April 17th, 2013 | 177 Entries

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177 Entries for “creature”

  1. The creature looked at me from the hollow beneath the tree. Its eyes looked at me alert, frightened, and something else… they were familiar. I knew it, somehow, some way; I knew the creature staring at me in fear from the safety of the hole. Any sudden movement of my hand had it shifting nervously, looking for a place to dart away (and possibly right through me in the process). to be less intimidating, I placed my hands in my jacket pockets and found something round in one of them. I slowly pulled the round shape out of my pocket seeing a softly lit sphere the size of a golf ball. The light was a soft blue glow and instantly I saw that it calmed my terrified companion. Her eyes softened watching me pass the object from hand to hand. It was cool to the touch and seemed to entice me into playfulness. Her eyes followed it moving back and forth from hand to hand. Full of wonder, her eyes seemed to grow and alight with a smile I could not see, but I could strongly sense. The tiny bit of light changed her into something different just by giving her a tiny piece of beauty to admire. It was magical to see her eyes become full of life. I held out the glowing ball to her and in the soft blue light, I finally saw her face. It was me reaching for something beautiful I held in my own hand.

    By JDwrites URL on 04.17.2013

  2. It was lurking in the dark, just beyond her vision. Small, dark, features unrecognizable. It’s eyes however, started back in desperate fear. She had thought it was an assailant, an attacker, but staring into its eyes now, her exhausted mind turned it over and the realization dawned that the very same thought was being processed by it. It was simply scared, and she had baited it into defense. Anything she’d do now would only testify to her evil character. In bitter sadness and embarrassment, she turned and walked away from the poor creature, feeling more like the actual a creature of darkness than an innocent soul.

    By Silla Quinones URL on 04.17.2013

  3. blue eyes, a thin face, and a body as delicate as a blue birds. what beautiful creature are you? what can i do to make you love me?

    By catyeah URL on 04.17.2013

  4. The creature was hiding in the dark, waiting, searching for its next catch. Little did the people know, the creature wasn’t only in the dark, but it was the dark. Every little shadow or shaded part of the area, the creature waited for them.

    By Mackenzie on 04.17.2013

  5. Skeletons of fourteen legged pachyderms with two trunks. Headless cats with two ant-eater tongues. A towering man with one extra head and one missing leg. All sealed away in a notebook labelled “creatures”.

    By Onix URL on 04.17.2013

  6. I let the first one slither to me through dark and murky waters. It’s inky skin brushes against me as it crawls up into my arms. I nestle it to my chest. Warm and wet, protected. Time passes as a swarm amasses: a ball, a nest. We are water creatures of a kind.

    By Eels on 04.17.2013

  7. She was all malignancy, all indignant posturing and sharp, shrewd green eyes. Like a creature seen at the edge of the forest, ears alert and lips drawn back in a snarl of warning, daring anything do creep closer to her den.
    It made him love her more.

    By WearyWater URL on 04.17.2013

  8. someone abnormal, an animal, not orthodox, something that has abnormal features that is not common to what humans are. someone with animalistic characteristics. Beowulf. Creature is a being that is unorthodox to what the human mind thinks a human should be.

    By Monique on 04.17.2013

  9. There was a sound outside the window, a low growling that did not come from any creature that had a natural place in this world. Susan opened the curtain timidly, then sighed in relief. Outside, Tom turned off the engine of his new Lamborghini, waved at her, and flashed a smile.

    By tonykeyesjapan URL on 04.17.2013

  10. there was a beast standing in front of me
    i still do not know if i saw it only
    or if my companions found it as well
    its teeth were white
    its eyes were red
    in the blink of an eye
    it was gone
    far from the point of no return
    it was back
    in a flash

    By Ammon URL on 04.17.2013

  11. Creature. Slimey. Creepy. Crawley. That’s what the word Creature makes me think of. Something that’s small and very scared of me but still strikes horror in to my heart. Funny that the word create is part of the word creature. I guess you have to be creative when you’re designing a beastie that will need to work hard not to be stomped on, swatted at, eaten alive…or is it because they ‘create’ such feelings of loathing…they turn people in to wild beasts themselves…arms flailing, face contorted, peculiar noises from the mouth…these slimy, creepy, crawly things have the incredible ability to create new forms just by being. Hmmm. I don’t know that I’ll give them the satisfaction.

    By Eloise on 04.17.2013

  12. It crawled. I shook. When it looked into my eyes I knew there wasn’t very much time I had left in this world. It felt good. It felt horrifying.

    By Jade Ziane on 04.17.2013

  13. A wizened old man who was lonely.
    His favorite food was baloney.
    His nose was his prominent feature,
    his persona made him a lovely creature.

    By dramarie URL on 04.17.2013

  14. Foulness foamed from his lips, lingering in lengthy splotches long after it had dried. His words were as venomous and vulgar as they were didactic and pleading. He hoped to help others change the world, but had no faith that they would move to attempt it, let alone succeed in the effort if they did.

    By L. A. Smith URL on 04.17.2013

  15. What a fine, upstanding, morally righteous, absolutely perfect, gorgeous-in-every-way, stunning-beyond-all-imagination creature you are.

    By Jason URL on 04.17.2013

  16. It walked like a human, looked like a human… but, it was not a human. She could only stare at it as it approached her, ready to do whatever it would do. It moved slowly, yet it was incredibly menacing. So menacing that she was frozen there, unable to move away from it. She could only watch–utterly afraid.

    By armon URL on 04.17.2013

  17. Creature I spy with my little eye
    Anagram, Alexander Graham Bell
    sentience but a lack of words
    intelligent eyes crowning body
    pushing through the brush, arms and legs like mine
    range of words we’ve invented just doesn’t span this far into the wild
    The creature’s a gorilla watching me with the same caution with which I watch her, or him…

    By ISOreality URL on 04.17.2013

  18. this creature that i have become
    closed, cold, encased in a shell
    Not letting anything in
    this cold creature, who softens for nothing
    this creature you have made me into
    The creature that you are
    The top of the food chain you are
    The demands you made of me were not fair in the least
    Taking control of me mentally, using me physically
    Pushing deeper and deeper into me with no regard for my feelings
    Making demands of my body, bending me at your will
    manipulating me mentally
    stripping me of my human qualities one by one
    caring, loyal, loving, emotional
    tearing down the layers that made up me
    casting away person, leaving the bare bones
    creating a new dynamic and new routines to my life
    Not lifting me up, but suppressing me, suffocating my spirit, making me weak
    Using my body, instead of engaging my mind
    Bending my body to your needs, not caring that the light was leaving my eyes
    fucking someone who is already dead, no longer filled with spirit
    in her place a cold, limp creature

    By devonna on 04.17.2013

  19. a creature is like an animal. creatures are everywhere. as a child, i would think of creature as that scary thing under my bed. now thoes creatures are apart of us. thoes creatures are humanity. the word “creature” has many different interpretations to everyone of all different ages. Creature. so vague. but so many meanings. so many memories. a creature could be a dog and even a shark. a creature can be a little girl or even a spider.

    By chrisma on 04.17.2013

  20. he looked at me
    eyes wild
    ravished with hunger
    he would stop at nothing
    he scuttled across the floor
    and I turned away as he finished the last of his freshly slaughtered meal

    By Alice on 04.17.2013

  21. what exactly is a “creature”? as a child, they were the monsters under our bed. little did we know it was all in our heads. the creatures are us. the monsters are the people around us. creature is such a vague word. But yet, it has many different interpretations. everyone sees the word in different ways. I see a creature as a creepy crawly thing. or as the monsters in society. That thing that causes inoccent kids to kill themselves because of bullies. or the low-life people who has the guts to go against the law and kill children. Or thoes people making of fun of the gay couple that finally worked up enoug courage and confidence to tell the world about they are and what they think is right. I mean c’mon. Look around you. you cant go to the movies without worrying about being shot. you cant run a marathon without fearing terrorist. no ones safe in this world. we never will be. -chrisma obiniana (13 years old)

    By chrisma on 04.17.2013

  22. here comes the swamp, the black tar that surrounds you
    but you could never be called a beast
    scifi movies poster eyes sending death rays
    into the audience

    fear is an interesting word
    for something i do not know
    but for someone i do love

    By Nick Cortezi URL on 04.17.2013

  23. he looked at me
    eyes wild
    ravished with hunger
    he would stop at nothing
    he lunged across the floor
    and I turned away as he finished the last of his freshly slaughtered meal

    By alice grace URL on 04.17.2013

  24. He was a creature, a monster, an abomination to all who laid eyes on him. Though, to her he was diffrent, to her he was everything she could ever want in a man.

    By Limes on 04.17.2013

  25. We are creatures of habit. We can’t afford to love. That’s what he told me as a single tear rolled down my cheek and I stepped back into the shadows, where our kind belonged. His light was too bring for my darkness.

    By Brittany URL on 04.17.2013

  26. Cats are the cuddliest creatures I’ve ever been with. I love cute creatures! Cats, lions, bears, pandas, tigers, and more! I have more than ten cats at home and they make me the luckiest and happiest girl alive. It’s just that whenever I’m with cute creatures, I live better.

    By Alleli Aspili URL on 04.17.2013

  27. Stunned, I looked around frantically.
    “Can this be truly happening?!” I cried out desperately.
    “This cannot be the end!” I tried to look ahead, my wet hair flowing my my face, obstruction vision.

    The creature stood there, between the trees, but a silhouette against the dark trees canopy.

    By Philip URL on 04.17.2013

  28. There is a creature in all of us. one that keeps us alive and that is ever constantly reminding us of who we are. The creature is you and me .
    All of our lives depend on what we make of it. Creatures do behave in response to what it is being fed on. Garbage in, equals garbage out.

    By Luttah on 04.17.2013

  29. ‘You’re such an odd creature. You know that, right?’ he said with a studying look on his face, trying to figure her out.
    ‘Yeah. I am. But so are you,’ she smiled back. ‘See you later, oddball.’
    ‘Later,’ he replied, watching her with a funny look on his face as she walked away. ‘Sooner than you know, oddball,’ he added under his breath.

    By Aca on 04.17.2013

  30. you are an exquisie creature, and you are bound to shine one day. you will handily surpass me and dazzle those around you. but please, please stop dancing at the cliff. you need to make it to university, i would hate to see you follow down one of your less constructive paths. there has been violence and pain in your life already enough for a lifetime. take my hand, i will show you how to run fast and which shortcuts to take. you can be a thing of beauty.

    By berenique URL on 04.17.2013

  31. I felt as if it was all around me. The creature enveloping the deepest part of me. Seeping into every orifice and forcing its way into the very fiber of my being.

    By Alouette URL on 04.17.2013

  32. I am creature as much and part of other creatures living on this earth. The creature was created by the creator and we are worth living for. I am enjoying my stay on earth. And plan to make a difference.

    By labhesh more on 04.18.2013

  33. I used to think a creature was me, until I learnt how to walk. I used to be on all fours, now I stand on two. Does this lesser number make me less animal? Am I not human because of four? Until I must crawl, I will not know.

    By Daniel URL on 04.18.2013

  34. Creatures are animals. All beings are creatures. A dolphin is an animal that travels in the sea. People say that it is the rapist of the sea, but I don’t care. I still appreciate it. I feel that it is a creature that is misunderstood.

    By Ranjeet Kaur URL on 04.18.2013

  35. The thing attacked me. That creature under the bed. Noone believes me and everyone thinks i’m too old to be seeing ghosts but I know. I know that he lives under my bed and he will forever.

    By Ri URL on 04.18.2013

  36. Sometimes, when everyone is asleep, and the world seems to have calmed down for a moment, I feel like the entire universe consists only of my little room. Arrogant, I know. This feeling is usually good, but also frequently unbearable. Despite this, I often find myself wondering, if I never go to sleep, will morning still come? Would the sun still rise? Would I once again find myself wishing I had the power to pause everything so I could go back to sleep without losing precious being time? Or maybe, just maybe, would not the earth beneath my feet slow to a halt and take a break from its busy life spent hurtling through space at a truly incredible speed? I digress. So I turn on a Hank Williams album and pretend that this obsession does not make me a country music fan while I wait for sleep to reach into my brain and shush it. I would tell you that it listens, but then I would have even less than the flimsy excuse for my nonsensical dream I have now. In the end, I am a terribly normal strange creature with delusions of grandeur who is in denial about where I stand on country music. And that is tiring.

    By Me URL on 04.18.2013

  37. what kind of creature cannot feel love, cannot receive sympathy, cannot believe in anything beyond what eyes can see – what kind of creature must be so real? what kind of creature am I?

    By t URL on 04.18.2013

  38. the creature is there.
    it doesn’t say much, but it sits there, staring. Always with the breathing, with the weezing, and the drooling.
    I see him inside the house. I know it’s a he. That’s the only thing I know.
    But its coming to get me. Help me.

    By Pierce on 04.18.2013

  39. It loomed. Larger than my imagination. Scales, fearsome teeth, slavering fangs, blood-red eyes could have coped with. But it was the mind games it played.

    By Warre on 04.18.2013

  40. I couldn’t move. I wanted to. So much, I wanted to run as fast as I can back home, stumble up the stairs if I have to, cower in my room until daylight breaks through my windows.
    All I wanted to do was get away from the humanoid creature before me, with its bottomless black eyes and razor-sharp fangs.

    By Celine Wu URL on 04.18.2013