January 19th, 2013 | 229 Entries

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229 Entries for “destroy”

  1. This word reminds me of my favorite song by my chemical romance called destroya. the song is a call to arms to put aside our differences and work toward a common goal. i like the song because of the wide range of instrumentation and the compelling nature of the lyrics. The message of the song destrota is opposite of the denotation of the original word.

    By Max Campbell on 01.19.2013

  2. i was sitting in bed one afternoon. My mother was telling me to get my work done. It was quite hard because I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do with my life. And in that moment of pure anger and frustration…a large ball of fire went through my window. My room was destroyed along with my life, family, and future.

    By Shana URL on 01.19.2013

  3. I finally found him standing in front of the exhibit just like I was last year. The smile on my mouth couldn’t be destroyed by anything. His bright red hair was still the same; his winter jacket was hiding what he wanted it to. Slowly but surely, I found my way to his side and let out the words that brought us together.

    “Strange, isn’t it?”

    By Marissa URL on 01.19.2013

  4. kill all wreck havoc kill tear up mess up kill all take it down mess it up totally kill it all i mean allllllllllll

    By Kromamatic URL on 01.19.2013

  5. destroya, a song by my chemical romance. one of my favorite songs by them, its meaning is opposite of the meaning of the original word. it is a call to arms to forget our differences as a people and to work toward a common goal. i like the song because of the wide range of instrumentation and the compelling nature of the lyrics. because of this, the song has a positive connotation to me.

    By Kromamatic URL on 01.19.2013

  6. fin du monde

    By yaëlle on 01.19.2013

  7. I disappear.
    It’s your lips and the touch of
    Your trailing fingers
    That leaves a fire behind.
    Slow and awkward,
    A licking fire
    Finds its way to my hips
    And the back of my thighs,
    And with a sigh
    I collapse.
    I am destroyed.

    By sonneillon URL on 01.19.2013

  8. The small glass shattered between my fingers, dripping blood. It was dark, and cold, and it hurt, but this was what I was made for; what I was meant to do.


    By Flo on 01.19.2013

  9. Both boys stared wide-eyed at the strange egg on the table before them. It rocked and rolled and bounced and hopped up and down, circling the tabletop directly in front of them….and then it stopped.

    “What is it?” Brad whispered.
    “I don’t know,” Lawrence said, his voice hushed and weak, “Do you think it’s dangerous?”
    “I don’t know,” Brad replied, “Maybe we should destroy it.”
    He raised a stone from the yard, intending to slam it against the egg. Lawrence grabbed his arm as he was about to bring it down.
    One tiny, six-fingered hand pushed through the shell, waving slightly.
    “Wait,” Lawrence repeated, smiling as he watched the small creature attempt to free itself.

    By Cim URL on 01.19.2013

  10. To love or destroy? That is the question. It seems they are both the same at times. When you are so in love, when you can’t forget someone, you are destroyed. It’s scary to love, cause you can become maimed by it. You can’t go on. You can only write songs about it. Love. Destroy. It’s delicious and insane.

    By SunForMoon URL on 01.19.2013

  11. The place seemed desolate, the mission simple, and one Dean had been given many times before. Get in, kill every demon in sight, destroy any evidence of involvement, and get out again. For somebody his age, it was a shame, just how fulfilled it made him feel to be a part of such a damning job.

    By Jersey on 01.19.2013

  12. Destroy the world the villain said. Almost every villain i see in fiction wants to destroy the world. Why would they want to do that? What happened in his life that was so traumatizing that he wants to destroy everything.

    By Jason URL on 01.19.2013

  13. It’s 2024. There live a group of urban artists who exist with zero carbon impact. This allows the sale of their unused carbon allowance to businesses. Their lives are statements, their art one of ironic complicity. Their manifesto: de5roy.

    By Chris Glynn URL on 01.19.2013

  14. Destroy. Something that I tend to do, you probably do as well. Something we’re all capable of doing, destroying. We can destroy with our tongue, our hands, our thoughts, our actions. Anything can. But it’s in our power to overcome that, and to not destroy the good things. It’s an everyday battle for me to not destroy myself, my loved ones. I have a nasty habit of hating myself.

    By Lovelyn on 01.19.2013

  15. See, she destroyed me slowly, like encroaching ice. Revelled in it. She thawed me out and loved me and talked to me when it was late and nobody was really their self. And once I thought I understood her, she left me and did it over again.

    By F on 01.19.2013

  16. The window was smashed into a million shards, each with its own story. I grabbed one, and it cut into my hand. I threw it against the floor, and the stories multiplied.

    By Ismene on 01.19.2013

  17. I would like to destroy all that is dear to me, all that I am gripping tightly in my marble fists, so that I can become someone newer and vulnerable and paining and crying and open and pure and finally just let go.

    By marengo URL on 01.19.2013

  18. I want to destroy everything. I want to throw bricks into his window. I want him to feel how im feeling. how much it hurt for him to do that. but I cant, because I love him. I forget about it all when im with him, that’s wrong, it shouldn’t be like that. I cant forget.

    By Maria on 01.19.2013

  19. We were told to destroy the enemy. There were no further reasons or explanations necessary. They were the enemy, and they were to be destroyed. Thinking was neither necessary nor encouraged. Just do it. That was all.

    But I didn’t find things that simple, and that was the beginning of it all.

    By chipschap URL on 01.19.2013

  20. hit something with a great force. destroy sb psychically, make him go to shrink. destroy sb heart, break up with them, destroy sb’s life-

    By Weronika on 01.19.2013


    By janaye on 01.19.2013

  22. i will destroy you. Everything you stand for will fall.
    Every person you meet, will crumble. Every thing you love. Every place you’ve been. Will be nothing to you.
    You will be lost in a see of sadness and confusion.

    By Victoria Krajci on 01.19.2013

  23. i am slowly, internally destroying myself. my image, doesn’t matter. i’m healthy. my God knows this. He repairs what I destroy. His Grace, it’s felt and viewed by others aroudn me. I want to help. they spit in my face. it’s not a lie! they help destroy my faith. He rebuilds it stronger. Every. time.

    By hanna URL on 01.19.2013

  24. Please don’t destroy yourself with demeaning words. Let yourself feel loved,let yourself feel lovely. One person’s presence can make all the difference. Don’t beat yourself up for your freedom.

    By H URL on 01.19.2013

  25. “I will destroy you, and the whole tri-state area.”

    By vanhaydu URL on 01.19.2013

  26. Everything is gone. Everything, everyone. I am left with nothing.

    By Jen on 01.19.2013

  27. He was trying to destroy me. Destroy everything that I had worked so hard to create. And I just stood there, my mouth agape. What could I possibly do, as he lit fire to the building that held everything? My life. I just watched it burn, turning to nothingness.

    By Valerie URL on 01.19.2013

  28. “you are the word, the word is destroy:”
    it is far, far easier for me to ruin and stamp and hide.
    the spaces in closets are safer than open fields,

    and all the time i wonder, what about the opposite, indeed?
    what if it were easier to just make?

    By Angela Z URL on 01.19.2013

  29. Everything in your path is broken. shattered. We go on with our lives, destroying friendships, relationships. Loved ones and people we care about turn into strangers. It’s time to let go. Time for the healing to start.

    By sam URL on 01.19.2013

  30. we are always destroyed by the final embrace,
    from opposite ends
    we crumble
    the mighty have fallen

    By stephaniewrites URL on 01.19.2013

  31. I want to destroy my feelings. They’re like a wall preventing me from opening up to people and trusting them. I want to destroy them so I can accept change into my life and so that I can truly recover from my depression. Although I don’t think I will ever be able to.

    By Sydney URL on 01.19.2013

  32. I want to destroy my feelings. They’re like a wall preventing me from opening up to people and trusting them. I want to destroy them so I can accept change into my life and so that I can truly recover from my depression. Although I don’t think I will ever be able to.

    By Sydney URL on 01.19.2013

  33. something that was not meant:
    in brief passing, an exchange of Dickenson quotations, we wanted symbolism, it only signaled that we are old
    (saying, ‘let’s grow old together’, always wanting, never realizing)

    By robyn URL on 01.19.2013

  34. his purpose was to destroy
    to build things up and then destroy it, smash it to bits
    building up my trust just to wreck it
    building up my hopes to tear them apart and break them
    building and destroying
    playing a game that he always won and i always lost
    but it was a kind of addiction, this game, i just couldn’t quit
    because maybe i liked to lose it

    By paige URL on 01.19.2013

  35. To destroy is to create.
    So true.
    We destroy society to create a better one.
    We destroy projects to create new ones
    We destroy people to get peace.
    Which isn’t working very well.

    By Lilly URL on 01.19.2013

  36. the moment it becomes existing:
    i can feel him proposing, in a garden whose name he still has yet to learn —
    (this moment that is still a decade in the distance, that i have suddenly stumbled upon, unwanted but overwhelmed)
    and it means he loves me, this is what it feels like to be touched, this is what it feels like to be touched, for the first time i am understanding the thrill of little sister flower girls,
    down on one knee in the rose garden, and laughing, the only time i have been speechless

    By robyn URL on 01.19.2013

  37. Destroy… It is an action completed by many, from being a toddler to being a elder. Why do we destroy? To show the toy or the damn computer that we’re superior to it? Um. Think about it. WHY? I don’t know

    By Gaby on 01.19.2013

  38. She smiled viciously as she pulled the cigarette lighter from her jacket and held it below the crisp sheet of paper. With a malicious chuckle, she watched as the paper erupted in flames, eliminating the last remaining evidence of the man in front of her’s innocence.

    By Whalsey on 01.19.2013

  39. He thoughts destroyed her. The time it took for the sight to meet her eyes and register in her mind was enough for all the bad thoughts to consume her. She was done. And this, was it. But not the good it that kept you warm at night. The bad it which ripped out your heart and left you cold at night. This was not what she had been waiting for, but she took it because it was all she had left.

    By Alexis on 01.19.2013

  40. destroy something can be really easy. you can destroy anything just by been mean or harmful. you don’t want to destroy what you love, that is why you take care of it. do not destroy valuable things that you might not get back.

    By Andrea on 01.19.2013