March 28th, 2011 | 526 Entries

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526 Entries for “digital”

  1. the digital camera flashed brightly in my eyes. i turned to the next one, begining to see spots. finally, when nearly all of my sight was gone i ducked into the building, because the premiere of the new movie was about to begin.

    By Rupert URL on 03.28.2011

  2. The age of digital breads new ideas to the future, thoughts of what would supercede this generation’s technological advances, onwards and onwards like an evolution of science, born of man.

    By Adam Kissaglis on 03.28.2011

  3. I am digital, I am the new world order, simple, divine, natural, you are analogue, outdated, complicated, difficult to store, watch me flourish and your demise.

    By Adam Kissaglis on 03.28.2011

  4. digital clock – digital age- ditigal watch digital maze
    digits and widgets
    dont lose a digit
    digital camera – digital film
    digital tv
    digital sound
    digital age –
    how old is that?

    By Kat5 URL on 03.28.2011

  5. Fingers grasping a pen is just as digital as tapping at the key of a keyboard.
    Respect for the digits I was born with.

    By PygmyBlue URL on 03.28.2011

  6. A word that makes clocks easy to read. A word that makes it possible for my older sister to tell time. Awesome. Gotta love digital.

    By Lindsey Elgin URL on 03.28.2011

  7. How did we get so far from home? I traveled into the square black box and brought light to its darkness, color, shadow and luminance. Everything was destroyed when we were sucked with such force through the black hole that was smaller than a pixel.

    By nannan on 03.28.2011

  8. This world isn’t real. Nothing you see is the right thing. We make whatever we want of this. I am lying to you. I am smiling and you are learning nothing from me. This is not real. you are imagining this all. I love your lies. I love this fake world we live in. Welcome to the rabbit hole. Where everything is not what it seems.

    By Christina Durden URL on 03.28.2011

  9. the digital age is upon us. From computers to phones to televisions….it doesn’t matter, coffeemakers, refrigerators…it’s all gonna be digital. So what happens when the power goes off? Will we all have to have generators for our normal everyday lives to continue? It’s time ot power down, People. Time to power down and LIVE!

    By Trayc on 03.28.2011

  10. I met a youngster over the weekend who didn’t know how to tell time from a clock. All they could do was read a digital clock. Is that what the world is coming to? I know regular clocks are becoming a rarity, but they do still exist. I can’t imagine not knowing how to “read” a clock…it would be like not being able to make change for a dollar.

    By ChaCha URL on 03.28.2011

  11. the digital age of technology bringing people together connections connecting us across the world across the ocean one country to another but no digital picture no digital sound can create a real feeling on a real person on his skin or in his arms maybe in his heart but maybe it’s just digital residue

    By littleblackbear URL on 03.28.2011

  12. summer is a day of warmth and beauty,
    filled with hot, humid air as stipulating as a new video game,
    hurled out there like a day of grace and wishful thinking.
    How could a day be so warm and nice when it has been so long since last known?

    Give me summer,
    Give me spring
    Fall and winter are enemies to me
    Warmth is what I need,
    Let death be tolled to the Fall and Winter,
    Let summer and spring do their thing

    By Monroe smith on 03.28.2011

  13. I love my Nikon D40. Digital photography is amazing. Everything should go digital. Everything is: books, art, college blogs (class)…etc.

    By Joiiii on 03.28.2011

  14. All through the night they glare at my face, sleeping or otherwise, those green pulsing numbers tell me how late it is, or early, if the clubs are closing with the people streaming out, or the night workers returning with the soft orange glow of the morning, the night, shedding its skin, the time to wake up, to gaze at the weather, to gather my crumpled self and hover withsome morning grace to the bathroom.

    By Jeannie URL on 03.28.2011

  15. I looked at my digital clock blinking 12:00. That meant the power had went out again and it was very reasonable that I was bout to be late for work. I layed there for a minute I didn’t jump up to find out what the real time was I didn’t care any more. I didn’t care about being late or on time. I barely even cared about living.

    By Troinetta Nikki on 03.28.2011

  16. Digital. All of his life was digital from his wedding tape to pictures of his children when they were young. His wife threw out all of the tapes and CDs because they took up too much space. Everything was kept on a tiny hard drive. All was well. Until the day that the hard drive crashed.

    By Calla URL on 03.28.2011

  17. Digital books are supposed to be changing the way we read–they are supposed to be the hospitable home for the digital natives, who are supposed to find that the books sooth their ADD by incorporating video and that they are easier to carry around in e-format. But the digital natives are not native after all. They don’t like the digital books, instead they’d rather not read at all.

    By maritov URL on 03.28.2011

  18. Digital is a word that they use to explain something on the computer or a class like digital design!!!

    By SoccerStar URL on 03.28.2011

  19. when i hear the word digital i think of cameras because……. well i dont know why.

    By nix6 URL on 03.28.2011

  20. In digital design we make pictures on the computer and print them out.

    By .trista. URL on 03.28.2011

  21. digital is like working on the computer. digital desing is designing digitally

    By kaylob URL on 03.28.2011

  22. The first thing that comes to mind when i hear the word digital is digital design; the class that I’m in right now.(: Lots of fun.(:0.

    By Shae!? :D URL on 03.28.2011

  23. She felt a real dislike, unreasonable as that was, towards those insipid, unfriendly neon numbers, oh for the good old days, when time was divided up into slices of pie

    By Jeanie URL on 03.28.2011

  24. when i think digial. I think of digital design. It i very fun class.

    By alejandro URL on 03.28.2011

  25. digital
    our new age, that one word which defines out hole existence, the modern one at lest.
    such a powerful tool and a whole different world than the one my parents lived in.

    By Akano URL on 03.28.2011

  26. i have a digital camra i lioke digital devices my favrite class is digital design i can make a digital picture

    By resident evil fan 1 URL on 03.28.2011

  27. The era of digital continues! perhaps we will reach internalized digital items soon.
    humanity wont be far from death when that comes.

    By ccolville URL on 03.28.2011

  28. When I first opened the box, I had tried to imagine what he would be like just by his appearance. I thought his voice would be blunt and electronic, I thought his mind would have nothing but digital information packed inside of it. But I found so much more once his on-switch was flicked.

    By Veerin URL on 03.28.2011

  29. The melancholy of the days when i use to walk the dusty roads of london, bustling and filled with a variety of people. Now, I’m a recluse, living in a woodland nearby a rural town. The tranquil peace made me feel more at ease than the flashing digital lights of a suburban city.

    By Tansy on 03.28.2011

  30. This is the digital age that we live in. Every where you look there is something digital. The microwave, the oven, the tv, the alarm clock. The digital system has changed everything that we are bout i

    By Alb on 03.28.2011

  31. One by one, the lights flickered off. My eyes adjusted to the darkness, and in the gloom the room suddenly was filled with ethereal light coming from the projector. I instantly knew this latest piece of technology was going to change the world – the world’s first digital projector, so unlike the simple wooden toys i used to play with.

    By Tansy on 03.28.2011

  32. The alarm clock beeped, I stared at the digital display. 3:45…the numbers were blinking at me…or I was blinking, I’m not sure. I threw my covers off, and slid out of the warm coziness of my bed. I love baking, but I hate the hours…I used to be a night owl. I guess you make sacrifices to follow your dreams.

    By Lauren URL on 03.28.2011

  33. in this digital age—as the saying goes—we are so bombarded with news and more news happening on the spot right now
    a digital watch makes telling time easier or not I ask?

    By she53lly URL on 03.28.2011

  34. digital love song

    Keyboard typing…
    getting tired of reconnection!
    I log on just to see your face,
    your 35,000miles from my place.

    this is my digital love song
    and it goes on, and on, on, and on
    (just for you)
    Just like I do…
    like you should too…
    Life was made for me and you.

    this is my digital love song
    and I know it wont be long
    till you log on!

    sometiems I want to block you…
    and send you mean emots.
    Sometimes you make me angry,
    and I just want to explode!

    most the time Im happy,
    and I send nothing more than love.
    for I believe your my angel,
    sent from up above…

    though you maybe far from me.
    and our love long distance be..
    I always know
    that you are there for me.

    Cause this is OUR digital love song…
    and it goes on, and on, on, and on
    (just for you)
    Just like I do…
    like you should too…
    Cause this life was made for me and you.

    this is our digital love song
    and I know it wont be long
    till I have you in my arms

    This is our digital love song
    and I wrote it
    just for you

    So you know just how much
    I digitally am in love with you :P

    By lildevi URL on 03.28.2011

  35. Everything is digital nowdays. In the future, it will be too, moreso – everything from our selves to our clothes to our reality. Well, it’ll be reality. So what do we call it? Is it still digital if it’s just every day life? I doubt it. This I wonder at 4 in the morning, staring at my digital watch and drifting into a, perhaps, digital sleep, dreaming of the digital world to come.

    By Zachary on 03.28.2011

  36. Ah, we’re living the digital life now. No more bulky sheets of paper or actual physical interaction. It’s funny, you know – I’d dreamed of this day, long ago. I didn’t realize that when it actually came, it would be so…empty. So devoid of meaning.

    By David URL on 03.28.2011

  37. Digital is the name of a Joy Division song. Other than that, I remember in 5th grade we were asked to name some world issues. This girl Stephanie D____ stated that kids were no longer learning to tell time because of digital watches. The next student mentioned the Greenhouse Effect.

    By deadponies URL on 03.28.2011

  38. “I promise you. I won’t let you down this time…”His voice was muffled with the background voices and the crackling of the phone line.
    Abruptly, he was cut off.
    That was the last time i heard from him… I’ve never used a phone since.

    By Fuglyass on 03.28.2011

  39. digital is what our world has become. Everything is based off of how “good” your technology is, how mobile is it, what can you do with it etc. People have lost the ‘true’ way of life at least when it comes to the small things.

    By Autunm URL on 03.28.2011

  40. digital makes me think of many things like digital radio, digital clock, digital watch…….but digital in its essence is technology. the digital age—-technology….. i personally am connected to the term digital and it is connected to me because i am always associating with it Thus, I am digital.

    By chinyere URL on 03.28.2011