June 28th, 2011 | 516 Entries

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516 Entries for “crush”

  1. The air in your lungs being squeezed and pressed from your body. Your mind can’t take it, trying to hold onto what it can’t. Trying to stop what you really want. Stopping you before you get yourself hurt, it’s just a crush. It’s not love.

    By Purple Coins URL on 06.29.2011

  2. A crush. An unexplainable, inexplicable attraction… you can’t control who it is you may have this crush on. No, they may be the worst person in the world for you. But why is it called a crush? Does it hurt when you fall? Emotionally that would make sense, but typing it just sounds faggoty.

    By Leah URL on 06.29.2011

  3. Heh..

    By Amanda URL on 06.29.2011

  4. crush is when you squash something into a pulp but it can also be taken another way; as you have a crush on someone., for example; i think i like that boy over there.

    By jess on 06.29.2011

  5. Well I guess the only thing that comes toons is my crush, and that would be John… Even thought we aren’t together I still think about him.. Pathetic really. Or when I think of a crush u think about when I was little in elementary school…

    By Steph on 06.29.2011

  6. it always feels like a mix of delight and ‘get me outa here’ – the dance floor in front of the band i’ve been waiting to see FOREVER! and the crush of bodies. strangers hips pushed against mine, arms tangling with mine, voices intertwined with mine. our breath mingled. spirits soaring looser, freer, unconstrained by physicality.

    By indi-n URL on 06.29.2011

  7. to crush? good question. i feel as though a crush is something i did in high school not now being 21 years of age. i dont crush i just do. and get what i want

    By Kimberly on 06.29.2011

  8. A crush that’s gone too far.

    A crush that started from a simple Hi,
    from a simple smile,
    from a simple gesture.

    A crush that ended in an abrupt goodbye.

    By Krisha Coleen. URL on 06.29.2011

  9. It started as a crush on someone I had met a couple of times. Now nearly twenty years later the crush is different. It is the crush of pressure of everyday life. The pressure of feeding him, cleaning for him and our children and looking after a housebound mother in law – the life is being crushed out of me.

    By klayre42 on 06.29.2011

  10. falling rocks will destroy people on the roads. they drive along the mountain path and they see the sign but never consider the warning. What could they do? Not drive? Turn back? No, they all continue until the day they are to be crushed.

    By Josh on 06.29.2011

  11. this word makes me happy, yet sad at the same time. it makes me think of the boy i love, the one who i’m hopelessly in love with but will never be with. so, i guess, in that sense, it’s depressing. i mean, crush doesn’t sound pleasant, it sounds painful.. like it is. so i suppose the word is correct. maybe. no? yes. i’m just burning time. yay.

    By Olivia on 06.29.2011

  12. It was the most gruesome sight that I have ever seen in my life.
    I was trying to cross the street when it happened. As I looked to my right, I saw a dog crossing the other side of the street. I quickly dismissed the sight of the creature and continued crossing the street. Once I had reached the stone pavement of the other side, I quickly turned back my head as I heard a loud screech. It was followed by a shrill yelp of pain, which was cut off in mid-tone.
    *Truly fictional.

    By Tee URL on 06.29.2011

  13. HI kove is about me just think and touch you more than the word can say / you’re a miracle i

    By Samantha on 06.29.2011

  14. i have a crush on you

    By georgia on 06.29.2011

  15. Crushing an orange and juice squeezes out. so fresh. I had a crush on you once and you never knew about it. Why didnt I ever tell you? I feel like I should have. Would it have made a difference?

    By Rebecca on 06.29.2011

  16. when i was 6 i’m sure i crushed lots of things, i’d say i crushed spiders, flies, toys, fingers, cans, and lots of other things. Crush is what the Americans call fruit drinks also, I was first really aware of this when REM mentioned ORANGE CRUSH in there song which I think is called ORANGE CRUSH. I actually liked that song too considering I was way into heavy metal at the time, I was about 11 or 12 I think. At that age the word crush was also used in the context of fancying girls in the mixed school I would have just started in.

    By Mark on 06.29.2011

  17. i have crushed. i’ve been crush. i will crush. i have a crush. i love crush soda. my crush turned to love. my love turnedinfatuation. I love crushes :]

    By eviekinz on 06.29.2011

  18. thei something to behold arent they. you cherish them, yet they end up crushing you. nothing good comes of it yet everyone has had one. a sample of love in my opinion.

    By Lindsey on 06.29.2011

  19. the overpowering feeling you have about that one person who makes your day better.
    whenever you see the breath goes out of you lungs and you feel as if you’re being smothered by a hundred different rocks.

    By Eliza B on 06.29.2011

  20. I had a few in my time. Some lasted for years some just for moments. Sometimes its good to indulge, sometimes its better to keep it a mystery so as not to break the illusion!

    By Jon on 06.29.2011

  21. A crush is like a wave on the sea. It grows larger and larger and then suddenly vanishes until the next one comes along. It is hard at the time to see past them. Crushes last until marriage.

    By Steve on 06.29.2011

  22. I have a crush, But dont we all? I want to crush evrything that in the way of me and my crush. I hope that some day true love will really find me. I hope that one day I will find out who i really am as a person, find what I really want out of life.

    By Jacey URL on 06.29.2011

  23. my crush is crush is crush is crush. you were supposed to read the preceding line to the tune of “Your kiss.” that may not be the actual title of the song. I forget who it’s by.

    By Jill URL on 06.29.2011

  24. The experience of a whole plum in a juicer, and the experience of my heart being left to fend for itself once again, sigh……

    By Jeanie URL on 06.29.2011

  25. i want to do this to an orange. right now. juicy squish. yep. out of ideas already. oh wait here it comes… orange crush in a can, rolling down a hill at top speed, flecks of dust speckling its deceptively flimsy shell…

    By J Boudreau on 06.29.2011

  26. He works in the same company with me as a supervisor. he has the most illuminating, boyish smile i ever saw and immediately our eyes met..i knew i wanted to know him,kiss him, love him and just be everywhere with him.
    I have a crush on a guy who is 6 years younger than i am. When ever he is around me, i can hardly concentrate.

    By irene on 06.29.2011

  27. I have always had one and never wanted one , but there it was forever haunting me like a bad dream. When it finally happened happiness coursed through my veins.

    By gino pitino on 06.29.2011

  28. a little girl ran into the ocean, hearing the words of a thousand lives pushing her away, the lives of the ocean. the ocean wakes up and crashes into every living and nonliving entity in it’s path. even the little girl herself. flowing emotions and words spread the ocean, until it’s at rest again.

    By Holly Marroquin on 06.29.2011

  29. Mark. Flores. Boys who are out of reach. Boys that could be the heroes in novels.

    By Jane Kavanagh on 06.29.2011

  30. The sea can crush us. The earth can crush us. The sky could crush us too, if one day it was to fall in on us. All this pressure, waiting to crush us, break us down. It is in our nature, the nature of our very world, to crush and destroy mankind.

    By Jennie on 06.29.2011

  31. he’s taller than me with the most gorgeous brown eyes. i’ve know him for years, i’m not going to lie. i don’t know why he has my heart, but it hasn’t stopped since we met because he always puts me to the test. he goes for others but always comes back. this is why i’m stuck on him like no one else could be. he lights up my world when he’s with me and darkens it when he’s not. it’s like nothing else i’ve known and i really can’t stop. i want to be his, but feel that i can’t be. no matter what i do. so i sit back and try to be his friend because it’s all that is left to do for him from me.

    By Bergs URL on 06.29.2011

  32. The sound of ice cracking, tearing, sliding, sounds like in a glass of lemonade; a crushing weight of hard, sharp blocks digging into his arm, his torso, his face – suffocating-

    By Jay on 06.29.2011

  33. I had a crush on a lady I saw coming out of a supermarket years ago. I enquirer of her name and where she lived, but I was disappointed to learn that she was married and had moved to another location.

    By victor URL on 06.29.2011

  34. i have a crush on a chick, she’s so sexy and i even saw her in a dream last night. I usually think about her on regularly basis. i’d like to kiss her… Seriously. One day I’d love to marry her. she is so beautiful and my mom likes her as well. All my friends are talking to me like I shouldnt care that much bu i think i love her

    By korab URL on 06.29.2011

  35. Oh boy. Not again, I thought. Just one more crush to add to my list of heartbreaks. And this one? Takes the cake. I was falling in love with a boy who liked boys.

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard a girl say she’s turned a guy straight, but I can’t deny that now, I think I have. And it scares me. Because that just gives him more of a reason to leave me in the end.

    By Emily on 06.29.2011

  36. All it took was for that paper plane to land into his hands, and he crushed it with the might of his fist. There was no stopping the force of the pressing capillaries as they collided into the backbone of this helpless creature who had done little wrong but to have been folded into being.

    By Nani on 06.29.2011

  37. All it took was for him to look at me just once. Just one touch would leave me wanting more of him. He held me today, in the crushing grip of his soft brown eyes, and wrapped me in them while I stood watching my knees melt and wishing that the earth would swallow the ugliness that made its home inside of me.

    By Nani URL on 06.29.2011

  38. right now i am just wondering why the word is always crush -_-

    By Lili on 06.29.2011

  39. What the hell? Why is it still the sameword?! I mean, seriosuly. Didn’t I come back now, like after 10mins, and it’s still jkrfhwe .

    By Anonymous on 06.29.2011


    By Miam Miam URL on 06.29.2011