for finals. Yet I am laying in bed, stumbling, and this came upon my internet travels. Also, tomorrow, (Monday), is my twenty first birthday.

    By Jessika on 12.16.2012

  38. Today i had something due. My life. I was told I had to present my life to an official member of the living comity. I went and presented my case. he said i was okay but I needed to improve my looks.

    By Marcus on 12.16.2012

  39. what is due to the nation is not just our civil service, but also the feelings that inspire them. What is due is the energy and belief that people inherently feel for their nation. what also is due is my energy bill. fuck that’s going to be expensive, damn bangor

    By Gordon Merrick on 12.16.2012

  40. My paper was due in 8 minutes but that didn’t matter anymore as Jim pointed his gun at my head, asking for the money that was due to him ages ago. I don’t know how I let this happen, but I’m ready to accept my punishment.

    By Carla Marx on 12.16.2012