June 21st, 2016 | 63 Entries

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63 Entries for “deity”

  1. She sat at the lunch table, a golden god from head to foot, laughing and tossing her hair. I tried not to toss my lunch as I sat on the opposite side of the cafeteria, handing my extra milk to Sam. He took it without a word and continued plowing his lunch into his mouth. “Attractive…”

    By Bridget Grace URL on 06.21.2016

  2. There are many Hindu deities. I have, now , recently developed an interest in collecting brass deities. To me, these brass deities add to the richness of our mandir

    By rainbow URL on 06.21.2016

  3. I take a bow for You. I confess my sins to You. You know my thoughts and feelings, and know when they displease You.

    By asavas URL on 06.21.2016

  4. Oh the gods. How people worship them, praise them, allow them to account for their sins and achievements. The idea of a god is so appealing, so inviting. Who doesn’t want to believe there is some all knowing being who will condone the things you believe and condemn the things you disdain. An entity that need never be questioned, analyzed or challenged. The authoritarian parent whose only reason need be; because I said so. But it isn’t all bad, it is a way to believe in something larger than yourself. Although if you just look around it shouldn’t be hard to see that everything we are a part of is larger than ourselves. No need for a special reward in the next life if we cherish and do our best in this one.

    By ABot URL on 06.21.2016

  5. The Greeks worshiped gods and goddesses who were also called deitys.

    By caden on 06.21.2016

  6. Deitys was a different name for a god or goddesses.

    By caden on 06.21.2016

  7. Greeks worshiped deitys with food and offerings of gold and silver. For things like blessing over a child or to help in a war.

    By caden on 06.21.2016

  8. long lines
    of broken thoughts turned to theories
    turned to thinking
    things are never
    and always
    what they seem
    when seeming
    is all
    we see

    By katiekieran URL on 06.21.2016

  9. I wake up and for the most part, I feel great. I feel on track. I feel content. I thank God for the gift of life. I am grateful for the

    By Joy on 06.21.2016

  10. She walked along the fresh crust of the Earth before we even knew she was there. She gracefully swayed, cracking the thunder with each step she took, lightning pouring from her eyes. She brought the rain onto the ground with a force, her power omnipotent.

    By blahblahbrittany URL on 06.21.2016

  11. “The deities have blessed me this fine morning!” crowed Louisa. “They have affirmed my life and happiness by allowing me to grace this earth for another year! And, if fortune and love permits it, they shall continue to smile upon me as I push through the mundane elements of my existence to find greater enlightenment and glory!”

    “Yeah, yeah, Happy Birthday to you,” grumbled her husband. “Now are you going to eat some cake or what?”

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 06.21.2016

  12. Her laughter hung in the air like dandelion spores on a warm summer breeze. Hair, the color of sunflowers, seemed to float in the grass around her. A summer goddess, the mother Earth–I was in love.

    By kristina URL on 06.21.2016

  13. god or holy figure

    By Mayuraj Deshmukh on 06.21.2016

  14. Mareila: An Eegenian deity that controls the elements. Eegenian people often pay tribute to her with deceased animals and feathers or teeth from domesticated animals.

    By Sereiga on 06.21.2016

  15. Godlike….I think. So many people see themselves as a deity and what IS one anyway? Perhaps we should all see ourselves this way as life really is nothing but an illusion. Why not elude yourself in to thinking you’re a God?!

    By BarbaraLynn URL on 06.21.2016

  16. What is it that we seek to fill in us? We build the temple. Sacrifice the precious parts of our pure and distant past

    By Nomdore Gnike URL on 06.21.2016

  17. i dont know this word. i dont know what it means. i think this is turning into a song. i really need to pee

    By Jamie on 06.21.2016

  18. I believe in one. Sometimes, I feel as though I’m the only human being in NYC that does.
    But I feel God. Know there is God. See God’s presence in the world in good ways. Of course, I’ve also met humans who think of themselves as deities. In fact, there’s one running for president right now. We should all bow to him and accept his iron-fisted rule and his proclamations about what is right and wrong, who is good and bad. There is no rhyme or reason to this deity’s commands or pronouncements; whatever feels right at the time is apparently the bible he hands us and expects us to live by. He himself lives by none of the rules he drafts; if he did, then he wouldn’t be drafting rules in the first place. “I don’t like you. You’re toast.” That’s pretty much how this one operates. If you worship at his altar, the best you can hope for is not thanks, but another day of freedom. If you don’t, he’ll look for ways to ruin you, destroy you, put you down, curse you, ridicule your faults or create faults you don’t really have. This is more bully than deity; more gad than God. But being worshipped more each day than any real God. And therein lies the end.

    By rubyluby on 06.21.2016

  19. G-d is the all powerful. The One we can worship. Do we need something to represent Him. Sometimes I think yes, but in reality, I know we do not.

    By Brendel Rosskamm on 06.21.2016

  20. G-d is the all powerful. The One we can worship. Do we need something to represent Him? Sometimes I think yes, but in reality, I know we do not.

    By BR on 06.21.2016

  21. There are many deities. The word comes from the greek that means “god’. Different cultures have many gods. The Egyptians had gods that were taken from nature like the sun, moon and rivers. The Greeks and Romans have gods that we are familiar with such

    By Viivian Catanese on 06.21.2016

  22. Deity. It means god in greek. Many cultures have their own gods but the Bible tells us there is only one true God. Unlike the other gods, only the God of the Bible tells us that he made everything out of nothing. He has always existed a

    By vivian URL on 06.21.2016

  23. Kaleb was overcome by the beauty and craftsmanship of what seemed to be a statue of some sort of deity before him. It seemed to emit the feeling of happiness to him from its dilapidated remains.

    By Kade on 06.21.2016

  24. Austin cackled, thoroughly enjoying the view of spilled drink all over his brother, while Ben passionately cursed him with every deity under the sky. Brother’s were the worst.

    By e.gnol URL on 06.21.2016

  25. he looked like an ancient deity, standing above her offering his hand. she wondered if he realized how others saw him. thinking of his self-conscious grin she figured he must not. for another surprised moment she was pulled outside of herself to realize that she was not the only one who underestimated themselves.

    By Samira URL on 06.21.2016

  26. We wait for the stars to align. We wait for the city to arise. We wait for our great god to awaken from his slumber. We await the freedom of insanity we will all be given. We wait for Cthulhu to return.

    By Nezumi-P URL on 06.21.2016

  27. Money has become the deity of choice. People have no respect for the Earth or other people. Money is their God.

    By Sister Golden Hair on 06.21.2016

  28. The greatest of them all, the hippo. It can both hear above and below water simultaneously – a skill invaluable for one who bathes for the majority of life. Never take it for granted.

    By Christopher Allum on 06.21.2016

  29. Did man create deity or did deity create man?

    By puttu on 06.21.2016

  30. the snackrifice was almost ready. it would be delicious. Jorah could tell. She wanted desperately to taste it but knew it was for Zarroooka, deity of sandwiches. Sandwiches were what kept her going through the depression. By Zarroooka’s will Jorah loved sandwiches. So it was.

    By The battle for the second muffin URL on 06.21.2016

  31. A true deity will guide and protect. A true deity is made by belief. A person’s belief can produce any body, any place, any thing into being. That is how writing and art work. They create deities.

    By Anna on 06.21.2016

  32. A graduate advisor is not a deity. Yet a graduate advisor controls a graduate student’s entire world. So to the graduate student, the advisor is a deity that crushes them bit by bit until there is nothing left. Nothing worth doing. Nothing worth having. Just nothing.

    By jackie on 06.21.2016

  33. When I was younger, I swore I’d always believe. I don’t mean as a child; I mean as a teen. I found my gods and I swore that unlike all the other teen girls who suddenly dressed in heavy black and prayed to the Goddess every full moon, I would never let it go. Naturally, I did.

    By Dot URL on 06.21.2016

  34. Suman always wondered where do people go after they die and more importantly why do people die?
    She had gotten so many different answers from everyone around her in all these years. The superstitious world that she was being brought up in was the kind where she was surrounded by people forever instilling fears of different sorts in her mind. A black cat crossing your path means bad luck. You should never give salt bottle or knife to another person hand to hand and so on. To the extent that when her dear neighbour and soul sister Aishdidi was to get married to a man, she was first made to marry a tree in the belief that her first marriage was not destined to last.
    At school too, different versions of different superstitions prevailed. For example, the first page of every notebook was to be always kept blank if you wanted to score well. One’s name should never be written with certain colours and many more.
    “Mom, I know why Amma died.” Suman sobbed as she returned home from school one afternoon.
    “Why” Radha asked.
    “Because I misspelled the word Deity to be Diety when I wrote an essay at school talking about Amma and how she feels one with the deity at some moments. My friends told me so Mom. I feel so terrible.”
    Radha could only hope and pray that this would result into Suman learning spellings more accurately from now on and one day she would be mature enough to not let superstitions come in her way of living, loving and progressing.
    © Bijal Mehta

    By bijal URL on 06.21.2016

  35. Everybody believes in deity but nobody believes in being human. Everybody spends thousands of money on deities but nobody wants to spend a penny to help others. This feeling that deity will solve your problems needs to go.

    By Pallavi S Ojha URL on 06.21.2016

  36. goddess and god. Hinduism believes in deity. they worship , offer prayer and flower to them . deity resides in temples. in India there are many temples

    By Samsooda Akhtaree on 06.21.2016

  37. There was a bug on the wall. It was a dead bug.

    By Kim on 06.21.2016

  38. Cross legged little angel, I spy you more and more.
    Like when I saw your star dust, sprawled across heaven’s floor.

    By Marissa URL on 06.22.2016

  39. deity is a person who believes in God. He stays true to the God or god person. Deity wants something in return.

    By vivek URL on 06.22.2016

  40. doing dirty deeds dancing with deity’s. Living lavishly untop mars sowing my seed

    By jay on 06.22.2016