December 12th, 2012 | 343 Entries

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343 Entries for “determined”

  1. The ball pops up, high in the air. Fuck, too high for me.

    I turn around and start sprinting, but the ball’s descent is fast. It bounces but I’m not there yet. I try to catch up. Will I make it? At the last second, I go for it.

    The fabled tweener.

    I don’t make it, but it was good attempt anyway.

    By tennismoker URL on 12.12.2012

  2. I am determined to not give up I am determined to crawl out of this deep dark hole that my life has rudely thrown me into without any sign of hope. I will scrape at these walls of stone until I can pull my battered mind out of here.

    By Savanna URL on 12.12.2012

  3. i am determined to be determined about my determined future
    i get tired of trying to be determined. determination (termination being the optimum composite) is more appealing to me
    i wish it was a purchasable commodity

    By janepaulette URL on 12.12.2012

  4. Determined is such a strong word. Steadfast, and ever so large. Like, no matter how many misty mountaintops stand in your way, you can always be sure that you will get through the things that make life hard. The father who was always there for you, the mother who broke her back to never let you know she was struggling, determined to give you a life she never had, nor will she ever.

    By wordjunky URL on 12.12.2012

  5. She had guts, I’m not gonna lie. She was determined to be someone in her life. Someone meaningful, who would affect others life. She might be a little lost right now, but her determination will bring great achievements. And that is the only thing that she’s sure of.

    By nana URL on 12.12.2012

  6. Focused, a path in mind, someone who sees their goal and does whatever it takes to reach it. There is no deterring this person. There is something they want and the go and get it. Something that I wish to be someday.

    By Nikki Pietrus on 12.12.2012

  7. But the truth is, I am not determined. I never was one to fight for things to be exactly the way I wanted them to be. Perfection is never enjoyable. Some say i’m missing out on what life truly has to offer , but I say they’re missing out on the ride of experience, grabbing on, letting it take you where ever it wants to go. Laziness can be a spiritual journey, a realization that your existence is enough, never having to prove yourself to others. You already know that you’re capable of doing it, so why bother?

    By wordjunky URL on 12.12.2012

  8. determined to be something in life. Do something. no change something drove this man to insanity. which road to take? the least traveled? but then who will i help who will i see and who will see me. then the path that has worn its self in stone. ahh but them i am a follower, a nothing, general and typical. words of poison that seer and shrivel at every casting of their judgments.

    By Drew on 12.12.2012

  9. I am determined to not fall back. I can’t think about it, I can’t think. What were we talking about? Determination isn’t there. It’s an illusion. What?

    By Lily URL on 12.12.2012

  10. tired to think about it; but you persist in conversation, unwrapping new things, you think that you might like me (just tonight) tandem bikes and wedding planners, you are young only so rarely, i won’t even feel bad for keeping you up (i don’t even know this town that we’re walking in, it’s this automatic motion you’ve found me in, i’ve been stalling and i don’t know why)

    By robyn URL on 12.12.2012

  11. I was determined to meet my soul mate. I had to. It was my destiny. My story starts here, friend. So listen carefully.

    By Erin Smith on 12.12.2012

  12. Firm and unchanging the will of the world forced the girl’s fate upon her, thrusting her against the very grit of her dreams and her inmost nature. The determined destiny was given to her, but she did not know her own determination could overcome that.

    By Enoch White on 12.12.2012

  13. I don’t find myself to be very determined. I mean, I like to think I am but who is to judge anyways? I’m a college student. Determined should be my adjective of choice. I wish it was easy, but there are so many distractions. One say I will be. Hopefully.

    By brianne on 12.12.2012

  14. Determined is being able to continue going even when nothing is going your way. It’s being able to know what you want and not worry about it. Just fighting for everything you want. I suppose it’s like Perseverance. Just keep going . Forever. Determined. Determination. To succeed.

    By Katie on 12.12.2012

  15. determined. determining.
    everything determined by how you face a situation.
    what you think.
    what you do.
    you think what you think.
    do what you do.
    proclaim all of it before.
    shame will never waiting for you.

    By Eligia V. A. URL on 12.12.2012

  16. She was sitting in class waitiing. The test was being passed around, and taking painfully long to reach her row. The teacher seemed to be a snail, walking to where she was sitting.
    She had been studying ofr this for hours now, and she knew everything little thing. She needed an A. She was determined to get it.
    The test finallly reached her row.

    By Elizabeth on 12.12.2012

  17. The determinded young man ran across the street with daring speeds. He would meet the woman of his dreams. He knew he would. The only thing standing between him and her was ten lanes of traffic.

    By Jordyn on 12.12.2012

  18. My mind is made up, and no one is going to stop me now. I am determined to move from this small backwoods town to the big city and make a name for myself. No one thinks I can do it, but they have never seen the sheer determination of strong-willed, redhead in full force. Nothing is going to stop me now that my mind is made up!

    By wgirl URL on 12.12.2012

  19. determination. it is the complete and utter need to do something. there is nothing that can get in your way when you are determined. there is nothing but what you are determined to do. that is all that occupies your mind and all that will until your task is complete or forgotten.

    By Cassandra Robison on 12.12.2012

  20. Determination is an essential characteristic for any human being to have! If your not determined to achieve something in life, you will soon find yourself in a disappointing situation regardless of what you have previously achieved.

    By Craig URL on 12.12.2012

  21. head strong focused goal orientated need for win self confidence persistent school strong confident will not give up no matter the circumstance positive motivated alpha male

    By rhianna on 12.12.2012

  22. I sat down. It was finals week and I didn’t know where to start. That’s why I sat down. I had a pencil, a note book, and determination.

    By Kristina Hagen on 12.12.2012

  23. cheerleading sports all these things you have to be determined for. even a job interview to every ay life. if you are not determined on doing anything with your life, then you will never succeed. must live life to the fullest, never settle

    By Jenna URL on 12.12.2012

  24. I try to act like I’m determined. Most of the time, I’m really not. Most of the time I’m just determined about things that are really hard for me to get. It’s also really easy for me to get off topic when I’m trying to be determined. Sometimes you just have to go for things.

    By Michaella on 12.12.2012

  25. I am determined to make 2013 the best year ever. My determination will see me learn to surf, exercise EVERY day, be my best self, and love life! I am also determined to find my soul mate and be the happiest I could ever imagine. Determined? Yes I am!

    By Tess URL on 12.12.2012

  26. hurried
    running past the people
    blurred faces
    sweaty palms
    i was determined to get there
    to the place where it all began
    you and i
    hopeful and determined to make it right again

    By madyson haskins on 12.12.2012

  27. Determined.

    He was determined to make her realise just how much she meant to him. To make her understand that his world was her and that without her, his world would hardly be worth living in.

    It was difficult, however, when she was just as determined to believe otherwise.

    By Chrissie on 12.12.2012

  28. I am determined to see you crossing my path sometime in the near future. I want you to see what you’re missing out on. I want you to feel want for a person that doesn’t necessarily share the feeling. That is my only goal when we see each other face-to-face.

    By BlindMouse URL on 12.12.2012

  29. i cant stop thinking
    im determined to love you
    your not so determined to love me
    and im not so determined on my school work
    or job
    or life
    but i can only be sure im determined to make you love me
    the way i love you

    By Joscelyn on 12.12.2012

  30. she was a determined girl, nothing was going to get in her way. she walked forward with boldness, even with a gun in her face. she was fearless.

    By Cate Write on 12.12.2012

  31. She swaggered through the hallways, chin high and stoic expression in place. They didn’t think she could do it. She would have to prove them wrong.
    She loved a good challenge. Always had. And this one was perfect. She would walk into that battlefield with her confidence as her only weapon, and she would win. She had to win. She needed to win.
    And, of course, she won.

    By pdj on 12.12.2012

  32. I am a determined person when I set my mind to it.
    Though I scarcely ever set my mind to it,
    Which makes me feel like a terrible person.
    But that fits, because I am a terrible person.
    Funny how things work like that, eh?
    I have a little bit of time left.

    By Jc on 12.12.2012

  33. I am determined in my school, I believe that the only way of success is to be determined into whatever you love in life. When you focus on what you love and givr 100% of determination i bet it will end up being as how you wanted it to be.

    By Angiulina on 12.12.2012

  34. I was determined to finish my novel. The month of November seemed like such a short period of time to write a whole novel, but I was going to do it anyway.

    And I did.

    Well, almost.

    I wrote a lot of it, just not quite all of it.

    And I got more than a little tired of the whole thing. But by golly, I’ll finish it in December..

    By chipschap URL on 12.12.2012

  35. Determination is one of the best things that drive us to do amazing things in life. Without determination, I don;t think anything would be made or created. it could completely stop the process of imagination all together. It’s determination that makes us strive to be a better person.

    By Leann on 12.12.2012

  36. I am determined. So determined to follow what i think is real to me, what gives me value. Determined not to settle into what everyone else wants to do, what they think is right. determined to do what I want to do. to let the fire burn within me

    By Caleb URL on 12.12.2012

  37. The sweat ran into her eyes, and it stung. One day, she thought, I might go blind from too much salt in my eyes. The tears and the sweat poured from her face. But she was determined. She gasped, and continued.

    By Cecilia on 12.12.2012

  38. I could see it in front of me. Staring at me. Staring into my SOUL. No that’s to corny, but still it felt like it was taunting me. I knew I could make the leap, the jump whatever. I was determined. It was just a matter of actually, you know, doing it.

    By Kathryn Wieber on 12.12.2012

  39. It sounds easy.
    Watching someone else suffer, and as much as you want them to pull through you want it to stop too.
    What do you do in a situation like that?
    Will them to get better?
    Determination alone will not get you through.
    Hope is a feeling, not a guarantee.

    By Em URL on 12.12.2012

  40. I am determined to get up every morning. My eyes don’t always open as well as they should, my feet don’t always want to touch the icey floor, and my mind doesn’t always want to think about work, but I seem to manage all three six days a week.

    By mere URL on 12.12.2012