May 28th, 2012 | 396 Entries

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396 Entries for “dilemma”

  1. Dilemma. Caught in between two choices. Trapped between what my brain says and what my heart says. Should I even bother trying? I must’ve given up on him a thousand times. I never really did though. I can’t make up my mind. To love him or not to love him? That is the question.

    By Emily McNally on 05.28.2012

  2. throughout life you will be faced with dilemmas. dilemmas are usually complicated problems that you are bound into. sometimes dilemmas involve choosing something – no matter how difficult that choice may be.

    but the one good thing about dilemmas is that they force YOU to DECIDE for YOURSELF what YOU want in YOUR life. don’t let other people choose for you.

    By Kailey URL on 05.28.2012

  3. she pauses, considers.

    checks the box marked “yes.”

    By featherb URL on 05.28.2012

  4. I rarely have any dilemmas. Decisions are generally easy for me to make. The biggest problem I run into is whether to cook or eat at a restaurant — this problem can be solved by simply failing to plan a meal.

    By SWellsBennett URL on 05.28.2012

  5. My dilemma is not really understandable. Some think that it is a good dilemma and others pat me on the back thinking I’ve had it up to here. I want to believe that it will eventually solve itself without my interference because I can’t bring myself to choose between my heart and my head. Who can?

    By Psyche's Enigma on 05.28.2012

  6. I have a dilemma… her name is my mother. She tends to push me to be more that I can be. stretching out every trial… creating every error. I feel the pressure on my shoulders making me want to vomit my own stomach. Oh my mother.

    By Amy URL on 05.28.2012

  7. The dilemma is not based on the reality, but on the fact that dreaming is often more interesting than your daily life. The dilemma is wether to live your life, or to pursue your dreams.

    By Luis Chavez on 05.28.2012

  8. this period has been one of great challenge for both me and your mother. We have decided to go ahead an create something very special for both you this coming month. We will strap you both to sleep every night and sing to you from our hearts about our innermost desperate desires of freeeeeedom bitch

    By glenn URL on 05.28.2012

  9. I don’t know what I’m doing here. This is not where I want to be. This dilemma has taken hold of my life, and I pray to God I can figure it out.

    By mark hunnell on 05.28.2012

  10. Dilemmas, yeah thats my whole life there are loads of other words i could use like heartbreaking cringie or fun i dont know which applies more. My life is full of dilemmas my name is Kirsty Stewart and i swear i need help.

    By mee123 on 05.28.2012

  11. You know, you will hurt him
    but you cannot change.
    Life is complicated.
    You don’t want to hurt him
    but you know it is inevitable.
    Life ist not easy.
    Sometimes, I wish I could just vanish!

    By BR on 05.28.2012

  12. I slap his face. I don’t care any more. He’s caused me more trouble than he’s worth. He’s gotten me in trouble, lots of times. This is the biggest dilemma so far. He’s got me doing drugs. I don’t want to. He’s forcing me. I’ll be asleep, and he’ll inject me. As I awake every morning I’ll have a pain in my arm indicating where he’s got me.

    By Marie on 05.28.2012

  13. when there is a difficult choice with both options being of the same value..the same good or the same bad…choices are overall difficult to make, but dilemma is sort of unsolvable problem, a choice that is impossible to make.

    By snezana on 05.28.2012

  14. To be honest, my whole life is a dilemma. I don’t care how you look at it. It’s all a mess. Everything I do, it never changes. Something goes well? Never. Not once has something good happened in my life. Never. I need help to solve it. The reality of it all is setting in, it’s making me insane; I swear. Help me…

    By Marie URL on 05.28.2012

  15. Your my dilemma dammit, and you have no idea. I don’t need you, I just think I do. My phone’s ringing, god I hope thats you.

    By loveisallthereis URL on 05.28.2012

  16. my friend had an issue. I didn’t know how to help, her mom erected arguments that only spat more fury into the tangled mess that she said “50 voices were trying to tell her” how could that even happen? dancers are obsessed with their inner thoughts, so I let it be. she’s just stressed, I mean.. isn’t she?

    By Danielle Tuchman URL on 05.28.2012

  17. the dilemma started one day when i was home alone. it bothered me for hours and hours until i finally cracked. my friend had called me to tell me something,but she told me not to tell anyone, and that was the delimma i needed to tell someone!

    By dahlia URL on 05.28.2012

  18. Stupid finger nails keep getting in the way. One the one hand, they’re just as long as on the right. Haha. On the other hand, they can be useful… until they break… or hurt someone. He loves how they feel against his back in the moment, but they make writing and typing more trouble than they’re worth. -_-“

    By Sasha Yedrysek URL on 05.28.2012

  19. i wonder what your is.. :) when you wear a lost look on your face.. when you fake a smile and turn your head towards the sky…. i envy you.. because you can hide yourself so well..

    i would have wanted to be your dilemma; just as you are mine.

    By noway on 05.28.2012

  20. I was thinking up a rather snide dilemma for the two-year-old chihuahua that was crying from its window just two houses down from me. My husband told me not to mess with the poor puppy, but when it was yapping like its ears were on fire, I just couldn’t help but draft a plan to shut it up by forcing cookies down its throat, but that solution would serve only to be temporary. So as much as I tried to be evil, I just couldn’t manage it, so I pet my big labrador and slept with my red head upon his back.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 05.28.2012

  21. her words were cold &
    calculating, and soon i
    found myself in the worst
    position. should i tell
    the truth and lose my
    boyfriend, or tell a lie &
    lose my best friend? there
    was no easy way out of this
    one, that was for sure.

    By Laura. URL on 05.28.2012

  22. La lucha entre lo interno y lo externo, la experiencia el entendimiento y el futuro

    By Martin on 05.28.2012

  23. I have a dilemma here. I want to go and exercise today, I want to lose weight today, I want to look good for graduation. But I already ate a huge bowl of cereal and it’s 95 degrees outside so I am wondering if I’m really going to want to spend the day outside. Plus I just don’t feel that good about myself and I want to shower and shave and look pretty but the dilemma lies in my weight an

    By your mom on 05.28.2012

  24. A dilemma is a problem, maybe something standing in your way of getting something done. Dilemma is a funny word…hehe. Dilemma… I can’t think of anything else to write now. Awkward.

    By Marissa on 05.28.2012

  25. That’s exactly what i was thinking. I’m in somewhat of a major dilemma. I know the problem but can’t seem to get my feet wet. I tend to make a big talk and fail to step up to bat after. The pitcher gives me a, “you cocky son of a bitch,” look and i turn around and sit down with my tail between my legs.

    But not today. I am a proactive person who gets things done. The next idea, the next line, the next execution will be award-winning.

    By kevinmeagher URL on 05.28.2012

  26. I felt a wave of heat on my back, then a strong pulse pushed me to the ground and into the asphalt. An iron taste trickled into my mouth and I tried to calm myself down. Whatever this was, it wanted to kill me, the painful way.

    By Mary URL on 05.28.2012

  27. Dilemma. That is what I am in. I love him, and he is love. I will be with him forever. We just have to get past this dilemma. Hes leaving for 9 months. but he’ll be back soon and then we can be free together again.

    By mackenzie Hooten on 05.28.2012

  28. What is a dilemma? Well Becky was certainly facing one right now. To pick the brown dress and the gold shoes or to pick the grey dress and the black shoes. She was quite sure that this problem would affect her social standings for the rest of high school, which everyone knows affects the entire rest of your life!

    By Jacki Hartman on 05.28.2012

  29. Karen had a dilemma. It had to do with a fish. And a strip of bacon. She liked bacon, you see, but do did the fish that came after her to attack her for it. So, she then ate the fish. And had a full meal in her tummy.

    By Anna on 05.28.2012

  30. Dilemma.
    Lesser of two evils.
    She’s a dilemma.
    With her,
    you’re gone.
    Without her,
    you’re lost.
    There is no lesser evil.
    Gone or lost.
    They’re synonyms.
    You’re toast.

    By cosmic URL on 05.28.2012

  31. She stared at the paper before her. The lines and little squiggly marks mocked her. Closing her eyes, she took a deep breath and tried to steady herself under the pressure of her migraine. Who decided it was a good idea to come to work hung over?

    By Elizabeth URL on 05.28.2012

  32. I can’t believe I did that; of all things; I had to. Do. That.

    What should I do?!

    Oh God! What should I do?

    How should I hide the body?

    Maybe i should move away and get a false identity – yes, I’ll do that.

    By Olivia on 05.28.2012

  33. when a problem arises and you cannot continue on until it is solves

    By Alyssa on 05.28.2012

  34. She was pacing. It all happened so fast. What would people think of her? Where were her friends? …Did she still have friends? What was she to do? It was all too much………….

    By Janell on 05.28.2012

  35. What a dilemma! When you are unable to think of anything to really write about, when you only have one minute and you run out of tim

    By Briony on 05.28.2012

  36. i hae a dilemma o istay with nathaiel who i love a lot, but who soetmes maes me cry.but then i cry more when im crying i just seem to cry alot.noone else makes me cry so much :9 wha ta dilemma deilemma dilemma dilemma what a p icle who can help me i ont know i n eed ore sex thats fr sue i havetnt adssex ince i turned 21 what asad time and nat didnt have sex on my bday or the day before even though i asked

    By beean on 05.28.2012

  37. Her problem was that she did not know how to seek help. There was no one to ask. There was no where to go. So this dilemma was simply something she would have to work through herself.

    By Dawn URL on 05.28.2012

  38. wow. this a dilemma. I don’t know what to write about the word “dilemma.” Is this a sign? does this mean that there is some big dilemma awaiting me just around the corner? Is this some sort of modern day fortune cookie?

    By ashley on 05.28.2012

  39. I was staring down my hands with my mind screaming as it ripped in two. I waited for some sort of sign, some sort of message that would tell me, explain it to me: explain something that i couldn’t quite grasp, something teetering on the edge of my mind as my heart, my soul, my mind cried out to decide, to find the answer. The answer to the dilemma.

    By Sinead on 05.28.2012

  40. Something complicated…
    How to resolve, what to chose.
    Deside nothing either is good.
    Be here, tomorrow

    By Mark on 05.28.2012