August 31st, 2012 | 271 Entries

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271 Entries for “dehydrated”

  1. water sun dry earth yellow warm hot summer lotion pool sink swim thirst desert sand oasis

    By lakshmi on 08.31.2012

  2. this is like the first word they have thrown at me that I could not get creative with. Dehydrated really? I will have to stew on what the heck to write about on dehydration. (ponder ponder ponder)

    By Nikki URL on 08.31.2012

  3. She felt as if every single drop of water had left her body and taken along all of her joy and will. Dehydrated and empty. In that last morning she was nothing but a shell. She left without looking back.

    By Natália on 08.31.2012

  4. dry, hot, arid. Wanting the coolest glass of water I’ve ever had. While sitting on a lounge chair on a white, sandy beach with the wind blowing through my hair, watching the one I love walk toward me from the soft ocean waves. Seagulls are squawking music to my dream.

    By Sly on 08.31.2012

  5. i think i am really dehydrated. stupid ankle surgery and now my blood is too thick they say, what am i to do I suppose. Take this nasty blood thinner and get stabbed every bloody week for a blood test. Such a joy. Ill be so glad when this madness is over. As for now just wasting time. Yeppp.

    By alicia on 08.31.2012

  6. I felt so tired. Laying against the fence, watching my friends swing back and forth, back and forth on a ride I had neither the money or the courage for. Feeling myself slip away, it was like falling asleep. If the ride hadn’t ended when it did.. Well, I don’t really know what happens after that.

    “Drink plenty of water, it’s a hot day, don’t want any dehydration.”
    That’s what they said.

    I didn’t think I’d get so close. I still don’t know what would have happened if I’d fallen into that sleep. Maybe it would’ve been more exciting? More dramatic. Or maybe my life was saved by the timing of that amusement ride.
    But I guess dwelling too hard on that thought won’t do much. Because nothing like that happened.
    The ride ended when it did. My friends returned for me when it did. I was brought back when I did. And that’s that.

    By Olivia on 08.31.2012

  7. If someone was dehydrated while they were doing physical activity then negative health implications would soon follow. Being dehydrated is being de-human because humans are mostly water.

    By Colin on 08.31.2012

  8. You have no water, you are feeling like you are in a desert. You’re not a camel. You are a human. It’s cotton mouth. You are getting weak. It’s like there is a blur of nothing. You need water. Sand is all you taste.

    By Blair on 08.31.2012

  9. fuuuuuuuuuck. Dehydration fucking sucks. I have wpw wolf syndrome which means my heart runs on a second electrical current sometimes and i’m realizing that i’m totally giving away the details of my life to people i’ve only known for a short while but that’s alright. Because we’ll be drunk soon and most likely forget everything. I hope so at least..l…….fuck I didn’t mean to type that one I. I hate life.

    By kyle on 08.31.2012

  10. The girl lay in the sand, panting. She had been in the exhausting desert heat for three and a half hours after not eating or drinking for two days. Her vision was fuzzy as she blinked at the setting sun.
    ‘Water.’ She thought simply. ‘If I’m going to live, I need water.’
    She slowly pulled herself up and squinted, looking at the scenery around her. Sand and emptiness stretched out for miles, but then something caught her attention. Off to her right was a small pool of water and a palm tree. She laughed, a breathless throaty laugh, before standing and stumbling towards it. With each step the water got farther and her vision got darker until finally….

    By Elena on 08.31.2012

  11. I wake up in the middle of the night. again. It’s some ungodly hour, I don’t know why. My mouth is dry, dehydrated.

    By mary on 08.31.2012

  12. I sighed as I walked, my mind in constant motion. My feet throbbed and the road didn’t seem to end. I wondered if I could drink my own blood, like some cannibalistic vampire.

    By Selena on 08.31.2012

  13. I fell in the grass. Somehow though instead of terrifying me as this moment should have, (what with the combination of severe dehydration and a possible concussion), my mind took me immediately to thoughts of competition, as if remembering some book I had read long ago.

    By McCall URL on 08.31.2012

  14. without water, a desert, death, shriveled. Raisins

    By Eric on 08.31.2012

  15. When I am dehydrated I get migraine head aches. It begins the moment I wake up in the morning. My eye site is blurry, head pounds and my stomach does back flips. So every day I make sure I drink enough water because being sick isn’t worth not drinking water.

    By paulie aragon on 08.31.2012

  16. I was dehydrated once. When I was in the 4th grade, I passed out in the girl’s bathroom because of it.
    A desert is dehydrated. I live in a desert.

    He searched everywhere for that one drop of water, that one connection to life, but he couldn’t find it. The mirages swirled in front of him,

    By Caroline on 08.31.2012

  17. Your torrid body has quenched my parched thirst for love and lust and safety
    in oak arms I am protected delicate lace
    together we battle the crowds
    together together together I am glue on you
    aching to be permanent

    By Mara on 08.31.2012

  18. The man searched through the cracked soil for some resevoir of water, but found none. The mirages swirled in front of him as he blindly stumbled across the desert floor, unsure of how far away death was from him.

    By Caroline on 08.31.2012

  19. This word came at such an apt time; i need water desperately but I’m too lazy to go one floor up to the pantry. Or go one floor down to the laundry for that matter.

    I’m just lazy cos’ today is a Saturday but I have to buck up. I spent yesterday fooling around doing nothing. Though I had fun.

    Now I’m just completely off topic. Bleah. Going home soon.

    Call me soon.. I hope.

    By michelle shwe URL on 08.31.2012

  20. When you are very thirsty and have no water. Lemonade is very thirst quenching and reminds me of summer. Desserts are very hot and have no water camels store it in their hump so that’s why they live there and don’t get thirsty.

    By Justine on 08.31.2012


    By Gabby on 08.31.2012

  22. “Remember, dehydration is the enemy!” That was Katie’s catchphrase throughout marching band season in the Texas heat and yet sometimes the band went many rehearsals with only one water break. No wonder Lewis had to drop out Monday night, it just startled to not find him to formation all of a sudden.

    By April URL on 08.31.2012

  23. Dehyrdation makes me feel naustious and tired. I have been drinking more water lately so that I dont feel this way. And I love it.

    By Sam URL on 08.31.2012

  24. In the hot dry desert, parched and thirsty. Death feels like sand dry on my lips and in my throat. Solitary heat and sun.

    By D on 08.31.2012

  25. Licking my lips, I struggled on through the baking desolation of my backyard. The plants had all died, the grass was a nondescript yellowish colour, and the trees were drooping earthwards.

    “Must have liquid,” I moaned, “Where is the beer?”

    By Benson URL on 08.31.2012

  26. measuring your breaths, left side of the bed; awake, and I know you are too, it’s in your lungs, the deepness they pull, that’s what really gives you away, if you want to know: so I draw in shallow, pacing it slow, let you think you are alone in your consciousness when you begin the likewise study of my own chest (quickly we are strangers)

    By robyn URL on 08.31.2012

  27. walking in the dessert thirsty like no one’s business i trudged on through the hills wishing there was something relitively resembling water. i wouldn’t even mind seeing a mirage of water that’s how thirsty i am.

    By Naomi on 08.31.2012

  28. I am so dehydrated. it hurts so bad. Please help me. No, please come back

    By Brianna on 08.31.2012

  29. No water. Feeling like you’re going to throw up and your brain is going to explode out of your brain. A possible way to die. One time, I was hiking in the Grand Canyon – dehydrated and with no water. My dad gave me a plum but that didn’t do any good. I was crying because I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t swallow, my head was pounding and I was dizzy. A stranger gave me a bottle of water that helped a bit. It was one of the worst experiences of my life.

    By Kayla Tucker on 08.31.2012

  30. Dehydration can cause fatigue and weakness. If you drink lots of water and are properly hydrated, you sexual pleasure and intimate moment will increase.

    By Court on 08.31.2012

  31. When you need a cup of water. Honestly the healthiest drink you could ever drink to stay hydrated!

    By Nubia on 08.31.2012

  32. Her lungs were burning. Her world was spinning. She held herself up on thin knees, wobbling furiously. She couldn’t see; she was blind. She heaved for breath before her whole world turned into an abyss of black. So much for a morning run in 90 degree weather.

    By A on 08.31.2012

  33. I played a lot of tennis today and I tend to get tired easily. We ran about 3 laps on the track which reminds me how much i wish i were back in shape. i used to run track you know. well anyway this chich amerie was trying to race me and I tried so much to beat her but I’m not as in shape as I used to be.

    By mindy on 08.31.2012

  34. If you do not drink enough or loose too much fluids, you will get dehydrated. Dehydration is especially a risk for baby’s and the elderly when having the flu or in hot weather. It is advisable to drink enough and call the doctors attention when loosing too much water.

    By Bob on 08.31.2012

  35. When I don’t get enough water I get dehydrated. Because I’m sick I need more water than most people. I don’t know, now, if I still need so much water, or if I’m just so used to drinking so much that I feel like I need it when I really don’t. I hear the key is the colour of one’s urine.

    By Jane URL on 08.31.2012

  36. i was running from the mass that had been following me the whole day. As i disappeared behind a rock it suddenly took hold of me as I became drenched in sweat as i realized how dehydrated i was,.

    By greg on 08.31.2012

  37. the thirst of my soul is devastating
    i end up lying, torn, by the riverside
    dreaming of you and our past
    sometimes the insatiability is enough to drown me in my own feelings
    my life is never half-full without you
    so i’ll die of this dehydration

    By emily on 08.31.2012

  38. the sweltering desert landscape was desolate. of course it was. thats so typical. no life really wants to exist on such a lonely landscape. and who can blame it really. its just a choice that everyone makes, to be around others. companionship.

    By amy on 08.31.2012

  39. Dehydrated is what happens to your body when you don’t get enough water. You need water or else you’ll be dehydrated. Maybe you sweated it all out, or maybe you went pee and haven’t drank any water since then. Either way, you are now dehydrated and you need to fix that.

    By Karl URL on 08.31.2012

  40. I was dehydrated the other day and got a very bad case of vertigo. I was also told that dehydration was why I couldn’t donate blood after I moved down here. It’s pretty easy to get dehydrated here. I’ve been drinking all night. Soda, though.

    By LightningMan URL on 08.31.2012