May 16th, 2011 | 612 Entries

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612 Entries for “curious”

  1. The creature on the other side of the room looked at him with wide, curious eyes. “Who are you?” it said. Though he knew what it was saying, the sheer shock of having a beast like that actually talk rendered him unable to comprehend its words. He stood there for almost three full minutes, mouth open, staring at it, before his brain finally understood what it had said.

    By Arahyacinth on 05.16.2011

  2. Suelo ser muy curioso con las cosas de los demás, no me molesta el perderme un detalle (no soy chismoso) pero siempre me ha gustado saber el por qué de las cosas, por qué un cuchillo corta un muslo de pollo, por qué el dolor se llama así, que pasaría si no existieramos en este planeta, que haríamos si no pudieramos sentir, que hay más allá de todo esto… si es que esto es algo real para variar.

    By Jimmy LpP URL on 05.16.2011

  3. i’m curious. if i said i was leaving, what would it do to you? what would it do to me? if i was just DONE. if i said that i couldn’t take it anymore. cuz you know what? i can’t. not like this. not in this hollow, empty semblance of what we had.

    By Jake Degler on 05.16.2011

  4. today i was curious of whether or not she was going to like me, whether or not she made me happy or what, i was listening to curios gorge song sang by jack johson which my friend showed me today it was

    By christian on 05.16.2011

  5. Curious you say? I am curious to see how long I can go without eating a real meal. I have consumed slimfast and energy bars for the past 3 days. The bike ride I just went on was rough though. Thought I was going to pass out a few times, but I make it through. =D

    By Banana URL on 05.16.2011

  6. a person with something so awsome it makes them fun

    By Evelize on 05.16.2011

  7. I’m curious about
    what the moon
    and chocolate pudding
    have to do with each other.
    They both accompany me
    at night,
    and guide my way through
    problematic situations.
    The show me different places
    and make me move into
    a trance that I don’t want to leave.
    They shine, or glisten
    on the surface,
    but behind them
    they are dark and shadows
    corrode their bottoms.
    The brightness on the surface
    shows through the day
    and gets me through the night.

    By Scythe42 URL on 05.16.2011

  8. I think of this world we live in, and it’s all so curious. Why do we hate? Why do we fight? Needless death seems so futile in comparison to the joy of new life. Human nature seems so curious to me.

    By katie on 05.16.2011

  9. Curious, she peeked through the keyhole, curtained by shadow and secrecy, the two things she dared to look straight in the face. Curious, she loved, kissed behind the elm trees of the forest, strands of dewdrop-pearls on a spiderweb. and Curious, she laughed, curious, she wrote, curious, she listened, and curious, she lived.

    By sabrina URL on 05.16.2011

  10. I am so curious about this webpage. Curious in and of itself is a curious word! Everyone is curious about something or someone and some point and time in there life. I am watching a show that I am quite curious about what is going to happen.

    By Shelton on 05.16.2011

  11. I’m only reminded of Alice in Wonderland, but it also holds true to my entire mind, mostly. Can be such a dangerous thing, ruins our perceptions of so many things.

    By Emily on 05.16.2011

  12. I walked down the basement steps, towards the large box. I had been waiting so long for this moment, and I was so curious to see what was in it, I couldn’t stand it. I reached my hand out and on the box and began opening it. Just then, it jumped out at me! It was…..

    By Brooke URL on 05.16.2011

  13. she placed her hands on the cold stone wall, and peered over the side. her tiny hands could hardly hold on. she stretched to the tips of her toes, and looked over the other side. a tree swayed in the wind and covered her view, but she could see him stretched out by the pool. her heart beat faster.

    By jen on 05.16.2011

  14. Three large bulbous objects began to grow out of the orange glowing mass, which soon became what looked like eyes. It stared at the scientist curiously. The scientist continued to scream as he backed away from it, his creation. “Stay away!” he shouted helplessly. He knew there was no way it could understand him. And yet, the mass stopped moving forward and just continued to gaze at him, almost thoughtfully.

    By Stacey W. URL on 05.16.2011

  15. she’s never really been interested in anything before. she needed to know things to accomplish tasks given to her; she’d never wanted to know something just for the sake of knowledge. the desire for knowledge was, she decided, an interesting feeling.

    By Dagger URL on 05.16.2011

  16. I sit and wonder sometimes about curiosity itself. What causes a person to be curious? I’m sure there is some scientific reason involving certain areas of the brains. While that may be interesting, it really isn’t any fun.

    By Nfinite on 05.16.2011

  17. eyes and ears are never satisfied

    By Zek URL on 05.16.2011

  18. George was an adirabe very mischievous little monkey. Growing up, I never knew how the man in the big yellow hat managed to stay sane. I sure wouldn’t have.

    By Käy on 05.16.2011

  19. Life is a mystery. Very curious and peculiar thing this thing called life. Enjoy it’s mystery. Live through curiosity.

    By Quincy on 05.16.2011

  20. Curiosity killed the cat. That’s what they say in the neighborhood where i grew in. But that did not stop me from the doing the things i want to do, to wonder, to be curious. And it got me places. It got me out of that neighborhood. It made me think of a much larger life and future. Live life curiously, it is rewarding =)

    By euraine URL on 05.16.2011

  21. curiously, he sat down in front of the window. he saw her in the cafe next to the bakery where he worked in college. why did she look so familiar? her red lips contrasted with her pale skin and pale blonde hair. he paused. curious.

    By celia77 on 05.16.2011

  22. sometimes i’m curious, but sometimes i’m lazy
    I don’t really know why
    but, it comes and goes and it seems kind of strange

    By sara on 05.16.2011

  23. My mom always yells at me for asking so many questions, she says I need to mind my own business. I am just too curious. It’s how I learn. I always wonder and form questions in my head and I’m sure it pisses people off – my constant question asking and wonders – but it’s how I learn…what can I say? It makes me independent and individual.

    By Arielle URL on 05.16.2011

  24. When man is devoid of purpose, curiosity is the pillar on which he can rely for comfort. When a man loses his curiosity, he loses the most important reason to live. Even desire is an extension of curiosity. When you want something, what you really want is to know what it would be like to have that something.

    By Martin on 05.16.2011

  25. I’m a very curious person. Yes, my curiosity can get me into some tough positions, no doubt. But it’s fun. I love to be curious, it’s one of my characteristics I like most.
    I like to explore, to have a fun adventure. And curiosity guides me.

    By Elly URL on 05.16.2011

  26. lovely little flower, sitting in the grass. I look outside my window and cant help but ask. Do you see this life like I do, My curious friend? So lonely in your pasture, so different from the rest. Maybe you see the world from a different point of view? or maybe you see it from how we all should? Maybe you where put here for a reason. For me to stumble upon in my path and make me think of thoughts so curious. To wonder, to Question, To think and to dream. Maybe you’re my savior among a world so bland. So I thank thee little flower, sitting in the glen, for giving me a reason to pause, a reason to see the winds.

    By Maxine Siegel on 05.16.2011

  27. Cause and effect are what drive curiosity. If I do this, what will the effects be? I don’t know, I’ve never tried it. Has anyone? Let’s find out!

    By A.G. Beyer URL on 05.16.2011

  28. I m curious about how can I improve my creativity and take it to another level at the same time take my writing into better quality and improve my writing skills , this would be very fun to do

    By Hashim URL on 05.16.2011

  29. Is the cat, and it was killed.
    Curious is the person who is forever learning.
    How curious that man looks, suspicious almost.
    Curiousity of a child.

    By Veronica on 05.16.2011

  30. Curious and curiouser. She’d heard the phrase on a cartoon but never thought she might one day use it herself. But the situation was curious and growing curiouser by the moment. She just had to bide her time and wait for the screaming and flailing of arms to die down.

    Or she could take the shot now and no one would realize what was going on until it was too late.

    They’d said the targets loved each other.

    Curious and curiouser.

    By Nagi URL on 05.16.2011

  31. curiosity killed the cat. curious george, curiouser and curiouser. im watching dr. who and im curious about the universe. C.U.R.I.O.U.S!

    By bria on 05.16.2011

  32. I amcurious to know more about how monkeys live

    By Susan Watson on 05.16.2011

  33. I’m curious about a lot of things…. I look things up online constantly. Every time I see or hear about something I don’t understand, I “google” it. I immediately forget it, of course, but at least for that moment, I’ve learned something!

    By sakeatken URL on 05.16.2011

  34. she was curious to see his olive skin in the daylight. Maybe when the sun hit just right, like rays of morning behind a orange curtain…he would glow

    By Katie on 05.16.2011

  35. it’s what killed the cat. poor little kitty. asking questions is the only way to ever get answers, but ask the wrong ones and, like that damned cat, you can end up dead. god bless america.

    By Jessica on 05.16.2011

  36. about what it would seem like to be another person. i want to find out more about who i am. what i am becoming. curious george. the man in the yellow hat. searching through the jungle. always searching
    for george? or for something more…

    By danielle on 05.16.2011

  37. Being curious means to question things. To wonder. To be alive. When you stop being curious, that is when your growth of an individual ends.

    By Monica Mackleer on 05.16.2011

  38. i am curious about the world and about why people act the wy they do, i am cruious about other cutures and the experiences i am have in the strange lands i palan to travle to as i grow. my hopes and dreams are cruious in themselves as is the fact that i can’t seem to typle properly in such a hurried situation! h ha ha anyway, i am curious about everythigng! love everyone

    By bailey on 05.16.2011

  39. Curious as to what? The pain that strikes the part?
    Tingle all over and feel the hurt.
    Ache inside and out and wrath in your own misery and daylight doom.
    Feel ever glorified with the hate and sadness they once felt for you.
    You know you will.
    You know you are.

    By devi URL on 05.16.2011

  40. Too many people refuse to give into curiosity. Being curious and exploring possibilities is the only way to really find out who you are. Ask questions, explore, do research, find new interests.

    By Kell on 05.16.2011