January 6th, 2012 | 214 Entries

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214 Entries for “dozen”

  1. I once had a dozen tiffins,
    But i traded tham all in for a muffin,
    And I ate it with my pet puffin…

    By Lord Jim URL on 01.06.2012

  2. Dozing on dozens of docile dreams, we break out of doxy seams.

    By Marianne URL on 01.06.2012

  3. Dozing on dozens of dodgy dreams, we break out of doxy seams.

    By Marianne URL on 01.06.2012

  4. I grabbed the dozen knives that lay carefully on my father’s bed. Grabbing them all with one hand I held tight, not even wincing at the pain that stabbed into my hand as the blades cut my palm. I just ran. Ran from my family, ran from my life. I knew that I would never be able to look back, but these knives, these dozen knives were everything.

    By Veronika URL on 01.06.2012

  5. If I had a dozen paintings, I would give them to you. A dozen years, I guess that’s all I am good for. Still yours. A dozen flowers….everyday….

    By Natalie URL on 01.06.2012

  6. It lasted only but a dozen short moments. Only a dozen moments is how long it took to ruin a year of sweet happiness. I do this. I get too addicted, and so I have to run away. I’m sorry I repaid you with a dozen moments. I’m sorry a million times. Not just a dozen. A million.

    By Katie URL on 01.06.2012

  7. doughnuts. i love them. they come in boxes of twelve. i like the glazed ones but i dont really like sprinkles or chocolate cuz it distracts from the wonderfully magical taste that they already have. also eggs come in dozens.

    By Marge on 01.06.2012

  8. There’s at least a dozen of them, hiding in the grass. I wasn’t sure what we were going to do about it but we had to do something. We couldnt escape unnoticed. This was going to be a conflict.

    By Rachel N. E. URL on 01.06.2012

  9. This may not be true, but I heard that the term baker’s dozen started back in the day where a baker could get their hand chopped off for shorting a customer of a fair dozen. This would be the same “back in the day” where you could be killed for poaching the king’s deer. Anyway, to avoid this, baker’s threw in an extra roll to avoid a shortage. Flour, water, sugar, and yeast are cheap, hands, less so. Also kind of necessary for baking, but I bet you can still knead dough with a stump. After it’s healed of course.

    By HelenGrant URL on 01.06.2012

  10. There was ones a dozen butterflies in my garden. now there are none, because i killed those dozen butterflies and ate them. Now ive got a dozen butterflies in my stomach

    By Lame on 01.06.2012

  11. It didn’t matter how many times she’d done it before, she always felt the thrill of leaping out into open space again.

    She’d spent more time in the air than she’d spent on the ground that summer, swinging between towers and riding the winds as they swung her back and forth. She felt as comfortable sitting suspended in a harness as she did sitting in a chair, and indeed, there were times when she’d feel the sway of the winds rocking her back and forth, even as she sat on the ground. “Every time I look down at the ground, I get that feeling all over again,” she said, grinning. “Every time I run for the edge and jump out into thin air, it’s another leap of faith and another rush of adrenaline.”

    It was the best job she’d ever had.

    By Abby on 01.06.2012

  12. there are a dozen reasons why
    i shouldn’t fall in love with you
    but do you think my heart really cares?
    that’s why i can’t help it
    i love you
    and that’s the only reason that matters

    By karmachik URL on 01.06.2012

  13. He was only a dozen or so steps from my house, but luckily, I was safe inside the car. We passed his small frame, walking slowly along the sidewalk. He was playing his guitar, presumably on the way to my house. I thought he was joking earlier, but I was obviously mistaken. My stomach dropped while the car flew by as the thought sunk in. I–boring me–had a stalker.

    By Marissa URL on 01.06.2012

  14. A dime a dozen is what most people say.. but what does that mean? Does it mean we are special, “worth it”? What does worth really mean?
    Does it imply significance? A chance at something meaningful or complete?
    My room mates are having beautiful love in the ext room, and I find that worth at the very least 12 pennies to bide their time in explaining the love they have fore one another and how they express it.
    I feel that any love I have in recent years will be worth the price of a dozen marks, a dozen glances, a carton of eggs spent breaking and heating on a Sunday morning, asking me how I like them when I am a vegetarian and do not eat such things, settling for coffee and the pancakes he makes by the Dozen.
    How do I stack up, Oneword? How do I measure? Is Aunt Jemimima not acceptable for you and your short framed reference of being?
    I do love syrup best served hot; perhaps she will be stirred into a batter if Being this fine new Saturday when Jack Johonson makes Banana Pancackes and wonders at her bubbly toes.

    By MorganLovell URL on 01.06.2012

  15. There were a dozen of them, scattered throughout. They darted across the room as if their entire lives were at stake. One lost second, and everything would be gone. Ruined.

    It was a rather scary thought, she pondered as she watched them roam so swiftly.

    By moonlitoceans URL on 01.06.2012

  16. I just read nearly three dozen quotes by Rick Santorum that reinforce the idea that he is a frothy mixture of … you know the rest. How can one man be so filled with ignorance and hatred? How can that same man nearly become the supreme ruler of the state of Iowa? Sadly, I have nothing pithy to say. Here are the quotes:

    By richpee URL on 01.06.2012

  17. A dozen eggs. Perfect, round, untouched eggs. They’re sitting there, on the floor of the coop. The yellow hen looks at them proudly, disguising her pride. She clucks to herself and walks away. I pick up first one, then two, then finally all of the eggs and put them in my basket. She didn’t lay them all, of course, but she acts as if she did.

    By scarletdistraction URL on 01.06.2012

  18. dozens and dozens of…what? this word is so familiar, but i don’t think i have used this much. i usually use tens or hundreds. perhaps i ought to learn how to make use of this word.

    By kaorita on 01.06.2012

  19. dozens of kittens scattered the library floor.
    “What am I to do with them all?” she shouted over their mewlings.
    “I rather like them with mustard,” he replied with a shrug. “Damnably furry, though. That’s a bother.”

    By Ama Marie URL on 01.06.2012

  20. A dozen, the amount of times I think of you in a moment. It is so hard to live without you when I see something you would like or laugh at. But only you, and your special sense of humour and your special way to show your love. I wish you stayed on this earth, we need more beautiful people here. You live on in my heart daddy.

    By imissyoudaddy on 01.06.2012

  21. I counted the things I knew, as he always told me to do, go with what you know don’t panic don’t let them see weakness. They stared at my face which was blank of expression I started listing the dozens of things I did know. I couldn’t lie they were all leads in his murder

    By Dream for ben URL on 01.06.2012

  22. Dozen is a number like life is just life. And time ends with life,enjoy the time of your life

    By A on 01.06.2012

  23. Dirty dozen
    Had a cousin
    Dreamt about

    By Scott on 01.06.2012

  24. It was cheaper by the dozen. The items in the market were that much more affordable. As they strolled down the aisles, they could see all the different possibilities of items that they could hold in a home together. It all works out.

    By josephwinlove URL on 01.06.2012

  25. I slipped down the drew drenched hill, plunging through the wet veld to reach the wild flowers growing on the banks of the stream,I picked her a dozen.

    By lenny URL on 01.06.2012

  26. One dozen, that’s 12. Two and a half dozen is 30. I used to think it was 26. I don’t know, I suck at math. 12 + 12 = 24 + 6 = 30. Duuuh. The year is two thousand dozen. Stupid .__.

    By charlene URL on 01.07.2012

  27. A dozen seagulls flew above as she walked down the empty dock. Just the wind and the ocean, just as she’d planned. The sun was just rising and she took a deep breath of the salty air. It was just what she needed in addition to getting away from the town she’d spent almost her whole life at.

    By M URL on 01.07.2012

  28. Dozen? Dozen, okay. I was hoping it would be some dramatic word, like “emotions” or “antidisestablishmentarianism” but dozen works. I have a dozen things I need to do. I need to take at least a dozen credits. I have dozens of friends. I need dozens more days to accomplish what’s on my to-do list.

    By Brooke URL on 01.07.2012

  29. girls like you are a dime a dozen he yelled. as if it was supposed to hurt me in anyway. it didnt. it made me laugh, it made me giggle like a school girl. who the fuck was he kidding. i was borderline perfect and he borderline fucked up. he would never be able to find someone like me. i laughed all while trying to convince myself i was right. but who the hell was i kidding. he’d find someone about 10 times better, prettier and skinnier and id still be alone. but thats just how some cards are dealt. youll eventually get over it, move on, but never forget it happened.

    By Kae URL on 01.07.2012

  30. “So, I had a dozen siblings, right?” “Not a dozen. Two.” “Yeah, two siblings. Right. And they had one of those infant diseases, you know, like–oh what’s it called…” “Typhoid Fever?” “No.” “Whooping Cough?” “No, it was some animal thing…started with a ‘G’, I think…” “Chicken Pox?” “Yeah, that’s it! So they had the Chicken Pox, right?” “That doesn’t start with a ‘G’…” “Yeah, well, no, but still, the Chicken Pox.” “What about it?” “Well, they had them, right? Both of them!” “Yeah? And?” “Well, I didn’t catch it, did I? I was Chicken Pox free. I was and forever will be immune to the Chicken Pox.” “Really?” “…Yeah, no, not really.” “Ah.” “Yeah.” “Bit of a shame, really.” “I always thought so.”

    By Elise Portale URL on 01.07.2012

  31. A dozens eyes in my jar, A dozen stares, a dozen stars. A dozen eggs, a dozen beds to lay a dozen eyeless children in.

    By Imogen on 01.07.2012

  32. There were a dozen pieces on the floor;
    But there could have been so much more.
    Her heart just broke, her head was aching;
    In just a second, he left her with nothing.

    By Pibi M URL on 01.07.2012

  33. There is a dozen…
    -A dozen reasons to love
    -A dozen reasons to hate
    -A dozen reason to stay
    -A dozen reasons to go
    But only one you.

    By AmyMae URL on 01.07.2012

  34. A bitch
    yeah a bitch

    By Bitch URL on 01.07.2012

  35. “If there were ten there were a dozen of them running around. The floor was littered with rubbish they had pulled out and thrown away, trampled on or broken,” she said as she bent down, picked up and folded papers from the floor. “I have tidied up a little, but you can see the mess still. Your little friend was there too, very standoffish she was. I heard her saying that it was ‘so boring being stuck here with the babies”, but she acted up as badly as the others.”

    By Meredyth URL on 01.07.2012

  36. to say that i had a dozen of owl cookies is an understatement. I actually quite a bit more. To say that quite a bit more than a dozen owl cookies is ridiculous is ridiculous. You can never have enough owl cookies. To be sure, this is not the most insightful of my posts, but it is perhaps one of the best worded. But even I know, it is worded poorly.

    By Paint S.C. URL on 01.07.2012

  37. Through the fire I saw you, in time you slipped away
    Through the hour glass I caught you looking just the same

    Honestly, love

    I’ve got a dozens more lines I could breathe away.
    If only just today.

    By Gingerly URL on 01.07.2012

  38. Dozen is a word that I don’t know what means because I’ve never heart about this word.

    By maria URL on 01.07.2012

  39. a dozen eggs, a dozen months. is there any relation? what is 12 but a number. a number that baffles me. i really don’t know why.

    By stephtcreyes URL on 01.07.2012

  40. I had a dozen cats whom I loved dearly. They were a grand assortment of colors and furs, some vivid in appearance, some with short hair, some with long. They all got along splendidly, which everyone thought was quitee

    By Russ on 01.07.2012