January 6th, 2012 | 214 Entries

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214 Entries for “dozen”

  1. Twelve that’s ten plus two. What more can I say. My mind is a blank some days.

    By jeanelaine URL on 01.06.2012

  2. He will whisper “I love you” a dozen times into her ear while she sleeps, until he finally gains the courage to hear her response.

    By lilldeh URL on 01.06.2012

  3. A dozen angry birds squawked in protest as the rifle sounded in the distance. I watched as they began to grow more and more restless, flapping their wings and flying into the air for short distances in confusion. They new what was coming, and yet they did not try and escape their fate. I could not understand.

    By Great Expectations URL on 01.06.2012

  4. Cheaper by the Dozen – I enjoyed reading that book often when I was a kid. I grew up in a big family and, overall, it was fun and a valuable preparation for life. Though we were not a dozen I always wished we could have been. There is something very neat and tidy about that . I would have enjoyed the novelty of being one of a dozen kids

    By Sebtown URL on 01.06.2012

  5. A dozen stood before me. Twelve rotten to the core, old fashion, disease ridden zombies. All hungry for one thing; human flesh. And to them, I was an all-you-can-eat buffet. But, unfortunately for them, I was armed with two guns and a sword at my side. I pulled out the revolver and aimed. One lifted its ugly head as it caught scent of my sweet sweat. I titled my head a bit as I lined the barrel of the gun with zombie. It looked at me and release a blood, curling screech. “Go to hell.” I muttered, and fired, the bullet taking home in its head.

    By Ellie Alchemy URL on 01.06.2012

  6. A typical dozen is twelve. A baker’s dozen is thirteen. Strange isn’t it? That thirteen could be considered even relatively good? There’s a strange stigma to thirteen, but what of twelve? It is twice six. Or even 18, which is the sum of the devil/beast’s number. and what of six itself, who is considered incomplete because it is one off from that “lucky” number 7?

    By Salaa'ut URL on 01.06.2012

  7. there were twelve dozen people staring at a wall all wondering what to do but each of them knew in their hearts that they were supposed to all be a part of something bigger and better each of them felt the flame in their heart telling them that their purpose is to be a part of

    By Leslie on 01.06.2012

  8. That’s what she said. “Guys like you are a dime a dozen.” It explains why there are so many guys around her all the time. Guy’s isn’t really the right word though. Tools. That’s a better word. Chick may as well be manager at the local Home Depot, the way she’s got ’em lined up at the door. Different tools for different jobs. At least I can say I’m not in her cell phone’s list of contacts as ‘roofing’ or ‘spackling’.

    By MsMoon URL on 01.06.2012

  9. An emotional moment
    As I breathe you into me
    Holding you closer
    Gentle in the dark
    My eyes are filled with tears
    The beauty of silence

    Can’t hold back the rain
    Even though I try
    Can’t help myself
    Let the rain come down on us
    Let this moment through
    I see the beauty in you
    –Can’t hold back the rain, Ana Criado

    A good dozen of them, all clothed in black, bone-white animal masks looking oddly out of place on their faces. The man in the wolf mask stepped forward. The mask seemed to be sneering at him, even though that was impossible. If only he could vanish on the spot…

    By Ralyn Longs URL on 01.06.2012

  10. dime a dozen,
    you act so brave
    so comfortable with the act.
    but let’s pretend this has never happened.
    i will continue to walk the way
    and you can continue watching me.
    i won’t call and neither will you.
    dime a dozen,
    we both seem to be.

    By Natty URL on 01.06.2012

  11. as far as she could see
    a dozen times more
    she wanted them to be

    By doodlenoodles URL on 01.06.2012

  12. There was a dozen of them. All surrounding us, drooling with eyes filled with greed. We knew what they wanted, and they knew we wouldn’t give it up without a fight. What they didn’t know was, we had Sheldon.

    By Sam URL on 01.06.2012

  13. Cheaper by the dozen,
    Dirty Dozen
    baker’s dozen is 13
    my family was shy of a dozen by one, then again there was a baby who died shortly after birth and a stillborn twin making us a baker’s dozen if counted

    By Alyce Rocco URL on 01.06.2012

  14. A dozen red roses laid at her doorstep along with some sort of calling card. She bent down to read it. “I’ll be coming for you next.” The past few months she had feared for her life but this was the first time it had been made a reality. Everybody else was dead and she was ready to die too.

    By Heather Nicole URL on 01.06.2012

  15. I patted my floury hands on the dough, rolling and kneading it around. I had to make a dozen cupcakes my Friday. It wouldn’t be easy. People judged me because I was different. Slow. Behind on my studies. But give me a cooking task, and I’ll fulfill it like you wouldn’t believe.

    By Amanda URL on 01.06.2012

  16. dozen! … nuff said. lol

    By Kennelia URL on 01.06.2012

  17. A dime in a dozen
    No I don’t think I am
    A lot of people are
    It’s not a good thing
    Damn, a lot of people are
    It’s quite annoying actually
    Be unique for God’s sake
    I hope I’m right about myself

    By Maegan URL on 01.06.2012

  18. A half dozen eggs lay await in the box. Pan? Check. Stove? On. The clear white slips out a crack and solidifies as hits the hot, black, non-stick surface.

    By Nav URL on 01.06.2012

  19. i bought a dozen of eggs the other day as an attempt to start cooking more. I live in NYC where the nearest food is right across the street, and where my bank account is slowly shrinking because all of my income goes to buying prepared food.

    By meh? on 01.06.2012

  20. A dozen roses sat in the vase on the table by her door. She took a whiff of them, smiling as she went, because the roses were from her very favorite person. She loved this person, and this person was her life. The dozen roses made her happy, just like the person.

    By Joanie on 01.06.2012

  21. Who says things are cheaper by the dozen? I only need one egg!

    By Melissa URL on 01.06.2012

  22. Half a dozen things crossing through my mind. Is this really happening? Do I really love this boy that much to give something away I’ve cherished for so long? Everything can change in the blink of an eye. When your guard is penetrated by someone you love and trust everything in the world seems right, even if it’s the wrong choice tomorrow. Yes, technically in the “sense” of the word it didn’t happen to it’s fullest, therefore didn’t happen at all. But that is just like people to beat around the bush, looking and making excuses for something that happened that they don’t want to admit.

    By Alaska may on 01.06.2012

  23. 12 envelopes sit in front of me. I rip the sealing on the first one, only to find a blank piece of paper. I flip it over, running the scrap through my fingers. My fingers glide over the bumps and I see an address. 47 Oak Wood Cr.

    By Isabelle on 01.06.2012

  24. When I see this word: dozen, I think of a dozen roses that I have yet to receive from a man who loves me. Pretty sad isn’t it? Especially since my age is 50!

    By Mary Lou Wynegar on 01.06.2012

  25. So many reasons to care. Your smile, compassion, comfort and so much more. I take you in by the dozen. You, I know this for sure, are worth it all and so much more.

    By Cookie URL on 01.06.2012

  26. 12 envelopes sit in front of me. I rip the sealing on the first one, only to find a blank piece of paper. I flip it over, running the scrap through my hands. My fingers glide over the bumps and I see an address. 47 Oak Wood Cr. Ripping open envelope after envelope until there is only one left. All of them say addresses. Then I realize something, they are all the address’ of my friends. I cautiously tear open the final package. It reads “The fate of your friends lives lie in your hands Emily. Use it well. Follow the address’s, go by the clues and keep your eyes peeled. You have 2 days. Go.”

    By Isabelle on 01.06.2012

  27. I wish a dozen days could turn into a dozen years and I would be where I was.

    By travelingalisssa URL on 01.06.2012

  28. A dozen cars sat in his garage and the roads awaited. But all he wanted was to sit back, relax, and watch a movie on his own goddamn couch. Why was that not acceptable? Why?

    By Kate URL on 01.06.2012

  29. They were lined up like toys, the policemen. The whole lot of them, which had looked so formidable from afar, turned out to be a rank of no more than a dozen or so, and most of them were untrained new recruits.
    Sebastian smiled, raising his gun and staring through the scope, alining the first one in his sights.
    “This one’s for you, Jim,” he whispered, and then he pulled the trigger.

    By Laurel on 01.06.2012

  30. The dozen eggs were crushed. Their delicate shells showed signs of harsh treatment in the backseat of the suv. Now what’s for dinner? Eating from cans is still not attractive…at any age! Thank God for Roberto’s.

    By Fender2010 URL on 01.06.2012

  31. One of my favorite things to do is bake. Chocolate chip cookies are a classic treat and almost everyone will appreciate the work you put into them. I love the delicious aroma that fills the kitchen and other rooms when they are just about finished. What could be better? Baking is great therapy. If you’ve had a bad day or just have a lot on your mind, baking a yummy treat puts your mood back where it should be. Even better when you have finally perfected your recipe.

    By Kari URL on 01.06.2012

  32. dozen. dozen dozen dozen
    i seriously have no thoughts for this one… weird, im usually so good at this. *sigh what has happened to me?

    By Rosetta Quinn URL on 01.06.2012

  33. “A dozen eggs, please,” the woman said, blue eyes twinkling. Jordan suppressed a sigh, forcing his mouth to twist into a smile. How could people be so cheery while in such a run-down hellhole?

    By Carnella URL on 01.06.2012

  34. What is the sweetest? A dozen of roses? A baker’s dozen of the most delightful bread? A dozen of teddy bears? Or a simple dozen of unsaid words of love and affection?

    By Joel URL on 01.06.2012

  35. the baker starts at 2 when counting, its the same amount but he’s snorted too much flour and syrupy beer I’m trying to break the distance but its dozens of lightyears away, connection – that is.

    By mitchblummer URL on 01.06.2012

  36. John scowled at the empty bag in the cupboard. His stomach growled softly, almost as though in conjecture with his mood. He knew that this bag had previously contained the dozen snickerdoodle cookies he’d brought home from his favorite new bakery.
    It was no great mystery what had happened to them, as Sherlock had recently solved his latest case and had suddenly started eating again.

    By floppybelly URL on 01.06.2012

  37. A dozen boxes in a row. Only one held the thing he needed… but which one?
    He had only one chance at this.
    He closed his eyes and breathed in slowly. Then he reached his hands in front of him and exhaled, a great mass of wind coming out of his mouth. It led the way to the last box.
    He opened his eyes and smiled. Then he thrust open the lid.

    By ArcticDragon on 01.06.2012

  38. twelve eggs in a carton, thirteen loaves in a baker’s dozen. twelve is twice six, half a dozen. a dozen slices of proscuitto please, thank you!

    By daisy on 01.06.2012

  39. Cheaper by the dozen. Three dozen. Four dozen. Five dozen. That’s all. Dozens.

    By tiffanymichelle URL on 01.06.2012

  40. a dime a
    teen-aged dream ;
    a baked team of them

    a liter of littered
    scattered shrapnel punks

    drunk on euphoric hormone
    high on dopamine steam

    By Phil on 01.06.2012