June 28th, 2011 | 516 Entries

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516 Entries for “crush”

  1. you like someone but are you afraid to tell them. Maybe they wont like you back and being denied isn’t fun. So I will just keep it to myself, and maybe one day they will notice me too.

    By Teli on 06.28.2011

  2. I see you
    and my heart
    it hurts

    like a magnet is embedded in my chest
    and you are north and I am south
    two poles

    and I know that soon
    I will forget you
    and linger after someone else’s face

    but maybe
    maybe this time you will be my south and I your north
    and we can cling together
    heart to heart.

    By Beebee URL on 06.28.2011

  3. Everyone has one.
    They are a waste of time. You continue to crush on people and it is just a statement that means you like them and they don’t like you. Don’t waste your time on something that wouldn’t waste their time on you.
    Crush’s Crush

    By Sarah URL on 06.28.2011

  4. Crushes are powerful. Actually it was a CRUSH wot startedd off the BIGGY CRUSH!!!den wen this awsome pressure cudn last no longer—-BANG!
    an de univers came into spin. the rest is istry dey say an ere is dis monkey
    sittin at a puterin Del monto …

    By jack maye URL on 06.28.2011

  5. it’s true.. i have a crush on you. i’m interested and i like everything you do, even the way you say things. but ever since i’ve been a very young girl i’ve been told to never settle, and that no matter how awesome i believe a guy to be… there’s another one better just around the corner.
    and thats why i’m sorry i cant’ take this crush to the next level.

    By abra URL on 06.28.2011

  6. chris colfer

    By Mathilda URL on 06.28.2011

  7. I looked at his sparkling eyes and my heart slowed. I wanted to remember this forever. It was to much to take as he walked past and winked. That was the last straw, I had a crush on the boy with the sparkle in his eyes.

    By hundtel URL on 06.28.2011

  8. I have a crush,
    Yet it seems like a curse.
    I dream of butterflies,
    flying in my stomach all the time,
    I think about that crush.
    He makes me happy,
    He makes me complete.
    He is my one and true crush,
    yet I am forbidden to have him,
    That one crush.

    By Amanda on 06.28.2011

  9. crush…crush…another beer can crumpled in his hand. He flipped the can into the pile at his feet. Sighed. Wondered what was left. Didn’t have any answers.

    By Bob Hussey URL on 06.28.2011

  10. Heh…Things are to be secret, and not told. For a crush is simply like a lost treasure, locked inside of your heart.

    By Amanda on 06.28.2011

  11. crush is a thing we have when we are little. crush or maybe crash . crash Bandicoot racing anyone? or i got my spine got my orange crush. R.E.M.

    By Dustin on 06.28.2011

  12. I have a crush on this girl who doesent like me back. it sucks she is probably out banging her ex boyfriend rightr now while im on here beimng lonely because i cheated on my girlfriend with her. god i love her i think and it sucks. what am i ever gonna do now its awful. fuckfuckfuck oh well. i guess i just have to get over her.. the end.

    By Taylor on 06.28.2011

  13. Orange!

    Follow me dont Follow me

    Ive got my spine Ive Got my

    Orange ________

    By Nathan Glab on 06.28.2011

  14. a crush of ice, ice cold. people crushed together in the crowd. a crush can be hot or cold. crushed against a window pane, or a flower crushed in your hand. you can crush somebody with words or glances or with your fist. sometimes you can be crushed by what other people say to you.

    By anne on 06.28.2011

  15. There was a crush of emotion in Jensen’s mind as he faced the moose and then glanced into the eyes of the naked hummer. ‘Whaa…?’ Suddenly Jensen noticed her move at what seemed superhuman speed toward the moose and before he knew it the moose had turned tail and run, leaving the three of them staring at each other. Again.

    By chole URL on 06.28.2011

  16. There was one crush of my middle school life that has stuck with me through all of time. It has been the reason that I stay up late at night with a finger tucked inside my vest holding a quarter. This quarter was once gifted to me by that woman, and forever since that day I have held that quarter close to my chest.

    By Zander Slavitz URL on 06.28.2011

  17. I open my eyes to see this beautiful male in front of me. His luscious eyes and beautiful bone structures gives me the butterflies. I cannot do anything but daze into those delightful blue eyes. I feel so happy and so full when I see him. But the anxiety inside of builds, when he comes closer to me. I know that his touch will feel like an explosion of serotonin and I begin to grin. I wish he would inch closer and closer towards my mouth. I wish he would kiss me, oh I wish he would.

    By themysterioustiger URL on 06.28.2011

  18. It was the strangest thing, he’d glanced over the gem back in the salt mines but he’d never seen it before in this light, twilight, all the colours above and bellow the spectrum. She was perfect, and dark blue with a pinkish hue.

    By David Simba Douglas URL on 06.28.2011

  19. sometimes crushes are small, and others huge. You have no idea why they are that way, except that when you finally get that huge, all consuming crush on someone there’s no way to control it. They’re always on your mind, and when you’re near them you’re the happiest you’ve ever been. They’re the ones that have the power to make you happy.

    By Katelyn on 06.28.2011

  20. Everyone has a crush… no matter how much they tell their friends that they don’t.

    By Rosie URL on 06.28.2011

  21. My first crush – I’m about 8 hears old and my college aged brother Kevin brings home his room mate Gordy – muscular, curly haired, not as good at basketball as my brother, but what a smile!

    By Valerahaha URL on 06.28.2011

  22. Dont allow yourself to be crushed by unnecessarily flying objects.

    By Jayme URL on 06.28.2011

  23. spear me those spears, the ravin climb the trust – ye

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 06.28.2011

  24. Isn’t this the one thing that your elementary and middle school years revolve around? Crushes. Oh gosh, the memories. If only life could still be that easy.. playgrounds, chasing boys, orange juice and crushes. I miss it dearly.

    By Katie URL on 06.28.2011

  25. i have a crush on some very handsom people. usually they are african american. usually they have large personalities. they have good bodies. and usually they are good at entertaining. singing. dancing. mostly. and then there is another type of crush and that is the spanish carribian accent. oh but wait. that is only only one meaning of the word crush.

    By julie on 06.28.2011

  26. I used to have a crush on my boyfriend, Andrei when we were younger. I used to see him in the hallways at school and always thought he was too good for me. We’ve been together for almost 9 months now and are moving in together in August. I’M SO IN LOVE <333

    By ewwvalerie URL on 06.28.2011

  27. David shifted uncomfortably as the weight of John’s smaller stature started to crush his leg. At a moment’s notice, John rolled off from David’s lap and instead crawled down to tease below the scot’s navel with his tongue.

    By floppybelly URL on 06.28.2011

  28. Ahh crush, oh the divine pain, crush me they do, I long for the day when my instincts don’t lead me astray. My crush on you still lingers, washing over me when I hear a certain song, after all this time, I know you felt the same and still do, it was the seed of something beautiful, but you lack the courage and conviction. Where have all the brave men gone? I don’t need a prince to save me, just someone who knows his heart and tells the truth. I only want one crush, it’s a shame it can’t be you.

    By Bridiejo URL on 06.28.2011

  29. Just because this word is in purple I refuse to define it by most people’s idea: lover. Instead, I want to crush your head- your balls- your being. I want to crush an apple with my fist and crush your mind with my words. CRUSH

    By Sheridan Ribbing on 06.28.2011

  30. It is a sad thing when you are in a crowd that does nothing but crush you. The concert you went to see was supposed to be fun but having people almost sitting on top of you spoils the whole effect. People who a sweaty and horrible being squashed up against you is yucky.

    By R McLean on 06.28.2011

  31. I always thought Crush was such a violent word for love. Your crush usually does crush you in one way or another…whoever they are.

    By Nia on 06.28.2011

  32. and then the crush
    the chase
    the desperation
    the catch
    the heartbreak
    the tears
    the fears
    everything, you thought you knew.
    the lies,
    the tries, all of it.
    and no one understands.

    By allie on 06.28.2011

  33. That little tingle deep in your throat. Funny that it holds back any word from escaping your lips. Hearing the name alone makes your stomach turn to knots and your heart do a small tap dance.

    By brittata URL on 06.28.2011

  34. I once had this crush. He was the best crush I have ever had. He took me to places all the time. “I love you.” was the last thing he said before he died in the car crash I had caused.

    By Kelsey on 06.28.2011

  35. i like him and hes got a good heart but hes taken i wish i could have him but i cant his currnt gf has him seemingly wrapped around her little finger and i know thats not what he ants i se the way he looks at me and wishes it was enough for him to dump his current broad and come and get me

    By Isis on 06.28.2011

  36. Crush, the name is fitting, because that’s exactly what they do.

    He was great, absolutely, the fact that I had never once spoken to him didn’t matter, somehow I had decided his entire personality, how we would act, our first date. Everything.

    Damn reality

    By Emma URL on 06.28.2011

  37. When he walks into the room all the hairs on the back of my arm stand up and I lose all ability to form coherent thoughts. He is, by all accounts, an angel sent from above, a perfectly chiseled work of art that would give even Michelango a self esteem complex. He is my crush.

    By Trista URL on 06.28.2011

  38. Love, intimacy, puppy love, teenage dream. Amazing. Happiness. Being lost in the moment. Butterflies in your stomache. Being let down. Not knowing what to do.

    By Kelsey on 06.28.2011

  39. I got a crush, sends my head in a rush when she walks into the room, this city will be my tomb if i dont get out, spend my nights in bed trying not to pout, worry so much that i gave myself gout, probably from all the germs in my goddamn fake tile grout.

    By anthony URL on 06.28.2011

  40. he crushed me
    with his soft smile
    with his
    i breathed in his essence
    we were crushed together
    pieces of me branded into him
    and he into me

    By Julie URL on 06.28.2011