November 4th, 2011 | 392 Entries

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392 Entries for “downpour”

  1. Blockbuster the signs if another time
    You kissed
    I never missed you after
    I always ruin romantic moments
    Even though it’s all I want
    Why can’t I keep things close

    By lauren on 11.04.2011

  2. Falling harshly. this is life. life is downpour. Wet. Dripping. Soaked. Love is a downpour. Flour is like a downpour. Caked on your clothes. Cookies in the oven. Children waiting to taste mom’s freshness. Its raining outside.

    By Rod Tucker on 11.04.2011

  3. The harsh downpour of rain soaking me through the skin. through muscle and tissue and bone to that soft, vulnerable essence that is my soul. I raised my arms up high and let the acid rain fall, peeling away at my skin, leaving soft, bubbling puddles of me-who-is-not-me for I am beyond all this. Beyond this world. I am.

    By Salaa'ut URL on 11.04.2011

  4. The rain well on my window pane it smelled nostalgic, like the summers spent at my grandmothers house. I watched as a waterfall of teardrops came from the sky. I wish I could be like the rain, free to fall.

    By Annie on 11.04.2011

  5. Don’t you love the feeling of rain pounding against bare skin? And even if you are freezing to the bone, you will still stay outside. That’s how I feel when I’m with you.

    By Grace Sommers on 11.04.2011

  6. I was standing in a downpour. Rain. Rain. Rain. You think it’s glamorous and elegant until you end up stuck in it without anything to cover your head. I stood on the corner of Quincy and Wells waiting for the bus, but the bus never came; just more rain.

    By Brendan Schedler on 11.04.2011

  7. Seeping words,
    Come to me,
    Say, emphasize.
    Make me louder,
    Make me fall,
    Let the rain drench me,
    Come alive, bring me alive,
    Raise me from the puddles that I have been tripping in,
    Because in this waterfall,
    No one can see the tears that won’t fall,
    And I am just drowning,
    Just drowning.

    By Vareesha Khan URL on 11.04.2011

  8. rain, depression, i think of sad days where you feel like nothing good can happen, you just feel stuck, but you want something good to happen, but you know they day will just be stinky, you cant stop it cant control it, you just have to take it.

    By katie on 11.04.2011

  9. It was raining heavily. It streaked her windows, and left every thing damp and miserable. But it wasn’t the only type of liquid flooding. Inside a house, little Cindy cheeks were stained with tears, as she watched the rain fall from the window. Today had been absolutely horrible.

    By Zoey URL on 11.04.2011

  10. there was a downpour of rain when i walked out to my car this morning. the rain pelted out and it blinded me. my wipers were working over time and my eyes began to twich. we rounded a curve and lost control then we landed in a ditch. the buckle on the seatbelt saved the day.I looked at my baby she was AOK. we weren’t hurt but the car was history.

    By Ashy on 11.04.2011

  11. I always wanted to be kissed in a downpour. It just seems so romantic. It sounds kinda cheesy and stupid but I want it to happen. It’s like the notebook or something. It would be awesome.

    By Kelley URL on 11.04.2011

  12. It was raining in the recesses of my heart. But I couldn’t find the spots from which the leak had sprouted, so I couldn’t stop the tears from running down my eyes. On days like these when I didn’t know why I was crying, I simply blamed it on my mother. The bitch deserved a little blame from time to time. After all, I’d exhausted my father’s neglect as the source of my sorrow.

    By Ruben URL on 11.04.2011

  13. The rain was coming in from every angle and dimension. The intense and immense downpour from the extreme weather conditions was just what was needed for the poor and lost souls impoverished by drought and despair. The monsoonal rains had come at last. They were free.

    By Kester Felton on 11.04.2011

  14. It rained all week, all month, all year. Well, no, Spence was only gone for a month, taking a family trip to the east coast. I’ve been waiting to see him, waiting to kiss him, waiting to touch his skin, waiting to tell him all about the downpour he missed.

    By Cassie URL on 11.04.2011

  15. Stuck in the rain, watching the traffic pass my by, feel the cold drops fall on my skin as I hurry to the bus. I wish I brought an umbrella. Shivering under the canopy, I wait .

    By gen on 11.04.2011

  16. rain falling wet upon your face not cold and not warm just wet but you’re comfortable dark night time light reflecting streetlamps everything is soft colors light water

    By Erin on 11.04.2011

  17. Today was the worst day anyone in this small town has ever experienced. As soon as they announced his death on an already gloomy day, a downpour, of not just rain, but tears and depression, sorrow and despair flooded across town.

    By Alyx on 11.04.2011

  18. It was raining, and I had never seen such a downpour. I had never wanted to kiss her so badly in my life. She looked so beautiful, soaked, and just pure beauty. I kissed her and the heavens just seemed to open up. I’ve never felt a feeling so pure in my life. I loved her.

    By lauren on 11.04.2011

  19. One day about two weeks ago I sat by my bedroom window I looked outside
    it was a total downpour.

    By morgan URL on 11.04.2011

  20. falling from the sky like the rain.
    there’s a downpour of everything that I’d ever thought sane…
    almost reaching for the cold, damp ground.
    when I’m there, he’ll be on the top, and she’ll be just steps away.
    I’ll simply watch as the crowd’ll move forward. as the people smile, talk, cry and laugh,
    I’ll watch. I’ll do what I’m doing now.
    as he climbs the rope of life, I’ll simply be holding on.
    as she gets kissed, i won’t turn away… and may be, just that once, I’ll let the tears fall
    I’ll say thanks, i always will
    for that pure salt water that drains from the only part of me that’s real
    the trouble is,
    i don’t know where it is.
    he said that i had a lot to say
    the trouble was,
    only the thorns came out.

    where’s the rose?
    i have to find it before it rots into stone.

    and here comes the hurricane…
    may be tomorrow’s yesterday will smile


    By zainib URL on 11.04.2011

  21. the torrential downpour in seattle is not so bothersome anymore now that i’ve lived here so long but i can still remember the first major storm we had. it was my second week living in my tiny apartment, and i was waiting for stephanie to be driven down by her dad.

    By Olivia on 11.04.2011

  22. There’s something about the rain. No, not the light mist that sprays your face so quietly. I mean the rain. The rain that follows the thunder, bellowing its entrance to the earth. The rain that soaks through your shoes before you have the chance to take a step. That rain that make it feel real again. Something about it brings you to life again.

    By Kristen on 11.04.2011

  23. It was a downpour of rain. Like those rainy Sundays dismal and dark, you don’t want to go inside. For today, your bed is your best friend, as the rain gullywashes down the pain of your window.

    By Aliisa on 11.04.2011

  24. Northern downpour sends its love.

    By aeropostale URL on 11.04.2011

  25. Aviones que caminansolos debajo de una puerta a un lado de singapur mientras algunos japoneses desayunan a la hora inadecuada, pero para ellos es un verdadero desayuno,. No tengo idea de como fui a parar a este lugar, pero el hgolpe en el barril me ha despertado muy abruoptamente. posiblmente pase tres días ahí metido

    By Diego Calixto on 11.04.2011

  26. Rain falls heavily upon the roof. The tin pings in alarming response. But soon it drones into a soothing lullaby that rocks one to sleep. Even in dreams, the sound finds it’s way in. The sleeping mind churns out a peaceful river that glides ever so smoothly over polished rocks that have Felt the waters touch for so many years.

    By Evan on 11.04.2011

  27. its rainig like hell and i cant see the floor, my bl,ood is like a downpour please dont leaveme i cant take this anymore my love for you is like a downpour i lov eyou my dear i cant think of anyoen else i woul dlike to spend my life whith but now your leaving and my blood is all over the floor like a downpour.

    By chelsey on 11.04.2011

  28. i never understood why people wanted to be kissed in the rain. first of all, whats so romantic about it? and second what if it started to downpour? it will have gone from “romantic” to being drenched in 2 seconds and not being able to see the person in front of you.

    By kstru0125 URL on 11.04.2011

  29. These bring about some of the greatest memories in my life. I imagine myself sitting outside on my porch back home in medina in the middle of a thunderstorm (both in the day and in night). The night storms were the best…booming thunder, pouring rain, lightning that lit the sky and reflected in the lake outside the back of my house. Has much to do with my passion for storms today.

    By Chase on 11.04.2011

  30. When it storms, there’s no escaping the power of our earth mother, who chooses to unleash her wrath in a way that’s healing for her, yet dreadful to us. I guess we could all learn a little something about mother nature, and how to deal with conflict. Instead we don’t.
    I guess that’s why we’re all so eager to kill her.
    Things that are better and bigger than us must be destroyed.

    By Siege URL on 11.04.2011

  31. Strands of hair stuck to her face. White fabric clinging against soaked skin. Rain stinging her eyes. A downpour. A massacre.

    By Bee URL on 11.04.2011

  32. Under a downpour, my thoughts dissolved.

    By Lors URL on 11.04.2011

  33. Torrential rains flooding beautiful cities and forests creating new life and cleansing the old.

    By Tiffany on 11.04.2011

  34. the rain.
    im sitting here in the rain.
    its coming down like cats and dogs.
    oh the rain the rain the rain.
    oh beautiful beautiful rain.
    i wanna thank you today.
    for hiding the tears for me this nice day.
    Thank you for the secrets you keep.
    Thank you thank you rain.
    Im sitting here crying,
    causing the rain.
    the rain.
    the rain.
    the rain.

    By Holly on 11.04.2011

  35. You said, don’t think, just write. How can we not think? It is the very thinking that allows us to write. Thoughts are like a downpour. It just never stops. Sometimes, even if you wished that it stopped, it just wouldn’t.

    By leslietoad URL on 11.04.2011

  36. rain. Raining into the darkest havens of my soul. Downpouring on my emotions…i can’t control it. I fall victim to the abuse manifesting my downpour.

    By Jay Cass on 11.04.2011

  37. rain storm on your way to class and by the time you get there your drenched and miserable. but you made it to class. on your way back you realize that your keys are in class after you make it half way back to the dorm. and again your more than just drenched your freezing and miserable

    By Kristena on 11.04.2011

  38. Wow. There has been A LOT of downpour where I am lately. Had to go to school in the rain and walk home in the rain. I love it but not when I’m soaked during class. Ew. All sticky and smelly.

    By Amelia G URL on 11.04.2011

  39. rain: thunderstorm. beautiful rain. the sky opens up and lets it all go.

    emotion: an overwhelming feeling.

    negative connotation.

    By B URL on 11.04.2011

  40. water
    windshield wipers
    singing in the rain
    slick roads

    By gabby on 11.04.2011