March 7th, 2012 | 405 Entries

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405 Entries for “demonstration”

  1. i cant do this. when it comes to writing spontaneously i freak out at the challenge. demonstration literally leaves my mind blank. its blank because i focus too much on whats right and not being creative. not saying what it is that i really want to.

    By pamela on 03.07.2012

  2. I wait for your demonstration of how to properly kiss, all the while, I’m thinking back to that boy told me I kissed sweeter than anyone else in the world. And how much I missed him.

    By Bailey URL on 03.07.2012

  3. Carter walked up to the podium, he didn’t quite know what they wanted him to say, they said it was part of the demonstration, him not knowing. But that simply made his palms feel sweaty and his overall self feel nervous. And then as he looked up from where he stood, he knew what was coming for him and what the demonstration really was… The swarm was swooping down upon him. The animals that he had created were now being thrust upon him to prove a point, he was the test subject being used to see if his invention worked.

    By K Gats on 03.07.2012

  4. Tthe demonstration he was giving was so boring, it nearly put me to sleep. That is, until the handsome demonstrator looked right at me and gave a me a smile and a wink, and did a little call me sign. Hmm…maybe I should have listened to what he was saying after all.

    By karmachik URL on 03.07.2012

  5. construction hard hats pie chart projector lunch table red head lavatory

    By nu on 03.07.2012

  6. is this a public activity or a statement? the play of words can keep us thinking beyond simple answers and the thinking is what keeps us interesting – ah yet another word to banish or maybe just rethink …they give you time to complete a thought. i like this! :)

    By devon28 on 03.07.2012

  7. I felt as though I was at a party, but I was the entertainment. I was asked to demonstrate one movement. A single movement. Everyone was watching and I froze. The smiles rippled through the audience, and suddenly my movement was “FUCK YA BITCHES” and a tit flash.

    By Melissa on 03.07.2012

  8. Let me demonstrate something for you. This is how you write a response to a single word prompt in approximately 60 seconds. I’ve only done this a few times so I may not be the best teacher, but I’m trying my best. I have demonstrated other tasks, including how to do physics problems. I love physics, don’t you? Anyways, demonstration is very important as one who learns to demonstrate well improves themselves.

    By Matt URL on 03.07.2012

  9. she demonstrated what it felt like to burn in front of the class. what it felt like to fall as fast as a shooting star, to shine so brightly for a fleeting moment that you left spots in people’s eyes long after you had fallen. she showed us, what it was like to make that suicide leap- to give up everything you have, without gaining anything that you thought you would get. and in the end, ashes to ashes: she had returned like the rest of us would, to the earth that gave us life in the first place, envying the stars that shone beyond.

    By Skäila URL on 03.07.2012

  10. Haven’t I already done this? I think I’ve made enough of a demonstration of my ability to write about this abominable word. That is all I want to say and I think that this is enough that this word deserves.

    By Stephen Herfst URL on 03.07.2012

  11. I, only I can show you the way into my heart.
    my heart, that throbbing mess you hold within your hand. pumping blood vigorously into your body. we are one.

    By Maggi on 03.07.2012

  12. build explosion pick up design show what you can do
    and what you want to have little demons hiding inside

    By mt 1221 on 03.07.2012

  13. I have no idea what to write about ‘demonstration’. I suppose this is a ‘demonstration’ of an unimaginative mind at work. Please read another more creative post. This is by far the most uninteresting one i am ashamed of my lack of creativity on this day.

    By Valentine URL on 03.07.2012

  14. demonstrations can be fun, or scary, or kinky and fun lol
    i bet exhibitionists like giving all sorts of demonstrations, even non

    By C on 03.07.2012

  15. Together they stood, yelling and screaming. The protester’s outrage accumuating into one mighty roar. Chants for change flooded the streets. The demonstration lasted for days, but their passion never faded.

    By Caitlin Little URL on 03.07.2012

  16. It was Nigel’s first demonstration in front of the executive board. “More like executive BORED!” he thought aloud, as he passed a rather startled-looking secretary, before kicking the door open.

    By mr.dylan URL on 03.07.2012

  17. I have to go do my demonstration, because I have nothing else to do. Its funny though how I thought that it said demon station instead of demonstration. It is also funny that im pronouncing it like a word I’ve never seen before. WTF!

    By Jorge on 03.07.2012

  18. There was thirty-six people in front of the lion’s cage. The carnival rang with the guttural cries like those of a funeral and the screeches of the brakes. It was time.

    By Clare on 03.07.2012

  19. one time my friend gave me a demonstration of how to give a blow job. on a banana. i think i got the hang of it later another friend gave me another demonstration except on his dick.

    By ooblaah on 03.07.2012

  20. Demonstration of what? Demonstrating an activity or something. Spelling this word causes some trouble for me. I always want to put the a before the r. Demonstration may be the best way to learn, despite its obvious shortcomings of not being able to completely relate to another human being. Well, that’s it.

    By Matt on 03.07.2012

  21. some time when i get an assighnemnt at school i am supposed to research it and then provide a show and tell of the topic. deliver them with knowledge to fatten their brain and the visualy show them something to grab their attention.

    By jthomas on 03.07.2012

  22. to show one that you need to understand the ideas floating threw their head like a butterfly going threw a meadow full of obstacles trying to be understood through the power of demonstration.

    By nicole on 03.07.2012

  23. demonstraion is explaining an act of any kind to anyone. it helps simplify something that we thought we could never do. everyday people demonstrate different kinds of gestures. some demonstrate that of jackassery; and otheres that of kindess and good-heartedness.

    By Jessica Lion on 03.07.2012

  24. Demonstration would be to demonstrate how to do something by showing someone hands on so that they may show this to others and learn how to do it proficiently. An example for demonstration would be if you were trying to teach someone how to sing you sing the part to show them how it is done and they learn based on what they see. Demonstr

    By Tyler on 03.07.2012

  25. It was public, the demonstration, as they always were. And everyone had gathered around.
    The man cloaked in black shoved the woman with her hands tied behind her back and her hair pulled up out of the way.
    As she knelt to her knees and lowered her head she slowly closed her eyes and the audience grew so quiet, you could hear her last breath leave her body before the blade came hurdling down seeking purchase at her neck.

    By Summer Paige URL on 03.07.2012

  26. this one time I had to get in front of my class during Sex Ed.
    The teacher gave me a banana
    and this rubbery thing
    and told me to show the class how to put it on
    I had no idea what a condom even was
    Let alone how to apply one
    I was scared for my life
    I didn’t know what to do
    During the scariest moment o my life
    The demonstration
    The condom.
    The End
    and then they laughed
    They cried
    and we had a really, really, really good time
    My teacher gave me an A+, and later
    she begun to hit on me
    She was old though
    so it was weird
    The other kids laughed at me
    and my banana
    I cried.
    They laughed

    By Madeline on 03.07.2012

  27. Is the way to prove something, to make anyone sure of something you believe and know about it,

    By mariana URL on 03.07.2012

  28. once upon a time i was having a hot and heavy session with this cute guy… he wanted me to s his D… too bad id never had demonstrations…. lets just say i rocked it!

    By roobs on 03.07.2012

  29. It was a demonstration. Just that. Nothing more.

    But it served its purpose. Perhaps all too well…

    Sixteen sets of hearts were now thumping wildly. This was the only sound to be heard. Sixteen sets of mouths had been silenced before they could open.

    Just a demonstration, they told themselves…

    By Noelle URL on 03.07.2012

  30. If you want to really learn how to do something, ask for a demonstration. Works for me. I am one of those visual people. I work better if I can see what needs to be done and how to do it. Of course I am capable of figuring out a solution myself but it’s like for a DIY project, helps to see how it’s done visually before I get started.

    By Kathy on 03.07.2012

  31. idk man i don’t lke it when people demonstate stuff and ifildhgkhdf i dk what to write lik when you demonstrate something you show it to someone, by explaing it. for exampl

    By kensey on 03.07.2012

  32. “Now let me give you a demonstration of what we do to rebels!”
    He grabbed the protestor by his throat and threw him on the ground pointing a gun at his head.
    “Any last words?”

    By Brandon Adams URL on 03.07.2012

  33. I always try to demonstrate when I tell a story. I use hand movements, sound effects, the works. I don’t want things to be boring. Sometimes, I think people find me too loud and dramatic.

    By LindseyRegan URL on 03.07.2012

  34. Am I writing about today’s world or demonstration?

    By brittmriley URL on 03.07.2012

  35. Let’s be a demonstration and make a demonstration of what todays world is supposed to be. A good demonstation leads to more demonstrations and that’s the way it should be.

    By brittmriley URL on 03.07.2012

  36. catz like deomstrations

    By brittmriley URL on 03.07.2012


    By brittmriley URL on 03.07.2012

  38. It was just one of those things he couldnt explain to her. He needed for her to underestand, to feel it. So, there they were. The middle of night, huddled behind the steel column, trying not to draw attention to themselves. The singere floated onto the stage and with a great gasp of air…demonstrated exactly what she needed to know.

    By Mimi on 03.07.2012

  39. Demonstration is the art of presenting knowledge about a topic or giving an example of something that you’ve seen. Through life, many demonstrations will change people who watch them.

    By Amber on 03.07.2012

  40. “So if you’d just be so kind as to follow along.” His voice was cold as he spoke to the mostly empty room, professionalism not enough to keep his annoyance at the low attendance away.

    Those who had come to the lecture were staring down at their notebooks, writing furiously as if to prove that they were indeed the few dedicated students who could hopefully redirect his wrath away from them.

    By That's Impossible! on 03.07.2012