December 12th, 2012 | 343 Entries

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343 Entries for “determined”

  1. Amazingly enough, being determined can overcome peoples fears and failures. SImply being determined allows for incredible things to occur, such as a cat who cannot swim and has a fear of water to catch the fish in the sea.

    By Thalia on 12.13.2012

  2. I was determined to get the truth, no matter what. I had invested all my money in the hotel business, that I had inherited from my father, we were told because of some irregularities that have surface during a routine inspection, that I stand to loose everything.

    By victor URL on 12.13.2012

  3. I like words

    By Anna on 12.13.2012

  4. She was never more determined to succeed than in this moment. Looking out across the room she knew that despite all the trouble she had made the right choice. She could never regret that now.
    One by one, they stood. But she wouldn’t back down. Not now, not when she’d come this far. It was now or never.

    By Aimée URL on 12.13.2012

  5. Yummy words

    By Keeks on 12.13.2012

  6. I was determined to write something fantastic in here and show off my skills as a wordsmith to my coworker and friend KC. Unfortunately I didn’t fancy taking a crack at this particular word and thus tried to reload the page in the hope that I might find myself faced with a more inspiring one. No luck.

    By Adam on 12.13.2012

  7. Who would believe that this could happen? In my understanding of the world you work to achieve goals, and am determined to get where I plan to go by working hard. Having this fall into my lap with asking for it seems odd. I keep waiting for the other shoe to drop to balance this fortune, when something I love and value and rely on, like coffee, is wrenched away by fickle fate and becomes out of reach.

    By Meredyth URL on 12.13.2012

  8. Such a fluid concept to put into place, when it should be rock hard. Determination and discipline and vision and you can do anything…or, you know, you could veg out on the couch for an hour, maybe just half an hour and shut out the world, and have another day slip by, moving you further from your dreams and vision.

    By Ara URL on 12.13.2012

  9. A paradox. To move toward a goal without rest, perhaps. Which means to have set ones mind to a task, to an interpretation, to an end justifying the means. To have placed before you one thing that shall direct, and to thereby announce that that single thing holds more importance than all others. To be undeterred, as it were.

    Yet, undeterred from what? Is it not the same to say that all the other things had focused you on your one? Is any event a singularity, apart from all influence? Of course not. It is a process of focusing, a reducing. Like a funnel in which you swirl, and would have headed in any of those lovely tangents, were it not for the walls. Which, to you, deterred. Plunk, down the middle, your mind.

    By mattlock URL on 12.13.2012

  10. a want, no a need that needs fulfilment, something that make you push forward, a sense of responsibility to finish something, to reach that goal, to put all things that will come in the way of halting you aside

    By Mohammed on 12.13.2012

  11. A word about being enlightened to do something. It’s a word I want to feel when work comes along my path. I mean, do I really want to do it? Am I determined? I do not know half the time. I usually need someone or something to be DETERMINED….

    By John on 12.13.2012

  12. What the hell, I thought. This is the exact same word! I couldn’t believe it. Is it always the same word? Everything I knew was a lie. I tried to make up for it– refreshing, deleting my history, but nothing would work. All I wanted to do was write another thing. All I wanted to do…… was become……….. determined.

    By John on 12.13.2012

  13. sometimes i think about something i would really like to do with myself and something has really inspired me and all i want to do is chase that idea and make it a reality but i dont have the determination, i just sit and dont do and nothing ever becomes of the dream i once had

    By jane does URL on 12.13.2012

  14. to do everything. to never give up. to love . to ask. to know. to drink and sleep and taste and devour. to embellish, to believe and not to/ to feel fell . to be a roman candle. to read. to explore. to travel. to send a letter and write a book.determined on everything

    By Jo Lambda on 12.13.2012

  15. I am determined to do my best on my project.

    By imoto URL on 12.13.2012

  16. I am determined that there will be a snow day on monday!

    By Sammi URL on 12.13.2012

  17. The girl drew water carefully, precisely. If she let go of the handle for a moment, if her grip faltered, it would spin out of control. She would drop the bucket to the bottom of the well, the rope was old, frayed. It would snap. So carefully, carefully, with muscles straining, the girl pulled the bucket up. Her face was filled with a grim determination for the task at hand.

    By piper URL on 12.13.2012

  18. I was determined that all the flowers were dead

    By Rayanne URL on 12.13.2012

  19. As i looked at the man something told me that i knew him. After that night i am determined to find out who the man the beast is.

    By fox URL on 12.13.2012

  20. i am determined that it will snow tonight and we wont have school tommorow

    By diamondsss URL on 12.13.2012

  21. If your not determined to succeed then you wont succeed.

    By Jeremy URL on 12.13.2012

  22. she is determined to get him back with all the tricks up in her sleeves. people call it emotional blackmail; she calls it love.

    By lilyberry URL on 12.13.2012

  23. the little boy was determined to make the best tree house in the world.

    By alejandrace URL on 12.13.2012

  24. I am very determined to win at anything or any competition that you could put in front of me. I am determined to do a lot of things.

    By S-man URL on 12.13.2012

  25. I am determined to get better at video games.

    By Tanner Bowman URL on 12.13.2012

  26. I am determined to do whatever it takes to get what I want. No matter what it is as long as it goes with my moral principles. I won’t betray myself. I won’t give up. I will get what I want and I’ll do it right.

    By Andrea on 12.13.2012

  27. i wish i could be determined like others around me. determined to finish what i started and start what i would never dream of doing. If i could have determination in everything, i would be perfect. but nobody’s perfect.

    By Nisha on 12.13.2012

  28. Flashes of red and pink were dancing in the corners of her eyes, filling her with a strange and impossible hope. For too long, she had simply stood and watched like this. How many years had she spent, praying and wishing and trying until her bones ached, looking to the skies for an answer? But now that the moment was here, was it worth taking a chance? Or was she really going to spend another lifetime waiting?
    No… she refused to wait any longer. If there were going to be any miracles today, they would be wrought by her hands, clenched in determined fists.
    I do belong here, she told herself. I am worth something. I can do this.
    And this time, as diamonds sparked to life within her, she believed it.

    By Jewel Lightraye URL on 12.13.2012

  29. not going to give up

    By anton URL on 12.13.2012

  30. I was determined to finish the race.

    By Trouty(: URL on 12.13.2012

  31. the man determined that the flying pig was mental

    By Benjamin URL on 12.13.2012

  32. I am determined to finish collage.

    By jessicada URL on 12.13.2012

  33. I was determined to get an “A” on my project.

    By Maddie URL on 12.13.2012

  34. I am determined to make the basketball team! I am determined to make it to broadway! I am determined to win.

    By Makyla URL on 12.13.2012

  35. I was very determined to get a good grade in math so I could be able to dance.

    By Skylar URL on 12.13.2012

  36. i had determined to impress her on her birthday, but when she came home she was upset and i didn’t know why

    By Kaitlyn URL on 12.13.2012

  37. i am determined to do something today. but i dont know what. my favorite color is blue. what are you determined to do today? i think i will go outside and sit the imaginary snow that i have created in my mind. it shall be purple. and my unicorn’s name shall be determined by me. her name is mystery.

    By Maranda URL on 12.13.2012

  38. He was determined to finish. even though he’d never finished anything before in his life. If he could just complete everything then he could be happy for once.

    By anthony URL on 12.13.2012

  39. Today I woke up and was determined to work out. I haven’t worked out in the last few days because I came down with a cold… again. But I did it today, and am really proud of myself. So many endorphins right now… but anything can be accomplished with just enough determination. I am determined to study for my math final today so that will happen as well.

    By thirstforwords URL on 12.13.2012

  40. Dogged, sweat beaded blasphemers crouched over their compass’.
    Which way is right?
    Down is the only direction we know for sure.

    By SkyShroud URL on 12.13.2012