December 12th, 2012 | 343 Entries

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343 Entries for “determined”

  1. I was determined to do this. “You can do it,” I kept telling myself over and over again. I stood like that for at least five or ten minutes in front of the building. Suddenly I realized I must look like an idiot standing there just watching at a house. Or a stalker.
    I had to do this, I knew. So I took a deep breath and knocked the door. It was opened pretty quickly.
    “I believe I am expected?” I ask. My first day as a prostitute. If only my mother could see me now.

    By Moniek URL on 12.12.2012

  2. Focused and determined,
    You are my deepest thought,
    You should always be there,
    Full of good and light.

    By Brendan URL on 12.12.2012

  3. She wanted space. She was determined to let go. She was fragile and quiet and hurt but she did not let on. He never knew why she left, why one day she just disappeared and never returned. He never figured it out and it drove him mad.

    By Nastya on 12.12.2012

  4. keep going, don’t give up. if somethign needs to be done god damn it you do it, no excuses. doesn’t matter who you are, what your circumstances are, if you want it you will get it. doesn’t matter who stands in your way, what’s in your bank account, or who tells you you can’t do it. fuck them, there’s nothing you can’t do. and you do it.

    By Adam on 12.12.2012

  5. I am not this. I have only been this twice in my life. Once when he was not mine, and once when I didn’t want him to be. This word is the bane of my existence, the nagging at the back of my mind. The scratching in my throat.

    By Kristen on 12.12.2012

  6. neurotic brain untangled
    like a puzzle piece missing
    her mouth turned upside-down
    i want to get better she screamed
    in b-flat
    a chorus of shrieks played upon her lips
    i want to get better
    i’m determined
    she popped a pill
    bill high
    all was quiet.

    By Matty M. on 12.12.2012

  7. i am determined to fly to let go to run to jump to dance to be free. all good things are wild and free, and i am so young but have not been wild and free at the level that i would like to be.

    By Chandra on 12.12.2012

  8. Determination is key. One without determination has absolutely no purpose on this planet. harsh, but true.
    Where would any of us be today if it weren’t for those who were completely determined to discover something new. It doesn’t matter what it is you are determined to do, because in the end what it is you are determined to do, is all about, and all up to you.

    By nic URL on 12.12.2012

  9. I was determined to win this one argument on particular. I didn’t want him having any custody of my child, let alone full custody. She was my little girl, and when it all boiled down to it, I was the one who birthed her, I was the one who protected her, and when she needed a parent to love, I was there for her, unlike the man she called her father.

    By Outsider URL on 12.12.2012

  10. I am determined to write for sixty seconds it should be easy since I like writing. Why do I like writing. I like writing because I can slow my thinking process. It’s reflective and I like thinking about thinking. I determined that sixty seconds is pretty long and I’m surprised I can write this much in only sixty seconds.

    By Lipitorkid on 12.12.2012

  11. She stepped into the darkness, her jaw set. She would find him again. He had only left a few hours ago. But, worry gnawed at her anyway.

    By Ericka on 12.12.2012

  12. I figured it would be too late anyway, but I was determined to at least try. So, after a great struggle, I broke through the throng around me and sprinted towards the exit. As I found out later, I was right. It was too late anyway.

    By Iam Me URL on 12.12.2012

  13. Yes. She would. She would win. She would win this, and would become the role model young girls need so desperately. She would change everything. She stepped out on the stage for her campaign speech, knowing she was going to make everything better.

    By Grace URL on 12.12.2012

  14. I was determined to do something. All the gaunt faces, devoid of life and with fake smiles that didn’t reach any eyes, they haunted me. I woke up screaming from nightmares as I dreamed of the fates of those girls chained up inside that building.

    By Kristina URL on 12.12.2012

  15. The determination was making her crack
    (like a porcelain doll)
    The determination was breaking her back
    (spinal fluid drips out)
    Livid and living
    (The life that you’re giving)
    Crack a smile
    (Or your spine)

    By maria URL on 12.12.2012

  16. i am and i will be !! You wat help? Call me +40722255175

    By Cezar on 12.12.2012

  17. Do what you want to do.
    Say what you want to say.
    Be the person you envy the most.

    By ithinkhesalwayswonderful URL on 12.12.2012

  18. I am determined not to freak out about band placements, but I know that it’s going to happen anyways. Ok I’m totally already freaking out. I really really don’t want to look! Maybe I just won’t.

    By Allison on 12.12.2012

  19. She pushed through the dense forest, a growl of fierce determination on her lips. Her eyes scanned the blazing horizon.

    By Lucy on 12.12.2012

  20. This is what i thought i would be as an adult. But now i’m not so sure. my time to prove myself is now, still i think i don’t have the right stuff to accomplish everything i hope for. maybe i need some inspiration.

    By Emily on 12.12.2012

  21. Determined to smile
    To laugh, to sing, to jump
    Determined to see beauty
    to see grace, to see joy, to see love
    Determined to forgive
    to remember, to care, to love
    Determine to live

    By Poppy URL on 12.12.2012

  22. A beer bottle was thrown. That’s what turned a seemingly benign picketing into a full-fledged riot, the mob determined to get either submission or destroy the building.

    By Noah on 12.12.2012

  23. I am determined to write all that i can about the word determined in the 60 seconds i have. determined to me, goes along side the word persistence. fight on!

    By kristen freeman on 12.12.2012

  24. I am determined.
    i am determined to achieve greatness.
    i am determined to find to the good in everything.
    i am determined to find the awesomeness, in the dullest of crowds.
    i am determined to be Me.

    By nicholas URL on 12.12.2012

  25. to have an idea in your mind and to strive for it no matter how difficult it is. to give everything and anything to get what you believe you deserve. to see that you find the end you want.

    By melissa on 12.12.2012

  26. I was determined to think beyond the normal limits of humankind. I wanted to explore and nothing would never stop me, never. The infinity of space scared me back then, but now it’s just a simple fact of life. The more you know, the less scary it becomes.

    By Þórhildur URL on 12.12.2012

  27. In this life you’ve got to be determined in everything you want to do
    if you want to accomplish your goals.

    By Robin URL on 12.12.2012

  28. Fully armed, Missy locked the bathroom door and said a prayer. She stared at her reflection in the mirror, cursing her freckled face, and reached for her weapons. Sand paper, razors and bleach.

    By penny dreadful URL on 12.12.2012

  29. The intense feeling to bring your goals and intentions to fruition with every fiber of strength wisdom and passion you have in your being

    By Lisa on 12.12.2012

  30. Determined. You were determined to have fun. Now I’m determined to make sure you live. I am determined to keep you on this earth, and I am determined to see you on the 30th. I want to see you healthy. I want to see you raise your kids. I am determined to make everything ok.

    By Brandon on 12.12.2012

  31. I’ve never been so determined to get anywhere or to do anything. I just kept runinng, running. Faster. I couldn’t let it catch me. Never…never. Had to keep running. Always running; never hiding. It kept coming….

    By ks on 12.12.2012

  32. i’m determined to leave, to back out with two middle fingers raised high in the air. determined to lose my cool and not take the same old shit anymore. to laugh out loud, barking at absurdities, hypocrisies and idiocy, holding high and growiing taller as i rise above the fray, and remove my self from a shit job. amen.

    By Whiskeyjane on 12.12.2012

  33. He was determined to not be a loser. For once in his life he just wanted to prove to everyone he was capable of something great. Unfortunately for him, he wasn’t.

    By Matt Burke URL on 12.12.2012

  34. determined i am. For what i am not even completely sure. Determined is a state of being where you know that you can achieve something. Achievement is good. The state of being determined. Whats funny about the word is the fact that deter is in there. having a deterred mind doesnt sound like it would be a good thing but it actually is. Whatever is to come from the determined mind is both awesome and scary, depending on who it is and what the cause is. I like being determined. Holding the state of determination is quite difficult to be honest. I dont know exactly how people can hold it. I wonder if there is a place in the brain that determination is active in.

    By Hyun on 12.12.2012

  35. I am determined to prove that God does not exist. Unfortunately by the time I do I will be dead and unable to rub it in my religious friends faces. So I will just try to bug the hell out of them as much as possible while I am alive. Sorry in advance. This is out of love for you.

    By mike vanderhyde on 12.12.2012

  36. The voices around her were only whispers in her head. The faces were so blurred, the world so indistinct. All she could hear were her stomach’s constant cries. Crying, crying, crying. She tried to wipe the tears away, screaming inside for the sake of pure discipline.

    She was determined to win this fight.

    Yet in only a moment, her body was sprawled across the floor.

    By Cerulean URL on 12.12.2012

  37. He was determined that he would something meaningful with his life. Maybe be a teacher, lawyer, judge or even president. He was just no sure what to do. Either way, the determination was there.

    By Ana URL on 12.12.2012

  38. dad
    you were young once
    so passionate
    now you’re old
    less determined
    do you see that in my eyes
    i’m exactly like you
    a faded memory
    a yellowed photograph from 1979
    when you were my age
    a smile
    we aren’t different
    but the memory lies.

    By Matty M. on 12.12.2012

  39. He determinado que este trabajo será conservado, que voy a dar lo mejor de mi y que permitiré que las ideas fluyan para demostrar que esto es lo mío. Menos hacerme pendejo y más demostrarme que de aquí soy. Abajo el puto miedo y a darle átomos.

    By Miauricio Jimenez URL on 12.12.2012

  40. This time, he was determined to win. Eyes locked, mouths set into grim lines. He wouldn’t blink. Not again. He would prove that he was indeed the manliest of them all! Forget that his eyes were watering, begging to be shut. He vaguely wondered if he could lick his eyeballs like a lizard. He tried it. No dice.

    By Gill URL on 12.12.2012