April 28th, 2013 | 165 Entries

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165 Entries for “crow”

  1. Crow is a bird not native to Western Australia. It’s actually Raven’s that are the prominent species. I think this is best for all to know this fact, although Ido like correcting people!

    By FR on 04.29.2013

  2. Deep set stone steps flicker with the light
    Of swaying tree branches and city swept

    Brown and red, sticking in crannies and gutters and
    Slick from the morning mist, these autumn fingers and hands
    Find their grip against closed shop doors.

    Those little scratching feet leave their mark
    Like animal-shaped shadows
    As their voices lift and shriek into the air.

    By sonneillon URL on 04.29.2013

  3. feathers shuffled as wings fluttered slightly in their normal pattern. Shining black, sultry almost in their own manner. the crow, eyes twinkling, shook out his feathers, turned his head to look at me through just one, and with a decided gesture, shrugged.

    By Serryphae URL on 04.29.2013

  4. Holy crow! What is that? WHAT is that?! Oh, that? That’s nothing. Bull, that’s not nothing! Sure it is, nothing at all. That’s a pretty big nothing.

    By JP West URL on 04.29.2013

  5. I watched the street with black waves calling
    The mid-day sun abroad and burning
    A crow alighted to the scorching turf
    And slowly turned to see the earth
    The land was all but black and white
    And then the crow flew into the night

    By Breezeway URL on 04.29.2013

  6. a crow is a big, black bird that makes a loud screeching noise. He is often seen as satan. In the same family along with magpies.

    By Pearletta Wilson on 04.29.2013

  7. The drab, shabby, neglected cousin of the elegant and refined Raven. Harbinger of doom and overlooked, yet oddly prevalent in old wive’s tales and oft-repeated adages. Follow the crow’s path and the way is clear.

    By Caro on 04.29.2013

  8. black, scary and big. It loves jewelry and has black eyes. I think of scary things for some reason when I see crows, although they are intelligent creatures.

    By Ehdina on 04.29.2013

  9. I used to wish to soar in the skies like a crow – free of troubles. But now, she is my escape. And I’m happy this way.

    By Nyan on 04.29.2013

  10. The crow sat on the high wires, and looked down below.
    A woman trailing behind her husband with a crying baby in her arms.
    A ice-cream wallah shouting his fares.
    Two teenagers walking hand in hand.
    An old man carrying a Hilsa fish.
    One brown and two black mongrels fighting among each other.
    A smart looking guy wearing dark shades and boots shuffling through his i-phone.
    A little mouse coming out of the manhole lid.

    And then the crow swooped down all of a sudden.

    By Aamen Talukdar URL on 04.29.2013

  11. The crow was staring down at me. It wanted my sandwich. It swooped down with extended wings and grabbed it from my grasping fingers. it had got lunch.

    By Caeden Polster URL on 04.29.2013

  12. he sat on the fence, his eyes unblinking. It was as if he was looking into my soul. Suddenly, the sky darkened and a unsettling quiet covered the house like a thick wool blanket.

    By Mr. Dunning URL on 04.29.2013

  13. i think crows are beautifully black and though they make alot of noise they are very very very smart because they are super aware of their surroundings and they keep and eye out for everything.

    Also, they eat cheese which is like the coolest thing ever. :D
    annnnddd. umm i guess they’re better than most birds because they are very commonly found in india so they kind of become a part of your life without you even knowing that they are a part of your life :P

    By nimisha URL on 04.29.2013

  14. crows are mean birds that want to steal your food out of your garden. they are big black birds that make a loud noise all day long. there is always two together looking out for one another and they have big scary eyes.

    By janaye on 04.29.2013

  15. There he was, again. It had been over a week and it was starting to really creep Everett out.
    The crow, was standing on the line right across from his window. He wouldn’t croak, he would just stare at Everett, morning and night. Everett actually wondered if he actually ate anything at all. If he was a superstitious man, he would wonder what was in store for him…

    By Cath URL on 04.29.2013

  16. black with the night walking together they grow in intensity
    flying in the combination of all color

    By abkay47 URL on 04.29.2013

  17. Black shadows circled around the child. He sniffled once and rubbed at his eyes not caring that they were getting bigger. Why should he care? He was lost and alone in the wilderness. If the only company he had was birds then why shouldn’t he welcome then? The boy lifted his head up to watch the ebony birds and closed his eyes.

    By Amanda URL on 04.29.2013

  18. Crow. Cuervo. urraca . raven.

    By Juan Martinez URL on 04.29.2013

  19. The lights go down
    On the city streets

    I, the crow,
    Start my sweep of the neighbourhood
    Looking for trails of the trials of human kind
    And knowing that they are mine.

    By Siege URL on 04.29.2013

  20. She was walking through the gray woods when she looked up into the trees, and there sat a big black crow looking down at her. She gazed at him and she knew, knew that her life would never be the same again.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 04.29.2013

  21. The crow wakes me up in the morning on my way to work. it draw me out of the haze of staying up too late at night drinking, and hating yourself in the morning. It grabs me by my collar with its caw. It’s an aggressive crow. I fucking hate birds.

    By Lisa Marie on 04.29.2013

  22. Crow. Crowbar. Barter. Terminator. Arnold Schwarzenegger. HULK. Green. Tree. Branch. Crow.

    By Aamen Talukdar URL on 04.29.2013

  23. its a black bird and i’ts a name of a very cool movie in which a guy gets killed and his girl gets killed and he comes back to life to fight satan… I think

    By buick820 on 04.29.2013

  24. The crow stopped on top of a utility pole, and looked down at me. He was sure he had won, that I had no strength left, but he was wrong. I was only inches away from my burrow. I would live to see another day.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.29.2013

  25. The crow sat on the edge of the fence, the storm brewing behind it as the man looked out the window. It ominous presence foreboding the upcoming danger.

    By Esmond Bowerman on 04.29.2013

  26. Others see the crow as a bird of death, of ill luck. But I am one of the lucky ones. The crow is luck to me. When I see it flying or sitting on the side I know that my day is about to be better, or at the very least more interesting. Who knows what that trickster has in store for me.

    By River Ranter URL on 04.29.2013

  27. Crows are really really ugly, I dont like them. When I was little one pecked me on the top of my head. It wasnt fun… One day I was walking and I saw a crow on the side of the road just sitting, so I thought whatever but then he pecked me… -_-

    By Tman on 04.29.2013

  28. crouching pitch black on the
    roof, its shining eyes moving
    only slightly to the left
    when the grass moved.

    silver black shimmering, a velveteen sheen beneath the clouds this morning and a piercing shriek to mark its territory

    By berenique URL on 04.29.2013

  29. The black crow foretold of a nice thing happening today….I often keep an eye out for them, as they seems to be telling me something. Auspicious.

    By Brad on 04.29.2013

  30. the crow flew high above the dark tree tops and spent an awful amount of time watching a boy look at a girl from a far of distant and this was in a time of war and despair and it was very sad.

    By Sara Collins URL on 04.29.2013

  31. The black crow is a persasive element in stories. It’s often a harbringer of doom or some kind of drama. I’ve never seen anything positive related to crows in stories, really.

    Eat crow. He crowed about it. Those are two quotes I can think of. Hmm. Interesting website, I think its cool.

    By carrie on 04.29.2013

  32. and its all dark again
    and im crying, crying, crying
    and i call my father on the phone
    and he brings me home
    and the crow on my windowsill

    By nikki on 04.29.2013

  33. A bird, a huge, black crow flew over the car as she climbed into the passenger’s seat. For a brief second, fear seized her heart. Crows were omens of darkness and bad luck in literature. Always. Black birds meant death.

    She dismissed her terrors with an uncomfortable shake of her head. It was just her wild imagination, late night, and piles of lit homework sneaking up on her. She was being ridiculous.

    “Ready to go?” her brother said from the driver’s seat.

    “All set,” she answered, and started to buckle up as he pulled out of the driveway.

    He never saw the van pulling out behind him.

    By LadyP URL on 04.29.2013

  34. Black wings in the cold, faulty seer trying to see. Thinking of ending this life long curse. By dropping the lust to the ground. Somewhere there is help, somewhere there is salvation.

    By Simon on 04.29.2013

  35. Crows are annoying pests. They eat crops a and thus the invention of the scarecrow to scare aways the birds. Crows are not pretty and just casue trouble. I am not sure why God dreated crows. I see no good things about them but they say he has a reason for every thing he does. So I guess if God made crows for a purpose we should just accept them. As many things in life that we do not like we must live with the good and the bad.

    By Emily Johnson URL on 04.29.2013

  36. It was a rainy day in the streets of Britain. That combined with Britain’s regularly misty weather made for an eerie day. Though despite the weather, a lone man waited outside, sitting on a bench. Chunks of bread lay uneaten on the pavement at the man’s feet. The rain always scared away the pigeons, however that was not the kind of bird the man was looking for. “You’re late” the man said as a lone crow descended on the growing pile of bread. The crow looked up at the sound of his voice.

    By Show And Tell on 04.29.2013

  37. crows are masterious birds

    By katie wallace URL on 04.29.2013

  38. A crow. What’s a crow I never heard of it before so I don’t know what it means.

    By ChristianG on 04.29.2013

  39. a crow is a big black bird that live in a farm it can fly too

    By ivonne URL on 04.29.2013

  40. “Holy crow!” the exclamation was loud and long for all to hear.

    He sat looking at the broken glass on the floor just tankful that his little girl had not slipped and fallen into that mess. What’s a little broken glass to sweep away?She was not physically hurt. Her tomorrows would no doubt be filled with little accidents more difficult to deal with.

    By Tracey URL on 04.29.2013