May 16th, 2011 | 612 Entries

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612 Entries for “curious”

  1. He knelt on the soft grass, peering around the picket fence. The little boy was curious; what was going on next door? He could hear plenty of exclamations, no words he knew, but he still recognised the anger in the voices. As he began to get more and more adventurous, he ventured fully around the fence and crawled towards the house, trying to get a better aural signal. He silently condemned God for giving him such poor hearing. He thought, innocently, that God must’ve just forgotten one of the bits necessary for proper hearing – the same sort of thing as when God forgot one of the bits in his brother’s brain. The boy quietly chuckled at his own wit.

    By Matt URL on 05.17.2011

  2. Curiosity. An unconscious need or desire to learn and discover something more than oneself. Asking questions even if you may never receive answers.

    By Jennica URL on 05.17.2011

  3. about pickles because i cant type red balloons how old are you? joints in the bones done with my hw lies drones robots harry potter yorkshire terriers dreams afro

    By Bonnie on 05.17.2011

  4. strange things that we dont understand what is it i want to kniow i want to trry it just have a taste but do i want to know whats underthere? will i regert my curiosity? i dont know what i want what what is it? but its so irresistible wiil anyone know? can it be a secret it is a secret what is the secret?
    i want to know this is so hard to take!

    By Jess on 05.17.2011

  5. im curious about life.
    i wonder what it holds for me.
    scratch that im curious of what i hold for life.
    im curious as to what he is thinking.
    will i ever know?
    so much to do, so little time.
    im curious of what ill do with it.

    By KatieFoster URL on 05.17.2011

  6. Well why would you want to look in the hole? I can almost bet it is full of spikes. I mean it was made here a long time ago. So it was probably a trap. What? No. Yea I am fine, I don’t want to dance near the hole. You shouldn’t either. It’s kinda full of spikes. I think you are too curious.

    By Laura Borealis URL on 05.17.2011

  7. The shimmering eyeballs swirled slowly from left to right. The breeze suddenly picked up and rushed through the long blades of grass. A mouse cautiously stepped from place to place, stopping and bringing its tiny quivering nose into the air, and checking for scent with a nervous caution. Quickly it ran another two feet, needing to know if what it smelled would be a meal, also knowing each step could be it’s last. Behind it a calm and stealthy shadow moved in downwind, just enough to get close, and again lowered itself flat into the grass. So engrossed in their specific tactics, neither noticed the two wolves closing in from either side.

    By zachmichelini URL on 05.17.2011

  8. That you would come here
    Where you’ve only broken dreams
    Lost your will
    And memories
    Of when you broke all ten toes
    At once.
    Is all.

    By Jadam URL on 05.17.2011

  9. I am curious about everything. When the world will end, what will happen when it does. If it doesn’t, what will I do with the rest of my life? I’m going to school but for what? What will I do to make money while I’m actually IN school? I can’t afford to do both. I am curious about what other people think about me.

    By Gabby on 05.17.2011

  10. She is beautiful. Spirited. Bursting at the seams with wild youth.
    Curiosity overtakes her mind at times, gets her past locked doors and into sticky-sweet situations.
    Nevertheless, she is breathtakingly alive.
    And I want that.

    By d URL on 05.17.2011

  11. i am one of those people who opens presents before christmas and peeks at birthday presents before they are given to me. i hate surprises, but i am too curious to stay away. i love being curious but it also makes me restless and never stay in one spot for too long. i am always moving around in order to keep my curiosity satisfied, or am i using that as an excuse? because i do not want to accept the fact that no one will ever want me.

    By Abby on 05.17.2011

  12. Most people in live are curious. It is in our nature and we can’t fight it. We can try to ignore it. I am a very curious person and I hate it when people whisper in front of me

    By Marguerite Koen URL on 05.17.2011

  13. “Curiouser and curiouser.” Alice and Wonderland is probably one of the most enchanting, yet twisted stories I’ve ever heard. It’s amazing, yet it scares the heck out of me!

    By snowy URL on 05.17.2011

  14. curiouser and curiouser: my whole life consists of running down rabbit holes and the best are the ones that are intricate labyrinths with no limits- symbolic languages, language- languages, cultures and mythologies, systems of thought and mysteries ancient and modern, I’ll live to one hundred and twenty five, I happen to know this, and there will always be piles of books and I will always be at the mouth of another burrow, that’s a comforting thing

    By geraldine URL on 05.17.2011

  15. I am very curious to know what this website is about. I mean, I did find it on stumbleupon and I guess its gonna show me something or tell me if I’m creative or not like these other websites tend to do. Who really knows. Its a cool idea though. Let’s see what comes from this. Hmm. Time’s almost over. Time to say goodbye.

    By Jessica on 05.17.2011

  16. cheeky. a need to look around the corner. The sound you heard and must check coming from your front door late at night. The girlfriends mobile phone that sits unused next to you. the place you haven’t touched on your body

    By adam masterson on 05.17.2011

  17. I am curious as to why we live the way we live! Things have become very disconnected I think as we only connect through technology but have lost the common touch!

    By Lura URL on 05.17.2011

  18. one word..a single word right? You said don’t think. Then so be it. Word of one..last word?

    By Renniel Baqueros on 05.17.2011

  19. Is it curious that I do it because of you? I don’t want you to impress me of doing this but I can’t help myself to do it for you. I know there are million people out there do a lot of things for you and I am just the only small thing in the world that you could feel what I am doing.

    By midnightcat URL on 05.17.2011

  20. wondering thoughtful alice in wonderland books learning weird knowledge curiosity shop baubles antiquities new experience

    By andrea brown on 05.17.2011

  21. I was curious to know what you were thinking. What was going through your mind? Why wouldn’t you let me in. I was dying for you to let me in. Let me inside that precious mind of your. I wanted to know what you were thinking. What you were feeling. Where you wanted this to go. Where you wanted us to go. I was curious.

    By bek. on 05.17.2011

  22. How curious it is that this word comes up now. Curiosity killed the cat no? And yet it is couriosity that brought us some of the greatest if not all of the inventions of our time. Science, religion, base jumping, is it not all a result of curiosity?

    By J Howell on 05.17.2011

  23. he was curious. maybe it wasn’t more. he wanted to know, he saw in one night how it was, he had enough, he didn’t wanted to see me anymore. curious was satisfied. end of the story.

    By sandrine Jaumard on 05.17.2011

  24. curious case of benjamin button was a really nice film. It had me being curious about it’s contents for really long.I also lik the book curious george which was damn funny. Now i’m surious to see whats happening on this site.

    By Maitreyi on 05.17.2011

  25. I’m curious about life, and what it is all about? I wonder if there is purpose for everyone or if some people are just filler? Filler for the people who really matter and will change the world. I know it’s sad but some people seem to be just sitting there in life.

    By Grace on 05.17.2011

  26. Life from the moment you wake up. It doesn’t kill the cat, but it can put it in some serious harm’s way at times. How do we learn without curiosity?

    By Raivenne URL on 05.17.2011

  27. I’m curious as to what country came up with the idea of French toast, because it sure as hell wasn’t the French.

    By Joshua URL on 05.17.2011

  28. as a cat, who wouldn’t be more curious, and if it killed the cat so be it, at least it piqued his curiosity. heh.

    By gabrielle on 05.17.2011

  29. Curious is a person who just gets themselves into situations where they just feel confused and wonder aboiut things, and thats what can ruin most people because when tyhey’re curious they get themselves into trouble which may harm them or change their lives a lot. As they say: curiousity killed the cat so I try not to let lcuriousity take over my life even though it is something that humans cannot realy avoid. i just hope that i can try to become less curious about things but it is a pretty hard thing. Lots of people i know arecurious which isnt that great but i learn to get away from the people who are curious about EVERY SINGLE thing that they see.

    By Vicki on 05.17.2011

  30. Cats always come to mind when the word curious is being discussed. But are cats really all that curious? I would argue that they really aren’t. The saying obviously comes from the fact that they are always sticking their noses into things when objects present themselves, but it’s clear that dogs are much more curious. They are interested in every single thing that is near them, and isn’t that truly the definition of curious?

    By Cole on 05.17.2011

  31. i am curious about the way that he makes me feel. Is this something that ishould gt used to. Curiousity kills but this time it loves and all i want to know is if we were meant to be. Curious if his love was meant for me.

    By Jazzy on 05.17.2011

  32. I’m curious. Will we stay long together? Will we drift apart?
    I am curious about what the future holds for us.
    What it has in store for us.
    I am curious.

    By Kai URL on 05.17.2011

  33. She was so curious to know what her feelings were about. One minute, she’d feel like she would absolutely hate him. The next minute, she’d feel like she couldn’t live without him. She was so curious that it’d torture her. She wondered and wondered if she loved him more than she hated him.

    By N.Lam URL on 05.17.2011

  34. Ally’s eyes widened as she watched the young girl step into view. She was gorgeous. Her eyes were painted dark with luxurious purple makeup. Her hair was dark, almost black, and it was very long. The girl had it pulled back into a loose ponytail, high on her head. She was almost totally nude, save for some tassels over her nipples and a very skimpy neon pink g-string. Her skin looked smooth and supple, lightly tanned. As Ally watched the girl slowly start to sway her hips to the music blaring through the club, a curious feeling washed over her. Suddenly Ally wanted to hide her face, she could feel the blush burning her cheeks. But she couldn’t look away.

    By Winter Lotus URL on 05.17.2011

  35. Killed a alot of cat I hear, but who knows what killed all the people that are curious about changing the way people control the world and system we live in now a days.

    By Walker URL on 05.17.2011

  36. I am curious about – well, everything? No, not cars, or bits of metal, or how machines in general work. But about people, and how they make sense of everything, how they tell their stories. Why they organise families as they do. the songs they sing.

    By joey on 05.17.2011

  37. i was so curious about the book i coulndt stop reading what he had to say he is such a lovley mystery. everyone said the holy bible was fascinating.

    By cindy URL on 05.17.2011

  38. She claimed she wasn’t curious. I knew better. The darkness holds such secrets and I could all but smell he curiosity. Her interest. It was the smell of freshly turned soil; of freshly cut vines.

    By c m on 05.17.2011

  39. there once was a girl that was curious about everything. she could not get anywhere on time because she would stop too often. she stopped at the door to see how the handle worked. finally she opened it, and marveled at the dawn as it greeted her. she was curious about the grass and what lived beneath her feet. so she stopped walking.

    By lauren on 05.17.2011

  40. that moment before anything
    the first glimpse of something interesting
    before you want it
    before you even know what it is
    that moment that decides whether your going to ignore it or pay attention
    the difference between living and just existing

    By Rahna on 05.17.2011