June 28th, 2011 | 516 Entries

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516 Entries for “crush”

  1. i took another spoonful of the icy sweet delight in my paper cup. crushed fruit crushed ice smooshered together into a tasty little confection with no nutritional content. yum.

    By oliver danni on 06.28.2011

  2. Crush. It has numerous meanings, one more significant to each individual it is thought of by. To crush something, perhaps handicap it’s abilities or destroy it all together. A Crush, a liking of someone, whom you may not know very well.

    By Lydia on 06.28.2011

  3. Drowning,


    This is what lust feels like.

    Every contradictory emotion at once…

    Intensity personified.

    By Jspeed29 URL on 06.28.2011

  4. crush

    By laura on 06.28.2011

  5. crushed is the sensation I get at the very idea of someone my heart has any sight of… it’s just a little crush, not like I ‘freak’ every time we touch. it’s just some little thing. not like everything I do depends on you. — is what I tell myself.

    By Park URL on 06.28.2011

  6. I had a crush on him. I didn’t know anything about him, not even his name. All I knew was that I wanted him and as soon as possible. If only I knew how to start. Maybe

    By jasmith URL on 06.28.2011

  7. the crush of a young girl and boy
    first puppy love
    smiles of remembrance

    By she53lly URL on 06.28.2011

  8. After he crushed her skull he knew he had to hide the body. He began ripping up the kitchen floorboards that night.

    By Luke Renoe URL on 06.28.2011

  9. someone who means something to you,without really knowing they do. you dont know the person as well as others may, but it doesnt stop you from liking everything about them regardless. you wish to be theirs.

    By bridgette on 06.28.2011

  10. A crush many things. It is infact a type of soda. Not the best soda either but it seems to stand pretty well at parties and other gatherings. A crush is also a feeling of emotional attachment to someone you may barely know but it is that feeling that gives you the courage to get to know them better and to pursue something further than friendship.

    By Abbey on 06.28.2011

  11. crush. when i see crush i think of boys. because i am a girl and i like boys. when i see the word crush i think of liking boys. and having boyfriends. when i see ethe word crush i think of the feeling you get when you see that persons face. and that is what i think with the word crush.

    By hannah on 06.28.2011

  12. Is it a crush if you don’t realize it? If it’s something lingering in the background until suddenly, without reason, it explodes and you wake up together the next morning in bed and you’re not ashamed? Is it a crush if you don’t have flutterings in your stomach, if you don’t hear the quiver in your voice when you say their name? Is it

    By Lu URL on 06.28.2011

  13. An exhilirating experience that makes your heart zing when one heart attracts another and music begins…and it is good till it’s not…

    By mw on 06.28.2011

  14. For some subliminal, unknown reason, when I think of the word “crush” I think of a white, frothy wave slamming itself onto a beach of awe-stricken admirers. I think of a can- wait, specifically the green and yellow dressed Sprite can- I think of this can being folded under the palm of a man’s hand. That’s what a crush feels like to me.

    By Delaine URL on 06.28.2011

  15. So theres this girl that I liked for quiet sometime, but i tried not to think about it too much. Then one day it hit me like a ton of bricks! I had a crush on her, but the only problem that I could see in the whole thing was that it was only a photograph I found in the lingerie section of the Sunday paper….

    By yax51 URL on 06.28.2011

  16. It’s been there since I was a little tiny girl; chasing you around the yard, trying to knock you down, tie you up. I wanted to be the one who made you laugh the hardest, the one who made you smile most. Now, though I’m a grown woman, my heart still flutters when you pass by.

    By emmystrange URL on 06.28.2011

  17. I had a huge crush on a guy, almost ten years older than myself. He was so handsome and such a talented singer, songwriter. Then he married Linda Eastman and broke my heart. LOL

    By paulie aragon on 06.28.2011

  18. Once while sitting in class, I looked away from the professor. I got distracted in my day dreams, and hoped that everything would just disapear. Well potentially, I guess it was a hope spawned from the apparent lack of wanting anything. THen I saw her. She was sitting there so casually, so attentive to the lessons being dished out that she didn’t notice my jaw falling with gravity. She was perfect, well that’s what I thought at the time.

    By Kyle White on 06.28.2011

  19. “bogdan,how could you just crush the life out of those poor innocent souls!?! they were from the church!”

    “i did none of the kind.they did it to themselves. in fact,i told them not to eat of the,quick.we must save our parents.”

    By The Fake Dann URL on 06.28.2011

  20. I never even had a crush on him. We dated, we kissed, we talked about traveling to Hawaii and France, but I never even liked him like that. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE that kid. But he’s just some kid to me. I was in love with the fact that he had a crush on me – that was it. Guess that’s why it didn’t work out – he stopped crushing before I ever started.

    By Hyperbole URL on 06.28.2011

  21. I think I have a crush on this really cute guy. Granted I have a fucking boyfriend and this totally sucks. I may be pregnant with his kid, but I have a crush on someone else. He’s younger then me and just so talented. I really, really dig him.
    Crush’s suck though, they hurt and you get all giddy and like lovey dovey, and then when they don’t like you it just BITES.

    By Alyssa Hawkins on 06.28.2011

  22. Crushes are developed in a mere 5 seconds.
    Once it goes on for more than 5 months,
    it’s safe to say that it’s blossomed into love
    Crushes are the roots to the flowers that one day bloom into love
    and without them, couples would have no starting point.

    By Kels on 06.28.2011

  23. She was crushed. Pinned in between the wall and the large body in front of her. She couldn’t move at all. They completely surrounded her. “Haruhi.. I know you love me.” The man said, running a hand through his blonde hair, “I know you do, you just don’t realize it yet.” She pushed back against his chest, trying her hardest to escape his iron grip, “Let me go Tamaki-sempai! I’ve told you before I can’t love you, nothing you say will make me love you! Please stop now!”

    By Rain URL on 06.28.2011

  24. I remember her
    Though only through a bent lens
    she would have bored you.

    By Alex Ander URL on 06.28.2011

  25. Crush. What do I think of when I hear crush. I think of the short boy with sandy blonde hair who used to walk home from school with me and draw pictures for me. Crush to me is someone who makes me feel like I have been crushed with millions of different feelings every time he walks by.

    By Beb URL on 06.28.2011

  26. It’s a feeling that you get when you see a person. They are perfect and no one else can measure up to their god-like status. It’s called a crush for a reason though- you get crushed in the end. They don’t like you. They don’t turn out to be who you expected. They leave you.

    It’s also a delicious soda drink.

    By Jillian URL on 06.28.2011

  27. this word reminds me of young love and friendship. growing up i had a lot of crushes on boys. my friends and i would always talk about our crushes. when word got out about a crush, the world was over. oh the simple days. i suppose crush reminds me of the simple days.

    By ariel on 06.28.2011

  28. I had a crush on a girl. One day, she asked me what time it was and i said: Five o’clock.

    By Marcos on 06.28.2011

  29. He was staring right through her, as he always was. He didn’t even know she existed. Why would he? She’d never spoken to him, intentionally looked the other way whenever he met her glance, and tried to sidestep him every chance she got, for fear that touching him, somehow, would give away her deepest, darkest secret: she liked him, and she had since the moment he’d first offered to smush that spider for her in first grade.

    By S. C. Sexton on 06.28.2011

  30. rue, sur mes terres
    je semonce les érudits
    enfin… le

    By Fabric Spell in Ushe URL on 06.28.2011

  31. He was my middle school crush. He had tan skin and dirty blond hair and a mushroom cut. He wore athletic shorts and a shy face and we had every class together. In science, we both got chlorine for the atom project, and even after a love scene in Midsummers Night Dream i didnt have the guts to ask him out. So my friends did. Middle school crush became love of my life, and Indian food with his mom and tea with his grandma became the sweet delights of spring afternoons. Badminton and scary movies and bowling and awkward games of Ultimate Frisbee in the rain.

    By Corine on 06.28.2011

  32. test test test

    By morgan on 06.28.2011

  33. i’ve always liked you. well since the moment in pe class, where i asked what your name was.. or actually, i asked if you were related to my friend, Sam, whom I met at qwanoes that summer. Since grade nine i’ve liked you and continueing, and i don;t want to like you anymore. you make me sad. and i dont like it. i wonder what you think about me? or if you actually liked me, for all that matter.

    By lynn on 06.28.2011

  34. I have a crush. A crush on a feeling, more than a person. A crush on the feeling of a new mouth close to yours, when the crushing weight of tension and frustration and anticipation squeezes your lungs until your breathing just stops.

    By Rachel URL on 06.28.2011

  35. The sun was baking outside and as I padded across the stone patio in my bare feet I felt a warm, wet squelch under my toes. An overripe strawberry from Mum’s garden. I hurried on, trying not to spill the lemonade.

    By fi on 06.28.2011

  36. He looked down through the hallway and came to an abrupt halt. His crush had just left the bathroom from down the hall and he watched in awe and she fluttered by avoiding the stares and pushes of the others. Others didn’t like her but he did. She was different like him. She was interesting.

    By Ethan on 06.28.2011

  37. It can be used as pain, or the feeling of romance. I feel both a lot. It can also relate to waves… I like this word, I’, crushing, I feel crushed, and I see waves like in the movie “Blue Crush.”

    By Christine URL on 06.28.2011

  38. From the moment when you glanced my way, I knew I had developed a little high-school crush on you. Since the ninth grade you were always on my mind, and you seemed to give me only little attention. You would call me babe, or say that you liked me and that you wanted to date me, but I was never certain, since you said all of this to other girls. I never trusted you, and that is why I never wanted to date you. But yes, I do still, have a high-school crush on you.

    By Cinderblock on 06.28.2011

  39. I had a crush when I was fifteen, the guy was tall with fair skin and locks of curly honey blond hair. His lips were like crushed velvet and he made me smile. He didn´t know I had a crush on him but I wish he had.

    By stephanie Ruffinengo on 06.28.2011

  40. You’re the reason I get coffee as often as I do. Sometimes I’ll hit the door and throw it in the trash. You’re worth $1.70 per glance.

    By Hannah URL on 06.28.2011