December 12th, 2012 | 343 Entries

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343 Entries for “determined”

  1. The snow weighed heavy
    on the branches of the trees, pulling
    them down. The air was crisply
    cold, the night cloud-free, clear.

    Cold feet crunch along
    icy sidewalks – heavy boots
    weighing me down.

    By hannah URL on 12.13.2012

  2. I was determined to get to the finish line. Just because I was in last place didn’t mean that I was quitting now. There it was…. the finish line.

    By Kaelia URL on 12.13.2012

  3. When I was aiming at my deer I determined I was going to miss.

    By Denton URL on 12.13.2012

  4. My little sister determined on having the last donut.

    By Deven URL on 12.13.2012

  5. I was determined to win first prize in the talent show this fall.

    By Rosie URL on 12.13.2012

  6. i am determined i will get todays project done and take my prfolio home.

    By Cody URL on 12.13.2012

  7. I was determined to get all of my homework in before the next Monday or Tuesday.

    By Rachel URL on 12.13.2012

  8. I was determined to play basketball.

    By briannas URL on 12.13.2012

  9. My cousin made a little ramp to jump our bikes on. I was a little nervous because I never jump a bike before. But I was determined to jump it.

    By Trace URL on 12.13.2012

  10. My friend was determined to find out where i keep going so i told her that i went to see another friend . She was alright with that .

    By Alisia URL on 12.13.2012

  11. I have determined that I was going to do every sport a girl could do this year i am set to that goal i have just track to go.

    By Paige URL on 12.13.2012

  12. I was determined to play volleyball.

    By Krystal URL on 12.13.2012

  13. I determined to go to the play today, unless you have to pay to go in. I guess I’ll just go home.

    By Talia URL on 12.13.2012

  14. person that knows exactly what he wants in life
    knowing what to do to achieve a goal

    By santiago on 12.13.2012

  15. i am determined to make the honors band next year. if i dont make it i willl quit band because that is how serious i am about it. i dont want to make symphonic or concert because that means i did not have any improvement or i got worse. if i make concert than that means i got worse. symphonic band is justTO BIG and concert is to small. and honors is good and the best band because all the 8th graders get to be in there. if a 7th grade oboe makes honors and i dont, i will get SUPERmad.

    By Riley peterson on 12.13.2012

  16. I’ll be damned and determined
    To see you burn in haters hell
    You’ve walked your lonely mile
    On my last frayed nerve cell
    It feels like I’ve looked into
    The pits of rotting human waste
    You better gather your consorts
    This Judgement can’t be erased

    By recogirl URL on 12.13.2012

  17. Determined can be both active and passive. I am determined that mine be active. I am sure my characters are the same. They are each determined to get someplace to do something to make the world into the shape they want to see.

    And yet, each of them has already been determined by the events of the their lives, by the people around them, by randomness, by chance.

    This is the great conundrum – the gap between our own determination and what has already been determined for us, what has been determined in the world around us that we are unable to shift, regardless of our resolve.

    My ghost, Marie, is determined to make the world anew. Over time, she shrinks her vision and is determined just to run the right way, to make the printing press work, to please Maclure. The world will not be made anew no matter how hard she tries.

    By Toni on 12.13.2012

  18. {available; determined}

    she sat in the table next to mine, not like a metaphor or a poem, but someone real with her hair greased and tied up, her shirt still obviously the one she had worn to sleep. she’s the most gorgeous thing i’ve seen in a while.

    she was alone, had one drink on the table. she’ll stay alone. i’ll keep kicking myself this year, and to the next, if i never tell her how pretty i think she is. i’ll say it.

    i’ll wait until the end of this song, and this cigarette. the song ends first, so i light another. i didn’t bring a watch with me but i’m keeping time, in the breath of ashes and the uglysweet smell of smoke.

    she asks to borrow my lighter. i make her smile, but i can’t be sure. we fall silent again. i think i might do it. i will. but i suppose i’ll have to think first, because ‘i really want to see how my outer-ring-of-the-sun red lipstick looks on your skin,’ isn’t an ideal ice breaker.

    “are you waiting for someone?” i say instead. i hope someday she’ll look wistfully at the traffic, the way she is now, and wonder when i’ll arrive.

    By h. b. URL on 12.13.2012

  19. I am determined not to fail,
    I will win
    I will soar like a sail
    I will not sin.

    By Jamie URL on 12.13.2012

  20. She way determined to make everyone happy, no matter what it took. Spending her days with crafts, poems, and “ready to listen” advice, she took into account her friends, her brother, her sister, even the family she had made with other people. But she forgot one key person to keep happy: her mother. Ever since she was little, they had been close. They are still close, but for some reason she cannot tell her mother everything that is going on in her life. For example: the boy she likes. She cannot bring herself to tell her mother that she feels more than friendship for him because she is scared. Scared of what will happen, scared of her mother telling her that she can never see him again.

    By Bailey on 12.13.2012

  21. I am determined to do better. To do well. To excel. To achieve more than I had originally sought out for. I will do amazingly! Success! :D

    By neen1794 URL on 12.13.2012

  22. i hate the word determined because it reminds me of a place i don’t like to belong, all bullshit

    By peachtea on 12.13.2012

  23. he stumbled down the alley determined to get to the store before it closed. inside was a porcelain doll that he needed for the girl next door. Long, golden, real human hair. Blue iceberg eyes that somehow seemed warm… A bottle of whiskey and two hundred dollars later, a beautiful doll sat anonymously upon the doorstep of the girl he secretly doted on.

    By Mallory on 12.13.2012

  24. She was determined to kill him. He was annoying her, being horrible, and being an asshole. However, killing was against the law, and she didn’t want to go to jail much.
    But then she realized that killing was alright if it were self-defense.

    By Sophia on 12.13.2012

  25. Sometimes a goal can blind you, sure you need an aim. But try to look around you, the nice stuff is on the way, which is what is going to make you happy, eventually.

    By redvelvet URL on 12.13.2012

  26. me my mother dedicated decide decided men ladies good perfect hope love ok

    By Ozgedd on 12.13.2012

  27. I have seriously no idea what determined is.. Cause wel.. I’m Dutch you know. I’m from Holland, from the Netherlands. And yes it’s cold in here haha. And I’m pretty good at English, sometimes.. Mostly not.. But I have no idea what determined is.. Anyboday that can excplain it to me?

    By Kyra on 12.13.2012

  28. I am determined, above all things, to find the kind of love that I know exists in the dainty forms of fresh spring flora and is best conveyed by those can appreciate it best. There will always be a soft pastel place for the person that can sign it with their beauty

    By creepestbloom URL on 12.13.2012

  29. She stared upwards at the sky, feeling as though everything was aligned against her. And it was in that moment that she realized how much it would take to accomplish her goal. Not just some of her time, and a little bit of effort. It would take lifetimes. Her life would be spent fighting for the equality of a race that wasn’t even hers.

    By Serryphae URL on 12.13.2012

  30. i wus determined the super star.

    By yamha URL on 12.13.2012

  31. i’m so determined to finish the race

    By aaronr URL on 12.13.2012

  32. It was determined that a test score was an A but also my drama preformance is determined to be today. My brother Michaels b ball game was determined for the field

    By molly URL on 12.13.2012

  33. I am determined to win first!!!!!!

    By hun236 URL on 12.13.2012

  34. i’m so determined to finish the race in first place tomrow at the final

    By aaronr URL on 12.13.2012

  35. field was determined and so was drama play and bball
    bball is bsket ball

    By molly URL on 12.13.2012

  36. i was determined to meet justin bieber and i felt like he wasnt determined to meet me i feel really bad like im not good enough for him anyways i still love him

    By Bieberlover URL on 12.13.2012

  37. I am determined to live a happy and positive life, determined to live in peace with others instead of going against them, some times my determination doesnt show through but I will still try, I will stay determined regardless.

    By Sarah on 12.13.2012

  38. No one is more determined than
    the mother who loves her
    and the child who loves her imagination
    at running away
    from those they are made to love.

    No one is more shy than
    the fool in his innocent knowledge
    and the teacher in his
    fumbling wisdom
    at announcing their worth

    No one is more real than
    the people who fate themselves
    to truth

    By Saudade URL on 12.13.2012

  39. I am determined to be all that I can be. I am determined to lead a beautiful life, to be successfull, to have a happy family, to fall in love and stay in love. Determination isn’t just ambition, it’s more beautiful and more pure. it means differnent things to differenct people but to me it means fulfilling your potential, whatever that may be.

    By Alyson on 12.13.2012

  40. he puts a cigarette
    between his lips.
    “I thought you quit”, i say.

    he makes a gun
    with his index finger
    and thumb, aims it at a passing plane.

    “there are worse
    ways to die.”

    By corey leigh kirby URL on 12.13.2012