September 28th, 2011 | 365 Entries

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365 Entries for “dense”

  1. Dense…people can be dense. It bothers me when they are, like this guy I know thinks that there’s no such thing as actual transgendered people, that they’re just confused. But that’s total bullshit, right? Mind over matter. He’s dense but he thinks he’s philosophical and that’s probably the worst person in the world ever. Too bad I dated him for three months…that was probably a mistake, no?

    By TealStilts URL on 09.28.2011

  2. I love a dense loaf of bread. Heavy, dark, smelling a bit like alcohol from the fermenting yeast. It brings a sense of comfort with an exotic twist… so different from plain old whitebread, so much MORE. Richer, heavier, denser….

    By Lynn on 09.28.2011

  3. The dense growth of the rainforest was overwhelming. Everywhere you looked moss covered trees and shrubs stare back at you. You can hear the frogs croaking in an underground home. The birds sing their beautiful songs in the tops of the trees. The world is at peace, here in the rainforest.

    By Serena on 09.28.2011

  4. Some people are seriously dense. I never really understood that word until I moved here. There are people who really don’t understand when I don’t want to talk about something. LIke I have thigns that I think are personal, therefore I won’t tell you. But there are stupid people who feel like I need to tell you. Umm no. Nothing in my life should make me tell you anything.

    By Haley on 09.28.2011

  5. she was so dense i couldn’t help her with the math problem. it just wasn’t going anywhere. i know it’s mean to say, but i didn’t know what else to do. this is why i can’t be a teacher–i hit what feels like a dead end and i don’t want to push through it; it want to turn around and try a different avenue, a different subject area.

    By A.L. Rockwell URL on 09.28.2011

  6. it was easier to snap my fingers in the hotter section of the gymnasium because the air was less dense. the fact that i knew this was a sure sign that science class what doing what it was supposed to do for once–teach me. that was in eighth grade. hasn’t happened since.

    By A.L. Rockwell URL on 09.28.2011

  7. People are super dense. Like wood. People are also like wood because they are molded into things all the time that may or may not make sense. I wonder if wood feels the way we do. Wood never has a say in what it becomes, do we? We could easily be as manipulated without wood without knowing. Then the question becomes, “What is our carpenter, who molds us from material into something real?”

    By Austin Kirkham on 09.28.2011

  8. Troubles are flooding, leaving no room for air.
    I am gasping
    I need someone to rescue me
    Someone save me from this density
    Too much to bear
    Too heavy to carry
    Too hard to overcome

    By Angelica Pronto URL on 09.28.2011

  9. Density is helpful when you have problems. Maybe they won’t affect you so much. If you have a little depth, a little density, you can hold out from the deathly feelings you can get. Maybe. but sometimes nothing helps.

    By kleined URL on 09.28.2011

  10. soooooooo this is the first time im doing this. umm dense. density equals mass divided by volume. i think ive heard that so many times that that is the only thing i can think of. in fact. im feeling pretty damn dense right now. whatever that exactly means. could it be a way of saying u feel emotional? cause i feel kind of emotional. but thats been like every day since the night of August 31. i will tell you. that was the WORST NIGHT OF MY LIFE. but shi* happens..

    By Taraneh URL on 09.28.2011

  11. The color is very dark
    almost black
    it looks dense enough to chew
    with a caramel-colored head
    this is a man’s beer

    By B. Green URL on 09.28.2011

  12. It`s a pretty dense multitude out there. Just get out, feel free and star shouting your desires, your most inner desires to all the people in the world. Be free.

    By JORGE CONTRERAS on 09.28.2011

  13. the problem with reading the word “dense” is that it goes straight to my brain. and how am I to write about anything when I feel as though my thoughts are drenched in the fevered sweat of a brain that shouldn’t be thinking about anything anyways? Why isn’t there a timer on here? why
    aren’t your stopping me? Make it go away.

    By Rebekah on 09.28.2011

  14. What happens in people’s minds when they refuse to walk through life with an eagerness to learn. Assuming people want to hear your opinion on a subject when that opinion is founded on shortcuts and falsities.

    By Caitlin Hoover on 09.28.2011

  15. She pushed her hands into the dense dough, kneading it into a rough mess. It was cathartic. Baking always made her feel better.

    By Courtney URL on 09.28.2011

  16. not even inches from each other
    i can see your breath in december air
    the windows are frosted.

    silhouettes and nothing more
    in winter’s white haze.

    By megan breukelman URL on 09.28.2011

  17. The dense brush made it nearly impossible to find our way back to camp. It was unreal just how fast the stuff had sprung up. We knew, going in, that it was a possibility, but we weren’t prepared by the spontaneous foliage of the area. Charles Lee was an incredible botanist, to be sure, but only a mad genius could have engineered the ever-sprawling, carnivorous jungle before us.

    By Raymond Masters URL on 09.28.2011

  18. A thick forest. I can’t see anything in the distance. The air is stuffy and warm. I’m scared but strangely I feel a safeness. Its quite, i can only hear a small stream. I feel moisture on my skin.

    By Sareena on 09.28.2011

  19. There is nothing like dense air, and im not talking about the kind that pollution brings. im talking about a dense environment caused by people. by far its the worse there is. Nothing even compares to being in the same place with people who just exhale negative energy. that contaminates me more than smoke itself. Their air isnt enough they have to hog up mine.

    By Liz URL on 09.28.2011

  20. It was a thick dense forest. The vines were wrapping around the trunks of the trees. Over and over and over each other so that you could not see where it began to grow or where it’s growth was at the time she used the machete to cut a path.

    By trina on 09.28.2011

  21. It walks. It talks. It appears to have brain function. It tries to be decorative. It doesn’t try to be agreeable. It’s focus seems to be focussed on itself. The air around it is dense with disagreeableness. It never gets what it really deserves. Nothing is ever good enough. It self perpetuates.

    By daleleelife101 URL on 09.28.2011

  22. The wood was dense from the rain since it soaked up all of the molecules. My brother’s head is dense sometimes. Dense reminds me of something hard and heavy. It almost sounds like dents.

    By Mrs.Trujillo URL on 09.28.2011

  23. something heavy. something that fills an empty space. the heart. the soul. the world.
    dense, it’s what i feel when there’s too much to bare and nothing to hold on to for support.

    By Jessica Angelique URL on 09.28.2011

  24. Like a dark, mossy forest. Like fog. Like some thoughts. Hard to walk through, drive through, think through. Thick, heavy…like skiing through mud. Green, brown and shady….try to think but either the thought or brain is just too dense Tough to process

    By julnilsmith URL on 09.28.2011

  25. Im in an unfamiliar place. Sadness sits over me like thick black smoke. I’m crying. The air is dense and thick with moisture. I can hardly breath without you anymore.

    By Sareena Luna URL on 09.28.2011

  26. WHAT? Why dense? How do I bleed creativity when cut by a word so dense as, well, dense. The dense fog surrounded the castle. Really?

    By Rachel URL on 09.28.2011

  27. It was dense. Dense. Dense. Dense. The metal above my throat kept inching closer and closer. I could see neon everywhere. The place was dense. The word began running through my head for unknown reasons. It became nothing. The metal ripped through my skin and the neon world faded.

    By Jesus Jimenez URL on 09.28.2011

  28. life is dense. happiness is dense. love is dense. sadness is dense. loneliness is dense. i am dense. dense is something you have to try because only when you know how dense feels you know about what you should care.

    By ediTh on 09.28.2011

  29. the forest was dense and the fog didn’t help. Hansel and Gretal walked along trying to see a path that wasn’t there. The fog was becoming denser as tot he pair c

    By Stephanie on 09.28.2011

  30. I feel dense. Not always, not in an emo way. But just today I feel dense. I made a boy fall for me (accidentally) and now I have to tell him that I don’t feel the same way. I have to break someone’s heart all because I was too dense to see what was happening to him.

    By Kala Kaos on 09.28.2011

  31. It was true, they had told her the end of the road led to a dense forest. She didn’t believe them until she found herself up to her waist in brush and rotting leaves.

    “Bloody hell why didn’t I ask them for another route? this is not going to work – i will never get to the shore from here.”

    “Who are you talking to?” a voice asked. I tried to spin around to see where they were speaking from, but my legs became hopelessly tangled in vines and God knows what else. The sky suddenly tilted and I found myself staring up at the wide-eyed owl like boy perched happily in the tree next to me.

    By quietlaughter on 09.28.2011

  32. People think that Zell is dense and kind of slow, but what most people don’t realize is that Zell is a massive history and geography buff. He scored the highest on all of his exams (SeeD, even!) in those areas.

    He’s just…excitable, is all.

    By Sara URL on 09.28.2011

  33. Sometimes I feel dense and then other times I don’t feel dense. Dense are not good when you get them in a car. Dense are not good when you see them from afar. Dense are like women. They are more painful to get out then put in.

    By Wes on 09.28.2011

  34. “Are you dense?” The examiner asked. “No.” I replied. “I just don’t have that much experience in dealing with ogres, so seeing one threw me for a loop.”
    “How are you supposed to earn your hero license when you can’t even handle one measly ogre?” The instructor asked.

    By Hugh Crosmun on 09.28.2011

  35. a dense fog. that’s what i hoped to see in london, but the city was all clear when i visited there. someone from london said that it was only until the 80s that the city was foggy…

    By kaorita on 09.28.2011

  36. Life is dense. Wet and warm and thick all around. Death is dry, ephemeral, blowing away like the dust of all my tomorrows.

    By mikemo on 09.28.2011

  37. A jetty is strong because it’s built long, thick, deep, low and dense.
    Its stones take the waves’ beatings so the beach doesn’t have to.

    By ISOreality URL on 09.28.2011

  38. once apon a time there was a little girl. Her name was Rose and she had a big fat amazing cat. This cat was magical. He could shoot people with the lasers in his brain. He could also talk. This made the girl happy

    By Kristi on 09.28.2011

  39. We walked through the dense Washington forest hand-in-hand. I tightened my grip when a bird’s song from down the trial caught me off guard. “I’m usually not this anxious,” I said. He smiled and squeezed my hand. “That’s alright,” he said.

    By Amelia URL on 09.28.2011

  40. “ITS TOO DENSE!”
    well shit, how’re we supposed to drill past this? I saw rick light up a cigarett in anticipation of another setback. at this rate there was no way we’d ever hit the vein in time, but whatever, we’re fleas, we’ve got nothing but time on our hands.

    By JBlack URL on 09.28.2011