May 28th, 2014 | 120 Entries

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120 Entries for “desolation”

  1. Desolation is like isolation, n’est-ce pas? Well, of course I think of a desert first. But I think there was a certain desolation after Hurricane Andrew. The entire population walked around in shock for weeks. That’s how desolation can affect one’s soul. It’s ever so desolate.

    By michaelbuzz URL on 05.29.2014

  2. In the depth of their animosity, there is a curious, codependent calamity that lies between them. An forbidden creation rising from this desolation they call mutual hatred.

    By Peskiper URL on 05.29.2014

  3. When you left, everything became a blur of repetitive addictions and rare distinctions. I woke up one day with nothing left but the bitter aftertaste of our memories. Your a crappy actor but someday, I know you’d win an Oscar on Best Desolation.

    By d a n a URL on 05.29.2014

  4. When you left, everything became a blur of repetitive addictions and rare distinctions. I woke up one day with nothing left but the bitter aftertaste of our memories. Your a crappy actor but someday, I know you’d win an Oscar on Best Desolation

    By d a n a URL on 05.29.2014

  5. Like the end of time; the signs of desolation is how we could describe the scene that presented itself as we entered the village after the hurricane had fast.

    By victor URL on 05.29.2014

  6. When you left, everything became a blur of repetitive addictions and rare distinctions. I woke up one day with nothing left but the bitter aftertaste of our memories. You’re a crappy actor but someday, I know you’d win an Oscar on Best Desolation.

    By d a n a URL on 05.29.2014

  7. The desolation was almost more than I could bear. I had been here for over fifty years. They had taken everything from me, everything. Now, they were going to pay. They were going to pay with their lives. I was stronger, faster, better. They didn’t stand a chance. They were going to die.

    By Scmidaldhaven Guptra III on 05.29.2014

  8. The desolation of the mighty dragon, Smaug, was imminent as he destroyed the whole of laketown. It was none other than Bard who redeemed himself and too

    By erin on 05.29.2014

  9. To not leave, in our wakes.
    Destruction and smoke.
    Desolation a smothering choke.
    To open our heart; feeling the shakes
    Of scales that harden;
    Feelings that burden.
    Be soft and reach out.
    It’s time: that a loving generation.

    By Jose on 05.29.2014

  10. The desolation was unnerving. The scientist broke the connection and he quietly went to the door.

    By Dave John URL on 05.29.2014

  11. Der Grund unter ihren Fingerspitzen war bröselig und trocken, rau. Unter dem Druck der Hand täumte sich Staub auf, der ihren Arm hinauf wanderte und auf ihre Haut legte.

    By soil on 05.29.2014

  12. The sound of the ship blared in the far distance. It almost sounded like a tuba tuning up before a performance. It was hard to imagine such a beautiful sound coming from a place of such wreckage. She limped away and the sound was left further and further behind her. The sun beat down upon her and for once in the past three days, she felt hopeful.

    By Beka URL on 05.29.2014

  13. The entire plate flew across the room, as the rug underneath it sped forward at high speed. He dared not let go, lest he fall in to the overturn goblets and reems of discarded food. He was flying. He was actually flying. He looked behind, and waved his beloved Jasmine farewell. Yet, as soon as he was out of the window, he peered over the mound of the flying carpet, and saw below him, the desolation of the Sultan. It had all been his fault for faulting the genie, and now Aladdin would have to pay the price.

    By Austin on 05.29.2014

  14. Her hometown was utter desolation as far as she was concerned. Gone was the lush green canopy that once gave it a connection to its naturr. Instead, concrete stretched for miles and miles.

    By susan on 05.29.2014

  15. It’s when you fall into the pit. when you’re sliding down and down and down and you can’t hold onto the sides because it’s like a slide, but not a fun one. Like Alice in Wonderland, but not even as fun as that… and that’s not fun at all. It’s like a pit in your stomach that you somehow get into. Your whole self, you get your whole self into that pit. You swallow yourself whole.

    By Nicole on 05.29.2014

  16. desolation filled her memory of the loss she felt….
    unsaid feelings voiced with and an unmeasurable sense of belonging lost.

    By skylarkin on 05.29.2014

  17. My mind swarms with the feeling of desolation; I am on an island, far from civilization, and I can’t help but to wonder why no one has bothered to look for me. Why is that?

    I drink cocoanut milk and think about the cliche of it all.

    By Madeline on 05.29.2014

  18. My life
    My soul
    Desolated by the careless fools that rein
    This wicked destructive world
    My mind
    My heart
    Torn apart
    A state of ruin
    Far from the jubilating moments of my earlier youth
    The fetal position
    A familiar emotional position of mine
    I sit up terrified at night to ponder the chaos of mankind
    I close my eyes and watch powerless
    As the seams of virtues and morals unthread mercilessly
    The sense of order that use to run along side the dark liquid in our veins gone
    I guess we let them all seep out one by one with the blood we punctured out of our own warm winding veins
    So destructively
    So purposely
    Mankind cannot get much worse
    Don’t press the big red button
    Ask questions first
    Push aside rejection
    Approval is optional
    Not deadly
    Or threateningly fearfully important
    How quaint their little busy lives are
    We are far from hopeless
    And stronger then we ever knew we could be before
    We are aching
    Shivering in pain
    Quivering in a rare rawness of naked beauty
    We are not like them
    We do not like them
    We still strive to be like them
    A can of Campbell soup
    Sold and made by the thousands
    Stamped proudly with a brand name logo
    Made up of all the same ‘artificial and natural’ ingredients
    The world is spinning faster then it did ten minutes before
    Gravity is a state of mind
    I allow myself to float away
    Anything but graceful
    But freedom heals me despite that
    As I break away
    Black against the evening sun
    I think I begin to believe
    I cannot be the only one
    who watches the world unthread
    But does not turn to death as a savior
    Fighting is one more breathe
    Fighting is flying instead of countless streaks of bleeding cuts
    I cannot be alone
    There are others battling their own demons
    screaming cries of war
    Like the few that fought then flew so freely
    So victorious before my own lone flight

    By Rebekah Wooten URL on 05.29.2014

  19. Constipation
    total frustration
    “Get me out of
    this isolation!”

    By Krysf URL on 05.29.2014

  20. when alone our minds wander to a corner of desolation, loathing,
    for the next of the wind to come, for the previous bubbles of thought,
    that haunted us when in doubt, desolation should not be frowned at,
    rivers come to an end, water falls start where they cannot finish,
    fish dry out when reverted to land, being the superior of all mammals,
    has its inborn glitches, as a new advancement of technology,
    though the chip to harmonic and serene thought, the water,
    that flushes us back to shore where the sun again beams with rays of humanity,
    are at bay.

    By Milad URL on 05.29.2014

  21. Hahaha, so pretty much me right now, except in noun form.
    I always thought I’d be happier about finishing high school, but now that it’s over…. I don’t know. I guess I just always expected more. I thought studying this much and getting into my dream university would feel better somehow. I thought I’d be happy. But now, I feel so incredibly empty. I feel like I’ve missed out on the best years of my life, and now there’s nothing I can do about it. I feel desolate and remorseful.

    By Andy on 05.29.2014

  22. As she walked into the old farmhouse she saw the desolation that once was. She could see the hard life of the people who lived there of long ago, the struggles they must have endured, and the pain they suffered.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 05.29.2014

  23. Desolation. I cannot think of anything. I’ve been awake for less than an hour and I’m not feeling too creative just yet.


    By Hank URL on 05.29.2014

  24. When you lose someone close to your heart, you are left with a feeling of desolation. Nothing will ever be the same. While one may continue on and live a very productive life, that life will not be as it was. You would have to fill the empty hole with something other than the desolation occupying it at the present time.

    By Freedom on 05.29.2014

  25. void, of something to escape to nothing and left in desolation? Future, presently in the past when the times rushes past and the wine in my glass has turned into vapors, nodding heads and asking one more favor of restitution to aviod dilution in my reputation of desolation

    By Colton Adrian URL on 05.29.2014

  26. I couldn’t believe he left me there on the side of that country road. We’d argued, sure. But it wasn’t our first argument…or our worst either. Now what was I going to do? All I could see in any direction was endless pastures.

    By me on 05.29.2014

  27. The landscape is barren as there is little to nothing living for as far as the eye can see.

    This is true wilderness.

    And yet,

    Never have I felt more known.

    Perhaps it is only when we strip our lives of distractions, can we truly find life?

    By Josh Martin URL on 05.29.2014

  28. the time of desolation was at hand and the people of the world seemed to be in turmoil. It was no small thing, the world was coming to an end. there the sea expanded and swallowed who countries whole, there the sky filled with meteor’s nearly hitting the earth and there the earthquakes moved mountains, collapsed them while the tree’s vanished.

    By aaricia on 05.29.2014

  29. When the first bomb blast decimated the mall, I knew our homes would soon follow. The revolution long-threatened, had begun. I grabbed my backpack, took one final look around the home I’d never again live within, then turned and walked out the door.

    By judyb on 05.29.2014

  30. He was overwhelmed with desolation, a sense of aloneness that was like a lead weight on his chest.

    By mrsmig URL on 05.29.2014

  31. Next door,
    bright door,
    seems a step
    into shadows,
    up then in,
    past a welcome
    of ivy and cracked glass.

    By Megan J. Vollstedt URL on 05.29.2014

  32. On and on, further they go. Their sweat was there only sign of water. Their fear of dying was there only comfort. Among the desolation lay miles of sand and hundreds of degrees under the sun. In truth, they had nothing left but these: sweat, tears, and heat.

    By austin URL on 05.29.2014

  33. It was de last time he was going to see her. As she moved thoutgh the door of that grey, sour room that feelling invaded his heart. He was sat down on a pretty old, rusty chair that would not last longer.

    By Pablo Chedas URL on 05.29.2014

  34. Alles ist grau in grau,
    nichts scheint von wert.
    Nichts ist mehr da,
    alles zu ende.
    Nur leere bleibt zurück.

    By Anuri URL on 05.29.2014

  35. Desolation ruled where humanity had once reigned. Quiet and still dominated the air. The wind whistled, but no one was left to hear it. All roads were deserted, all cities dead. All homes empty, all men had disappeared. All but one.

    By Niamh Harper on 05.29.2014

  36. Once a person has seen the desolation inside their own mind…

    By Alex URL on 05.29.2014

  37. I’m not even sure what it means, I should definitely invest in a thesaurus…. if it’s even remotely close to what I think it means, it explains my adolescence perfectly…..

    I miss Nate Tweedy :(

    By Mandy URL on 05.29.2014

  38. Desolation is an empty place. A feeling of cold and a feeling of emptiness. You can have a desolate heart or a desolate soul or a desolate backyard. It’s like walking somewhere to find water and only realizing halfway through that you’re getting farther and farther away from the water.

    By Bailey on 05.29.2014


    By MAYRA URL on 05.29.2014

  40. She looked out at the damage left over from the battle. It was difficult to even call it damage when really it was absolute desolation. Anything that had once been alive or created by someone who’d been alive was now crumbled, collapsed to the ground. She was the only soldier left standing. She had failed her people now. They were dead, while she lived to feel the guilt.

    By Nova Lee Adamson URL on 05.29.2014