August 25th, 2016 | 59 Entries

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59 Entries for “delighted”

  1. I was delighted when the hippo gave me ice cream. I mean, c’mon, chocolate chip cookie dough on a sugar cone, who could resist? The hippo smiled when I thanked him and waddled off, handing out ice cream cones as he went. What a nice hippo, I thought. What a nice day! Who knew going to the zoo could be so much fun.
    That was, until the monkeys.

    By Halez URL on 08.25.2016

  2. Yonks I’ve done it again! I thought, wildly. The boy was a shade of pure, vicious green. I held my breath, counted to five, and slowly the boy began to turn a normal shade. I have to be better about thinking, I thought to myself, sometimes my dreams just turn people strange colors!

    By Halez URL on 08.25.2016

  3. “I would be absolutely delighted,” read the short letter, “if you were to visit me at my estate on the afternoon of the twenty-fifth.”

    I did not see any note anywhere about what I should wear, so I shuffled toward the manor in my rundown pick-up truck, wearing my best blazer and slacks with a polo shirt. By the time I stepped to the door, the butler was already waiting for me, arm outstretched to me in greeting.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.25.2016

  4. The way you excite me with delight. Warming the train of veins that dance around my body. Am I asking for too much if I desire to taste you day after day? Morning? Noon? What about night? Though you share yourself with many others, it’s my pleasure to still come home and call you mine. I cringe at the thought of going a day without you. Feeling your smoothness in my hand sends sensations down my spine. You burn my tongue with passion and my mind goes hazy every time I take it upon myself to take you in one sitting. But I am turning a new page. Alcoholics Anonymous starts tomorrow.

    By FrimFramFromFrem URL on 08.25.2016

  5. There once was a time where you were delighted just by waking up to a room filled with rogue rays of sunlight.

    Lately that cheery greeting upsets you enough for you to settle further into the covers with more pillows over your eyes.

    For days like that, I hope you remember, I’m always here ready to take your hand and help you up or through.

    By M. Rene' URL on 08.25.2016

  6. Delighted. She was delighted. Not just from the party, no she liked ice cream, but that wasn’t enough to delight her. She was delighted because of the little girl that sat in the corner of the room. She was delighted because that little girl wasn’t someone she was supposed to see again. She was one she thought was long dead.

    By ShadowDev404 URL on 08.25.2016

  7. k

    By Tay Ann URL on 08.25.2016

  8. People and sounds and places. They give me such joy, inexplicable joy, the kind that makes you feel colors and breathe peace. I am simply delighted to be in this world, simply delighted.

    By Tay Ann URL on 08.25.2016

  9. Spring has begun, there is a lightness in the air. Something bright and cool and gentle.
    Autumn has begun, there is a burntness in the air. Something deep and warm and full.
    What is in the air? Delight, delight is in the air.

    By Tay Ann URL on 08.25.2016

  10. I was wrong.
    You were delighted.
    We are through.
    I am drunk.
    You are stubborn.
    We are through.
    I am selfish.
    You were delighted.
    We are through.
    I am hurting.
    You are neutral.
    We are through.

    By beautybeyondstars URL on 08.25.2016

  11. I was delighted to see you dancing happily through the room. It is great to see you smiling!

    By BR on 08.25.2016

  12. I am delighted today. The moment I woke up, how I ate my breakfast, lunch, exercise and take a bath. I’m happy I can do all of these things unlike some people. I am lucky enough, or even blessed if you may. It’s the little things in life that we should never underestimate, but rather appreciate.

    By jjjjcccjjf URL on 08.25.2016

  13. Takumi places the box in front of Tabatha almost ceremoniously, a smug smile on his face. She raises an eyebrow.
    “I thought I didn’t get any gifts today,” she says, even as she delicately unwraps the paper.
    “They can’t give you anything,” he replies. “I’m human. I can do whatever I want.”

    By savvadrokki URL on 08.26.2016

  14. Delight is a funny thing. People often think it is related to happiness, but delight transcends all. It is in the cackle of a baby, the sound of a bird, the aroma of home cooked food, the serenity of mountains.

    By Ankush URL on 08.26.2016

  15. I’m delighted to meet you. I’m delighted to receive this award. Delighted. Such a whimsical twist to it. Imagine the wick of a candle sparking into flame. A tiny one. But glowing, and warm, and bright nonetheless. I haven’t been genuinely delighted in a long time.

    By tchee URL on 08.26.2016

  16. There wasn’t much to see in the shabby little kitchen – a couple of rickety chairs, a splintering wooden table, and sat in the middle – a little present, wrapped in plain brown paper and tied with string.

    She shrieked with utter delight and snatched it up. To her eyes, it might as well have been solid gold.

    By henry sawdon-smith URL on 08.26.2016

  17. The brief moment of destruction kept the professor captivated in uncontained happiness, breaching his character in the end; *for* the end, he’d want to think.
    Except he acted ridiculous in his finale – and not so the world’s…

    By "Life" on 08.26.2016

  18. I stand there, a smile on my face. My once sweetheart husband has turned from a big sissy into the biggest bad-ass on the street, i was surprised and i did not enjoy the new him, but i was so delighted

    By TheGuy040 URL on 08.26.2016

  19. i am delighted
    delighted of the wonders of the world i see
    delighted of the truths of my before fantasies
    delighted to finally realise the dreams I once had
    and delighted to know thatI am somehow loved

    By Aya on 08.26.2016

  20. is a feeling I get when I see my grandson
    is positive emotional state
    describes joy and happiness and hope
    makes people smile, unexpectedly
    can teach others how to be

    By Kimberly Tenneson URL on 08.26.2016

  21. I feel delighted about our late summer. Finally sun is giving us back some of its energy and finally it is warm enough to spend an evening on the balcony, watching the stars in a clear sky und listen to the snails feeding on the tomato plants.

    By Fredda URL on 08.26.2016

  22. I was delighted when my mother gave me a puppy. It was fat and covered with large purple spots. It had antennaes. Did I mention the puppy was from Mars?
    Well it was.
    Spot had a mind of his own, he loved cheese and crackers and licking my face. I loved that dog, but I had to let him go when the Venus cats appeared.

    By Halez URL on 08.26.2016

  23. “I would be delighted,” she said, taking his arm and raising her eyebrows to Kathleen. As they swept off to the dance floor, Kathleen had to stop herself from shaking her head bemusedly. There was real work to do. Nancy was providing the distraction. Her turn.

    By Bridget Grace URL on 08.26.2016

  24. The tables were spread with the richest and most delicate foods. Morzal restrained herself from walking over to fill a plate and eat rapidly until her stomach felt good. She looked down at herself and felt delighted at seeing the satin green dress covering her body. Just a moment ago, she was dirty and wearing torn rags.

    “Time’s up,” Zoko said. “Take off the VR goggles.”

    She took them off and felt sad at the dingy garage space, her tattered clothing and the hole in her stomach.

    By chanpheng URL on 08.26.2016

  25. Wonderful, wonderful! He chuckled. This is turning out to be the best dinner party yet! The guests around him reflected his glee in sycophantic impressions. Then the waiter dropped a glass…

    By ml on 08.26.2016

  26. Her toes curled, delighted and overwhelmed. New sensations in every touch; novelty and discovery with an old partner whom she once took for granted.

    By asavas URL on 08.26.2016

  27. Prunes. They make me laugh, with the deep belly laugh that is full and right – unlike prunes I suppose. Quite the opposite. That chuckle that roars, and is heated by the ignition of your desire to validate the absurdity of this thing called life. Delighted by the little pleasures of tea in the morning and noon and night.

    By Julia on 08.26.2016

  28. I’m delighted by life. I’m delighted by adventures. And for some reason I’m writing some mantra or something. What the heck XD

    I’m delighted by food. I’m delighted by dancing. I’m delighted by writing rhymes/poems…


    By Imani URL on 08.26.2016

  29. We are delighted to inform you that you’ve been accepted to attend Hogwart’s School for Witchccraft and Wizardry.

    By Chris on 08.26.2016

  30. Yellow is the color that I see. Delight make me squeal in happiness makes a hopeful future for the generations.

    By Anne Price on 08.26.2016

  31. I am delighted that I get to see you today. also we get to play Xbox 360.

    By Simon Woodard on 08.26.2016

  32. I am so Delighted.
    My dog is Delighted
    Jack M. is Delighted

    By Solomon URL on 08.26.2016

  33. I am so Delighted.
    My dog is Delighted
    Jack M. is Delighted
    Sterling is Delighted
    Sam S. is Delighted
    Babies are Delighted
    Kids are Delighted

    By Solomon URL on 08.26.2016

  34. Something washed over her as she listened closely, her ear nearly pressed to the wall. Mae sat in silence as she heard a sweet melody rise from the kitchen where her daughter was. “She’s singing again”, Mae whispered to herself, delighted.

    By Emily on 08.26.2016

  35. d was delighted to see friends and family. I was delighted to go E4.

    By jamesrotties URL on 08.26.2016

  36. The baby giggled at his mother, delighted to simply see her face. She smiled back at him and picked him up, holding him close to her.

    By Jonaya on 08.26.2016

  37. The door clicked.
    Instant adrenaline shot through his system. The door was creaking slowly, and as the keys jangled in the lock, he leapt to his paws, tail wagging furiously.
    “Hey, Winston, I’m home!”
    The voice! It was definitely her! He began jumping, a few excited yips leaving his throat as the door opened fully, revealing the smiling face of his master

    By The Wanderer URL on 08.26.2016

  38. “Delighted to meet you,” he said, taking my hand and shaking it vigorously. It was sweaty and clammy and I tried to be discreet as I wiped it away on my shirt.

    He took his seat and I took mine. He spoke, he continued to speak. I said nothing. And at the end, as I rose, he offered me a ride home. I said, “I’d be delighted to decline.”

    By Julie on 08.26.2016

  39. I’m delighted to play volleyball

    By Emily Taylor on 08.26.2016

  40. DelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedvvDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelightedDelighted

    By Solomon URL on 08.26.2016