May 6th, 2010 | 176 Entries

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176 Entries for “depth”

  1. depth can mean a lot of things. there can be depth to a person or depth to an ocean or depth to a glass of water. depth can be good, if you want a

    By nicole on 05.07.2010

  2. in-depth anaylsis up next. Have you experienced sudden chest? Shortness of breath? Well I’ll just keep typing then. The honour system doesn’t work.

    By Treadly URL on 05.07.2010

  3. The depth of the ocean is a mystery. Some places we can send a submarine down to find the botto

    By Jeastman on 05.07.2010

  4. Here in the crevices of cerebral fluid,
    I float down a stream
    where memories play in front
    of my tired, drooping eyelids.

    I love you
    and I’m drowning in
    our memories.

    It’s bittersweet.

    By Sarah Walton URL on 05.07.2010

  5. What are you thinking about – the depth of a person – the depth of water. How deep can you really get in one minute. What can you say? What can you do? I hope that my students can go deeper as they grow older. I really hope that they can become learners!

    By Jodi DeArmond on 05.07.2010

  6. The depth of the water was not much.
    We ran in to about our knees and we were quite dissapointed that we couldn’t go swimming.
    We wanted to go skinny dipping and that was our last chance

    By Sarah URL on 05.07.2010

  7. the ocean crushes a little from above, but not as much as it crushes when he gets up off of me. The paradox of weight, I need his depth in order to feel whole.

    By Shink URL on 05.07.2010

  8. The walls cried with ocean spray and cruel ice which pounded against them. They crumbled and fell. All was destroyed. This was the end.

    By kristen on 05.07.2010

  9. The depth of the waters made anyone who wish to swim nearly drown. It was so deep that you’d have to be a great swimmer – which Ashley was not. She was afraid of water, barely able to keep her head above water to breathe. She feared drowning most of all – and hoped that’d not be the way she would die.

    By Courtney Beth URL on 05.07.2010

  10. water. air. earth. feet on the grass, head in the clouds, breathe in, to breathe out.

    By Nawal on 05.07.2010

  11. depth is a reflection of the inevitable bliss that ensues when one decides to let go and fall fears last and heart first into the adventure that is the beautiful heart of God.

    By bradley on 05.07.2010

  12. The depth of a man’s soul cannot be measured in a manner of meters and fathoms, but it is rather, in my opinion, only quantified by his proximity to heaven and hell.

    By Erica URL on 05.07.2010

  13. The dive went better than expected. The cool water enveloped him, and soon he found himself trailing his hands across the bottom of the pool. How long could he stay down here, he wondered.

    He opened his eyes, feeling a slight sting of a chemical burn from the chlorine. Up there was the real world. Down here, he was a submarine, an ancient whale, a sea monster, anything but what he was up there.

    By Bill on 05.07.2010

  14. What makes a person a person, their depth. Or I think of the ocean. I want to go swimming…

    By KT on 05.07.2010

  15. The depth of my heart is as shallow as a kiddy pool. I have no feeling anymore in the extensions of my body, my nerves are meaningless. I love not.

    By Sasha on 05.07.2010

  16. My life has no depth right now. I push papers and pretend to be more interesting people. Sometimes, I read science fiction stories. And now I am done.

    By vitupera URL on 05.07.2010