May 28th, 2012 | 396 Entries

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396 Entries for “dilemma”

  1. burnt toast, hunger, jam to cover it. Hmm? If you smell burnt toast, it means a stroke. A stroke of genius? Spread a little jam on your hand for a quick lick of fun.

    By Alex URL on 05.29.2012

  2. A fight between two or more people. Something that involves conflict. Something that is causing tension. Creates problems. It tears people apart. Also known as a “problem”.

    By Courtney on 05.29.2012

  3. There were a lot of dilemmas she was facing – what to do, how to do it, even when. But really? The most important was just ‘what’. It was a dilemma, she only had two options, but neither was /right/, and she had no idea what to pick.

    By Gloria on 05.29.2012

  4. its all about knowing, sharing and dividing information to the degree where you dont know what you have anymore. If anyone claims it what do you do? If you have it what do you do with it?

    By Peter on 05.29.2012

  5. i have a dilemma about what i should write about. Mostly because I don’t know what to write about. For some reason I keep thinking about Grandpa from the simpsons and how he always has some elaborate story to tell. Sometimes he even gets mixed up about what story he’s telling because he has so many.

    By Ariadna on 05.29.2012

  6. Oh i have a dilemma. All my life, it’s all been about dilemmas. I even have a dilemma weather i should be writing this. Love, work, life, God, you name it. I have a dilemma about everything.

    By Nikita on 05.29.2012

  7. Life is a dilemma. A beautiful dilemma. Love and death and life. Nature and civilization. Asleep and awake. Life is a dilemma.

    By Nadia Aikins on 05.29.2012

  8. Caught in a corner with no real way out. A rock and a hard place they say. You sit, try to think it through in front of your beige coffee table. She sits next to you, quiet, saying a thousand words by saying none. What will you call it?

    By BRandon on 05.29.2012

  9. mountain

    By Kim jun young on 05.29.2012

  10. mountain north-face

    By Kim jun young on 05.29.2012

  11. Dilemma is when you are faced whit two things you really want to do but you can only shouce one.

    By Amanda URL on 05.29.2012

  12. I have a dilemma. I am in love with a boy that isn’t in love with me. There is a heaviness in my heart and soul. I’m not sure what to do. Do I laugh? Do I cry? Please tell me what I should do.

    By Tiffani on 05.29.2012

  13. To solve a dilemma I just write out the options, shut my eyes and stick a pin in the page. Then I do something completely different. So far this has worked for me – though I may be in a mess.

    By E A M Harris URL on 05.29.2012

  14. The dilemma is the same every day. Which part of me wins? The strong part or the part that wants what’s right? The strong part of me has been gaining strength for so long that the rest of me is pretty much just afraid to fight

    By Alwaysjoy URL on 05.29.2012

  15. i was in dilemma what to write and what not. but then the word dilemma appeared on the screen and i was no more in dilemma. wow. no dilemma.

    By alok on 05.29.2012

  16. They told me that decisions are for people who can think maturely. I told them they were wrong.

    Just because, now, I have to choose between six years of martial arts and one year of formal discourse doesn’t mean I can’t weigh the costs and benefits of this choice.

    Decisions are meant. Decisions are fought for.

    Decisions are more than made. They are lived. Wholeheartedly.

    By Alexis Lim URL on 05.29.2012

  17. its all about his dilemma with his mother, that’s why he was incarcerated in the penitentiary two years ago. Basically, long story short, he was caught kissing the car.

    By RyCams URL on 05.29.2012

  18. he said, ” dilemma’s are created not because we need them to make us feel miserable with the choices that we ought and ought not to make, but rather, dilemma’s exist for us to understand and appreciate that there are still choices that we must take into account.”

    By RyCams URL on 05.29.2012

  19. problem annoying unsolvable ARGHH!!!!

    By Ariel on 05.29.2012

  20. dilemma me this, dilemma me that, why oh why are there so many dilemmas?! Let me tell you why..it’s because without dilemmas, there would be no fun and excitement in this life that we live in. plain and stagnant.

    By RyCams URL on 05.29.2012

  21. dilemma, oh why with all this dilemma? does God not want me to enjoy this fruitful life that he has given, or does Satan constantly tickle me with dilemmas that i cannot understand and solve so as to distract me from my praises to the almighty! What a dilemma!

    By RyCams URL on 05.29.2012

  22. i have been in a horrible dilemma from childhood..cant get the reason of my liveliness..why m i here.. who is bothered for me ?
    does it even matter..

    By jitisha on 05.29.2012

  23. a situation that hinders time that will be lost, irreversible time, that only a friend can usually help with.

    By Rich URL on 05.29.2012

  24. A man was stuck at work until 9:30 at night as he was in a dilemma. If he did not finish his work by 10:00 pm, he would not be able to go home. There was no one to help him.

    By Kunal on 05.29.2012

  25. The boy stood in front of the burning building, frozen. He had two choices: run back into kitchen and save his mom, or run around the back to the garage and save his dad.

    By Carolyn on 05.29.2012

  26. i have a problem. im not sure what to do about this dilemma. my boyfriend is graduating soon, and i will still be in high school. he is not going far to college, but far enough that it will be difficult to see each other on a regular basis. I am worried about this, because we are both very touch-sensitive and need to feel affection.

    By sophia on 05.29.2012

  27. I was surrounded. They gang circled around me, i had two options, run or…fight. I couldn’t make it out alive, i needed a plan…Fast!

    By Alex on 05.29.2012

  28. i am in an dilemma…i love my job but I AM NOT satisfied…i dont know why it is …i am really happy here ,.,,,the people are nice…the work is good….then why is the dilemma…should i opt for a better paying job or one nearer to my place. life is so complicated and full of dilemma!

    By Pallavi on 05.29.2012

  29. My dilemma. Our dilemma. The world’s dilemma. Dilemma. It seems to be all the world cares about.

    By Emma URL on 05.29.2012

  30. I have this problem, it’s a dilemma. What’s going on? Who can help? I have no idea. What is the issue here? There’s got to be something we can do. Let’s solve the problem, the dilemma. Maybe we’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel sometime soon and we can rest knowing that we’re safe and we’ve solved the situation.

    By Emily URL on 05.29.2012

  31. Robes. I can never choose the right ones.
    This is my dilemma. Mum always chooses the right things. Colours, sizes. Everything.
    I wish she was stillhere. It never ceases to amaze me. All the dilemmas she would fix.

    By kayla mcclelland on 05.29.2012

  32. i have a dilemma about going to the doctor and about quitting my job there is no one to help me resolve it but myself.it is hard and lonesome.

    By gaga on 05.29.2012

  33. Problems, that occur everywhere, with everything. With anything. All the time. Everyone has them, and the thing is, everybody has to have them. There’s no other way out without it. You need it. You can have perfection without it first!

    By Riya on 05.29.2012

  34. I have a dilemma. The water is calm and it looks so innocent. But fear grips me and holds me back; like i am chained to a pole and cannot move beyond a 10 feet radius. I want to love it, but all i can do it hate it. My friends call me to the water; it’s something they embrace, but i cannot open my arms as they do.

    By jenna on 05.29.2012

  35. I had to choose between them both. One forever, the other promising nothing at all.

    Fuck choice. Just go with it and bury yourself knees deep in that shit to later climb back out again and make the same mistakes, only better.

    By julio on 05.29.2012

  36. My dilemma in life is whether i should write this or not. I just don’t know. It’s a tough descision? Can I rat on my friend just like that? Can I really? I don’t know. It feels wrong, but… I have to.

    By Jonatan on 05.29.2012

  37. I had a dilemma today when I walked into the office. Should I turn around and run for the nearest exit or stay and do my job. I was leaning heavily toward running but then I remembered that I have bills to pay, and resigned myself to my fate.

    By jacque on 05.29.2012

  38. The dilemma. What is a dilemma really? Descisions everywhere. I hate it. Why do I need to decide everything everytime? What if I don’t want to? Do I just not decide? That’s the biggest dilemma of them all.

    By Jonatan on 05.29.2012

  39. Dilemma,
    to sushi or sashimi?
    to rush or be crushed?
    to dance or to dive?

    This is my dilemma.

    By Justin Butler URL on 05.29.2012

  40. “This puts us in a dilemma,” Nathaniel said as he swung his sword around, treating it as a toy more than a weapon. I wondered what it felt like, in his hands. I had never touched it before, and prayed that I would never have to.

    “No it does not,” I countered, and then took a step forward.

    Nathaniel just sighed and followed me. He knew that I would always act first, think later. Dilemma or not.

    By river URL on 05.29.2012