December 12th, 2012 | 343 Entries

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343 Entries for “determined”

  1. I was determined to get up this morning. I did, but then a comet hit the roof of my house and shook it violently. Me, being the person I am, grabbed a banana and ran out the door in the sweats and t-shirt.

    By Noreen on 12.12.2012

  2. Determined to find the tavern, the bard struggled and staggered and stumbled and swaggered about the narrow road, his lute banging haphazardly against his exposed thigh. His wife had kicked him out of the cottage again, and by God, he was going to have a skinful of mead to make up for a lousy night.

    He hobbling into the dimly space and plopped down at a corner table, mopping his brow with his floppy hat. The wench strode over with a huff and puff.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 12.12.2012

  3. He was determined to keep me out that whole night, ready and breathing slow and thinking hard. “Ten more minutes,” he’d whisper, and I knew my mother was waiting up at home. And what could I do? He was looking at me with those big brown eyes, his face framed with freckles. I did what he said, and ten more minutes I stayed.

    By alaska URL on 12.12.2012

  4. The burial site had yet to be determined. The flowers had not been picked. The prayer had not been written. What had been done was a collection of photos brought together, held together by small fingers and shaking hands, recalling the happiest day of the deceased’s life—little Jeremy, walking him in the open field, with a chewed tennis ball and a fresh bone in his owner’s back blue jean pocket.

    By Will B. Somethin URL on 12.12.2012

  5. I am determined to write about this word in 60 seconds. Determination is what defines a strong man and weak man. Determine. To mine the deterring gems from the earth. He interrupts but I am determined to continue. He is determined to complain. The asshole is

    By Morder on 12.12.2012

  6. i am determined to do so many things . learn french, learn spanish. travel the world. do development work. complete my program at university. read lots of books. write lots. lose weight. get fit . be more beautiful, more stylish. don’t be too consumeristic. be better. be happy. be really, really happy. find everything i need. don’t need to much. be happy without much. be happy with who i am. be happy with someone else. don’t lose myself to them.
    lose myself to happiness.
    be happy
    be happy
    i am determined to be happy

    By rebecca on 12.12.2012

  7. i’ve been called a horse but i don’t understand why the flower sleeps in the moonlight and why you can call about nothing as something when I’m determined all falls into place a place that doesn’t exist more than likely about inasmuch as now …it’s all the same

    By Reinier Gamboa URL on 12.12.2012

  8. once you’ve made your decision, you’re determined to keep it. i saw it on your face when we spoke. you had had time to think. you had come to your conclusion. you thought it would be the best for the both of us. you weren’t going to move.
    i wish you had less of that quality. give some of it to me. then maybe i could change your mind.

    By drichie on 12.12.2012

  9. i am determined to work out
    i am determined to eat healthy
    i am determined to be happy
    i am determined to do my math homework
    i am determined to have the perfect music library
    i am determined to own all the best books
    i am determined to be successful

    By cierra on 12.12.2012

  10. Ready to move on and beat all obstacles life throws my way.

    By wilber on 12.12.2012

  11. New York’s Hottest Club is DETERMINED. This 24-hour holiday parade has everything. Stubborn Mules, Mother-In-Laws, Serial Stalkers from your past, High School Forever-Alone People, and Human Brick Walls!

    By Remus Drake on 12.12.2012

  12. i felt determined whenever she yelled at me. determined that i would try harder, that i would win, that i would be the best. i tried so hard for that. i was determined. but i never reahed it. i never got there. i fell and that when my determination became unfortuante sadss

    By Madeleine B. on 12.12.2012

  13. Motivated. Driven. I am determined to pursue my goals in life, whatever it takes, even if in the process my heart slightly breaks. Because even if you’re tired, once you’re driven, you’ll make it through. :)

    By greengabberglob URL on 12.12.2012

  14. Caius pressed his lips into a determined line.

    “I won’t.”

    “You won’t be released until you take him!” the sorcerer growled, shaking the immortal by the collar.

    “Then I guess I’ll get comfortable.”

    By Julia A. URL on 12.12.2012

  15. I am not determined. I am not my friends. I am not my peers. I am not what I see everyday when I walk through the doors of my school. my high strung, competetive private school. I am nothign next to what I sit next to, and nobody will ever know.

    By C URL on 12.12.2012

  16. He was determined to fall. It would happen this time, he could jump. Let all of his fears go, and just plummet towards the earth. All he had to to was jump, let go of his world, and then he would be right back. And then… he jumped. Falling towards the ground, he tumbled for a few seconds and then PWSSSSSHHHH he let the chute go. Skydiving was a success.

    By Archori URL on 12.12.2012

  17. Determined. Undermined. Layman’s terms. I am free writing. I have wanted to do something like this for weeks, when my brain is in this sort of state. I fly out of my own state and go to a world where I can do something better. I am determined to find the state where I can eat purple sugar-paper flowers and candy skulls daily and snack on vegan treats while a lover and I touch fingertips. I used to call it a Francesca Lia Block world, from her books. I would still love to live in one.

    By Alice URL on 12.12.2012

  18. To be determined is to have a sort of a attitude in you that you know youbcan accomplish tasks because your mind is set on it.

    By ricotico URL on 12.12.2012

  19. “Kai,” I say, “you’re crazy. There is absolutely no way to escape this hell hole.”

    Kaiden crosses his arms and frowns, a look of pure, stubborn determination burning behind his eyes.

    “Challenge accepted.”

    By Abbey URL on 12.12.2012

  20. Determined to beat the doctor at his own game, she lifted her chin and locked eyes with her opponent. Each word was chosen deliberately, each phrase carefully nuanced.

    By Dianne Marshall on 12.12.2012

  21. I am determined to procrastinate. How long is a minute anyway? I am unsure of the premise. I am determined to make this paper goo,d to make Nancy proud, and to pull myself up out of the mire of this semester so far. I am determined to put words on the page in the order that is good for them. I am determined to prove to her that I am a good observer and that stage management is fun and that it works for me. I am I am I am.

    By Michaela on 12.12.2012

  22. I walked into the world and made them look. I made them watch and listen, all before the words fell out of my mouth. And they listened in awe as the music flowed from my lips. I made that happen . No one thought that this scrawny girl would have a voice. That this mouse could have power. But i was going to show them, I did show them.

    By M. Dennis on 12.12.2012

  23. keep going you can make it i knowyoull getinto college everything will be okay you will get out of here one day soon and everything will end up the way its supposed too. nothing can hold you back naymore than it already has and youve proved yourself to be stron enough now. start working harder you can do this. you have to try to reach your goal

    By bailey on 12.12.2012

  24. Was I really as determined as I thought I was? I could have done so much more, I could have succeeded, but I always lacked the determination. And now, now I’m paying for it.

    By Zevvers URL on 12.12.2012

  25. I am determined to prove everyone wrong! To see the world as I want to see it and not how others perceive it. I want to be strong for my soul, that poured out and let me live! I am determined.

    By Tanya Allport on 12.12.2012

  26. Sometimes I feel like I am determined. That I have so much ambition and motivation but something is always pulling me back from reaching my best. I need more determination in my life, and confidence so that I can move on to bigger and better things. I am determined to be determined, does that even make sense… does anything make sense.

    By Sydney Scuralli URL on 12.12.2012

  27. I am determined to bring change in my life, to achieve my goals yet be content with what I have, for life is short but the bliss is eternal. Determination is the statement of soul

    By filza URL on 12.12.2012

  28. “You had so much going for you!” she shouted. “Where’s your drive? Your determination?”

    I sighed, barely audible even in the quiet hush of the room. “Long gone.”

    By Zevvers URL on 12.12.2012

  29. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be okay. I am determined to keep my promise to you. If I weren’t, I would’ve already been long gone. Just give me one night, okay? One night to scream and pound my fists against the walls until my knuckles are as red as my jeans. One night to be selfish and let the tears flow freely onto the bed sheets. One night to be broken.

    By aura.rayne URL on 12.12.2012

  30. I am determined to do the impossible…to be unlike anyone else. To be a better version of myself. To live life like it only happens once. To put my own personal dent in history. To travel the world. To accept myself for who I am. To stop contradicting myself. To give myself up to the secrets of nature. To become what I wish I was. To live.

    By Kerry URL on 12.12.2012

  31. I don’t know how to be determined because I never built up the habit and so now I am at a loss to define it or say anything about it. I would like to think that if there is one desire that I have, I will have one of those kinds of moments, or months, or maybe years, and then eventually, I’ll be determined.

    By RA URL on 12.12.2012

  32. They had determined years ago that there was no foul play. Still, something deep–something that could not be articulated that hid inside the marrow of her bones–told her that, once again, they had been wrong.

    By WearyWater URL on 12.12.2012

  33. determined to be somebody, determined but not focused, not enough focus to make the determination good, or useful, its just a wish right now

    By Jay URL on 12.12.2012

  34. she was determined to find who she was as a young girl. who she wanted herself to be what she wanted from the world. what the life she hoped for herself entailed. years repressed she longed to be unveiled. years she longed to let go. years she longed to know.

    By eyecandy URL on 12.12.2012

  35. i can do it have to for the sake of my life, running as fast as i can i hear the turbulence from the planes overhead. if only things were different.

    By tori on 12.12.2012

  36. I was determined to get to the bottom of this. I wanted to know who the thief was! My family thought I was taking it to seriously, but I wrote my name on that Twinkie for a reason. It was the last one EVER made!

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 12.12.2012

  37. I was so determined to be with him
    I got so caught up in his amazing
    that I was too blind to realize
    That maybe he isn’t what I want.

    I was so determined to feed my wants
    with him
    That I didn’t realize anything else with

    By AngelDuCiel on 12.12.2012

  38. Her foot was slipping – the hold she barely had was about to give. But no, she was determined to survive this. Survive just one more time if it meant that she could save them. Layla gritted her teeth, tightening the hold she strained to keep on the frayed rope clutched in her white knuckled hands.

    By Christina Csiszar URL on 12.12.2012

  39. I was determined to write this sentence in sixty seconds. What is determination though, is it pushing through something tough? Is it trying when you know you won’t succeed? How can you define determination? Is it triumph of the human spirit?

    By Steffi on 12.12.2012

  40. To be determined is to be sure of one’s willingness to go through challenges and hurdles to get to an end goal. Being determined is a state of mind, and it requires this certainty to exist from the conception of a goal to its completion. Being determined involves emotions, not thoughts. Determination requires passion that only exists through emotions born from the desire to complete or experience something.

    By Jessica W on 12.12.2012