January 28th, 2011 | 389 Entries

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389 Entries for “dropped”

  1. My jaw dropped. “But… what about God?”

    He raised his eyebrow at me. “Physical beings cannot even understand something as basic as the nature of reality. Do you honestly think that somehow humans were able to grasp the true nature of God?” He rolled his eyes. “Humans. You all think of yourselves as the pinnacle of existence when you are actually quite low on the evolutionary scale.”

    By mimimanderly URL on 01.28.2011

  2. so today i dropped my hear on the ground with blood gushing out. lets see if it sprays jashon. that will teach him. cover his skin. fold into his flesh. cut him up. spit him out.

    By Grace on 01.28.2011

  3. I dropped the glass on the floor and it shattered into a million pieces. Deceptively beautiful, the jagged shards strewn about the kitchen floor glittered in the golden afternoon sunlight. It was like standing among a thousand stars.

    By aleshia URL on 01.28.2011

  4. From high above her she heard the zinging whirr of something hard and round and she gazed up into the sun but blinded heard just the thud against her head before she followed its drop into the earth.

    By nannan on 01.28.2011

  5. The cup just dropped from my hand
    Seeing her there in his arms
    Did he even notice me there?
    Did I even still care
    I just looked down at the shattered glass and felt my eyes well up with tears
    That was it!

    By Yasmeen on 01.28.2011

  6. I dropped by on an old friend today, which I THINK IS MUCH NICER THAN SAYING i LOOKED UP AN OLD FRIEND.

    By marjie URL on 01.28.2011

  7. i dropped an egg this morning when i was cooking breakfast. i suppose it might have been due to the fact there was a great song playing in the background and i was spinning around the kitchen like a Dirvish. which reminds me, last time something like this happened i cut of the tip of my finger.

    By Jason Jancosek on 01.28.2011

  8. I dropped my pencil.
    She dropped her cellphone.
    They drooped the table.
    I dropped my cat.
    He dropped the paper.
    We dropped the computer.
    You can find dropped in the dictionary under the word drop.
    Dropped is a seven letter word.

    By :] Garcia ..<3 URL on 01.28.2011

  9. I dropped my eggbaby. What if it was real?

    By Grace on 01.28.2011

  10. This is the last thing you want to have happen to your phone. Theres a chance of it getting cracked. and cracks are not fun. And droppings are gross.

    By Frank on 01.28.2011

  11. Dropped like rain from the clouds. Baby from the cradle, ink from the pen. Letter in the mail, beat on the drum.

    By Ashley on 01.28.2011

  12. people talk about baby’s getting dropped on the head and then blame things on them. like oh, clearly you were dropped on the head as a child. SOmetimes it’s a joke, but what if you were and your mother is foreverresponsible for that. I guess i’m supposed to keep writing about things dropped. i guess i could drop the topic.

    By carolina on 01.28.2011

  13. I dropped everything and ran I was scared for my life and I didnt know what was coming next but I was ready. This was my life these days running from everything and everyone, but you have to be ready when youre in my line of work.

    By Brett on 01.28.2011

  14. she dropped it. she dropped it and let it hit the ground. she let go, she forgot how it felt. she watched and allowed it to be washed away with the grimy water on the sidewalk, she watched it drip and tear for she dropped it and had no intention to pick it back up.

    By Lindsey URL on 01.28.2011

  15. i was walking through the hallway and i dropped my book . it hit to the ground and a handsome boy picked it up for me. you dropped your things sweetheart he said. our 5 year anniversary is tomorrow. be a little clumsy , and itll go a long way (;

    By Jenn on 01.28.2011

  16. I dropped my pen. There was complete silence in the room, except for the ominous thud as it hit the floor. The teacher looked at me with frustrated eyes, the kind she reserved only for those she tended to despise.

    By Wesley Thomas URL on 01.28.2011

  17. Dropped the ball, dropped you in it, i’m sorry but you would do the same. Don’t turn your face u will only show the second of 2.

    By GG on 01.28.2011

  18. When I was little and my sister was born I was too afraid to hold her because I didn’t want to drop her. I still have that fear with every new baby.

    By T-Wrecks on 01.28.2011

  19. He dropped me.
    He let me down.
    He left me.
    His shadow stills shine in my mind…
    But he’s gone.
    I am alone.
    What else could I have done..? </3

    By Amélie on 01.28.2011

  20. I dropped my books all over the floor today. And I was picking them all up really pissed off because the floor was all wet and all I hear is this voice from behind me, and I turn around and it’s a boy holding ‘The graveyard book’ and he says, ‘Hey, I love Neil gaiman.’ And I’m about to be all, ‘Do you want to go et some coffee?” when his girlfriend comes up from behind him, kisses him, and they walk off together happily. FUUUUUU

    By Anna URL on 01.28.2011

  21. i dropped a basket on my toe at work earlier. I accidentally swore under my breath infront of a customer….luckily she saw the funny side, and commented that she had done the same thing a week ago..at least i know i’m not the only person out there silly enough to drop a basket on my toe.

    By sophie on 01.28.2011

  22. They say he had been dropped on his head when he was a baby. His big sister has cried for days over it. But his parents were adamant there was no harm done.
    Until yesterday that is.

    By M Daly URL on 01.28.2011

  23. dropped like a glass bottle on the floor. i got dropped, so i shattered. a million little pieces waiting and anticipating. i looked up from the dirty ground, waiting to become one whole again. dropped, never to be put together again.

    By Woods URL on 01.28.2011

  24. whooo. That’s the sound I made when he dropped the bomb on me (why does everything always come back to me). I could have been enjoying my beets and tofu, instead of stirring them miserably around my plate thinking about another girl.

    By meg on 01.28.2011

  25. sometimes i don’t want to.
    most times she tells me to.
    at least, for the most part,
    i can forget the best parts.
    and worry about the worse for the worse is what i worry.

    By nobody on 01.28.2011

  26. I dropped my coin into the wishing well.. And wished.. and hoped… And prayed.. And nothing happened..

    By apitcherfullofmirth URL on 01.28.2011

  27. i was once dropped when i was a child but its not as bad as everyone thinks. I wasn’t dropped on my head but landed in a cat like manner and landed on my feet. This may have something to do with the fact that i am a cat…

    By Jessica Brown on 01.28.2011

  28. Oh no! I dropped my unicorn! I don’t know why i think about that, “Dropped” is just such a unfortunate word. I don’t think I’ve ever heard it used in a positive way. You dropped the ball, loser.

    By annabel URL on 01.28.2011

  29. I dropped down to one hundred and five, from one hundred and ten. yay!

    By Sally Brown on 01.28.2011

  30. I dropped the baseball. It the light brown, sandy, ground. I had lost the game for the entire team. “Crap,” I swore. I was in big trouble.

    By Robert on 01.28.2011

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    By Muzammil URL on 01.28.2011

  32. I was dropped off a cliff as a baby but then a velociraptor saved me. His name was Charles and he was a yellow big nosed velociraptor. he became my father and liked to take me on picnics in the park, but people would get scared and run away. He said ” It’s OK they just don’t understand.”

    By Goose URL on 01.28.2011

  33. The sun slowly dropped below the horizon. The lonely girl stared out across the expanse of the ocean and shivered. Though it had been a warm day, a chill had come over her. She looked around her and for the first time, became really terrified. She was lost and confused. Where would she go?

    By kt on 01.28.2011

  34. And then he said those next fatal words. The words which dropped on me like a grand piano from a high rise during moving day. Only it wasn’t me who was moving anymore. I could no longer see or feel, and I was perfectly stilled by his words. When the room returned to my view, he was gone. I was still remarkably standing, posed exactly the same as when he’d last spoken; at least the last words I had heard.

    By Annie URL on 01.28.2011

  35. Arthur blinked groggily as he heard the familiar voice ask, “Darling? Arthur can you hear me?” his head was throbbing horribly but he managed a groan in response.
    “What happened?” Ariadne asked and Eames replied, “He just… dropped, I don’t know. I think he fainted.”
    “How mortifying,” Arthur thought before the darkness consumed him again.

    By The Lovely Love Lii URL on 01.28.2011

  36. dropped like a hot plate i the kitchen of despire all i want is to be happy and jig you cant handle thst then fuck it

    By Ariel URL on 01.28.2011

  37. today i dropped the following onto my black carpet: goldfish, parmesan crackers, chocolate chip cookies.

    from my desk fell: a lamp, a cell phone, a computer, some water which got all my rent-a-texts done.

    from my phone: five calls, two text messages, and an e-mail.

    i have officially dropped the ball of life.

    By shelby URL on 01.28.2011

  38. There I lay, dropped on my butt from the crowd I once ran with. No longer did I deserve to be with them. No longer did I deserve to stand amongst the popular ones. I was, as of now, an outcast.

    By Kristin Schulz on 01.28.2011

  39. dropped like an important call. dropped like a hot potato. dropped like a expensive vase when you were a kid. dropped in – dropped out.

    By Layla on 01.28.2011

  40. the man didn’t understand why he dropped his pen. he was sitting at his old, wooden desk and the pen fell as his hand began to shake uncontrollably. sitting there looking at the pen on the ground, he realized he could not physically write this letter.

    By Kiki Engen on 01.28.2011