August 31st, 2012 | 271 Entries

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271 Entries for “dehydrated”

  1. i need water im a dog and i need water so badly walking along in the sunny hot day by my stingy owner i am wanting to just go over to the puddle and just drink up some deliciously cold water mmm it sounds so good the hot sun on my fur is enough to drive me crazy i am a very dehyrated.

    By Julianna on 09.01.2012

  2. After a long day of running, he felt dehydrated, as if he’d been running in hell itself. Maybe he had, if hell could be likened to the mind of a 14-year old girl whose wildest fantasies ranged from the grotesque to the profane.

    He had, of course, been running on her mind all day long.

    By johnnyflashbang on 09.01.2012

  3. shit. you could die from dehydration.. i’m worried that not too far into the future the earth will be so dehydrated that it won’t be able to support life. or support plant life in orderto produce crops so we can keep living..

    By amanda on 09.01.2012

  4. Vibrant greens, turquoise, yellows blurred my vision. I had always seen people hallucinating in movies, even heard about other’s experiences, but never had I experienced the vivid sensations and images until this moment. Staggering to the ground, I lay in the blinding sun, immersing myself in this delightful array of colors as the last of my droplets of perspiration evaporated into the stifling desert air.

    By Amber URL on 09.01.2012

  5. It was never enough. She wanted it, needed it, but yet even when she got it, it was never enough. She craved it as if it were a part of her very essence, craved it as if it were air. But it was never enough, even when she had it. She was always dehydrated.

    By Kelly URL on 09.01.2012

  6. im thirsty and love drinking water and juice and its very hot .

    By suphia on 09.01.2012

  7. I’m trying not to think but it’s too hard. My lips and mouth feel like carpet. This is not a good day. Some people can make decisions. I cannot(!)

    By greg on 09.01.2012

  8. I wandered along the seemingly endless dessert. It’s been two days already, and obviously, I’m dehydrated. I once learned in class that you can only last 3 days without water. Well, I guess my time’s almost up then.

    By Anna Sanders on 09.01.2012

  9. Dehydration seems to cease brain function. no more senses. no more interest in such mundanity as the dunes around. don’t think stop thinking no more salt no more sand where is the water and why can I not find it impossibility. nothing more painful. nothing else exists.

    By anonymous on 09.01.2012

  10. Water and being stuck on an island alone no food.. Drinking your pee… Using water from a cactus which tastes like shit in order to stop dehydration. Until you finally get rescued and they give you water but you drink to much and die.

    By maddie on 09.01.2012

  11. Dehydrated is a confusing word for a short story.

    By joseandresaguayo URL on 09.01.2012

  12. Most of the time, I am. But only only of water, but of love. Why is that so I do not know. I need love more than anything else in this world, not from everyone, but the ones that I love. I crave it. It is the only force that gives me strength. And I am afraid to live my life without it. I need it.

    By Vanda on 09.01.2012

  13. dehydration is mainly a loss of water in the body
    it mainly cause giddyness and many other proplems in body.

    By khyati on 09.01.2012

  14. whoops – missed a word again. well, today i’m DEFINITELY NOT dehydrated, cuz i’ve been drinking lotsa lotsa water lately. apparently i have high cholesterol, so i’m trying my best to lower it. who gets high cholesterol at age 15? wait i forgot – people in this century. us fatties. anyways, water kind of gets rid of your appetite a bit, so maybe i won’t eat as much junk food any more.

    did this website get a redesign today?

    By a lemon drop on 09.01.2012

  15. I am dehydrated. I shouldn’t have had that wine last night. It gave me a headache, I couldn’t sleep and now I feel like crap. I need water, my tongue is dry, and I feel tired. Next time I’m craving wine maybe I should have grape juice or something like that. I will be happier in the morning.

    By Patty on 09.01.2012

  16. whe n you are dehydrated life becomes very challenging. Health is a mojor part of everyones life, the fact remains that you need water to survive. No water = dehydration. To avoid this drink water please.

    By Azaria on 09.01.2012

  17. Why did this case lead them to the desert again? Oh right, they had to go to Egypt. It felt like some sort of treasure hunt, Sherlock thought. The murderer kept leaving clues leading to his next victim, which would be in a place father than his last one. Not a wise choice, leaving obvious hints but a little challenging for the travel.

    “God, Sherlock. Of all the places, he had to choose Egypt,” John said, drinking the last few drops from his canteen. “Haven’t you drank from yours yet?” he said.

    “Don’t remember drinking at all,” Sherlock replied.

    John’s eyes widened. “For God’s sake, Sherlock! You HAVE to! You’ll get dehydrated if you don’t drink in the next 2 days!” John exclaimed.

    “Whatever you say, doctor,” Sherlock huffed and took a small swig from his flask. He had to save up for emergencies, after all.

    By smoothmovebro on 09.01.2012

  18. Dehydrated? Our mind can always be dehydrated. Yes, our mind…I do not mencion our body simply because it is as simple to cure as drinking a glass of water. However, our mind is confusing, complicated, curious and very hard-worker. I would say “workahoolic”. It thinks, it forgets, it remembers, it memorizes, it sleeps, but ir never shuts down…It boils, sometimes. In fact it bolis so many times that we feel as desconfortable as if it was completly dehydrated…The problem usually lies in recovering from this mental state od dehidration. A process as confusing, complicated, curious and hard (worker) as the mind itself…

    By Marta URL on 09.01.2012

  19. desert, exhaustion, water, thirst, tiredness, running, floating, desires, runs, drained, fluid, juice, flow, river bed, fruitition, starving, dying,

    By Brigitte URL on 09.01.2012

  20. Last year I took part in a race at school. It was a relay race and as I finally crossed the finish line and looked at everyone and everything my head started feeling light and I realized they were shoving water down my throat. I was dehydrated but overjoyed. The blood sweat and tears had paid off.

    By Blue on 09.01.2012

  21. “Water… I need water.” Gosh, that’s a stupid thing to say, everyone needs water… Especially now, especially after the reservoirs were drained and the water pipes contaminated. So much for the human race, we’re nothing without water…

    By BekahCat URL on 09.01.2012

  22. Dehydrated, weak, cold, and lost. I was shivering along this nameless path in a pit of sand as the sun was swallowed by the earth. Why did I come today to this vast emptiness

    By Gina on 09.01.2012

  23. the sun beat down on my burning back. I felt weak, dehydrated. How did it come to this? I swore I would never get involved in this again. Now here I am alone, in the desert, without food, water or actually any idea where I was.

    By Laurie on 09.01.2012

  24. water. soda. pool. swimming. swimming suit. bikini diving board olympics gold medal jewelry ring engagement husband wedding flowers tulips art Van Gogh Monet Museum

    By Diana Rosales on 09.01.2012

  25. He had been stranded only a few hours by his account, but already he could feel the thirst setting into his bones. The island was small with little shade but that under the leaves of a leafy palm tree. Hunkered down in the meager shadows, John mused how long he would last in this prison.

    By Michele on 09.01.2012

  26. So thirsty. It was unbearable. i couldn’t believe in how much pain I was. My group, gone. My map, gone. Nothing to sustain me or guide me, aside from my own heartbeat and breath. Around me, miles and miles of uncrossable wasteland. And somehow, had been mad enough to dare to take on the journey.

    By Nëya URL on 09.01.2012

  27. I was on my way home from work and I felt extremely exhausted and dehydrated. I hated that job and wish I could find another one.

    By Annie on 09.01.2012

  28. I can’t breathe. The air is closing in on me and I know that the only thing that can save me from this heat is water. The water is all gone from my body. I have none left to take and even less to give. I don’t know how much longer I can survive… But I know that I must try. I have to find water and soon.

    By Jesika on 09.01.2012

  29. Water. The need for fluid streaming through the body. Wet. the need to be drenched. cannonball from the high dive wet. need

    By Amanda on 09.01.2012

  30. They’d been without power for 5 days. Food was running out and the bath water they’d run, anticipating the storm, was only an inch high now. The scarcity showed in her cracked, dehydrated lips. “What next,” she thought?

    By Clarity URL on 09.01.2012

  31. One day a long day ago, 6 was walking through the desert. Sweat flowed down his skin, echoing the whole in his stomach even more. The number tilted his head toward the blazing sky, eyes hollow with fear and regret of his next step. Suddenly, a puddle formed in the distance. The poor number rushed toward’s it, only to find out as far as he ran he never got any closer to the puddle… Never any closer.

    By Meadowy on 09.01.2012

  32. revelry, passion. heat. sweat. red, pink cheeks. lowered lashes. exhaling. inhaling. chest rises – lowers. this fragrant heat swells and crashes and shimmers like the ocean. it’s burning quench searches for vapour but tastes only dust and detritus, its hunger unsated, it’s thirst left so unsatisfied by way of excess satisfaction

    By meliora URL on 09.01.2012

  33. i was walking and walking for what seems to have been an eternity and then all of a sudden i spot something
    “what — is that a bottle cap?”
    “oh my god, it is!”
    i uprooted the bottle to find it still 1/4 of the way full. i took a small sip, knowing it will be near impossible to resist drinking the rest.

    By lucas silva URL on 09.01.2012

  34. i remember the last time i was dehydrated was in sri lanka i hated the water and didnt want to drink any but i was made to otherwise i would be sick i hate being dehyrdated but then again i am not a big fan of water but ik its good for me and i should drink 2 litres a day well that should be much easier considering i’ve cut out drinking fizzy drinks for my diet

    By SJ on 09.01.2012

  35. Needing water or I’m gonna die, emotionally starved, wish I could get some. Starting to hallucinate and see my own brain. Why won’t anyone give me some water. Useless. All those taxes, and what do I get? Nothin’. I’m grumpy. ‘Cos I can’ts gets me some waters. Boooooooooooh :( :( :(

    By Siobhan URL on 09.01.2012

  36. I feel completely dehydrated of ideas. It makes no sense to write about this word but it is what it is. Why would someone try to write about dehydration. Why? It just a state of no satisfaction. Can anyone try to do this? Can people do this? It makes no sense. That’s probably why I’m doing this. It starts to make some sense now. A state of feeling lost and dehydrated.

    By Angel Jose on 09.01.2012

  37. “Give her water! She’s already dehydrated!” a woman said.
    A man gave the poor little girl some water to drink. She drank it greedily but she sank back to the ground still weak.
    “There’s something wrong with her,” the man said.

    By Rawr means I love you URL on 09.01.2012

  38. sun warm desert alcohol

    By Szondi on 09.01.2012

  39. dehydrated is when you’re out of water like feeling thirsty i feel it a lot feeling thirsty is the first stage of dehydration after that u can die which is not nice the colour of the word dehydration is relaly nice i’m watching the vaccines on tv at reading they’re my favourite hi i love you you’re the best idk what to write wow :) x

    By Chantel on 09.01.2012

  40. The feeling of being really thirsty and your throat feels dry, you need water in order to help with this, and lots of it. usually on super hot days this can happen to you.

    By Brennen Contreras URL on 09.01.2012