January 6th, 2012 | 214 Entries

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214 Entries for “dozen”

  1. a dozen eggs for breakfast? That’s too many. The chickens won’t be able to keep up. Why did I marry a giant? I’ll never know. But I love her even though she’s a beast from toe to toe.

    By spiderjunior URL on 01.07.2012

  2. All it took was a dozen of well committed young men to bring to a halt the destruction that was happening in the village, by a GROUP OF LAWLESS MEN WHO SHOULD KNOW BETTER.

    By victor walkes URL on 01.07.2012

  3. After staring at the word ‘dozen’ for what feels like dozens of hours, but what has honestly been no more than thirty seconds, I have concluded that I have little feeling towards the number 12 or any of its synonyms and trying to conjure any sort of emotion that would possibly spur me onto writing a whimsical quip about it has left me frustrated…

    By Molly on 01.07.2012

  4. a dozen cows were in the field. They were plotting to murder their owner, who treated them horribly. It was a brutal murder.

    By Chanel on 01.07.2012

  5. I buy a dozen bananas every time i go to the street fair. It is good for my health to eat fruits, as a complementation of my daily diet. Actually, I eat pretty poorly, and im trying to control my cholesterol and get healthier.

    By Roberta Goulart on 01.07.2012

  6. A dozen times. That’s how many times she’s counted. A dozen times, and she still can’t believe her eyes.

    By glorygirl97 URL on 01.07.2012

  7. The kids piled into the crowded van. Whoda thunk that it would take 14 seats would to get the family to the movies. Ah well, at least the movie showed promise … “Cheaper by the Dozen”

    By Dayle URL on 01.07.2012

  8. There are half a dozen eggs in my fridge. Some of them cracked. Some of them half eaten. How to tell which ones have the fatal touch of salmonella? I guess only experiment.One by one by one. Cracking one open, letting the white slip through my fingers, relishing in the slightly solid texture of the yolk.

    By Annie on 01.07.2012

  9. the are dozens of way to learn and engage in your world. One of them is to converse with those around the world of like interests. each persons perspective provides new insight to the world in which you live and thrive.

    By Mark Pennington URL on 01.07.2012

  10. I have written many of dozens of poems
    free verse
    in rhyme
    that do not and will not go anywhere
    yet, I find it is still important
    to continue on writing down meaningless strings of words
    that fit so nicely in my mind
    for out of a dozen
    maybe there is one
    just one
    that will make a difference

    By jill URL on 01.07.2012

  11. There were a dozen bouquets in the hall, among the empty wine bottles and Yankee candles. I read the labels of the candles and wondered what Santa’s List could possibly smell like. Gym Socks maybe?

    By hollowman URL on 01.07.2012

  12. There were dozens of ways this could go. It could go completely as planned, or it could go in the complete opposite direction, and everything would be ruined. What I did know for sure, however, was that whichever direction it was headed, it was one direction, and that wouldn’t change. When I find out which way it went, I will follow it, until it leads me to what I need.

    By Emma Park URL on 01.07.2012

  13. Rounding the corner, a dozen boys came face to face with a strange and unusual destiny: the actual existence of flying monkeys. Their lives would never be the same as they raced on with these beasts. Every time they turned another corner, another flying monkey joined the throng.

    By ritajuanita URL on 01.07.2012

  14. a dozen of eggs is what I remember buying during my first shopping at my primary childhood with my mother.

    By leonardo URL on 01.07.2012

  15. a dozen times or more we have looked at this house and come up with several configurations. I don’t think we’ll ever settle and it will continue to evolve. Back to the blueprinting

    By B. Green URL on 01.07.2012

  16. a dozen roses, a dozen donuts, a dozen rooms in the house – a dozen things on the to do list. Maybe this is the perfect years for dozens? Twelve months, twelve goals… might just work.

    By moreeverything URL on 01.07.2012

  17. A dozen eggs sat in the styrofoam container on the driveway, but she didn’t have that many chances. She leaned over slow and picked one up, the gurgling stream in the ravine down below creating a soothing white noise as she zeroed in on her target, imagining her hunter instincts crackle. The grey squirrel sitting on the beech tree branch took no notice of the slender child and the threat of her softball pitch.

    By cmsiena URL on 01.07.2012

  18. Eggs 12 I got about a dozen of them u have 11 I have 12 can figure out how many is in this patch maybe about a dozen of them pick up a dozen

    By Myles on 01.07.2012

  19. Dozen of people share my dreams. Dozen of people will know success and fame. Dozen of people would rather jump than fall off. However, I’m the only one that’d die just to take off.

    By Connor Gerlitz URL on 01.07.2012

  20. This makes no sense.
    You swore that you’d stay safe.
    You swore that you’d cope and heal your scars.
    I know how you feel;
    but this is
    that you must live like this.
    I thought that you said you were sorry.
    I thought that you begged for forgiveness
    and swore to God that you didn’t mean it.
    But this?
    How could you do this again?

    By Alex URL on 01.07.2012

  21. Over a dozen were invited, yet none showed. The realm hadn’t been at peace since before the times of memory, and this was their opportunity to set that right. They all let it slip out of their fingers. There were many who sent squires with their regards and regrets, but in the end that was always an empty gesture. The ones with the power to change things, stayed at home.

    By SIggi on 01.07.2012

  22. i tried dozen times to turn the time and improve my mistakes, sins but no matter how hard i try there is no way to fix the part that is lost into oblivion. try to understand the truth first and seek later.

    By filza URL on 01.07.2012

  23. A dozen thoughts grace her face at the same time, muddled together to form the indescribable look she gives me. She extends her hand, but I back away, not really sure what to believe, as I can tell she isn’t quite sure herself.

    By Luhan URL on 01.07.2012

  24. There are eight dozen good reasons why a person of integrity would walk away.
    Seven dozen permanently horrid consequences, surely.

    …Four dozen years of regret.
    Three dozen personal standards, crushed.
    Two dozen people, deeply hurt.

    Looking outside, I see one dozen available options of more noble pursuits.

    I’m not a dummyhead.
    I know that only a quarterofasixteenthoffiveeighthsofadozen
    of temporary relief
    can be attained.

    I cannot define the enigmatic appeal.
    Rules my will despite, it does.
    *punches self in head*

    By deliria URL on 01.07.2012

  25. i see them fleeting away…a dozen of them..each day..every moment…but they were my most cherished…i lived to realize those…but life is harsh…love is cruel….yes they were my dreams…but i cant brood on them…that makes me sad..and how long will i cry over spilled milk…so i just let them go…

    By Shine URL on 01.07.2012

  26. the roses come by a dozen and all i can feel is the thorns,
    the beauty of the deep red petals cant hide the true dangers of what lies beneath.
    no matter the color, the rose they will always have thorns and they will always need to be handled with care, nothing could be so much alike than me and a dozen roses.

    By cassandra on 01.07.2012

  27. a dozen? a dozen eggs? eggs are the best.

    By Lily Ann URL on 01.07.2012

  28. There is a dozen ways to make someone happy.
    So, why not choose one today and use it on someone you love?

    By Samantha Rose Schaefer URL on 01.07.2012

  29. Half a dozen people don’t know how to understand my feeling towards this guy I love, he’s just amazing but then again , half a dozen people don’t realize there are girls who love them. they just need to realize the love can be powerful.
    The excuses aren’t real in this case.

    By Sophie on 01.07.2012

  30. I stood outside the rest stop bathroom. A dozen women stand before me. One hushes her child as he tugs on her arm. I consider driving to the next as I stare back at my car, the only red Ford Escape in the lot. It was too long to wait for a reminder that I belonged.

    By Allie URL on 01.07.2012

  31. i needed a dozen eggs the other day, but i didn’t have the money
    instead, i made do without them
    my cookies really didn’t turn out very well at all
    it was a shame because i really wanted some cookies
    this has all been a lie.

    By Billy URL on 01.07.2012

  32. I learnt about a dozen – of course, when they talked about eggs.

    Eggs, my favourite. Scrambled, omletted, or bhurjie-ed

    My latest brush with “a dozen” has been a movie about world war 2.

    By S URL on 01.07.2012

  33. a dozen new emails…I wonder who it is?
    A dozen new emails all from Rebekah.
    I feel loved at this time of the compliment of the season,
    Rebekah – I love you – even though you are the least sexiest spam bot I have ever received mail from.

    By scoob URL on 01.07.2012

  34. There were dozens of people out there. He could have talked to anyone, asked for an adress to the policewoman or that waiter with the funny mustache. But for some reason, he asked him. He chose him between dozens, hundreds of people. That, my friends, is called fate.

    By Marta URL on 01.07.2012

  35. The man had a dozen fingers. Most of his acquaintances didn’t notice, even when they shook his hand, unless he pointed it out. Still, he was self-conscious; he couldn’t help but think about it as a deformity. The kids in grade school had not been kind to him. By the time he was middle aged, he was pretty thick skinned about a lot of things.

    By dan URL on 01.07.2012

  36. His mother made an odd birth day present
    He came out with a dozen fingers
    all pointing to the waiting nurse’s trembling ten

    By gsk URL on 01.07.2012

  37. I’ve been trying to narrow down what I want to do with my future. A dozen ideas. That seems like a good goal. Now I’m somewhere around 1,000…

    By Lor-n URL on 01.07.2012

  38. There were a dozen eggs in the basket. All carefully arranged to make sure they didn’t crack against each other. But then the basket had been abandoned. It was just sitting in the middle of the farmyard, as if she had given up and disappeared into thin air.

    By Lydia URL on 01.07.2012

  39. Bakers dozen is thirteen, you would just think they are greedy, talking most of their work just for themselves, and if there wasn’t anyone else. To come and eat the syrupy sweets, just to eat and rot your teeth, why can’t the bakers just make ends meet, and change all dozens to thirteen.

    By emma URL on 01.07.2012

  40. If I could say I dozen times what was really on my mind you’d never believe this was all for you…

    By sara on 01.07.2012