April 17th, 2013 | 177 Entries

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177 Entries for “creature”

  1. The way it moves, in front of my eyes is incredible, I´ve never seen such a marvelous been in my entire life, holding her hand with mine; that view was paradise for our minds.

    By Dane Ramia URL on 04.17.2013

  2. the beast was crawling back into his dungeon when i first layed eyes on him, He was beaten and bruised, scuffling home to feel its shame. He had been defeated, thats when I realized that the thing that went after me when I first arrived here was going to be the least of my worries. I needed a better plan on how to survive.

    By Elijah Wortman on 04.17.2013

  3. Ooh, Creature from the Black Lagoon! I love B movies, and I don’t know why. They’re not really good exactly, but so much fun! They make me laugh. I guess that’s why I like them.

    By Caysee URL on 04.17.2013

  4. The creature is on the outside,
    Wearing my heart, my skin in exchange for a face and an expression.
    Trading the pores of my skin for steel.
    Exchanging lungs for pipes made of clay.
    Giving a looking-glass in place of eyes.
    I’m still sitting here inside
    Undermined and unconscious.

    By Danaé on 04.17.2013

  5. she’s a beautiful thing
    with sea green eyes and golden hair
    but she’s quite the lonely creature

    By celia on 04.17.2013

  6. he was a beautiful creature.

    By steph on 04.17.2013

  7. Who are all these creatures around me? What are their names? What do they want from me?

    By tennismoker URL on 04.17.2013

  8. Something that can’t be explained an utter mistake to the world. It cannot be defined a creature can only be seen by one that has never seen. Yet creatures are beautiful and interesting and teach us that life is still there even though we aren’t watching.

    By Jet on 04.17.2013

  9. FACE

    By Ian URL on 04.17.2013

  10. Where did I even go? It’s not as morose, the question, not as it used to be. Now I’m moreso staring at the wall, inquisitive expressions casting no shadows, and wondering out loud. Where’d I go? Am I really still interested in being an author or have my dreams turned into minimum wage acceptance and a desire to just exist for a while? Eh.

    By Trey URL on 04.17.2013

  11. Grotesque. Horrifying. No words could describe the… the thing looming over my head. It had terrifying arms, or tentacles, or whatever they were, and teeth as long as my thumb. It’s eyes were red and piercing, as it stared me down like a food critique inspecting it’s meal. I was shaking so hard I felt like my bones were going to shake right out of my body. It got closer, closer, until i could have touched it. Then, it…
    Sorry, guys, my 60 seconds is up!

    By A. Rose on 04.17.2013

  12. People are creatures. Animals in a giant zoo. We like to think we are the mightiest beings to walk the earth, yet we sit in iron cages. These dreams and lies are what separate us from the wild.

    By KC on 04.17.2013

  13. The creature was unlike any other I had ever seen. With its blood-dripping spikes and a tongue that shot out of its mouth like a flame, I didnt now what to think of it. A dragon? A lizard? Whatever it was, it was hungry, and I just happened to be the only living creature in its path. Its head darted back and forth, sniffing the air with its fiery tongue.

    By Shannon Matthews on 04.17.2013

  14. When the poor creature sneezed, I wanted to say, “Bless you,” but my cousin would say that wouldn’t be right, because animals allegedly have no souls, according to his little black pocket book of spongy cake faith. But as I knelt beside the hound and scratched it behind its ears, watching its nostrils moisten with snot, I had to bless it. It was too cute not to have a soul. I would not have it any other way!

    By Belinda Roddie URL on 04.17.2013

  15. It was wet. The leaves crunched under my feet. The big brown eyes looked back at me, unblinkingly curious. I took a deep breath. What was this creature?

    By Siobhan on 04.17.2013

  16. I stood there, frozen in fear, as the creatures slowly moved towards me. It was massive, standing nearly as tall at the shoulder as I did, and the entirety of it’s hulking form covered in thick black fur. It’s lips pulled back to reveal a mouth full of pointed teeth while it’s paws, each bigger than my own hand span, sported razor sharp claws. But it was none of that which rendered me paralyzed with fear.
    It was it’s eyes.

    By S.C. Lovelace URL on 04.17.2013

  17. It crawled out from underneath a rock; wrapped in hideous skin, and garbled like a lizard. I stood aghast as I had no hope of repelling the creature. I check my watch, I was ten minutes into my trip. Oh, how the holy land had changed.

    By Ryan Draft URL on 04.17.2013

  18. It was green and covered in pustules, and damn it if it wasn’t cute.
    “Hi there,” Ali said, picking up the slimy thing. It blinked and wagged its stubby tail.
    “Let’s get you a bath,” she said, taking it towards the showers.

    By Cate URL on 04.17.2013

  19. As the growling came from under my head, I awoke with a start. I slowly crept to the edge of my warm bed and bent over, peeking my head below to find a pair of eyes staring back at me. It jumped out at me and I soon came to realize that the creature was just my small, gray tabby cat.

    By Lauren on 04.17.2013

  20. such a gentle soft creature a woman is. well, on occasion.

    By Analisa URL on 04.17.2013

  21. he is the thing that scares us the most it is the one true frear that we will see or be come a creature the thing that has no remorse and can not be help

    By amanda on 04.17.2013

  22. Little creature why are you crying? Is it because the world went silent and the plants are dying? Don’t cry now little creature where’s your parents? You don’t have any? You adopted? Follow me to the sea where we can both be happy little creature. Where we can both be happy.

    By Solly ✿ URL on 04.17.2013

  23. a creature dwells in the night
    shaded by the dark thoughts of the people
    its victims are the blackened souls crying out
    for help.

    By kittypanda URL on 04.17.2013

  24. A small silent creature in the shadows. The crooked corner of the wall where the dust sleeps and so does she. A small feral girl with thoughts of feelings and claws. She is dirty and dusty and covered in tear stains.

    By tania on 04.17.2013

  25. A small silent creature in the shadows. The crooked corner of the wall where the dust sleeps and so does she. A small feral girl with thoughts of feelings and bleeding. She is dirty and dusty and covered in tear stains. Nobody sees her except for maybe in their peripheral vision. Nobody sees her except for maybe in the corner of their mirror. Nobody sees her.

    By titania URL on 04.17.2013

  26. There was a creature. A green, slimy, smelly creature who jumped out of a lake and bit my friends arm off. It was the worst day ever. I went back to the lake and never could find it. Then I discovered, the monster was myself. It was inside of me, It ate my happiness. Everything I loved.

    By Ashleigh Hollowell on 04.17.2013

  27. I read this wrong at first. I read it as create, then creat (?)–as in cretin, in my mind– oddly enough. But I am a creature and you are a creature. And we create, and we are sometimes complete cretins. We make mistakes.

    By Anna on 04.17.2013

  28. of the night, timely dark place where no one sees the light. alone, put in place creature of the night. monster awake, take your place. sleep now before the light takes your sight.

    By Elizabeth on 04.17.2013

  29. She’s a creature of the night. A goddess of darkness. She creeps upon your soul in the darkest of hours. She breathes in your ear and sings a song of despair.

    By Maggie on 04.17.2013

  30. A creature is a animal or monster that lives like a human. They can be scary.
    There once was a creature in the woods that ate like a pig and looked like a cow!
    It made a friend that was a diansour. It’s name was Nigel.

    By Julia on 04.17.2013

  31. She’s a creature of the night. She’s comes to you in the darkness and breathes upon your ear. She sings a song of despair only you can hear. No one can answer the question she asks but you, in the darkest night.

    By Maggie URL on 04.17.2013

  32. Creature was it’s name. I wouldnt know other name for it anyway. It was such a loveable creature, that one was able to love it. and what is not to love about it? it makes it all bettter. and it, i mean creature, was a creature, just as creatures are supposed to be. it still is, and that’s it.

    By jirafa on 04.17.2013

  33. She was normally a creature of habit, but today she walked a different path through her woods and came upon a stream that led to a field she had never seen before. And when she came through the clearing, she saw him.

    By marylou wynegar URL on 04.17.2013

  34. the creature rose from the ground, turning it looked at me, death in it’s eyes. I had failed to kill it the first time, and now it would surely will kill me. Bracing myself for it to leap I reached back and grabbed my knife from it’s holster.

    By Cara on 04.17.2013

  35. a creature is the person that lays next to you in bed and still likes to have fun at night with parties and cuddles all at the same time b ut never alone from anyone else!!!! The creature is sexy and fun! he’s cute! creature creature creature!!

    By Calab on 04.17.2013

  36. The creature from the Black Lagoon. The stuff of nightmares. The thing that hides under the beds and in the closets and down dark hallways and alleys at night. The thing that lurks in abandoned spaces, in shadows and the dark parts of the moon.

    By V. G on 04.17.2013

  37. The creature rose from the ground, turning it looked at me, death in it’s eyes. I had failed to kill it the first time, and now it would surely will kill me. Bracing myself for it to leap I reached back and grabbed my knife from it’s holster.

    By Sundae-belle URL on 04.17.2013

  38. crawling, limbs, darkness,
    blind, birth, inception, Frankenstein,
    Shelley, Shelly the snail, we are all creatures
    on this planet, in this existence, I wonder
    who will remember us when we return
    to the warm earth.

    By Kairn URL on 04.17.2013

  39. I felt sorry for him. He was shambling across the street; tired, cold, and clearly a little disturbed. I never understood how people let their fellow man become something so inhuman, so unrecognizable.

    By Chris Clow URL on 04.17.2013

  40. There was a terrible creature standing right in front of me. His eyes were as black as the darkest night I had ever experienced. He was scaled from head to toe, with scales shining and glittering like diamonds. His talons were the brightest white, curled and curved. They clacked on the stone floor.

    By Danielle Unett on 04.17.2013