August 30th, 2012 | 242 Entries

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242 Entries for “darlings”

  1. They are my darlings. Those two beautiful children who have suffered so much; who have lost their daddy to a pig ignorant policewomen intent on destroying an innocent man to further her own pitiful career. With scant regard for the consequences, she took their bribes to pay for her kitchen renovation and her second class holiday to Fiji, while my brother beat off violent strangers inside his prison cell and his children cried themselves to sleep.

    By sharon london on 08.30.2012

  2. hola como estas soy delfina y me gusta el helado de frutilla y me gusta el tomate. tengo un cigarrillo y fuego y las llaves en la mano, una lima y un despertador. tambien un barquito en una botella

    By delfina on 08.30.2012

  3. there are many darlings out there. people you may love to see or spend time with. just ones that are there for you. people that you may love. darling can be a very meaningful word. there are times when you see these people are someone so important to you. this is a term of endearment.

    By Daniela on 08.30.2012

  4. My little darlings! They are all ready for dinner! Such clever little things. I didn’t even have to tell them to wash their hands! Such sweet, sweet darlings! They smile with so much joy! It brings me to life!

    *disclaimer: I killed my darlings.

    By Kayci URL on 08.30.2012

  5. Darlings is a dumb name for a candy bar. Its almost as if they wanted you to eat a small child — a darling — which in itself would not only be cannibalistic, but has suggestions of pedophilia. There is no surprise, then that the Darlings candy bar never sold well, and Tom, who bet everything he had on the success of the company, lost everything.

    By Tom Ripley on 08.30.2012

  6. of course they were your darlings
    they were your children
    you had to care about everything that they
    you were basically confined by them
    stuck with them

    By butts on 08.30.2012

  7. “Darling,” she breathed, falling to her knees. Blood soaked through her skirt. With a trembling hand she brushed his hair back from his face, and his eyes gazed unseeingly. She knew with a stab of certainty that he was dead and, in a way, so was she.

    By twizz on 08.30.2012

  8. “The little darlings!” she’d always say when she saw us, her eyes lighting up and her gloved hands doing a little happy dance. she would give us a peck on each cheek and her giant earrings would bobble back and forth, and i hated how her red lipstick always left those marks. now she is just a photograph on my mother’s nightstand.

    By EJ URL on 08.30.2012

  9. Such a word makes you sound less possessive. It’s an expensive mask for an ugly player.

    By Jessica Bang URL on 08.30.2012

  10. what you call your girlfriend

    By jordan on 08.30.2012

  11. My darlings are little angels
    though they are not mine
    they hold a precious spot in my heart
    not many have been there or even seen it
    but there they reside forever glowing pieces
    of my existence
    forever mine in heart and mind

    By Leslie on 08.30.2012

  12. Little darlings, so beautiful in the daylight. I hate when it gets dark, their beauty just isn’t the same. Little darlings, dancing to and fro, forgetting the beginning and the end, living somewhere in the middle. Little darlings, no care in the world, falling apart and falling together again and again as their hands clasp together. Little darlings, no hope for tomorrow, no cries for yesterday.

    By Taylor URL on 08.30.2012

  13. There are many things I like, that I enjoy, or that I’d even say I love — but “darlings”? Of these I, like most everyone, have very few. The band Ratatat. My cat Milo. The feeling you get on a warm summer evening in the car with the windows rolled down; that’s about it.

    By Not a Vegan Pirate URL on 08.30.2012

  14. “Oh my darlings.” I thought as I coddled my diamonds. They were my everything. If one was to get misplaced or lost then I don’t know what I’d do. Die probably.

    By Rose Silver URL on 08.30.2012

  15. Darlings are your kids when you say you are a Arlington it means that u love them so much❤ and that you care about them

    By Mackenzie on 08.30.2012

  16. Darlings? Again? I already wrote about this. Oh my darlings, oh my darlings, oh my darlings, Clementines – you are tiny, baby oranges, so sweet and juicy, Clementines!

    By Ann on 08.30.2012

  17. Darling is something I most certainly wouldn’t want to be called by my boyfriend. That’s more of a phrase I’d see coming from a decrepit, yet classy, lady. It’s more of an old fashioned thing to say and I do believe if my boyfriend ever happened to call me that, I certainly would not be aroused in the least.

    By Rachel Orf URL on 08.30.2012

  18. two little darlings lay across my bed. Their sweet whiskers adorning their gorgeous feminine feline faces. These two angels have captured my heart with their loving and generous kindness. I would do anything for my sweet darlings.

    By sexybikechick URL on 08.30.2012

  19. Well, I call her my Darling. I guess that word is not used around here very often, because people always laugh, or ask what I said, as if they misunderstood. I have a thing for bumping my perception up a few knothces. Using a word a bit more positive than I feel.

    By Cera W. on 08.30.2012

  20. two little darlings lay across my bed. Their sweet whiskers adorning their gorgeous feminine feline faces. These two angels have captured my heart with their loving and generous kindness. I would do anything for my sweet darlings. The way in which I met each of them is a special story in my life. It reminds me that I am loved and wanted, even if it is just a couple of cats. But, that we are here together to love and help one another reach our best.

    By sexybikechick URL on 08.30.2012

  21. my friends are darlings, and so are cute little ducks. i love both because they are the sweetest and most genuine forms of beauty in life. true friends are darlings to be treasured

    By mia on 08.30.2012

  22. You can’t be sure unless you know body language. You have to see hat’s past everything else and just decide on whether or not you love the person. You can stare at them intently for hours on end or you can make all the biggest decisions within a few seconds, but the one you must choose is your darling. Your darling. Your darling. You are theirs, and they are yours.

    By Patrick Hall URL on 08.30.2012

  23. My dearest darling
    How I long for you. My days consists of you dancing in my mind. I worry for you everyday, when there is posting of the fallen soldiers my heart sinks. I worry that you have been unable to write me. My darling please come home to me.

    By Nikki URL on 08.30.2012

  24. is an anagram for lard’s gin

    By Alex on 08.30.2012

  25. “Darlings, could you please get the groceries for me?”

    Lisa knew that her mother was just getting old. She knew that it was not her mother’s fault that she kept repeating things over, and over, and over again. However, she DID worry. Lisa was no longer twelve, but a fully-grown woman, who had a husband and three children of her own. She worried about what was wrong with her mother, and she knew that she needed to be taken to a doctor.

    By Brandi URL on 08.30.2012

  26. oh my grandma always used to call the children darlings. we were not darlings. we were little hellions that only liked grandma for the nice christmas presents. she was the darling for continuing to give us gifts after all the trouble we caused. that is a true darling.

    By Hannah URL on 08.30.2012

  27. The word “darlings” reminds me of two things: my dog Coco, who is sweet as sweet can be; and adoring couples that I used to want to be when I was young. But the grass is always greener on the other side and nothing is ever really picture-perfect. Everything is an illusion in our minds. Our thoughts and ideas about a significant other are all just pictures we drew of them in our heads. Then we assume their characters to be just the way we envisioned our fairy tale partner to be like. But this illusion is at odds with reality. But what is reality? If two people so thoroughly believe in the illusion, and not only in the illusion itself but in the illusion that the OTHER person has, I adamantly believe that it CAN become a reality. But this happens rarely… Most of the time someone is always trying to tear down that thin piece of illusion keeping you sane.

    By SsoQueen URL on 08.30.2012

  28. Darlings would be the plural of my friend’s name because her name is Darling. Someone nice and loved by everyone is a darling. You can call darling to someone you really like.

    By D on 08.30.2012

  29. Oh my darlings are so little. It’s sad that i dont have darlings. Forever alone. Yeah that’s pretty much it, but i wish I didnt have a headache. Oh someone is home yay i cant type fast enough. how many seconds was this? i dont remember.

    By Tom on 08.30.2012

  30. Oh my darlings, as I watch you play in the sand it reminds me of a better time. Of a time when your father an I were happy. Of a time where I still wanted to live. My darlings, I wish that you always remember what it is like to be happy

    By Tanira on 08.30.2012

  31. She leaned down into the chicken coop and scooped up the fuzzy bodies that scrambled around the enclosure.
    “They’re wonderful!” The little girl exclaimed as she pressed the baby to her cheek.

    By Alex~ URL on 08.30.2012

  32. Just take a deep breath and try not to think too much. It’s thinking that gets you into trouble, darlings. You’re gonna want to slow down and hold your air in tight, like a deadlock, and hope with all your heart and head. That’s how we get things done around here. I’m not sure what you’d want in another world, but here, underwater, all we want is air. You’d do anything for it, and so you starve yourself instead. Oh, darlings. You’ve come into the wrong place to love yourselves.

    By Lancir URL on 08.30.2012

  33. Darlings can be everything. Children, friends, loved ones. Pets, small objects, anything. It’s entirely open-ended and open to interpretation when it comes to something you adore.

    By Aika on 08.30.2012

  34. Oh, my darlings, How I love you so. You make me smile when I am down, you make me wonder why the sky ever gets dark. You all bring a light into my light that no one except for you can take away. Thank you for the gift of your presence. I love you all. I don’t even think you understand. :)

    By kt URL on 08.30.2012

  35. Mme. Cordilia sits stifly in her chair. Her fingers drum out a steady pattern on the desk in front of her, and her eyes are trained on the elaborate tapestry that hangs opposite her. Upon entering the room, one notices that her eyes are cold today. They always are, but today especially so. As Marco enters the room, her eyes pierce him, her stare somehow angry, devastated, and bored all at once. Marco’s face remains blank.
    “You called for me.” He states. It is not evident that he is fighting to keep his voice even.
    Marco raises his brows.
    Mme Cordilia sighs. “It seems I have come across another need for you, my darling.”
    Anger wells up in Marco’s chest.
    “No, do not call me one of your darlings. Do not try to weave another facade right in front of me. When I last saw you I was made a guarantee that you had no need of me, nor would you, for quite some time. This time was necessary for me to gather my thoughts, without your influence, and you were well aware-”
    “Marc.” Mme. Cordilia’s face seems to be fading, very slowly being replaced with a face that seems younger, and somehow softer. “I am well aware. But this time, I promise you, it will not be like the last. People do change; you know that as well as I do.”
    Marco takes a breath. “People do change, and with that, their hearts change as well.”
    And with that, Marco turns slowly and leaves the room. A sesnse of finality hangs in the air.
    Mme. Cordilia returns to studying the tapestry.

    By Dulcie URL on 08.30.2012

  36. My darlings
    Come home to me,
    for without the presence
    of your laughter
    home is nothing but bricks
    aligned to keep you

    By Janalle on 08.30.2012

  37. “my beautiful darlings”. the words muttered by a mother as she proudly parades her children in front of envious women. Self absorbed and proud, the characteristics of most American mothers.

    By mary on 08.30.2012

  38. Oh my darlings, drink sweet lemonade under the porch lights and count moths all night. See how many of them dazzle silver or are milky brown under velvet skies. I would love to see you once again smiling as the winter comes and we drink hot cocoa. But for now, the moon hangs in a warm pocket of the summer evening while we kick our shoes off and the stars are braces for our exposed teeth and we cuddle.

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 08.30.2012

  39. Sweet darlings with little hands and braided hair. Play hop scotch and sing familiar tunes, reminds me of innosence, child hood, summer, and joy. I live for my darlings.

    By ari on 08.30.2012

  40. “No, I won’t be afraid,” the girl said to her lover. At least, that is what she thought of him as, but that would not matter in a couple of days. When the school year ended, so did their relationship. He knew this, but she was left in the dark. Now, four months later, her heart is a hollow well. Empty of darling, and filled with pain.

    By Miriam on 08.30.2012