August 30th, 2012 | 242 Entries

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242 Entries for “darlings”

  1. “Oh my darlings, come here.” she said, holding her arms out. She waited, waited patiently for her grandchildren to run into them. It was only until the cat jumped onto her lap that she realized her grandchildren weren’t even there.

    By Raneem URL on 08.30.2012

  2. People who are in love. People who hold hands. And some people use this word when they don’t love each other and they want to reassure themselves that this feeling of emptiness inside them doesn’t exist. They pretend that a word like this can fill up the hole, that it will make the bad things disappear and they can lie to each other forever. They want love. They want what this word means.

    By Graham Forrest URL on 08.30.2012

  3. My darlings my darlings gather around and look into the brown bag that i have sat in front of you. IN it you will find three items. Three items in which you will build from for the rest of your life. The first item… A hairdryer, the second a puzzle piece and the third and final item is

    By DanTheMan URL on 08.30.2012

    Kayla looked around the empty house, “Hello darlings is anyone home?” she calls out sarcastically. She dropped her school bag to the ground and investigated her empty home.

    By Nina Roy URL on 08.30.2012

  5. I think of peter pan.
    Loved ones.
    Cute names they give each other.
    A mother talking to her children.
    The word darling sings love to me.

    By Andrea on 08.30.2012

  6. my darlings ha that is fun :). My darlings… that sounds like a rich woman talking about her cats, dogs and or both! maybe even her children! who says that anymore?

    By Ki URL on 08.30.2012

  7. She called them the darlings. They called her mother earth. She spat on them in the kindest of motherly ways. Though they kept her from harm she feared them were not as she seemed. Growing anxiety of hate and sin they betrayed her trust.

    By Sarah on 08.30.2012

  8. darlings come and darlings go but always we will have ourselves so try to see past all your negative and all your woe and love yourself for loving yourself will lead you to the best darling of them your one and true.

    By Mickey on 08.30.2012

  9. They were just darling, there, as they perched themselves on the window sill. Their little ribbons tied around their necks (which, now in this light and this setting, did nothing to remind you of the struggle you had to put them on) were a soft pink, twirled about one another to create somehow familiar bows. The rain – falling on just the other side of that window – did its job to evoke reminiscence and to brush a shivering glow among their faces and whiskers.

    By Amy on 08.30.2012

  10. The little darlings. Small children. Actually I don’t really like small children. I didn’t like small children when I was a small child either. I just don’t get along with them. Perhaps this is a personality fault of mine, perhaps not. I don’t know. I just can’t understand them.

    By Emily URL on 08.30.2012

  11. The babies rolled on the floor
    Laughed their little laughs
    Blew Bubbles
    Clapped their tiny hands to mimic mine

    By Karen URL on 08.30.2012

  12. Ode to the Darlings;

    Softest hair,
    Crimson red with
    lips to match and
    eyes as dark as coal,
    compressed to shine
    as bright as gems

    you bitch
    you kill me
    but i love you

    By Samantha on 08.30.2012

    hello darling

    i know someone called emma darlington
    she is my darling!
    i call her my darling in public and people give me funny looks sometimes
    oh welll DAHLING

    By Teddie on 08.30.2012

  14. oh my darlings. I have waited all day for you to come home from school. I have missed you all and can not wait until we can all party together. I want to smoke a bunch of weed with all you darlings and just chill. Just be together. no loud talking, just enjoying the company.

    By Chelsea on 08.30.2012

  15. Darlings. Two of them. Both of them bitches, bitches, bitches at time. But also quite pleasantly domesticated at others. Is my sarcasm coming through?

    By Adam URL on 08.30.2012

  16. Darlings. They were all very sweet, and I realized that it was all a stylish facade put on by my uncles. Maybe if they made themselves a little less obvious, it would make more sense to name their daughters “Darlings”. He’s wasting my time. Not a darling.

    By Stella URL on 08.30.2012

  17. . . .This word is sucks, sorry.

    By Jenna URL on 08.30.2012

  18. The five little darlings all lined up in a row. Tallest to shortest. Strongest to smartest. Ugly to pretty. I was at the end of both lines, medium height,, medium strength, not too bad, not too great looks, not smart, but not stupid either. I was the ultimate middle child.

    By Melissyish on 08.30.2012

  19. Darling darling darling children are all she sees when she works. “Darling children”, their mother calls them, “darling children”, she should be so lucky to work with such “darling children”.
    “Well,” she thinks as she enters her room for the last time. “These children won’t be so darling to her once I leave her all alone with them.”
    And she picks up her packed bags and leaves the premises without a backward glance.

    By Mae B on 08.30.2012

  20. ahh, the little ones. teh darlings. the interweb people of indeterminate origin. they speak in words unspoken and symbols unreadable. facebook posts, twitter tweets. things that make no sense.

    they are our future and our past. the invalidate your feelings, because they have none of their own. the smile at your frowns to crown the upsidedown around.

    By Matty M. on 08.30.2012

  21. Not really a great name for a manly man, unless I suppose you are trying to embarrass them. It works.

    By Veronique URL on 08.30.2012

  22. My darlings are probably the most darling darlings I’ve ever seen. In fact other darlings aren’t nearly as darling as my darlings, because they are so darling. I hope the darlings know they are darling because darling is what they are. The darlings are darling and that’s that.

    By Shauna on 08.30.2012

  23. Okay darlings, this way. Please stop being distracted and pay attention to where you are assigned in the layout. Make sure you get into your assigned space and take on the required look.

    By Dingus URL on 08.30.2012

  24. They were my darlings. How I loved them so. One was a two year old little girl. She ran around the living room, being a wild thing and causing her blond hair to friz. The other, a teen boy; all too old for his mother’s love now.

    By Ashlynn on 08.30.2012

  25. What an odd word to write about. It makes me think Of a creepy–or endearing–elderly woman. Simultaneously, it seems weird because it’s usually used in the singular. And to have two darlings is down right rude.

    By mikekraso URL on 08.30.2012

  26. The people who love each other are very intimate about each other. They are standing in the apartment, looking out the window thinking how lucky they are. Looking into each others’ eyes, they simply say it. “Darling.” They don’t need to think of anything else, but they are their own darlings.

    By Patrick Hall URL on 08.30.2012

  27. Darlings are girls who are used by guys. Guys call them “darling” and the girl falls for the guy immediately. She thinks it’s the most perfect thing in the world that he calls her that but she is being used. Usually the girl who’s being used doesn’t notice it at the moment but is informed of what is happening to her by her friends.

    By Katie on 08.30.2012

  28. friends – sometimes can be, other times at not. Darlings… definitely children. Honest. Untouched by society. Darlings – vintage. Definitely vintage. The elderly – the wise, the honest, the nothing-to-lose, the ones who honestly look out for you, waiting for your future to begin. And those rare people you meet, just honest and genuine people. Darlings.

    By Sarah on 08.30.2012

  29. I had one. I think of the one I’ve lost. Dark hair, sad dog, plump bottom lips. The way he grabs me.

    By Moni on 08.30.2012

  30. darlings, darlings, what has happened to you? how is it that you have gotten so cold? Has mommy not raised you better? What has led to this, the media? the news? School? tell me. tell me now.

    By Ryan on 08.30.2012

  31. Don’t you worry my darling,
    The whole world isn’t this bleak.

    Don’t you worry my darling,
    Not all men are pigs.

    Don’t you worry my darling,
    Women aren’t always catty.

    Don’t you worry my darling.

    By WannabeWriter URL on 08.30.2012

  32. Murder your darlings. That’s what they say in every writing class. Get rid of them. Edit and erase. Those frolicking flowery words that curl around your prose like porcelain doll ringlets. Those slippery adjectives that loop and swirl and delicately strangle all meaning, like a snake’s slick coiling. Dig out anything that has vines growing from it. Keep it crisp and clean and precise and preened. No Eden here. No Rococo radical randomness. No daring decor. Be brave. Go it alone. Bold. Unadorned.

    By siobhan347 URL on 08.30.2012

  33. BOYFRIENDS AND FRIENDS WHO I LOVE MY INFORMAL DESCRIPTION OF THOSE I CARE ABOUT. But defiantly special people. Bit posh use of language but i like it. Makes me think of peter pan. Wendy darling.

    By sheila on 08.30.2012

  34. “the little darlings are just outside” said Mrs abby as I walked into the house ready to get the awful abby family photo shoot over with, sometimes being a photographer could get so frustrating.

    By dare URL on 08.30.2012

  35. My dearest darling. dear dear darling oh please come to me. Please.Tell me the truth. I cant stand this,this not knowing,Darlings why.why do you do this to me. She sank to her knees the tears ran streaming down her face. Pounding her fists on the floor she bit into her lip.Trying to hold back her fear. Darlings she whispered quietly, what is going on.

    By sheila on 08.30.2012

  36. hello my little darlings
    hello the ones i loved
    hello the people i told everything
    hello the ones who knew me best
    hello the people who turned on me
    hello the ones who stabbed my back
    hello the people who left me behind
    good bye my little darlings

    By paige URL on 08.30.2012

  37. “My darlings!” Mother screamed from the first floor of the castle. All nine of us rush down to greet her outburst. “We are going to put on a ball this evening. Find your best gown and fix your hair lovingly. You will all be finding a husband!” We gasp.

    By Amarie URL on 08.30.2012

  38. With a bower draped across her chest
    loose and scratchy
    she beckoned the boys to her door
    as if she had their ball
    kicked clumsily over her wall

    ‘Darlings’ she cooed
    gliding her finger under chins
    eyes rolling back and up
    her Blanched face a void to fill

    By gsk URL on 08.30.2012

  39. Darlings are dazzling like spring and so rich in its nature because when you say it it translates into a great feeling. Its positivity makes you feel secure. Its integrity makes you trust the whole entire world. Darlings are everywhere but hard to find. Darlings usually always have everything right because when one is a darling nature will compensate with positivity.

    By Maria Rangel URL on 08.30.2012

  40. I saw a disturbed woman on “My Cat from Hell”. She has two chihuahuas and dresses them in sundresses and paint their nails to match hers. An she thinks her daughter’s cat is going to kill the dogs.

    By Jean on 08.30.2012